The National Non-White Police Association

Man arrested and locked up for five hours after taking photo of police van ignoring ‘no entry’ sign | Mail Online

Man arrested and locked up for five hours after taking photo of police van ignoring ‘no entry’ sign

I remember that once it was an honour to serve in the police force. The selection process was vigorous and challenging and few had the necessary abilities to serve. Now it seems like they are letting anyone join.

Once in, with their shiny new handcuffs and big stick, they believe that they are a law unto themselves.

I sort of said, “Hey mate no entry” but he just shouted out the window, “F*** off, this is police business”.

PC Farooq and his unnamed colleague claim they were at the takeaway to examine CCTV footage relating to a separate event.

Chief Constable Colin Portly

No doubt this was a kebab related event. It appears that police are completely above the law when on food breaks and not only can they ignore road marking, they are able to talk to those that pay their wages like common criminals.

It’s interesting that CCTV is mentioned, I wonder what happened to the CCTV of the incident? No doubt that ‘mysteriously’ disappeared.

The behaviour of this officer is shocking:

‘But when I took a photo of them he came running out, battered the camera from my hand on to the floor and arrested me for three crimes, none of which I’d committed.’

Now, I am no legal expert but if someone, even a police officer, attacks you in that manner, fails to explain that he is a police officer and state clearly that he is arresting you, and on what charge; you are perfectly within your rights to defend yourself. Personally I would have knocked his kebab out of his hand before laying into him.

Mr Carter was then arrested and bundled into the van over claims he had ‘assaulted’ an officer with his camera, resisted arrest and was drunk and disorderly.

Fabricated charges, striking a member of the public, wrongful arrest, assault, public order offences, these are what the officer should have charged with and then sacked for gross misconduct, yet amazingly he is still in his job. He doesn’t appear to have even been suspended. The reason though, may lie in the next sentence.

It is understood no further action was taken against PC Farooq, who is a member of the [National] Black Police Association’s Avon and Somerset branch.

The NBPA is something of a thorn in the side of the police force at present, with at least two members suing for various reasons. I can’t help but wonder whether no action was taken in order to avoid another costly court battle.

The NBPA is something that I find quite offensive. I understand the need for the police service to try and recruit ethnic minorities, and of course stamp out racism, but I am not sure how a divisive and exclusive members club such as this can do that.

The National Black Police Association is something of a misnomer, it is in reality the National Non-white Police Association, run by non-whites for the benefit of non-whites and therefore the detriment of whites. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these extracts from the 2005 conference.

“As such, there is no reason that affirmative action cannot be afforded to black staff who otherwise remain disadvantaged, thus enabling them to aspire to occupational equality. Indeed, a system could easily be developed in such a way so that it does not work against the interests of white staff, for instance by requiring them to resign and replacing them with black staff, but also the process would not bar white staff from progression either.”

There’s more:

“…an affirmative action programme should not be defeated by the interest of those few white staff who temporarily lose some privileges. Surely it is a cost worth paying to achieve a much greater gain overall.”

“Of course there may well be a ‘white backlash’, but police leaders must now stop the rhetoric of zero tolerance to racism etc and replace it with engagement towards affirming actions.”

Yes, amazingly this zero tolerance toward racism does not extend to whites, who it seems cannot be discrminated against in any way shape or form.

“Of course, in order to successfully implement lasting change, black staff understand that they have to go beyond merely protest groups. So again this becomes another call for police leaders to do the right and proper thing to undermine the current structure of relations within the service.”

For those reading this who think that this is perhaps just blowing off steam and bluster, take a look at that last sentence, ‘to undermine the current structure of relations within the service.’

Anyone with even half an eye on the news in recent years would probably be aware of how they have set about that undermining. Cries of racism have been heard virtually every time a member of the NBPA has been passed over for promotion since that time, quickly followed by demands for huge compensation payouts.

Dodgy Dizaei

The President of the NBPA is one Ali Dizaei, who was once suspended due to a multimillion pound fraud scandal. The case against him collapsed when a star witness for Dizaei turned the case aroud, one Tarique Ghaffur (also a member of the NBPA), who is now also suing the Met for, you guessed it, racism.

Despite the collaspe of the case Dizaei was due to be sacked, but the NBPA threatened to stop recruiting non white officers unless he was reinstated, they got their way. Dizaei was given compensation and promotion.

A shocking example of just how powerful and militant the NBPA has become, even though it only represents the interest of 11% of police officers.

The NBPA makes a mockery of its own motto, ‘One voice, strength in unity’ especially when it promotes racism against a portion of the population based simply on their skin colour.

If it had a valid purpose at its inception, the NBPA has lost its way and become corrupt and is now a hotbed for the kind of racism that it was meant to prevent. Forget halving its budget, the NBPA should be shutdown.

6 responses to “The National Non-White Police Association

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  4. The word “Equality” has been bandied around, beaten up ,used as an excuse, and brought up so many times especially when it preceeds the ‘other word’ Racial which as we know is now a bit ragged around the edges,we do have laws which are guidlines, lets NOT kill the equality word, it needs to be used in it’s proper context ONLY.

    • Thanks for the comment George, I agree. I’d also add that we should remember that equality means equal to, not more than equal to depending on your skin colour or sex.

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