Those Crazy Iranians

Iran's First Vice-President Rahimi

Iran's First Vice-President Rahimi: Fortunately a job that involves very little other than making Ahmadinejad look slightly less like a slavering loon.

British are bunch of thick people ruled by a mafia, says Iran’s vice president | Mail Online

In a blistering diatribe against Britain, Mohammad-Reza Rahimi said: ‘They have plundered the world in the last 500 years and the young lad in charge now is even more stupid than his predecessor. It’s as if God has made this nation servants of America and Zionists.’

The only astonishing thing about this attack is Mohammad-Rezi Rahimi’s woeful ignorance and hypocrisy.


A man from Persia, a nation that rampaged across and plundered most of the known world for hundreds of years, and one of the world largest ever Empires, criticising the world’s largest ever Empire, well some would view that a tad bit hypocritical, especially as Iran still celebrates its imperial past. Before Britain landed in India, it had just been attacked and plundered by the Persians.

Although I do concede he may have a point about David Cameron and the fact that most of Britain’s foreign policy decisions are based on what the US would like us to do.

Iran’s First Vice President added: ‘England has nothing. Its inhabitants are not human, its officials are not responsible, and it doesn’t even have any natural resources. (They are) a bunch of thick people ruled by a mafia.’

OK, now back to the ignorance. England is just a province in Britain (or the UK) and hasn’t been an independent nation since about the last time that Iran did anything of any import on the world stage. As for not human, well if one of the leaders of one country, sees the entire inhabitants of another country as sub-human and inferior, then I am pretty sure that I do not want them to have nuclear weapons. Such a racist viewpoint wouldn’t ordinarily matter in such a weak and backward nation as Iran, but a nuclear weapon is a great leveller, literally.

As for not having any natural resources, again, nescient of even a basic knowledge of Britain. Britain has lots of natural resources, apart from the North Sea we have just discovered an even bigger oil field in the Falklands. Add to that our abundance of tin, coal, copper, steel and many other ‘natural resources’ and we don’t do too badly, it is just that it is cheaper to pay some backward illiterate in some far of nation like Iran to dig out their natural resources and ship them here.

As for being thick, well, we are not the nation that is based on there being some magical, mystical being who has handed down his teachings in a magical mystical book and who can only spread his word through a few, carefully and divinely chosen followers, who the rest of the population have to blindly follow in their medieval ways and beliefs. No, that is Iran.

He may have a point about the mafia though.

Britain’s Retaliatory Broadside

British Blockade

When Britain Had Balls: Sadly the days of Britain standing up for herself with anything other than slightly aggrieved words are gone.

Britain of course responded to this racist diatribe in customary fashion, no, not by blockaded the ports of Iran, or bombing its Palaces or oil fields, or by our own leaders lambasting Iran for its record on human rights, its treatment of women, its lack of religious (or any other kind of) freedoms. No. The British Ambassador posted a retributory Twitter post.

‘To state that the British are not human and to call them thick shows a lack of respect for human dignity and is an illogical and worthless remark,’ he wrote.

Quite right, that surely has the Iranians reeling.

Mr Gass wrote: ‘The contribution made by Britain in shaping the modern world, from invention to cultural achievements, values and respect for individual rights, has been clearly and rightly recorded in history and is respected throughout the world.’

Well put Mr Ambassador, the last worthwhile contribution that Iran made to the world was when the Parthians poured molten gold down the throat of Crassus, back in 53 BC. Coincidentally that is also around the time on which their current values and culture are based, such as stoning women, hanging women for ‘allowing’ themselves to be raped, and not allowing women to divorce their husbands, regardless of their levels of infidelity or abuse. I know in which nation I’d rather live, and it seems that I am not alone, I doubt many Pakistani, Afghan or Iraqi immigrants head there over Britain.

At least we weren’t the only ones to feel the ignorance and bitterness of this man, he also said:

He called the Australians a ‘bunch of cow herders’ and suggested that the South Koreans should be ‘smacked in the face until they become human’.

Clearly the man has issues with quite a nations. Personally I think that the Iranians should be beaten until they rejoin the human race and drag themselves into the 21st Century, but I am not going to hold my breath.

2 responses to “Those Crazy Iranians

  1. The vice president like the people in the current Iranian regime are imbeciles and are not to be taken seriously, as an Iranian not only is his comment shameful it is extremely un-Iranian as it is customary to be polite in public, then again the Islamic regime is vehemently anti-Iranian.

    How ever I must say that your hate filled respond to this racist scum is not the way to make a rebuttal(tho a predictable reaction). The current laws of the regime are for one thing that of the Arab civilization and not our pre-Islamic one which compared to other civilized world was equally and in some cases even more progressive. Parthians culture for example was greatly influenced by Hellenistic, and infact it was the Sassanids who desired to restore the glory of the Persian culture present during the Achamened empire. My point being that stoning women and other barbaric shit are Islamic and not Iranian.

    Also I will ignore that remark regarding the last thing our culture having given to the world being pouring down molten lava down the throat of Crassus (never mind that he was the invader seeking glory) as merely being clouded in anger. When speaking of the plundering of the India you speak of it should be noted that Nader Shad had set out to ‘reclaim’ Iranian treasure looted and plundered by eastern invaders and that it was the Mughal king I believe who bestowed most the magnificent artifacts to the king as a reward for his conquest.

    One last point, I ensure you we Iranians are quite humans and our culture is for the most part quite up to date, it is merely this Islamic scums who rode in to power on the power of nationalism and lies and have turned our once great nation into the disgraceful state it is in now, once they are gone I have little doubt that Iran could very easily soar past the other nation in the region and take its “rightful” place among the league of nations.

    I guess the point of all my drivel is that don’t judge our people based on the comments of an oppressive and backward regime please, and while some Iranians do hold some resentment towards England for being able to dominate us during the Qajar period and installing the Pahlavi dynasty into power it is also viewed upon by many with respect, and unreasonably(even foolishly) some see it as the pinnacle/most cultured civilization in the west.

    • Thanks for commenting Arty.

      How ever I must say that your hate filled respond to this racist scum is not the way to make a rebuttal(tho a predictable reaction).

      Also I will ignore that remark regarding the last thing our culture having given to the world being pouring down molten lava down the throat of Crassus (never mind that he was the invader seeking glory) as merely being clouded in anger.

      It was really tongue in cheek and I don’t have anything against Iranians, per se, but to lampoon Iran (as in the Government), is to lampoon Iranians, and whilst not really fair it is just the way it goes. I have the greatest respect however for what Persia has achieved in the past, it is one of the world’s great civilisations, and one that has lasted thousands of years, but it is sad to see a once great nation, in such a poor state. Quite right about Crassus, he deserved it, the Parthians were the one nut the Romans could not crack, and it was quite a fitting tribute to the richest man on earth! Again however, it was tongue in cheek about it being the last thing, but certainly one of the most memorable and certainly influential in the West (ending the triumvirate and propelling Caesar to his destiny).

      It is reassuring to hear that there are decent Iranians, it is just a shame that we don’t in the West, hear more of them, but then again, living under the regime that they do, I can understand why not. I certainly don’t judge all Iranians by Ahmadinejad, his cronies or by the religious nuts, as I am sure that you don’t judge Britain by Brown or Blair (hopefully).

      England…is also viewed upon by many with respect, and….some see it as the pinnacle/most cultured civilization in the west.

      Well it is gratifying to hear that there are some sane and cultured people in Iran, but in all seriousness, if such a thing were ever true, it certainly is not the case now.

      Britain, like Iran, is ruled by an elite that are a shameful embarrassment to its culture and its people, and a former Empire in desperate, and likely irrevocable, decline.

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