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Broken Britain

Smacking: Apparently occasional smacking does more emotional harm than taking children into care and fostering them to complete strangers

Two stories have really stood out for me this week, and more than demonstrate the problems with this once great nation.

Mother trailed by policeman and warned by council for telling off son at checkout | Mail Online

A mother who reprimanded her children at a supermarket was secretly followed by an off-duty policeman and interrogated by fellow officers who reported her to social services.

Yes, you read that correct. An off-duty policeman decided to follow a woman home, so that he could report her to social services for verbally admonishing her children in public, yes verbally, she didn’t even hit them. If only policemen were so meticulous in their duties when it comes to violent crime.

A recent survey has found that a third of violent crimes are either classed as not warranting further investigation, or wrongly classified. Add to that the fact that 40% of crimes are not investigated at all and it is clear that the police are now nothing more than vote winners, policing only politically important crimes and meeting targets.

The result of not punishing children is clear:

Victim: Beaten until she lost her left eye

Mother blinded after asking drunken yob to stop swearing in front of her 13-year-old daughter | Mail Online

A mother blinded in a sickening attack after she asked a yob to stop swearing in front of her 13-year-old daughter today accused the law of failing victims.

No-one, from their own mothers, right up to the police or courts has the ability to suitably punish kids anymore, meaning that these spoilt little brats are turning into violent, hateful and emotionally defunct animals.

Children are seen, heard but never punished

I remember when the liberal namby pamby’s decided that it was unfair to physically punish children, and they passed a law preventing adults hitting children under the guise of ensuring the safety of children. They assured the doubters that parents could still hit their children, and only those that seriously assault their children would be punished.

It it now clear that ‘assault’ means leaving so much as a red hand print, on legs or buttocks. In this case even the merest threat of physical punishment was enough to warrant Social Services contacting her and giving her a bad parent warning.

Such a warning is no joke, there has been a 38% rise in children being taken into care this year, compared to last year, a huge rise, with more than 25,000 children now being taken into care each year. It doesn’t take much for Social Services to decide to take children away from their parents, and once proceedings have started in the secret family courts, it usually ends in only one result.

Ironically during the same period, the number of young people cautioned or convicted of violent crimes rose by 37%. There are almost a quarter of million violent crimes committed by under 18s each year, yet just 24% of those ever do any ‘jail time’.

Clearly this mentality of not punishing children also pervades the Criminal Justice System.

The Decline of Britain

The average age of young offenders held in custody is tumbling dramatically, as is the average age of young killers, hitting 13 years old this year.

Still, that is no reason to be concerned is it? I am sure that the liberal policies just need a little more time to filter through. After all it has only been 22 years since corporal punishment was banned in schools, and we began sliding down this slippery slope.

Back in the heady days of 1987 the crime rate was relatively low, just 75 indictable offences per thousand people in the UK. Seven years later (the time it takes a child to through primary and secondary school), the crime rate had jumped to an incredible 109 offences per thousand people! God knows what that figure is today as no figures appear to be available, however 28% of those convicted in 2007 were under 18.

Another indicator is the prison population, that stood at a lofty 45,000 in 1987, a decade later it stood at 65,300, today it stands at a staggering 90,000!

More shocking is that in 1960 the prison population was just over 20,000, having increased by around 5,000 (from 15,000 in 1900) in 60 years. In the last 50 years, it has more than quadrupled and cannot be explained away by a larger population. In 1960 just 40 people of out every 100,000 of the population were incarcerated, in 1987 that had more than almost tripled to 110, today it is a staggering 143 people out of every 100,000.

Successive British Governments have managed to taken a largely decent and hard-working society and turn it into a nation of criminals, thugs and murders in less than half a century.  With the vast majority of crimes going unreported (56% were unreported a decade ago), due to a lack of confidence in the police or criminal justice system, and many being misreported, along with Government’s creative accounting (they still claim that the crime is down!), I dread to think what the true crime figure is in Britain.

Technorati – Still Relevant?

Anyone reading this blog may have noticed at the bottom of every post there are a collection of tags for Technorati.

I first started doing this years ago when I first started blogging, back on Blogger. Back then it was deemed the best way of getting people to your blog who were searching for the things that you were discussing.

For example placing the tag – Britain at the end of my posts would mean that anyone searching the blog search engine Technorati for the tag Britain, would find that particular post discussing Britain.

Back in the Blogger days this seemed to work really well, as soon as I pinged Technorati and let it know I had new content, the hits came rolling in.

When I moved to WordPress I just carried on doing the same thing, but I have just checked WordPress blog stats and in the two years that I have been on here, no-one has ever found my blog via Technorati!

I know nothing about this kind of thing, so I don’t know whether I am doing something wrong with the tags (but a quick Google search seems to imply otherwise), or whether it is a simple of case of no one using Technorati anymore, at least not to search for blog posts.

Or perhaps WordPress stats just doesn’t pick up Technorati referrals?

Anyway whatever the reason, I have decided to stop using Technorati tags. The amount of time I spend thinking of them, and then getting to appear centred, small and in italics just isn’t worth it.

A shame really as Technorati has been part of my posting ritual for years, but if it is no longer serving its intended purpose, then it is completely pointless.

The National Non-White Police Association

Man arrested and locked up for five hours after taking photo of police van ignoring ‘no entry’ sign | Mail Online

Man arrested and locked up for five hours after taking photo of police van ignoring ‘no entry’ sign

I remember that once it was an honour to serve in the police force. The selection process was vigorous and challenging and few had the necessary abilities to serve. Now it seems like they are letting anyone join.

Once in, with their shiny new handcuffs and big stick, they believe that they are a law unto themselves.

I sort of said, “Hey mate no entry” but he just shouted out the window, “F*** off, this is police business”.

PC Farooq and his unnamed colleague claim they were at the takeaway to examine CCTV footage relating to a separate event.

Chief Constable Colin Portly

No doubt this was a kebab related event. It appears that police are completely above the law when on food breaks and not only can they ignore road marking, they are able to talk to those that pay their wages like common criminals.

It’s interesting that CCTV is mentioned, I wonder what happened to the CCTV of the incident? No doubt that ‘mysteriously’ disappeared.

The behaviour of this officer is shocking:

‘But when I took a photo of them he came running out, battered the camera from my hand on to the floor and arrested me for three crimes, none of which I’d committed.’

Now, I am no legal expert but if someone, even a police officer, attacks you in that manner, fails to explain that he is a police officer and state clearly that he is arresting you, and on what charge; you are perfectly within your rights to defend yourself. Personally I would have knocked his kebab out of his hand before laying into him.

Mr Carter was then arrested and bundled into the van over claims he had ‘assaulted’ an officer with his camera, resisted arrest and was drunk and disorderly.

Fabricated charges, striking a member of the public, wrongful arrest, assault, public order offences, these are what the officer should have charged with and then sacked for gross misconduct, yet amazingly he is still in his job. He doesn’t appear to have even been suspended. The reason though, may lie in the next sentence.

It is understood no further action was taken against PC Farooq, who is a member of the [National] Black Police Association’s Avon and Somerset branch.

The NBPA is something of a thorn in the side of the police force at present, with at least two members suing for various reasons. I can’t help but wonder whether no action was taken in order to avoid another costly court battle.

The NBPA is something that I find quite offensive. I understand the need for the police service to try and recruit ethnic minorities, and of course stamp out racism, but I am not sure how a divisive and exclusive members club such as this can do that.

The National Black Police Association is something of a misnomer, it is in reality the National Non-white Police Association, run by non-whites for the benefit of non-whites and therefore the detriment of whites. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these extracts from the 2005 conference.

“As such, there is no reason that affirmative action cannot be afforded to black staff who otherwise remain disadvantaged, thus enabling them to aspire to occupational equality. Indeed, a system could easily be developed in such a way so that it does not work against the interests of white staff, for instance by requiring them to resign and replacing them with black staff, but also the process would not bar white staff from progression either.”

There’s more:

“…an affirmative action programme should not be defeated by the interest of those few white staff who temporarily lose some privileges. Surely it is a cost worth paying to achieve a much greater gain overall.”

“Of course there may well be a ‘white backlash’, but police leaders must now stop the rhetoric of zero tolerance to racism etc and replace it with engagement towards affirming actions.”

Yes, amazingly this zero tolerance toward racism does not extend to whites, who it seems cannot be discrminated against in any way shape or form.

“Of course, in order to successfully implement lasting change, black staff understand that they have to go beyond merely protest groups. So again this becomes another call for police leaders to do the right and proper thing to undermine the current structure of relations within the service.”

For those reading this who think that this is perhaps just blowing off steam and bluster, take a look at that last sentence, ‘to undermine the current structure of relations within the service.’

Anyone with even half an eye on the news in recent years would probably be aware of how they have set about that undermining. Cries of racism have been heard virtually every time a member of the NBPA has been passed over for promotion since that time, quickly followed by demands for huge compensation payouts.

Dodgy Dizaei

The President of the NBPA is one Ali Dizaei, who was once suspended due to a multimillion pound fraud scandal. The case against him collapsed when a star witness for Dizaei turned the case aroud, one Tarique Ghaffur (also a member of the NBPA), who is now also suing the Met for, you guessed it, racism.

Despite the collaspe of the case Dizaei was due to be sacked, but the NBPA threatened to stop recruiting non white officers unless he was reinstated, they got their way. Dizaei was given compensation and promotion.

A shocking example of just how powerful and militant the NBPA has become, even though it only represents the interest of 11% of police officers.

The NBPA makes a mockery of its own motto, ‘One voice, strength in unity’ especially when it promotes racism against a portion of the population based simply on their skin colour.

If it had a valid purpose at its inception, the NBPA has lost its way and become corrupt and is now a hotbed for the kind of racism that it was meant to prevent. Forget halving its budget, the NBPA should be shutdown.

We’ve been quangoed

I almost passed out when reading this, and even now I am still scratching my head saying, “That can’t be right…”

£100bn a year spent on quangos – Telegraph

The amount of taxpayers’ money spent on unelected public bodies has doubled in the past decade to reach more than £100 billion a year, according to research.

£100 billion a year is an absolutely shocking figure. That means that around of a third of all the taxes collected by the Government each year is spent on quangos. Even more shocking is that more is spent on these quangos each year than on the NHS! No wonder the NHS is such a sorry state.

It has gotten so bad that the Government no longer keeps track of them, either through incompetence or through fear of the public finding out precisely where their taxes go.

With local councils under funded, the Royal Mail having to close branches due to lack of funds, higher fuel costs, hospital wards closing and the NHS ailing, it seems that the Government still has plenty of cash to hand out to pointless projects that have little or no bearing whatsoever on the public.

The fact that there are three agencies, Environwise, the Energy Saving Trust and the Carbon Trust, all doing the same thing shows that not only does the Government have no idea what is going on with these quangos, but that ‘Saving the Planet’ is a multi-million pound business. Not only are we paying a guilt green tax in the UK, but we are also subsidising a load of ‘environmentalists’ so that they can preach to us about how we are destroying the planet.

I am sure that 99% of these quangos serve no purpose whatsoever and could be scrapped without affecting an ordinary Brit’s way of life one bit.

MPs expenses to be published

It has taken three years and hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money, but finally, thanks to Heather Brooke, the taxpayer will find out what they should already know, just where their taxes are being squandered.

The man at the centre of this debacle, is once again the fat waste of space, also known as the Speaker of the House, Michael Martin. The man who has disproved the age old stereotype that Scots are tight fisted, at least when it comes to spending other people’s money, has been fighting this action tooth and nail. I am sure that come next Friday, we will find out why.

This is just another example of the lengths that these MPs will go to, to ensure that you have no idea just how they are spending your cash. I am sure that it is not yet over and that Martin has a few other tricks up his sleeve, after all money is no problem to this man.

Martin should be forced to pay the court costs back from his lucrative pension, after all he has pursued this when it is not in the public interest to do so, and has done so only to cover his own arse. There was absolutely no reason to fight this case over three years and I hope that now he has been shamed, yet again, he will resign, although I won’t be holding my breath.

Miss Brooke said:

“What’s disappointing is that it took three years of concerted effort to counter the relentless opposition from the House of Commons Commission and Speaker Michael Martin, who used taxpayers’ money throughout to block the very information needed for an informed electorate.”

If MPs want to keep their purchases private, they should make them using their salary, like everyone else, rather than their taxpayer funded expense accounts. Moreover they should remember who their employers are and to whom they are held accountable.

We mock at nations like Russia for being corrupt, yet all the while our own elected elite are taking us for a ride in a similar fashion.

Blair Force One Grounded – Permanently

Gordon Brown has finally shelved plans to lease two aircraft for Royal and ministerial visits, apparently thrifty Brown believes that they should all travel via scheduled flights where possible. Brown of course, travels by private jet.

af1_d4c-122582-1_375X300 This is more impudence from MPs. All MPs should be required to take scheduled flights, there is no reason why a minister should need to have a dedicated flight , there are planes departing from British airports all of the time, flying all over the world. I cannot understand why ministers would need to lease a plane anyway, few have any reason to go abroad, and the rest should make the best use of public transport.

Of course it is a different matter for the Queen, our Head of State. It simply wouldn’t do to have the Queen flying scheduled flights, in fact it would be shameful. Most other heads of state fly using military aircraft, which the Queen does as present – at least for another week. Swiss Tony however, decided that he wanted a special plane, just like his pal George, even though this would cost £100 million.

The Queen’s Flight, as it was once called, provided all air transport for the Royal Family and some government ministers. Naturally this was provided by the MoD for free, which never really went down too well.

In recent decades ministers have started taking the piss. What was once used to shuttle the Queen, senior members of the Royal Family and the PM and senior cabinet ministers (i.e. Foreign Secretary, Home Secretary), was now frequently being used by the Culture Secretary, International Development Secretary, Deputy PM and the Minister for Silly Walks. Basically any MP that didn’t want to travel with the plebes. All provided gratis, by the MoD.

This obviously irked the MoD, but it also annoyed the Queen who frequently discovered that she couldn’t use the Queen’s Flight because someone like Margaret Beckett or Alistair Darling were using it as a private taxi service to fly home. This then forced the Queen and her entourage to charter a BA jet, costing the taxpayer even more money.

Rather than work out some kind of arrangement, or rein in the liggers, Blair wanted his own plane, and one for the Queen. After all he used the Queen’s Flight over 700 times during his spell as PM, in fact his cabinet made the Royal Family look like hermits.

The most cost effective solution to this was obvious, stop MPs from needlessly using the Queens Flight, and that includes the PM, and carry on with the Royal Squadron but paid for by the Government. After all the Queen rarely goes anywhere without being told to by the Foreign Office.

Brown instead abandoned the two leased aircraft idea, under the pretext of saving money, in favour of a blank cheque to MPs. Now they can charter flights, left, right and centre, for any reason whatsoever!

I suspect that the real reason for this, is that having a squadron or specific system of leasing planes is easier to track and likely to receive many Freedom of Information requests. This ad-hoc system will make it much harder for Joe Public to find out just how much Brown and his cronies are spending on jetting around the globe.

MPs are meant to represent the common people, hence the name House of Commons, few people in Britain travel by Private Jet, or Chartered Planes, then again some would say that it is entirely representative of the people that the MPs truly work for.

White working class boys – worst in school

It seems that I was wrong about education in Britain. The biggest losers in our current education system are not black males, but white working class males.

Daily Mail | White working-class boys ‘consigned to educational scrapheap by Labour and liberal establishment

White working-class boys are being consigned to the educational scrapheap because politically-correct ministers and officials are ignoring their poor performance, members of the ATL claimed yesterday.

I was actually quite surprised by this, I had no idea, but then again that is clearly the intention of the Government. There’s no brownie points for helping out this group.


Figures showed recently that only 15 per cent of white boys qualifying for free school meals leave school having mastered the three Rs. For black boys from similar backgrounds, the figure is 22 per cent while for Asians it is 29 per cent and Chinese 52 per cent.

As Mr Puckrin says, this is ignored for fear of playing into the hands of the likes of the BNP, which is precisely what ignoring it does.

“Liberal-minded people and the media ceased to highlight the particular problems of this group for fear of lending weight to the arguments of the National Front and BNP. This is a self-defeating position to my mind.”

There are stories in the press frequently about how children from certain ethnic groups are given priority for certain lesson or extra curricular activities, and how students with English as a second language are given more money.

These children and their families are going to feel neglected and ignored and who are they going to turn to to put things right? Far right movements.