We’ve been quangoed

I almost passed out when reading this, and even now I am still scratching my head saying, “That can’t be right…”

£100bn a year spent on quangos – Telegraph

The amount of taxpayers’ money spent on unelected public bodies has doubled in the past decade to reach more than £100 billion a year, according to research.

£100 billion a year is an absolutely shocking figure. That means that around of a third of all the taxes collected by the Government each year is spent on quangos. Even more shocking is that more is spent on these quangos each year than on the NHS! No wonder the NHS is such a sorry state.

It has gotten so bad that the Government no longer keeps track of them, either through incompetence or through fear of the public finding out precisely where their taxes go.

With local councils under funded, the Royal Mail having to close branches due to lack of funds, higher fuel costs, hospital wards closing and the NHS ailing, it seems that the Government still has plenty of cash to hand out to pointless projects that have little or no bearing whatsoever on the public.

The fact that there are three agencies, Environwise, the Energy Saving Trust and the Carbon Trust, all doing the same thing shows that not only does the Government have no idea what is going on with these quangos, but that ‘Saving the Planet’ is a multi-million pound business. Not only are we paying a guilt green tax in the UK, but we are also subsidising a load of ‘environmentalists’ so that they can preach to us about how we are destroying the planet.

I am sure that 99% of these quangos serve no purpose whatsoever and could be scrapped without affecting an ordinary Brit’s way of life one bit.

3 responses to “We’ve been quangoed

  1. We have them too, Sir Charlie. Out of control bureaucratic bullshit, is what it is.

    There is no way to get rid of these parasitic, creatures, short of putting them on boats, then torpedoing the bastards. I mean the fish do have to eat, you know… 🙂

  2. Thanks Tizona. I suppose it is the same everywhere, but still deeply annoying. All the technology that we have today and yet we still have politicians.

  3. For damn sure, Charlie. Where once it was an honor to serve, it is now I will sell my honor to serve.

    You and Theo..must save Britain. Should you need help, have weapons will travel…:)

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