MPs expenses to be published

It has taken three years and hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money, but finally, thanks to Heather Brooke, the taxpayer will find out what they should already know, just where their taxes are being squandered.

The man at the centre of this debacle, is once again the fat waste of space, also known as the Speaker of the House, Michael Martin. The man who has disproved the age old stereotype that Scots are tight fisted, at least when it comes to spending other people’s money, has been fighting this action tooth and nail. I am sure that come next Friday, we will find out why.

This is just another example of the lengths that these MPs will go to, to ensure that you have no idea just how they are spending your cash. I am sure that it is not yet over and that Martin has a few other tricks up his sleeve, after all money is no problem to this man.

Martin should be forced to pay the court costs back from his lucrative pension, after all he has pursued this when it is not in the public interest to do so, and has done so only to cover his own arse. There was absolutely no reason to fight this case over three years and I hope that now he has been shamed, yet again, he will resign, although I won’t be holding my breath.

Miss Brooke said:

“What’s disappointing is that it took three years of concerted effort to counter the relentless opposition from the House of Commons Commission and Speaker Michael Martin, who used taxpayers’ money throughout to block the very information needed for an informed electorate.”

If MPs want to keep their purchases private, they should make them using their salary, like everyone else, rather than their taxpayer funded expense accounts. Moreover they should remember who their employers are and to whom they are held accountable.

We mock at nations like Russia for being corrupt, yet all the while our own elected elite are taking us for a ride in a similar fashion.

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  1. Rather lovely lady pictured, Charlie. Actually…ahh, never mind…:)

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