Why do we tolerate this scum?

Another shocking and senseless murder, another family devastated, another group of uncaring, remorseless teenagers found guilty.

“A 15-year-old boy has been found guilty of murder after he kicked a woman to death because she was a Goth.”

before Sophie Lancaster was just 20 years old when she was brutally kicked to death. Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident, it is just another example of the youth of Britain showing no respect for human life. Gary Newlove was killed just a couple of months ago, also by a gang of youths and, as anyone who has ever walked the streets after dark know, these types of callous, aggressive and cowardly youths are everywhere.

Sophie Lancaster was killed trying to protect her boyfriend, which of course makes it all the upsetting for her boyfriend, who survived the incident. This gang initially set upon him and having knocked him unconscious, needed another innocent on which to vent their hate and malevolence. The cowardly scum waited until Sophie was kneeling down, cradling her boyfriend’s head before turning on her and stamping on her head.


Sophie Lancaster – Shortly before she died.

Pathetic Herbert was apparently on a high after taking a 16 year old girl’s virginity in the park earlier in the night. With any luck the Judge will ensure that the only sexual activity Herbert will take part in before middle age will be with a hairy Neanderthal named Bubba.

Brendan Harris and Ryan Herbert showed absolutely no remorse for what they had done, in fact it wasn’t even the first time. Just four months earlier they carried out a similar attack on a 16 year old boy in the same park. As usual the system failed, they were given community service orders, which they were both serving when they murdered Sophie Lancaster. As usual it takes someone to die before the justice system start to believe that these sort of people are truly evil.

The most worrying aspect of this is not the feral youths, we have in Britain sadly become used to such incidents, but the behaviour of the louts parents. According to police:

“Harris’s mother was laughing all through the proceedings of this murder case.”

So Brendan Harris’ mother thought that this was amusing. I hope her brute of a son is murdered whilst serving his time. I doubt she’ll find the loss of her own child so amusing. Then again from the sounds of her I am sure that she has plenty more.

Det Supt Mick Gradwell hit the nail on the head with his statement after the case.

“The only thing these lads think they have done wrong is to be caught. It was almost as though they were laughing and joking about what they had done.”

He went on to blame the parents saying:

“It’s a ridiculous state of affairs. Parents have got to take much more responsibility for their offspring. Regrettably, there is an element of youth who seem to find thrills in meting out an extreme level of violence. Bacup is a small town, but this is not just happening in Bacup. It is happening all over Britain.”

Quite right, this problem has already reached epidemic proportions. In Northumberland alone the number of murderers under 17 years old has tripled in just five years. Clearly the children and their parents are not getting the message.

herbert and harris

Scum like this should be hanged

They need to learn that their actions have consequences and the parents need to learn that unless they rein in their kids, they’ll loose them, permanently. I don’t mean that they should be taken into care, they should be hung.

Already at 15 and 16 years old they have shown that they cannot be rehabilitated. They have shown no remorse for their cowardly actions. Harris and his slapper of a mother were even joking with each other during the police interview. Once upon a time in Britain she’d now be an outcast, forever stigmatised by the actions of her son. Today though, she’s probably a hero on her estate. The families of these murderers are just as sick as they are, mocking poor Sophie Lancaster’s mother outside court.

We need to stamp out this loutish behaviour, stupidity and leniency has led us to this situation and it can only be rectified by harsh punishments. I have already stated that I am in favour of the death penalty but even using for other crimes as well as murder would not be a complete solution.

I believe that we should bring back birching, public birching, for a raft of offenses, including being an unfit mother/father. Perhaps then we may start to see useless parents rein in their spoilt, undisciplined children. Either that or change the law back to how it used to be, so that any responsible adult can discipline their children for them.

Unless we start taking drastic actions against this epidemic of anti social behaviour, violence and gang culture, more innocents will die and the honest hard working people of Britain will be too scared to leave their own homes after dark.

34 responses to “Why do we tolerate this scum?

  1. So who wants to find his mother and have a word? Perhaps we should organise.

  2. Snuff them, plain and simple. I would have the parents snuffed too. We cannot afford such behaviour in our land.

  3. Putney,

    I am surprised that the ordinary and decent people of Bacup haven’t already ‘had a word’, it amazes me how people like this can strike fear into so many people.

    Then again the slapper would probably be straight onto the police, people like that know their rights and believe the law is there to protect them, but no one else. And they’re not far wrong.

  4. Ian,

    I couldn’t agree more.

  5. You have pretty strict gun laws over there right?
    The liberals are trying it here as well..

    If this young lady had been packing a pistol, taser or at least some spray, things may have worked out differently…

    I am armed and pray for the day some scum bag gives me a reason….

  6. Not so much strict guns laws as strict laws against self defence. It’s an automatic five year sentence for carrying a firearm.

    It’s also illegal to carry a knife, a bat, a taser, pepper spray or even mace. Basically anything that could be construed as a weapon. Obviously those breaking the law don’t have to worry about that.

    Had Sophie Lancaster used anything to defend herself, and it worked, no doubt she would have ended up in court, many people already have.

    The law is very one sided in the UK, we went from being able to carry a sword, knife or any means to defend yourself, to having no real right of self defence in less than half a century.

    I am not sure I agree about guns, (wouldn’t it turn into the wild west if everyone could carry a gun?) I think Britain is safer overall with the gun laws, but these kinds things tend to trickle down. It start with guns, then moves onto knives and before you know it all means of defending yourself are taken away.

    “I am armed and pray for the day some scum bag gives me a reason….”

    The US has the kind of laws for self defence that I wish we had here. Recently a man closing his shop was attacked and stabbed, even after handing over the money the robber still attacked him, during the tussle the shop keeper got hold of the knife and stabbed his assailant in the heart. He almost faced murder charges for it. Fortunately he stuck to his story that he couldn’t remember stabbing the robber, and it couldn’t be proven that he did, so he got off.

    It’s almost not worth defending yourself in the UK.

  7. I think we agree this is warped, diseased logic at best…

    And if everyone were armed, it may be like the wild west for a month or so, maybe more, but sooner or later the garbage would be taken out…
    the old wild west actually, from what I have read, had a very low gun violence rate…..

  8. My God, what is happening in this world. These ‘children’ should be stopped from living. I hate this country and the people who allow this to keep carrying on. When are decent people going to stand together and fight back. We can stop this is we only try.

  9. I agree with Putney. Let’s all have a word.
    Get in touch with me.

    • Sad to say that’s just how I feel. I’m astute enough to know this probably isn’t the answer, but I feel so impotent when I contemplate what’s happened. How can we sit back as a society and allow this scum to pervade our society with arrogance and impunity. Yes, let’s sign petitons, attend rally’s, lobby parliament etc etc, but I just want to cause this scum slow and lingering pain. Anything less & I feel like they win. THEY KICKED A YOUNG GIRL TO DEATH!!! Kill the scum slowly.

  10. I agree with putney. Let’s all have a word.
    Get in touch with me.

  11. Now that the kids/scum have been sentenced to jail, I have been trying to find the address of the parents. To do nothing other than to write a letter to the parents once a week…. ‘Miss your child yet?’ ‘Has anyone got to him yet?’. I hate the thought of applying any brutality to people and I guess it would make us no worse than Harris and Herbert. Now torment and emotional bullying….. thats a different story ! 🙂

  12. nice idea Michael i would love to get the address of at least 1 of these scumbags and write to the parents asking something like”your boy enjoying the showers?” cruel maybe but a drop in the ocean compared to what they’ve done.Drop me a line Michael (or anyone else)if you get hold of an address

  13. The street the boys came from are reported here:


    A little bit more looking (phone book / benefits office) will surely get you the house number.

  14. I am sure that if you address it to:

    Christine Herbert,
    Rossendale Crescent,
    OL13 9LN

    It will get there. They must both be well known in the area.

    Martine Harris/McGuinn
    Spring Terrace,
    OL13 0TZ

    There’s only six houses on Spring Terrace.

    I have heard that they both have problems with their letter boxes and would much prefer it if people wrapped their messages around a brick and lobbed it through the front window.

  15. TRM: you kind of scare me. Lots of Americans like you, who sit around stroking their pet guns, waiting (dreaming?) for the day they will get to snuff out a human life. It’s a weird level of sadism or perhaps machismo power-hungry psychotic behaviour.

    As for the topic at hand, I agree that these kids need to be punished severely. It’s hard though, because these kids are clearly products of their craptacular parents. Are they past the point of rehabilitation? Maybe. Should they be killed for the benefit of society? Even that is arguable, and I could side either-way — I don’t even know where I stand here.

    The parents… this is where it is easier to be frustrated. Once again, they are products of their parents, but at the same time… they are adults. They’ve had the opportunity to disconnect from their providers, and make new (self-respecting) lives for themselves. They failed to do so, so maybe they should be removed from society (one way or another).

    Frustrating that the mother could smirk through the proceedings, and not be somehow punished for that. No law against disrespecting somebody. But who knows, maybe there should be. This level of disrespect is truly disgusting, and should somehow be punished. This goes beyond free speech.

    Maybe people should be chemically (or by some other method) castrated/sterilized after exhibiting such deviant behaviour. As long as we trust in our adoption system, it’d minimize the chances of these delinquents spreading their tainted beliefs pertaining to right and wrong, and social responsibility.

  16. Kind of got lazy there at the end in the last sentence… I meant they might not spread their wacked-out beliefs on to the next generation. Uhh… and these so-called wacked-out beliefs were pertaining to right and wrong, as well as social responsibility.

    You need an edit button. 😛

  17. Chris,

    Quite surprising, I came here to read your comment fully expecting to disagree with everything that you said once again, but I actually agree with most of what you have said.

    It is shocking the lack of disrespect shown by these thugs, and their parents. Although execution would mean that society has failed them in some way, I think the blame lies more squarely at the feet of the parents. Above all decent members of society should be protected from them, not living in fear of them, or even paying for them.

    Most kids are taught the difference between right and wrong, respect for others and manners. Some parents neither bother nor care.  It’s too late for these kids, and probably many more like them, but as you point out these parents are not above having a hatful more.

    There was a family like this that lived near me years ago. Absent father(s) (probably in prison), about four boys, all easily distinguished from the rest of the neighbourhood by their foul mouths, swagger and general disdain for everyone else. Especially the elderly residents nearby who the louts terrorised. It was like a milestone in the neighbourhood waiting for each boy to reach the age where they could finally be sent away, properly, there was one less to worry about and the streets were a little safer. Needless to say all four are now detained at her Majesty’s pleasure. What amazed me the most about these boys though was their parent.

    Once I caught one of them harassing an elderly couple who were on their way home and I lost my temper. The brave lad and his mate ran straight across the road to get his mum (he was easily 18!), I assumed as soon as I explained the situation she’d be as angry as I was. I was wrong. She came storming out with another woman launched a torrent of abuse at me, full of expletives and threats of the law and other threats, with the two lads smiling behind her. I gave up trying to explain, and shamefully, I walked off. But it made me realise that this isn’t a problem just with the kids, their parents are their coaches and their role models.

    Perhaps if the parents were given the same sentences as their children, or at least half of it, it might encourage them to be better parents.

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  19. if they had murdered my daughter in this cowardly way and the death penalty was available-make no mistake- not only would i ask for it, i would ask to throw the kill switch myself as herbert and harris sat in ‘old sparky’- taped up and strapped in!- sophies mum has been admirable and brave since this tragedy- and theres some who say sophie was a kind soul who would not have wanted revenge- again thats admirable- but it sure wouldnt work for me- execute scum like this- end of

  20. If anyone knows the address and telephone number of Ryan Herberts mother, post it on this forum. Ryan Herbert of Bacup is the lowest of the low; he must die; his family must suffer. Let us avenge the death of this innocent young woman, who was so brutally murdered by these lowlife scumbags. We must be prepared to get our hands dirty; we must wash our feet in the blood of Ryan Herberts mother.

  21. I’ve always remembered this ‘story’. Think I always will.

  22. I couldnt agree more with all of your comments. I am a secondary school teacher and i have experienced the worst kind of nasty scumbags who are unfortunately the parents of the kids i teach. I am sick of feeling unsafe at home and at work. I am sick of seeing gangs of thugs out in the streets. I am frightnened for my little brothers who will no doubt be victims at some point in their lives. We have a new government and i believe it is time to rally the troops and begin a revolt of the decent citizens against the ill educated scum who plague our society.

  23. I am intrigued with U.K. life, however as I read, I am starting to see your country is not much better than mine. I wish U.K. government would see to a self defense law (atleast), to prevent attacks with the outcome to that of Sophie. My regards to Sophie and her family, and to Rob.

  24. As part of the “alternative” community, the story of Sophie and Robert has put a lot of anger into me and a lot of bitterness. I didnt know either of them, but I feel this way because this is the typical behaviour of the young lot these days who dont like “goths” or “alternative” people just because of the way they look or dress…even the music they listen to. I am a 24 year old woman…one of my best friends is what many would label a “chav” and i still have 18 year old youths in gangs throw spiteful comments my way because of my style of dressing…normally i am comfortable in jeans and a band hoodie or a black wiggle dress and leggings. And if i go out for the night to a gig or whatever, i will quite happily wear corsets and have all the accessories. I just like it. I like the style and the music to go with it. Does that mean i deserve to have my head kicked in? No. Its sad and angering to know that there are even these thoughts processing in any human beings mind. And as for the gutless parents that laugh about it…i hope that they get a taste of the suffering their offspring caused to not just Sophie Robert and their families, but also a lot of oter people around the world. They think they’re big tough men…let them meet some real big tough men inside. End of.

  25. All you people ‘saying’ let’s beat there family or mother and etc that’s horrible…. Sophie Lancaster uncle is in jail for a double murder and robbery…. Sophie Lancaster is taking money of other people and doing her house up and buying clothes tbh it’s not right…. The 2 people who Sophie Lancaster uncle killed there not getting nothing and when they do it goes to cancer research…. I live next to ‘Sophie Lancaster’ mums house and she’s ended up with 2 new cars and a full new house… My school raised 22 grand for her why did that go you tell me…. And if you new ryans family you wouldn’t go near them because you wouldn’t stand a change I’m just saying…

    • The reason people were saying that is because of the way that the family of the murderers behaved. They didn’t care, they showed no respect and they even found it amusing, therefore in my book, they deserve the same to happen to them. See if they still find it amusing then. I am not going to judge Sophie’s mum for how the murder of her daughter has affected her. At the end of the day, she should still have a daughter. The justice system failed her and her family; every breath more than her daughter that Herbert and Harris draw is like a slap in the face to her.

    • David, from your spelling attempt, I see that you are a dumb fuck like the two gutless little thugs and their retarded family’s.
      As for going near the Ryans, as a mature age Goth and an ex-Outlaw Biker, I only wished I could jump on a plane fron Tasmania, and visit these dumb retards

    • Curtis Warren

      “If knew Ryan’s family, you wouldn’t stand a chance”. I tell you what Ryan’s family are ,a bunch of maggots, no marks and scum. They insignificant dregs of society. They are nothing, a bunch of inbred no bodies. The sooner their limited gene pool is eradicated the better !

  26. The dramatisation of these horrific events was aired on tv today. I am a very placid & peaceful guy but this has made me very angry. Most of my thoughts and feelings about these animals and their scum families are the same as those already mentioned in previous posts.
    I would like to know if any one person or group has had that ‘word’ with the scum slappers that are the mothers of these monsters ?

  27. I recently listened to a mental health programme and some doctors have been studying children’s mental development from different backgrounds and they have now discovered that if a chlld is not bought up with empathy/consideration for others this part of the brain basically gets erased and can never be bought back.it is a case of use it or lose it. no one in the judicial system ever hold’s the parents culpable for these children, 90% of a child’s behaviour is shaped by their surroundings/home life.
    if you want to drive a car you have to take lessons and get a licence if you want a gun you have to have a licence, people who breed who are unfit, should have to take mandatory lessons on how to bring a child up and have lessons in how to be tolerant of others, unfortunately the lack of iq is a big factor in these problems

  28. I agree that what happened to Sophie was unimaginably horrific and that her killers are inhumane but I don’t believe that in displaying your disgust you have to refer to a woman as a ‘slapper’. Any parent who finds murder humorous is disgusting without doubt but you resorting to sexist terms does nothing to uphold the severity of the crime or the vulnerability of the victims and just displays your own misogynistic view that (for no apparent reason) female casual sex is linked to violent murder. You would not being saying the same thing about the murderer’s father I am sure. Furthermore you seem to be affiliating such violent behaviour with youths who live on estates. Don’t associate such vile behaviour with certain groups just because they happen to live on an estate. Your documentation is very poor I’m afraid.

  29. I think the person (female?) who made the post above is somewhat missing the point of the earlier posts. The point is that both sets of parents are clearly inadequate and pathetic human beings, or some kind of sub species, but the posts refer to the mother because of her behaviour during the trial. What kind of parent would not be horrified by their child committing a hate crime, because that is exactly what this was, and yet she was amused, almost proud. These types of people a inadequate, virtually illiterate, low IQ members of a growing sub culture that think that the normal laws and ways of a civilised society don’t apply to them. They don’t feel a part of society, and them don’t feel that the rules apply to them. They don’t feel any kind of accountability, responsibility or obligation to the society they live in. I’m not sure how we should tackle people like that, but something needs to be done because the rate at which these people breed means they will soon outnumber the decent people, and then we really will be in trouble!

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