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Remote psychiatrist keeps job

Lunatic running the asylum

Doctor who freed mental patient who stabbed cyclist to death wins fight for job | Mail Online

Dr Gillian Mezey, a consultant psychiatrist, decided to let paranoid schizophrenic John Barrett out of hospital for an hour’s unsupervised leave without even seeing him in September 2004.

I mentioned this Doctor recently, she was the supposed psychiatrist that allowed mentalist John Barrett to have ‘ground leave’, which he took to mean leave the grounds, whereupon he stabbed to death poor Denis Finnegan. So I was quite astonished to find out that she has been allowed to keep her job!

Work from home

Apparently she decided that John Barrett was really a good sort, and wouldn’t hurt a fly, despite not having ever met him and being too busy on ‘other duties’ to assess him.

Barrett repaid her faith in him by not only being late back, but by purchasing a stack of knives (not sure we he got the cash for that, did she give him pocket money too?) and then stabbing the unfortunate Mr Finnegan who happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Still, it was apparently completely not her fault.

Mr Justice Underhill upheld her challenge, agreeing with an investigating panel that it was ‘a case of a pure one-off misjudgment’.

What rubbish. Perhaps I could give the local health trust my telephone number and dispense equally pointless, hit and miss advice. Chances are I too will only make one misjudgement and I’ve had no psychiatric training whatsoever.

You’d expect an expert to be able to tell a dangerous mentalist from a normal, functioning member of society, but if she’s just blindly accessing the patients then she isn’t doing her job and therefore should not be looking after such dangerous patients.


As far as I know the family of Denis Finnegan have not received any compensation for his tragic death. Yet the person most responsible for that day’s events, is after some for herself!

She is suing her employers for damages to her career for breach of contract. She claims the disciplinary action against her was unlawful and ‘humiliated’ her.

She humiliated herself by conducting assessments over the phone, and not even with the patient. I am no expert but that seems to me to be a sign of incompetence and incompetence should never be rewarded.

Of course all that is irrelevant, no doubt she’ll get hundreds of thousands for her ‘misjudgement.’

I only hope that the family of Mr Finnegan sue her, it is probably the only way that they will see any form of justice, however unlikely.

Care in the Community

Lucy Yates was stabbed 27 times whilst buying chocolate for her boyfriend at her local supermarket. Her mentalist attacker had simply decided that she should die, sadly these mentalists rarely do us all a favour and decide that they themselves should die.

The girl who died THREE times: Stab victim learns to walk again after frenzied attack in a supermarket | Mail Online

A young woman has spoken for the first time of her amazing recovery after being stabbed 27 times in a supermarket aisle.

This is a remarkable story, and it was gratifying to know that not only is she on the mend, but that she hadn’t forgiven her attacker (as was reported in the press a lot at the time) at all. Good for her.

Her injuries were shocking, at the time I thought it amazing that she had survived, after seeing her list of injuries I have revised that opinion – it’s a bloody miracle.

“Lucy Yates, 20, had two collapsed lungs, a punctured liver and severe spinal damage after the attack by a paranoid schizophrenic.”

Thankfully she is now walking again.

inadequate care

We seem to have developed a bizarre attitude to mental health care in Britain over the past few decades, perhaps longer. Admittedly the Victorian idea of keeping all mental patients locked up for their own good, and then allowing the public to tour the institutions for fun, may not have been ideal treatment. However the knee jerk reaction to this of letting them all fend for themselves within society and seeing how they fare, isn’t much better either.

It may seem a fair and more civilised way of treating the mentally ill, although this is debatable, but is it a fair and civilised way of treating the rest of society? It is believed that there are about 600,000 schizophrenics in Britain today and of these about 200,000 are thought to be paranoid schizophrenics like Samuel Reid-Wentworth.

According to estimates, this 200,000 (0.32% of the population) are responsible for 10% of murders in Britain. That means about 100 people every year are killed by paranoid schizophrenics. A worrying statistic, especially as:

“The 10% or so from which will emerge the perpetrators of most of the serious violence are identifiable in advance. A structured programme in which the criminogenic personality and behavioural factors, substance misuse and social dislocation are managed together with the active symptoms of the disorder could prevent the progress to violence.”
Schizophrenia and violence: from correlations to preventive strategies

If this is the case, why are so many in Britain going on to kill? And these statistics do not of course include those like Lucy Yates, who survived. Who knows how many are attacked each year by paranoid schizophrenics.

budgetary constraints

The fact is there just isn’t enough money spent on mental healthcare, there never is. The Government tries to cover this up with schemes like care in the community and such like, roughly translated as ‘You’re on your own.’ But mental healthcare has always bore the brunt of cut backs as it is a side of the NHS that most people, thankfully, have little to do with.

If the frequent murders and attacks by such people were not evidence enough of such practices by the Government, then the fact that thousands of children across the UK are forced to look after their mentally ill parents, without any state support – should be.

Phrases such as ‘dropped through the cracks’, ‘slipped through the net’, i.e. we missed them, are used a lot each and every time one of this mentalists kills someone and there is an inquiry, yet it happens over and over again.



Samuel Reid-Wentworth is a psychopath of the highest order, as he warned one of those trying to aid Lucy Yates by pulling her clear.

“I’m a psychopath – I’m going to come and stab you if you don’t let her go.”

Sadly, for everyone involved and for future victims of Reid-Wentworth, no one took this as an excuse to beat him to death with a tin of luncheon meat.

Although he hasn’t been sentenced, it is highly likely that his sentence will be an irrelevance. No matter what he gets, in a few years, maybe less, there will be a queue of do-gooders trying to get him released, thinking only of his human rights, so that he might enjoy a relatively normal life.

At which point he will be re-assessed and described as ‘no longer a danger to the public’, before going on to kill someone within weeks, sadly never the idiot that set him loose.

Presumably this wasn’t the first time that Reid-Wentworth had hurt someone, as the article above states, there are usually many indicators and a build up to such an attack. But, as he was only an out-patient, it seems that these signs were either missed or ignored and he was no doubt not considered to be a danger to the public.

Still we can breathe easy now that he is safely behind bars, unless we start thinking about the other 200,000 similarly afflicted people in Britain, and wondering just how many of those 200,000 have files that bear the stamp – ‘No longer a danger to the public.’

On the 19th February 2009, Samuel Reid-Wentworth was sentenced to be detained indefinitely, which basically means until some other leftist idiots decides that he has learned his lesson and will no longer be a danger to the public.

Nursing: The Caring Profession

The NHS has a lot of problems, one of the biggest is a lack of staff and resources, because of this the NHS has had problems in recent years keeping staffing levels at acceptable rates, despite the good pay many nurses leave because they find the job too demanding. Enter the foreigners…

Nurse suspended after ‘chatting on a mobile phone while taking patient’s blood’ | Mail Online

A hospital nurse has been suspended for allegedly chatting on her mobile phone while carrying out a blood test.

I am not surprised in the slightest by this, I have spent time in hospitals and it is alarming just how much of the staff there are not English, and not just the nurses but doctors too. There are German doctors, South African doctors, Ghanaian  doctors, Italian doctors and Indian doctors, and this was on just one ward!

I understand that there may be a shortage of doctors but surely doctors are not that thin on the ground?

an offer they couldn’t refuse

Had she not died in 1980, I am sure Hattie Jacques would be most displeased by the state of modern nursing.

I believe this has more to do with one simple fact, whatever country they live in, doctors can make far more money here in Britain than at home. I heard one German doctor say he can make five times more here, than at home!

Five times more, for that I’d move to another country, as long as it wasn’t France.

Nurses too earn a pretty penny. I believe that the starting salary for a newly qualified nurse is around £20,000, around the same as the national average salary. This again is going to attract nurses from abroad, and it seems that nurses from two main areas of the world are filling the nursing shortage. West Africa and the Philippines.

The Nigerian nurse in the article was on the phone whilst taking a patients blood, but in my experience the patient mentioned got off lightly. The West African nurses tend to be quite large women, and I have witnessed them manhandling patients around the bed in a most undignified manner. They seem to care little for the patients that they are meant to be attending, particularly the elderly.

If you attempt to bring them up on it they look at you as though you have lost your mind.

The actions of some of the nurses left me quite shocked. The Filipinos tend not to be much better, their English was terrible, surely they should have a decent standard of English before being taken on in such a role? Communication was a nightmare, as was making them aware that some of their actions were inappropriate.

Lost in translation

Whatever happened to the little girls who wanted to look after sick people?

I got the distinct impression that they just didn’t care about the people that they were looking after, and if they are here purely for the remuneration, why should they? I have heard plenty about translators and staff having to provide literature to patients in other languages, but never have I been on a ward for which English was not the primary language!

Nor would I have expected to need a third party to help me explain to a nurse simple everyday actions. It may be part of modern Britain to mingle with newcomers to this great nation, but the last place you want to run into a language barrier is in hospital. The most depressing aspect for me were the struggles of the elderly, who just gave up trying to make themselves understood, indeed I am sure a few them didn’t quite realise that they were still in England.

I’d like to say that the English nurses were better, but they were largely absent and the few that did flit in and out tended not to want to get their hands dirty with trivial things like patients. And why should they, after all they are now by and large degree educated, and think of themselves as quasi doctors. Plus, they now have foreigners to do the hard work.

Crazy people

Lucy Yates, stabbed 17 times in Somerfield, is a ‘living miracle’ – Times Online

The family of a young woman who was stabbed repeatedly in a supermarket described her yesterday as kind, gentle and caring.

Another example of an innocent happily going about her daily business, and ending up being stabbed by a mentalist. I can only imagine the sheer unbelievable terror this poor girl must have felt when this man, who apparently didn’t know her, suddenly decided to stab her to death. Fortunately he hasn’t succeeded and the young girl is still alive, but fighting for her life.

A Sussex NHS organisation that helps patients with mental health, learning disability and substance abuse problems issued a statement yesterday saying that it knew the accused man.

As usual this was yet another mental patient that no one knew what to do with and so let him live as if he were a normal member of soceity, when clearly he was not.

The Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said that it was “very shocked to hear of this terrible incident”. The organisation said: “We can confirm that the person who has been arrested is known to our services. We are unable to comment any further at this stage.”

Another example of a patient being declared as ‘not a danger to the public’ before going on a loony rampage. It isn’t too much to ask for taxpayers to expect to be able to go about their normal business without fear of being attack by some nutjob.

I don’t think that anyone would dispute that these sorts of people need specialist care, and that they should receive it, but in the absence of such care or a cure, they should not be released into the community and left to their own devices.

This month another former patient of the Sussex health trust, Benjamin Frankum, was sent to Broadmoor Hospital after he was found responsible for the murder of a 34-year-old landscape gardener last year. Frankum had broken into Daniel Quelch’s parents’ house in a Berkshire lane and stabbed him 82 times.

Quelch was only staying there with his children to keep his mother company. For reasons known only to the mad as a hatter Frankum, he broke into the house, took a knife from the kitchen and began stabbing Daniel Quelch. When Quelch refused to die, Frankum returned to the kitchen to find a sharper knife before returning to finish off poor Mr Quelch.

These events are becoming more and more common as our healthcare systems fails this people, and then fails to protect the rest of society from them.

We only seem to hear of these events when they are fatal or particularly brutal and this makes me wonder just how many of these cases there are each year. There was a woman stabbed by another mentalist in a shop near me just a few months ago, fortunately it wasn’t serious and she survived. This incident barely made the news, and then of course only the local news.

The two incidents above are from one health trust in the past year, and these are only the serious incidents, there are another 151 primary care trusts. Just how many people are stabbed or assaulted by these mentalists each year?

NICE spends more on PR than drug testing

Watchdog’s £4.5m PR budget: NICE spends more on ‘spin’ than drug tests | Mail Online

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), which has been widely criticised for banning drugs from NHS use as too expensive, squandered £4.5million on ‘communications’ last year.

Pisstaker – Rawlins

My first question would be why on earth do they need a communications budget? Surely their recommendations are made available to the NHS trusts already?

Just who are they trying to reach for £4.5 million in one year? For that price the idiot in charge, Sir Michael Rawlins, could use his mobile phone to call anyone in the UK and remain on the phone for 42 years! Or even call everyone in the UK and talk to them for a minute!

This was £1.1million more than the £3.4million the controversial organisation spent on assessing new medicines.

This is of course made all the more shocking as this is the group that plays God and decides who lives, and who dies, purely as a budget calculation.

The rest is spent on such things as salaries – NICE’s annual report for 2006/07 revealed that wages accounted for almost 37 per cent of the budget – accommodation (eight per cent) and external contracts. Almost 300 full-time staff are employed in London and Manchester.

It a shame that they don’t take such a miserly approach when it comes to PR, or their own wages.

The watchdog looks at whether drugs are cost-effective for the NHS, with the annual cost threshold set between £20,000-£30,000, above which they are considered too expensive.

Unsurprisingly the average wage in NICE is £40,000, so ‘too expensive’ is clearly a benchmark that they don’t apply to their own ‘services’.

NICE should be made up of citizens who do it simply as volunteers, not the cronies who are after honours and knighthoods. After all this is who it concerns, not the elite who can afford private health care anyway.