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Mandelson’s Face Melted in Bio Terror Attack!

Mandy undergoing facial re-constructive surgery after vicious attack: WARNING shocking photo.

The aftermath: Mandy may never regain his looks

BBC NEWS | UK | Arrest in Mandelson custard probe

Police say they have arrested environmental campaigner Leila Deen after an incident in which green custard was thrown at Lord Mandelson.

A terrible tragedy and Mandelson has shown incredible stoicism and bravery by appearing on television afterwards, despite his horrific injuries.


It was fecking custard for crying out loud! Custard! Apart from screaming like a girl when it hit him, Mandy has been living up to his name by also making outrageous statements such as:

Lord Mandelson said the custard had given him a “slight” facial irritation.

Come on, I am sure that Mandy has had worse things on his face.

He told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show of his “surprise” his attacker had been able to avoid security outside the Royal Society on Friday morning.

What? A woman, holding a cup of custard had managed to evade security? The outrage! How could a pleb possibly get so close to his august majesty? This man (and I use the term loosely) lives in a different world. Does he think that he should have round the clock protection from members of the public? If so, perhaps politics isn’t the game he should be in.

Lord Mandelson also told Andrew Marr that he was “slightly surprised” his attacker “could just saunter off without being apprehended”.

I can understand his confusion as I doubt that he has ever had cause to think about such things, but a woman chucking a drink over a man, is sadly not illegal.

Plane stupid

I am not fan of Plane Stupid, in fact I think that the name sums them up brilliantly. They’ve been told that planes, and carbon emissions are bad, so they go after them like a dog chasing traffic, and with the same effect. They cause massive inconvenience to the general public who are, unlike the plane stupid campaigners, living ordinary lives with real jobs and just trying to do the best for their families.

If the wacky campaigners must make their point, this is how they should do it, by targeting politicians. They certainly won’t make any enemies with the public this way, and who knows, they may even make some friends.

We have a great tradition in this country of being able to tackle politicians personally, a tradition that they are hell-bent on taking away from us but I think that it gives you a great way of finding out about a politicians true character. Take John Prescott, who was viewed by many as a useless piece of lard, but his reaction to getting an egg thrown at him at point blank range was pretty impressive.


Prescott shows no fear when confronting the burly farmer, and soon wipes the smile off his face. Although criticised by namby pamby liberals at the time, it gave an insight into Prescott’s psyche. When confronted by violence from someone younger, fitter and bigger than him, Prescott defended himself. Of course Prescott was still a useless hunk of lard, but at least it demonstrated that when the chips were down Prescott would come out fighting, and shared not only the face but also the spirit of the bulldog.

It certainly increased his popularity at the time and, despite my contempt for the man as a politician, I do still have a grudging respect for him. If memory servers even the egg chucker himself, Craig Evans, said that he had new-found respect for him after the incident.

Mandy squealed and then complained about it as if it were some kind of assassination attempt. In fact from his reaction you’d think it was; perhaps he’d been watching 24 and fancied himself as David Palmer, or just plain fancied David Palmer. Which tells the public all they need to know about the man.

In such a situation there are only two satisfactory ways of handling it, with a smile/laugh and some witty banter, or by tackling the protester.

men from the boys

In the 70s Edward Heath ably demonstrated how to look like a big girls blouse by running away as if he’d been confronted by a knife wielding maniac, rather than a lady with a pot of ink. With a reaction like this is it any wonder that he lost control of the party to a woman? Heath also managed to avoid doing any real fighting during World War II, and yet still ended the war as a lieutenant-colonel.

Brian Mawhinney hid behind his wife when protesters threw flour and paint at him. His career subsequently nose dived, although he is now a Lord. John Major also got egged around the same time and just looked annoyed, no witticism, no threat of violent retaliation.

When Bill Clinton was egged he made a quip about his attacker getting better after missing him the first time, before being buried under secret service types. There was of course Bush recently who dodged a shoe thrown at him, not famed for his quick wit he didn’t say anything back, but his smile after ducking the first shoe said it all!

Tony Blair, although not egged (he was floured in Parliament), was once tackled by a woman outside a hospital about the care her terminally ill husband had received. Watching him squirm and look to escape displayed just what a snake he was.

Sadly voters won’t get the chance to vote Mandy out, he’s not even an MP but a newly made Lord.

Jacky Smith


Sir Paul Stephenson is well aware who pulls his strings

It is worth noting the comment of our Home Secretary, who said:

“I don’t think in a democracy where people are able to speak up that anybody should chuck custard at anybody in the street. It’s not appropriate.”

Neither are rapes, murders, robberies, benefits frauds and expense cheats; as she’s incapable of solving the other problems, my advice to her would be to keep quiet about something that the public will not view in any way, shape or form as a priority.

The very fact that the police are investigating this clearly shows that the police are now nothing more than Labour Party enforcers. It is not in the public interest to pursue a prosecution here, and it is highly unlikely that they will gain one, yet I have no doubt that they will attempt to; Jacky has spoken.

Monkey Business

Outrage over newspaper cartoon that compares President Obama to crazed chimpanzee shot dead by police | Mail Online

A newspaper cartoon comparing Barack Obama to a violent chimpanzee which was gunned down by police has sparked a race row in the U.S. Civil rights leaders condemned the drawing, which appeared the right-wing New York Post, for pandering to racial stereotypes.

It seems that rarely a day goes by these days where the black community are not up in arms over some perceived racism, and you have to wonder whether the anger is at the supposed portrayal of Obama as a monkey, or the fact that white people have dared to criticise their President.


Going Ape Shit

The monkey = racism thing just doesn’t work. We’ve had eight years of Bush being portrayed as a monkey, not to mention Gordon Brown frequently being caricatured as some ape or another. Do we have a situation here where it is perfectly acceptable to portray white people as apes, but for blacks it is a no go area? Just like it is acceptable for black people to say the word nigger, but for whites it is a taboo word. We’ve also already seen in Britain that any reference, remark or even sale of a Golliwog toy by a white person is racist.

Is this is what equality and equal rights mean? That for the next 1000 years white people are having to watch everything that they say and do because black people are likely to jump on any perceived indication of racism and forever brand them as the most evil of evils – a racist? All because of events that most white people alive today had no part in? How long can they carry on milking this white guilt at every opportunity before it runs dry?

This isn’t really about racism, the image in no way infers that Obama is the monkey, just that an ape could have written the stimulus bill. That doesn’t matter to some people though, who twist things such as this and use them to once again proclaim that white people are inherently racist.

blackAl Sharpton and Jesse Jackson no doubt have plenty to say, none of it original, most of it exaggerated and all of it pointless. These rabble rousers know their trade well, and the sheep follow in good order.  Already the idiots that are too dumb to think for themselves have been given their orders, boycotts are in place, and the threats have been made.


Had the exact same cartoon been shown a year ago, no one would have batted an eyelid. The President then (Bush), was white, ergo anything goes. Like treason, it seems that for this cartoonist racism was just a matter of dates. There was no racist intent in this image, just the misguided belief that what was acceptable before Obama, is still acceptable afterwards.

It seems that having a black President isn’t the same as having a white President, although you’d be forgiven for thinking so.  Cartoonists everywhere are now formulating a list of what they can, and more importantly what they cannot include in their caricatures. Monkeys in any form are out, and so presumably are bananas, and I am sure that their are many frantic calls from newspapers and magazines to black groups to clarify said list. I am also fairly sure that black cartoonists will be like gold dust right now, as it is the only way to be sure, blacks after all  cannot be racist (unless it is against whites, which isn’t real racism).

The white cartoonists will be walking on egg shells from now on, and I am sure that cartoons will be checked, double checked and then sent off to be sure the black community won’t be offended, before being published.

racial insensitivity

This over-sensitivity to anything and everything that could possibly be twisted to become another example of racial insensitivity is like the boy who cried wolf, people are going to get sick of hearing it. Whilst that may force Al Sharpton to get a real job, it means that genuine victims of racism are not given the benefit of the doubt.

Black trainee doctor sues college for £300,000 for ‘racist bullying’ by fellow students | Mail Online

A black medical student is suing her college for £300,000 after claiming it was ‘institutionally racist’ in failing to stop alleged bullying by fellow medics.

The above story is a classic example. My first thought was, ‘Here we go again!’, assuming that it was another instance of perceived racism, when in fact she may actually be a genuine victim.

In legal papers submitted to Central London County Court, she said: ‘Mr Pinder asked me if black men were less intelligent than other people.

Of course we only have her side of the story and she could of course be exaggerating or making the whole thing up, but if only half of what she is saying is true, then this group are despicable.

She alleged: ‘The group refused to share the shower room with me and discussed rotas for the only other shower.

To be fair in my University days we had a foreigner as a flatmate and two shower rooms. The foreigner had some very repulsive habits, which he persisted with despite being told on numerous occasions that his ‘habits’ was not only impolite but inappropriate. So four of us used one shower room, he had the other to himself.  This may be construed as racist, but I think it was more a clash of cultures.  I believed that this may also be the case here, until I read that Miss Jibowu was from South London!


Emily stated, ‘We should introduce a virus into Africa to wipe out the continent and kill off all the black Africans so that we can move in’.’

This isn’t racial insensitivity, but downright racist. Ironic then that Pinder looks a bit ‘ethnic’ himself. I doubt he’d be able to join the BNP. He certainly wouldn’t be classed as part of the Master Race in Emily Bowen’s final solution. It is one thing to think such abhorrent thoughts, but to actually give voice to them, in public, and believe that it is acceptable! It beggars belief.

But this is the ruling elite for you. I am sure that they talk about working class people in much the same way.

Thanks to people like Sharpton and his over sensitive racism detection brigade, the cynical side of me wonders how true all of this is. It looks as though it will be her word against theirs anyway, and people like the Bowen’s and Pinder’s are experts at extracting themselves from such messes. Regardless, at the very least Jibowu has been treated shoddily by the College. 

With any luck another member of the group will do the right thing and support her claims, unlikely though.


It would have been nice if Obama had spoken out about this cartoon, stating something along the lines of a mountain out of a molehill, but the disciple of Rev. Wright seems to be letting the black clergy get as much mileage out of it as possible. So much for him promoting racial harmony.

Obama rode a tide of white guilt into office by promoting his colour – ‘Yes We(I) Can,’ ‘Time for Change’ etc, euphemisms meant to feed off the white guilt. Accepting his nomination on the exact date that Martin Luther King made his I have a Dream speech and after becoming President having his first photo op on the steps of the Lincoln memorial, where King delivered his speech, all cleverly orchestrated but clearly everyone seemed to have skipped the part of King’s speech where colour was unimportant.

I think that this will be the first of many racism outrages during Obama’s Presidency and it looks as though Sharpton and Jackson are ready to play the racism card at each and every opportunity, i.e. whenever Obama is criticised.

The first race storm since taking office, ironically involving him, but the half white, half black President is keeping stum.

The Two Faces of Britain’s Demise

It ever there was a tale that summed up the sad state of modern Britain, it is the tale of Abu Qatada and Norman Kember.

qatada Abu Qatada arrived in Britain in 1993, having been forced to flee first Kuwait for supporting the Iraqi invasion, and then Jordan for being a nutter. Despite having used a forged passport, Qatada was given asylum in the UK because his warped views may have gotten him in trouble in Jordan, his home country.

This, gentle soul was tried in his absence for his part in terrorist attacks in 1998 and for plotting attacks during the millennium celebrations in his home nation of Jordan. But still he was allowed to remain in this country.

“In February 2001, Abu Qatada was questioned by anti-terrorism police over alleged connections to a German cell.

Officers found the father-of-five in possession of £170,000 cash, including £805 in an envelope labelled “For the Mujahedin in Chechnya” but no charges were brought. “

Generous to a fault then, nearly 200k in cash on him and he sends just 800 quid to his Muslim brothers!

To say that the man is an extremism preacher would be a bit of an understatement. Tapes of his sermons were found in the flat belonging to Mohammed Atta, the leader of the 11th September attacks and he is considered Al Qaeda’s top man in Europe.

He is currently wanted on terrorism charges in Algeria, the US, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and his native Jordan and was meant to be on his way back to Jordan to serve his sentence.

kember Norman Kember is the polar opposite of Abu Qatada. A Christian peace activist who was held hostage in Iraq by the very people that he was trying to help. A conscientious objector, who believes that nothing is ever solved through military action (he was 14 when WWII ended, so not really sure how he came to that conclusion).

Ironically Kember was captured by extremists in Iraq and held hostage.

During his time as a hostage the aforementioned Abu Qatada offered to negotiate for his release. Although the exact terms of any agreement he tried to make have not been released and he did not take part in any negotiations. Despite Qatada’s request for his release and many others from groups throughout the Middle East, Kember was not released.

In the end Mr Kember was rescued by SAS soldiers, after a large and expensive operation to find him. He displayed his gratitude by continuously failing to thank his rescuers and by flatly refusing to testify against his kidnappers.

Despite almost being beheaded, despite seeing first hand the reasons for military actions and intervention and despite being the beneficiary of it, Kember still clings to his belief that military action is wrong in all circumstances.

Former British Army chief Bob Stewart summed up Kember best saying he was a:

“..foolish, albeit well-intentioned, meddling civilian”

But he is far worse than that. You see Qatada was released today on bail and has won his fight against extradition to Jordan as he may not face a fair trial, and guess who has put up his bail security? Norman Kember.

Despite the fact that Qatada played no part in his release, as he was not released but rescued, Kember has seen fit to provide his bail security. Foolish, albeit well-intentioned, meddling civilian doesn’t even come close.

Abu Qatada must be laughing his head off; praising his amazing good fortune and preaching to his brothers about how Britain is ripe for the taking. After all we allow people with false papers to stay, despite their extreme views and then cannot deport them to face trial for the heinous acts that they have committed, just in case his captors are a bit mean to him.

What’s more he knows first hand that no matter how evil people are, no matter what hate they preach, what crimes they have committed and what crimes they are likely to commit, they are plenty of people like Kember falling over themselves to offer the hand of friendship and peace.

Thanks to idiots like Kember, taxpayers are now paying half a million pounds a year to make sure that Qatada is kept in the lap of luxury.

It is rare that I agree with a politician but in this case I do:

“‘This man’s presence is an offence. He should be deported if possible and failing deportation he should be prosecuted. “

Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve

Quite right, Norman Kember should be deported immediately, along with his new friend Abu Qatada.

Gibbons freed, but Britain humbled, again

Teddy row teacher boards plane for Britain as protestors mob British embassy in Sudan | the Daily Mail

Gillian Gibbons is expected to arrive in Britain tomorrow morning after being pardoned and freed by Sudan’s president.

While this is of course great news, like the business with the sailors and Iran, I can’t help but get the feeling that we have been shafted. This seems to have been orchestrated from the start to embarrass Britain, and while at every turn the Sudanese were reiterating that it was a ‘storm in a teacup’, she was charged, convicted and sentenced.

The dictator of the Sudan, Omar al-Basir, has always been anti-colonialism, ergo anti British, and he must be loving the fact that he managed to get one up on the old Imperial power.

Despite not really doing anything wrong, by even the Sudan’s crazy laws, she still went down for it, which I can only assume was planned for quite a while by Mr Basir and co. Then amazingly when she was convicted a spontaneous demonstration took place by angry citizens at the lenient sentence. It seemed that thousands of people spontaneously took to the streets calling for the death of Mrs Gibbons. Then, again spontaneously, all went home after precisely two hours!

Basir also kept the negotiators, who had gone to the Sudan to get Gibbons released, waiting for an extra day in an obvious snub.

As I said all through this Britain should get tough with the Sudan. Britain gives hundreds of millions of pounds worth of aid to the Sudan. Let’s see how funny he thinks it is when we take that away until he sorts out the situation in Darfur. We should also make sure that the UN pulls its finger out and sends peacekeeping troops into Darfur, with a large amount of British troops.

Then in about two years, send in the SAS to arrest Basir and take him to the Hague for war crimes and genocide.

Same shit, different day.

Al Jazeera English – News – Middle East Pact ‘By Next Year’

Opening the Middle East conference in Annapolis, George Bush has announced a joint agreement among Israeli and Palestinian leaders to reach a peace pact by the end of 2008.

Looks like I may have been wrong about Bush, he has achieved the impossible, he has made sure that there will be peace in the Middle East at last. Hat’s off to him, it is a unique achievement and a great testament to the man.

Nothing like this has ever been achieved before.

Apart from in 1993 that is:

But still, it is still quite a unique achievement getting these men together. Except that Bill Clinton managed it again in 1996.

And again in 1998, with a very ill looking King Hussein, who died a year later.

And one final time in 2000.

Even Bush has managed this before, back in 2003.

Perhaps not as unique as the Bush PR machine is making out, but a great photo op, and lets face it with the majority of Americans having memories like goldfish, probably what they will all remember Bush for.