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Sexism and Nepotism

Emilie Oldknow: She allegedly said 'Who do I have to sleep with to get elected in my area?' at a Labour Party meeting, and Jonathan Ashworth held up his hand.

It seems that I have to remove the image of my MP that I have had on my dartboard for the past decade and replace it. No, the election hasn't come early to my neck of the woods, rather the boundary commission has decided to move me into another region.

My 'new' region is still a Labour safe seat and although the MP is standing down, another candidate has been parachuted in – Emilie Oldknow. 

Available in any colour, as long as its black

Oldknow was selected from a list of women only candidates. Now, I have nothing against voting for women (I voted for Thatcher), but I despise being forced to only vote for women, merely because they are women and are needed to make up the numbers in Parliament. It wasn't a case that the two best canidates for Labour were women, it was a case that the only candidates that Labour would select in my region were women. 

This ridiculous sexism, masquerading as positive discrimination is insulting, not only to women, who are apparently too stupid to vote for anyone other than someone with breasts, but also men, who are apparently so sexist that they can only vote for men unless given no choice. 

Purely on the basis that my choice has been removed from me, I would never vote for Emilie Oldknow. Such actions are a first step on a slippery slope, what next, only being allowed to vote for Blair/Brown cronies?

Too late

Chris Leslie

Chris Leslie: Another Brown crony, who masterminded his 2007 leadership campaign, has been parachuted into Nottingham East safe seat after being personally selected by Brown.

Well it seems that Emilie Oldknow ticks that box too. Oldknow just happens to be sharing a bed with Jonathan Ashworth, Brown's deputy political secretary. Even her opponent during selection pulled out citing cronyism and claiming that the selection process is basically a done deal. 

I am inclined to believe her, how else, other than cronyism and positive discrimination, would a 29 year old who cannot even spell the name of her hometown and with no political experience become the candidate for my area?

It has also been noted that Oldknow, who used to work for the NHS, and her fiancée Ashworth, may have had quite a lot to do with the recent cancer leaflets, although Oldknow stated:

“I had not seen the mailshot before and it wasn’t sent out by my campaign,”

Thank you Brown, if I were beginning to forget why I will never vote Labour again for the rest of my life, and why I hate our current political system, you have reminded me. 

No Longer A Place Where Justice is Administered

Callous Killer Soon To Be Loosed

Learco Chindamo: Has shown no remorse for his crime

Thug who stabbed to death headteacher Philip Lawrence ‘to be released from prison within weeks’

Learco Chindamo, now 29, has served 14 years of a life sentence for stabbing the 48-year-old father of four outside St George’s Roman Catholic School in Maida Vale in 1995.

I think that just about everyone of a certain age remembers this case. Nowadays it would just be another stabbing, and probably wouldn’t raise so much as an eyebrow. Back then however, it was a huge story.

This was probably aided by the fact that Dunblane followed just three months later, and then the nursery machete attack. I am sure that things like this, that caused such outrage, were part of the reason that Labour were elected with such a landslide victory.

When Life Only Means Life For the Victim

Philip Lawrence: Died protecting a pupil

Philip Lawrence: Died protecting a pupil

Learco Chindamo has only served 14 years for the callous murder of Philip Lawrence, a fact that must be quite galling for Lawrence’s widow. It’s about the same amount of time as a criminal would get for a violent rape, or an armed robbery, yet Learco Chindamo received it for murder.

Learco Chindamo took a knife to tackle a pupil at the school, Lawrence did the honourable thing when he saw one of his pupils being attacked by a gang, he went to his aid. He really needn’t have bothered, the ‘victim’ is now also serving at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, for gun offences. Perhaps if he’d picked up that habit a little earlier, Learco Chindamo would be dead, Lawrence alive and the ‘victim’ precisely where he is now.

Not only did Learco Chindamo take the knife, he pulled it out with the full intention of stabbing someone, and when Philip Lawrence got in his way, he stabbed him straight in the heart. I find it very hard to believe that this thug has spent 14 years in prison and has come out a well rounded and fully rehabilitated individual.

Johnny Foreigner

Like 1 in 5 murders currently wasting millions of the taxpayers hard earned money, Learco Chindamo is a foreign national. The Home Office had tried to ensure that he was deported upon his release, but the scum fought it, and amazingly won.

Where was his country of origin, and what was so bad about it that he could not be deported? Italy. Yes, Italy, not Syria, Jordan or Iran, not somewhere where they may torture him, or persecute him, Italy, where many of us go on holiday.

The courts, if they can still really be called that (they are surely no longer the place where justice is administered), decided that his right to a ‘family life’ trumped the rights of the 60+ million Britons who pay for the court. This maniac and inevitable double murderer is to be let loose on society so that he can have a ‘family life’, apparently this isn’t possible in Italy.

They also decided that his rights also trumped those of Lawrence’s widow, who now has to live in fear of ever meeting him in the street, and live with the knowledge that Learco Chindamo will get to live out a full life, a right which he denied her husband.

A Killer by Another Name, Is Still A Killer

Despite the Home Office stating that he posed a genuine and present risk to the public, it is now claimed that he is:

‘reformed character’ with a ‘low likelihood of re-offending’.

Right, so someone who has no qualifications, left school very early and had spent the best part of his youth behind bars, is going to leave prison and become a valuable member of society and pose no risk to the public?

The man has zero chance of getting a real job, at least one that he will be satisfied with and so is highly likely to turn to crime, or are we to believe that he is in the 30% of ex cons that do not re-offend?

No doubt he will also be given a new identity, something that was unheard of just a few decades before, but is now becoming a regular occurrence for released high profile killers, and thus be able to get on with his life surrounded by people blissfully unaware of who he really is, or what he is capable of, until it is too late.

It is hard to believe that just a generation ago, people like Learco Chindamo were hung for their crimes, never again to trouble society, and never again to re-offend. Now the rights of the killers outweigh those of the victims and their families, indeed, I am sure it is just a matter of time before victims of crime are prosecuted for getting in the way of the troubled, poor and evil members of society.

The Most Powerful Man in The World

Anthony Lionel Blair: The World’s Most Powerful Man

I often wondered what Tony Blair would do after being Prime Minister for 10 years, I mean, where do you go from there in Britain?

I should have known that Blair had bigger ambitions, and with US Presidency not possible, that left only the newly created top job in the world. President of Europe.

It’s not official yet, but it is as good as. Britain of course, had no say in the matter, had it done so, we’d have pulled out of Europe and Blair would be swinging from gallows somewhere by now.

European Super State

Of course he won’t actually be President of Europe (although that’s the unofficial title), but only of the EU, but that will still give him control of over 500 million people. Leaving just 200 million Europeans not under his direct control.

It is beyond belief to most people in Britain that the European super state’s first President, and the one that history remembers most, is going to be the man nicknamed Tony B-liar in his home nation. The man in charge of the richest ‘state’ on Earth is going to be the same man that let Gordon ‘Mad Dog’ Brown run the British economy for a decade, and left it a devastated ruin. A man so inept and self centred that he has been ‘Middle East Peace Envoy’ for the past two years and spent barely any time whatsoever in the Middle East; and did nothing during some of the bloodiest years in the Middle East for decades, spending the Gaza War at home/on holiday.

Despite all this he is to be the highest paid leader in the Western World, and with the kind of perks and expenses that make British MPs look like misers and spend thrifts.

A Bigger Army to ruin

Blair, who single handedly turned a struggling and poorly equipped British Army into something barely worthy of the name, is going to have the world’s largest military to play with. Over 2 million service men and women to use as political tools, not to mention the 12,000 tanks (more than any other nation) and more aircraft than any other nation except the US, that he can move around his game board on a whim. No wonder he is already drawing comparisons with Napoleon. 

It is not a case of if Blair will drag Europe into some quagmire of a war somewhere, it is more of case of where has he left to go?

Blair, who did more to bolster the Monarchy that anyone else in decades, merely by making the thought of a ‘President Blair’ so abhorrent, has managed to become a President of Britain by the back door. Which begs the question, is it legal to raise someone above the Monarch and Head of State? For surely if Britain is to become a province of a European state, then the leader of that state has a higher status than the leader of the province?

In other words Blair now has his wish, he now has a higher station than the Queen.

Thugs 4 Life

Michael Alleyne: Ringleader of gang and as dumb as he looks.

Kinsella killers ‘marked men’ after life sentences – Crime, UK – The Independent

The killers of 16-year-old Ben Kinsella were jailed for life yesterday. Juress Kika, 19, Jade Braithwaite, 18, and Michael Alleyne, 20, from London, were told they would serve minimum terms of 19 years each after being convicted of murder.

Does 19 years living in hotel style accommodation, having health and dental care better than the average Briton (on site doctor and nurse as well as dentist), and all at the taxpayers expense, seem like a suitable punishment?

Is this fair on the family of murdered Ben Kinsella? Is it fair on the taxpayer? Is it fair on society that one day these good for nothing scumbags will be out and rubbing shoulders with the rest of us? Especially considering that they are sadistic criminals now at such a young age, and that in their 40s they are likely to be just the same, if not worse?

I don’t think so, they should have been executed, but maybe they still will be.

Marked For Death

Juress Kika: Now mainly performs fellatio on fellow inmates.

These wannabe gangsters lived in a bizarre world of TV and movie violence and lifestyles, now they may very well get to live a gangster style life first hand; living in fear and always having to look over their shoulders.

The judge at the Old Bailey, the Common Serjeant of London, Brian Barker, heard that the three had received letters from the prison service which are usually sent to inmates who are in fear of retaliation attacks. Often such prisoners stay in solitary confinement. Braithwaite’s lawyer told the court he understood he was a “marked man”.

The retaliation is expected to come from none other than the Adams family, no, nothing to do with the TV show, but a North London crime family on whose manor Ben Kinsella was killed. The Adams family have reportedly placed a big money contract on the heads of all three of Ben’s killers, apparently they were none too pleased about his senseless killing.

Where these three are going there are likely to be plenty of people wanting to curry favour with the Adams family, or just simply earn some easy money.

The irony is that it will take violent criminals to give the family of Ben Kinsella justice; as the British state is no longer capable of it.

Capital Punishment

Jade Braithwaite: Despite being 6′ 6″ tall, he still had to get two of his mates to help him stab a schoolboy

When the death penalty was abolished in Britain in 1965 the murder rate per million was 6.8. Today it stands at an incredible 20.3 murders per million people, an astonishing threefold increase in the murder rate since the abolition of the death penalty.

There are those that claim that the death penalty has no influence on murder rates, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, instead claiming that socio-economic factors have more to do with murder rates.

In the 1930s the world entered the Great Depression, a recession so bad it makes the current one look like a boom period. I know people that lived through it, and their stories make me realise what true deprivation and poverty are.

Few alive today have any inkling of what people in the 1930s went through, there were no benefits, no NHS and if you didn’t earn enough to feed yourself you either had to beg for food,  steal it or simply starve.

Despite all this hardship, the murder rate actually decreased during the Great Depression, from 8.3 in 1920 to 7.5 during the depression. So I think that it is safe to rule out poverty and hardship as reasons for our current epidemic of murders and violent behaviour.

In fact from 1900, when the murder rate stood at a lofty 9.6 per million, up until 1965, when the death penalty was abolished, the murder rate steadily declined over 60 years. Within a decade of murder no longer being punishable by death, 60 years of decline had been reversed and the murder was the highest of the century, so far. Within 20 years it had almost doubled.

Today our murder rate is higher than that of Israel and on a par with Libya. France’s murder rate is 15.9 per million, Germany’s 9.8.


Tony Blair: The man who took a bad Criminal Justice system, and turned it into a god awful one

Successive British Governments have ensured that criminals in modern Britain face no real justice. Jade Braithwaite had already been convicted of mugging a schoolboy, but was virtually let off, for some bizarre reason, which presumably gave him the impression that British Justice was a misnomer. Despite being 20 years old, he had no job, and no inclination to find one and lived with his mother; who was presumably a soft touch.

Michael ‘Mickey’ Alleyene was also a convicted robber, car thief and had likewise seen British justice for what it was – a joke. Despite committing all these offences from the age of 15, he only served a nine month sentence for drug dealing. It was meant to be 18 months, but in modern Britain, criminals only serve half their sentence, and Alleyene had only just got out and was under the ‘supervision’ of a youth offending team at the time of the murder.

Juress Kika started his criminal career aged just eleven. Convictions for ABH and shoplifting didn’t deter him, and why should they have, I doubt he got so much as a slap on the wrist. Just to demonstrate how tough the justice system is, he was arrested twice in the same year for the same offence, possession of cannabis, yet served no time for it. Kika was also convicted of robbery aged 17, again serving no time. Kika was wanted by police at the time of the murder for another stabbing, just ten days earlier.

I guess Ben Kinsella was the answer to the question; just who do these three have to kill to serve jail time in this country?

Once again it is possible to see a clear progression of these thugs from petty criminals to evil scum. The British Justice system failed Ben Kinsella time and time again by not punishing these three, nor even offering any form of deterrent to them. If the criminal justice system is not punishing criminals nor protecting the innocent, what is it doing?

Bobbies on the Beat

21st Century Police Officer: At least ED-209 had guns

It is often said that we just don’t have as many police officers as we used to, and that is why crime rates are so high, well it is true in part. We actually have more than double the number of police officers we had in the 1950s, when the murder rate was just 6.3 per million. Back then about 75,000 officers managed to keep the streets of Britain safe by acting as a visible deterrent to would be villains.

Despite there being more than 150,000 bobbies (not including Blunkett’s bobbies) in Britain today, your chances of actually seeing one are few and far between, unless you are speeding. Foot patrols and beat bobbies are old hat in Britain. Modern police officers sit in cushy air conditioned offices drinking coffee waiting for crimes to occur, whereupon they examine the CCTV evidence, release the suspect’s picture and await a tip off. Those 40% of crimes that are not covered by CCTV are simply filed away as ‘unsolvable’.

We should be thankful that these thugs were caught on CCTV and have been taken off the street, and pray that they do not appeal and get a more lenient sentence. With any luck they will get the sentence that they truly deserve, death, when someone from the Adams family catches up with them.

In the mean time we just have to worry about the thousands of other teenage thugs on the streets, and the police and courts inability or disinclination to deal with them.

Criticise Me Will You?

Brian Jenkins: Not the sharpest tool in the box

‘Bully’ MP threatens to sue student who criticised him over Gurkhas in note hand-delivered to home | Mail Online

A Labour MP was accused of ‘bullying’ yesterday for threatening to sue a 21-year-old student who criticised him for not backing the Gurkhas.

It is often said that MPs appear to live on a different planet but this one seems to live on a planet where it is illegal for his constituents to criticise him!


The idiot did vote against better rights for Gurkha’s, so I am not sure what he is basing his threat to sue on, whether or not he received a letter? According to he only responds 60% of the time anyway, so there is a good chance that he did get it but just didn’t bother to reply.

Besides, if he didn’t receive the letter, how did he have the students address to hand deliver the letter to him? I think that the answer is clear, he did get the letter, didn’t bother to reply and then took umbrage at the fact that one of the people who pay his wages had the cheek to criticise him for not doing his job.

Just out of interest, has anyone ever, ever, met anyone who didn’t want the Gurkha’s to have the right to settle in this country? Anyone in Tamworth? Anyone at all? I really cannot think of anyone, outside of Government that didn’t want them to settle here, no group, no movement and no individuals.

Even the BNP supported the Gurkha’s, yet this, and many other MPs, voted against giving them the right to settle here. What did he base his voting on? It was nothing to do with what his constituents wanted and it certainly wasn’t anything to do with democracy.

Taking the piss

This once again displays how out of touch MPs are; they really do believe that they are beyond reproach, a law unto themselves and uncaring of the views of the people that they are meant to serve.

Still he doesn’t go quite as far as Anthony Steen MP:

Just in case you can’t play it, he comes out with gems such as:

“I think I have behaved impeccably.”

He’s claimed £87,000 in four years for his house.

I’ve done nothing criminal, that’s the most awful thing, and do you know what it’s about? Jealousy.

I’ve got a very, very large house. Some people say it looks like Balmoral.

He has a house that looks like Balmoral, the residence of the Queen? Yet claims money from the taxpayer to maintain it? Not even the Queen does that.

He went on:

“I don’t know what the fuss is about”

Few MPs seem to realise what they have done wrong.

“This Government have mucked up the system…by bringing in the Freedom of Information Act…and caught me on the wrong foot…”

Home of Anthony Steel MP, which apparently looks like Balmoral.

The best part of all and that really shows the mentality of these free loaders is this part:

Interviewer: You don’t think that any of this information should have been released?

Anthony Steen: No, what right does the public have to interfere with my private life? None. This whole episodes reminds me of an episode from Coronation Street [The Soap Opera].

Quite right, what right have the taxpayers to know what MPs spend taxpayers money on? What the idiot doesn’t seem to understand is that when we pay his wages, we are his boss, and that means that we have every right to know what he is claiming.

His remark about Balmoral is telling, the Queen reveals all her expenses, everything that she claims in tedious detail. She doesn’t quibble about the fact that the taxpayer may want to know what their taxes are being spent on at the Palace, yet this odious man believes his claims should be private!

I have been saying it for years but now it is very clear, Parliament is corrupt and broken. The very institution that was designed to protect us from the aristocracy has simply replaced it. Now we have 646 families that get to live like Kings at the taxpayers expense.

British and Proud!

An immigrant who is proud to be British

Asian postmaster takes immigration stand by banning customers who can’t speak English | Mail Online

In case it’s not immediately clear, the Sri Lankan born father of two – who fulfilled a dream to come this country 17 years ago and took citizenship to make his life here – is proud to be British.

Some of those that read this blog probably believe that I have some sort of grudge against those born in foreign lands and who move to Britain. Admittedly most of what I have written would certainly give that impression.

Johnny Foreigners

My ire is not specifically directed against anyone born in a foreign country, but those that believe they still live there. Mr. Kumarasiri is an example of those that I consider more than welcome.

Despite being born in Sri Lanka, and despite living there until he was 20, Mr. Kumarasiri considers himself British through and through. Being British, and proud (he even flies a Union Jack from his home!) he considered it a reasonable request to expect his customers to have learnt a few words of English since moving here. He was wrong.

Despite being widely supported by people across the country, he has now lost his job thanks to a hate campaign by local Muslims.

‘If these people are coming into our country they should practise our language and culture. As far as I am concerned, if you can’t be British you should go home.’

Precisely. Sadly those that have made sure he lost his job believe the opposite is true, that they need not make any effort to integrate into this country, or worse that integration is somehow an insult to their religion or culture.

These people arrived as foreigners in a strange land and remain so, some of them generations after arriving here. They make no effort to learn English nor do they consider themselves in any way to be British. They surround themselves with others of the same background and culture and create pockets of their homeland and defy any attempts made to help them assimilate into Britain.

These are the people that I despise, almost as much as I despise those that pander to them. Those that fail to realise that giving away so much to ‘help’ them integrate into Britain not only destroys any incentive that they would have had for doing so, but also makes them see us as weak, contemptuous and therefore they do not see the need to adopt the culture of a defunct society.

English in England?

The Muslim community was naturally up in arms, those that could speak English made their anger clear, those that couldn’t signed a petition.

Mr Kahn confirmed that local Muslims have started a petition calling for Mr Kumarasiri’s dismissal but stressed the move had no connection with his Mosque,

Of course not. Just coincidence then that it was passed around the mosque just after prayer time, I am sure that the Imman didn’t mention it at all. It amazes me that people can be so averse to speaking the native language in a country, this would never happen anywhere else.

Whatever happened to Britishness tests and having a certain standard of English before moving here? After all what chance has an immigrant of getting a job if he cannot speak English? None. But then again unemployment is highest among the Urdu speaking Pakistani community in this area, and throughout the country. And the fact that it is apparent that many don’t want to be forced to learn English, makes me wonder whether that is so that they can use it as an excuse to not find work and spend a life on benefits?

Mr.Kumarasiri summed it up himself:

“I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. It was inevitable that those who don’t want to be fully integrated into this country would do something about it.”

And this certainly appears to be the case. This is a seriously segregated area. Mr. Kumarasriri’s shop is on the same street as Greenwood Junior School, the school that was forced to recognise Eid as well as Christmas by Muslims parents and the local mosque, and then was subsequently forced to cancel the Christmas play. Although the school is in a predominately Muslim area, the school kids are not predominately Muslim. As this image courtesy of Google Street View shows.

Schoolchildren, blissfully unaware that Christmas is to be cancelled

The unfortunate school children of this area appear to fall under the power of the local mosque, whether they are Muslim or not. The fact that the Royal Mail refused to support Mr.Kumarasiri and eventually sacked him, and that the police were keeping an eye on the shop due to the apparent threat of violence from local Muslims, shows just how powerful this group is. But I suppose if you can get Christmas cancelled, anything is possible.

I know the area well as I used to drink in a public house on that street many years ago, but it certainly appears to have altered beyond all recognition now. The ‘local’ mosque is literally less than 100 yards away from the post office where Mr. Kumarasiri was formerly employed, on the very next corner; he would probably of heard them cursing his name from there, if only he spoke Urdu.

Seat of power – from here Christmases are cancelled and troublesome postmasters removed

There is also another mosque just a stone’s throw away from this one.

Broken Britain

For years the elite have been branding anyone who complains about immigrants and foreigners, as racist xenophobes; spouting such rubbish as ‘Britain should be a multicultural nation’ or worse, that ‘the British are not worth preserving as a race,’ as if we have committed such gross acts that we need to be eradicated, exterminated or at the very least our culture and our heritage supplanted by one more deserving.

The reason? Empire Overseas Territories. The very mention of the E word has these liberal bed wetters cringing and ducking for cover, as if the British Empire were such a horror that we should be ashamed of it. Despite the fact that were it not for this Empire, most of Britain’s non whites would not be here at all and we would indeed but monocultural.

We are indoctrinated from an early age in this country to believe that the British Empire was inherently bad, that there were no positive aspects to it and that we, as Britons, should be ashamed of it. Any attempt to celebrate Britishness and British culture is seen as an attempt to reignite the imperialism and colonialism of the old days. Any criticism of ethnic minorities, their culture or their religion is seen as a hark back to the bad old days of colonialism and demonstrates white Britons inability to move away from the racist mindset that so afflicted our ancestors.

The self flagellating, guilt ridden liberal elite that runs this nation hate anything to do with Britishness and use immigration and multiculturalism to correct past perceived wrongs. They refuse to see the good points of the Empire, the positives that were left in its wake.

‘Ever since I was a boy – growing up in a village outside the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo and learning English at school – I have loved Britain and everything that the British left behind. We still have the laws, the schools, the courtesy and the discipline. Like many Sri Lankans, I’ve always been proud to be associated with Britain and I always dreamt that one day I would come here.’

Not everything about the British Empire was bad, despite what the liberal namby pamby’s would have you believe. Most of the nations that were part of the British Empire are now prosperous democracies, still using British laws, British education systems and British military structure as the basis for their own nations.

It is heartening to hear someone born in another nation speak so highly of Britain, and what Britain did for him and the legacy it left behind in his nation. It is something that is rarely, if ever heard here.

Sadly the courtesy and the discipline, the laws and the schools in Britain no longer follow the example that they left behind in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is probably a better example of those virtues than modern Britain.

This hatred of Britain by the ruling elite is nothing new, George Orwell stated in 1941:

“England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality. In left-wing circles it is always felt that there is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman and that it is a duty to snigger at every English institution, from horse racing to suet puddings. It is a strange fact, but it is unquestionably true that almost any English intellectual would feel more ashamed of standing to attention during ‘God save the King’ than of stealing from a poor box.”

More true today that it ever was, at least among the so called intellectuals.

True Brit

This attitude is not going down well with the rest of Britain. The populace is well educated and on more of an intellectual par with the elite than ever before, and so will not be so easily brow beaten into believing the tripe that these fools spout. Such a blatant disregard for the wishes of the masses only leads to one place, as Mr. Kumarasiri points out:

“We have a terrible problem in Britain today. We don’t know who our neighbours are, we’re losing our sense of community, and it can only get worse if your neighbour doesn’t speak the same language, because then you get lack of understanding, and fear, and so often racism.”

Yes real racism, people are getting tired of being labelled racist for every little thing and are becoming de-sensitised to the word, so that when real racism rears its ugly head it will either be ignored or played down.

‘It’s all down to language. The fabric of the nation begins to unravel if we don’t speak the same language.’

Quite right. The thing that makes Britain what it is, and the major legacy of the Empire is the language, yet in modern Britain it is seen as more of an afterthought. Something British people may pick up at some point, but not really necessary.

“I had to say something, because too many people are afraid to. The person who’s born here can’t do anything or he’ll be accused of being a racist, you can only complain here if you’ve got brown skin.”

And it seems, at least in his case, not even then. So it is any wonder that white voters feel so neglected, forgotten and disenfranchised?

“And the white man, what does he do? Nothing. He has to keep it under his clothes, or his hat, or whatever we say, until it builds up and up like a balloon, until one day it’ll explode and we’ll have riots and hatred and I don’t want that. I just want people to be proud to be British.”

Ironic then, that a man born in another country, who grew up in another country, part of a different culture and who has only lived here for 18 years, is more in step with the white indigenous population than the white ruling elite that have lived here for generations.

It is a shame that the Liberal Democrats kicked this man out for voicing these kinds of opinions, he would have got my vote. Now I refuse to vote for the Lib Dems again as a matter of principle, and I am fast running out of parties.

The madness of King Gordon

brownApologise for the recession? Brown’s credit crunch tantrum at 30,000ft | Mail Online

The full depth of Gordon Brown’s anger over suggestions that he should apologise for the recession was laid bare in extraordinary scenes on the Prime Minister’s plane last week, 30,000 feet over the Atlantic.

People complain about Gordon Brown, calling him our ‘unelected’ Prime Minister as if they didn’t vote for him, but they did. We don’t have Presidents in Britain, we don’t vote for one man to change the country, we vote for a party to run the country; a lot of Britons seem to forget that.

Voters weren’t electing Tony Blair at the last election, they were voting in Labour, and that included Gordon Brown. It was up to Labour to decide who they’d have as their leader, and they chose Gordon as the best man for the job. Which should hopefully tells us everything we need to know about Labour at the next election.

Raving Mad

Domineering, a control freak, mirthless, and unstable were just a few of the words used to describe Gordon Brown by his peers, yet Labour chose him anyway. I think now, slowly, they are realising their mistake. Frankly, I think in a leadership contest Tony Benn has more chance of winning, and he’s no longer an MP.

The Prime Minister stormed: ‘You want me to go on television and apologise, but I am not going to do it.

‘I have nothing to apologise for. It is not my fault. Get in the real world.’

Not his fault? The Iron Chancellor? The man who controlled the British economy since 1997 and who had Tony Blair by the short and curlies throughout most of the past decade, claims that it isn’t his fault? The man is raving mad, it can only be his fault, he’s never let anyone else near the economy.

Brown always seems to be on the verge of losing it at the best of times, but sadly he never does for the cameras.

Mr Brown had a tantrum after he asked him to say sorry. ‘Off camera, the mike was ripped off and we exchanged a few tart remarks,’ said Mr Bradby. ‘He has a bad temper.’

People like Brown always do, being a one eyed Scottish idiot doesn’t help either.

Night of long knives

Tony Blair must be laughing his head off over all this. Since emerging from Tony Blair’s shadow Brown has lurched from one disaster to the next and every week there are more whisperings of a leadership challenge.


Way out of his depth

His speech to the US Congress was apparently a success, despite the fact that he has been blaming America for the economic crisis since the start. 

His inability to acknowledge that he may be even partly to blame for the economic crisis is not only making him look foolish, but it is making his peers increasingly frustrated with his leadership, and giving many the opinion that they could do a better job.

Surely the reign of Mad King Gordon is nearing its end?