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Have a Go Hero

Augustinas Karevalis behind the wheel of his car - probably not sober

Augustinas Karevalis behind the wheel of his car - probably not sober

Kickboxer rammed by drink driver chased after suspect and pinned him to car until police arrive | Mail Online

Have-a-go hero Darren Summers, 39, chased down fellow driver Augustinas Karvelis after he was rammed in his Renault Clio three times while driving back from the cinema in Ipswich.

Nice to see one of these drink driving idiots get his comeuppance. Or should I say that it would be nice to see one of these idiots get his comeuppance – he didn’t. Despite being twice the drink drive limit; driving without insurance; as well as driving whilst banned – he received just a 24 week prison sentence, of which he will serve just half.

The Lithuanian, who only moved to Ipswich five days before the incident, certainly won’t see the error of his ways from such a lenient sentence.  He’s already been banned from driving for drink driving once already, and I am sure that it won’t be long before we see Augustinas Karevalis’ name in the papers again, but this time on a death by dangerous driving charge.

As the man who caught him said:

“When I was 17 I got banned for speeding. Being young I decided to drive my car to go to work and I got six months for driving while disqualified and I hadn’t been drinking.

He was already a drink driver before this. He was well over the limit and he rammed my car three times to get away. Not only did he put me in danger and my wife in danger, if I had not rammed him, you don’t know if any members of the public would have been killed and I wasn’t prepared for that to happen.

I would like to see harsher penalties for people who drink drive once they start hitting double the drink-drive limit.”

So would we all. Not to mention instant deportation for those who continue to break the law.

Augustinas Karevalis - Drinking, again.

Augustinas Karevalis - There are few mien's that scream 'Eastern Europe' as readily as Augustinas Karevalis'

Unfortunately the likes of Augustinas Karevalis are free to come to this country, flout the law, and yet are still not being removed for everyone else’s safety. Indeed, in modern Britain it is almost impossible to be actually be deported.

It is also quite surprising that the man performing the citizen’s arrest wasn’t arrested himself on some jumped up assault charge. This seems to be what happens these days, as is evident from the fact that the number of citizen’s  arrests have dropped ten-fold over the past decade. People don’t usually want to get involved as it simply is not worth the risk.

Perhaps if the police weren’t so heavy handed, more people like Darren Summers would make a stand. But then, what would be the point when they receive such inconsequential sentences? I am sure that Darren Summers is now wondering why he bothered.

Riots Erupt Across Britain

Riots and Looting

The cost is already running into tens of millions, yet the Government sits on their hands.

BBC News – London riots: Violence erupts for third day

Violence has broken out for a third consecutive day in London, with riot police deployed and firefighters tackling blazes across the capital.

Since then further riots have sprung up across London and now also in Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Nottingham. Shops and houses are being looted and burnt to the ground, people are being robbed, beaten and even stripped of their clothing; all whilst the police stand by, seldom taking any action.

Blame Game

The blame has been placed at the feet of the police, in part for the shooting of Mark Duggan and the uncertainty surrounding the details of his death, but also because of supposed race relations failures. That’s right, the overwhelming majority of the rioters are black, ergo it is the white man’s fault.

As usual this gives those race relations experts ample ammunition to justify their own existence. The head of the Runnymede Trust has, not in the least bit surprisingly, blamed racism. It seems that the reason that these young thugs need to loot the plasma TVs, Apple Mac computers, and expensive clothing is because they have been discriminated against.

Oddly, this kind of thing didn’t happen during the Great Depression, when people faced true abject poverty, repression and staggering unemployment. But then, the likes of Rob Berkeley weren’t around back then to further fuel the victim mentality of certain sections of the community.


Organisations like the Runnymede Trust et al have spent decades telling young black kids and other ethnic minorities that they are in for a life of adversity, and that the Government/white man/police is against them. Then, when these disenfranchised kids hit out or just plain give up trying, they again blame racism and the Government/police/white man for promoting inequality.

Berkeley said:

“Reports earlier this year highlighted that Black men were 8 times more likely to be stopped and searched than white men.”

Not the Blitz, but the day after marauding kids ripped the heart out of Croydon.

A blatant and sickening attempt to excuse the recent violence, failing to point out that according to the prison statistics there are five times more black people in prison, i.e. criminals, than whites per percentage of the population. Indeed, 20% of the prison population is black, but only 2% of the actual population.

Therefore the police are doing their job, by searching people who are most likely to be criminals, and for that matter carry drugs, guns and knives.

Perhaps Berkeley should be asking why so many black people turn to crime, and not why so many blacks are searched. Indeed, he may well discover that he and his ilk promoting their ‘expect inequality always’ agenda, is what is causing the problems.

I would not consider myself an expert in black issues, but I am fairly sure that in modern Britain they are less discriminated against than ever before, so why such a violent and hateful reaction now?

Berkeley also went on to blame a lack of jobs and opportunities and also the schools system, claiming:

“In education there was a 20 point-gap in achievement between Black and White youth. In Haringey schools this year that gap had increased to one of 35 points.”

This seems to be in complete contrast with all the information I have seen on the subject over the past few years. According to the BBC:

BBC News – Poor pupils in struggling schools ‘lag further behind’

At secondary level, white British children in this category lagged behind most other major ethnic groups. For example, they were only half as likely to reach the GCSE target as Bangladeshi children, and also lagged behind Pakistani, Black African, Caribbean and Asian pupils

So white pupils are now the under performers, yet oddly, there are currently no predominately poor white areas rioting.

Regardless of the facts people like Berkeley will be blaming racism and rubbing their hands in glee, foreseeing huge handouts from the contrite Government to ensure that these woeful  events never arise again (at least until further budget cuts; they have to be practical). Even in his article he pointed out that in the US £600 million had been earmarked to combat inequality. So even as people’s homes are burning (and people of all colours), Berkeley is holding out the begging bowl for his cause, along with the caveat that failure to give generously enough will only lead to more such violence in the future.

As nice (and rewarding for equality campaigners) it would be to lay this at the door of racism, it is far more complex than that and frankly race itself has little to do with this.

Liberal Mentality

No, what has caused this is the liberal mentality that pervades the British political system. First we were told that the death penalty should be abolished as it was inhumane.

This was never the consensus, but rather a decision made for the voter, by the people they voted for and against popular opinion. Since then we’ve seen the murder rate increase three-fold. Next came the removal of corporal punishments in schools, in order to protect the children from violence. Then the removal of the right of parents to hit their own children ostensibly to protect children from abuse. Inevitably leading to a situation where parents cannot control their own children, relying on the schools, who also cannot control the children.

Finally there has been the steady emasculation of the justice system. Where criminals are rehabilitated, understood and hugged, rather than punished, which has resulted in our soft touch prisons being no deterrent, let alone punishment, whatsoever. This is startlingly obvious to would-be ruffians from  very young age.

Even the Police Force, or (Police Service as it is now known officially – time to rethink that perhaps) is a toothless beast. Too afraid to confront wrong doers, merely standing by whilst the miscreants steal, pillage and burn.

Once such misbehaviour would, at the very least have resulted in a good braining from the police truncheons for offender, if not the use of water cannon’s, tear gas and rubber bullets.

But that doesn’t fit with the liberal way of doing things, Theresa May, the supposed Home Secretary said:

“The way we police in Britain is not through use of water cannon. The way we police in Britain is through consent of communities.”

Seemingly confusing these riots with the rowdy behaviour of certain individuals at one of her late night garden parties. Where, after politely asking them to leave, the drunkard may make a few bawdy comments, but will eventually leave without much disruption, as they usually have to be up for a high ranking political duties in the morning.

May is a misnomer - should be won't, to remove doubt.

May and the rest of the Government are unconcerned as only the peasants are suffering at this point. She also hopes to reason with them and more bizarrely, get them to consent to going home!

It seems that May is going to continue waiting for the louts, thugs and thieves to get bored and stop, rather than stopping them.

As of yet, only police dogs and horses have been deployed, it seems water cannons are only reserved for the Irish. The police have made no attempt at clearing the streets. This is not solely the fault of the police, but the liberal and ineffective politicians who cannot even carry out one of the basic functions of Government, to protect its people.

Instead, they are letting the rioters have their head, in another example of what has become common place in Britain, giving more thought and protection to the criminal, than to the victims. It seems that the Government believes that using violence on the violent is wrong, better to wait till they wear themselves out, like a toddler’s tantrum.

This has meant that for every looter that manages to get an LCD TV home, ten of his, and even now her, friends want to do the same. After all, there is literally nothing to stop them, no punishment. The police cannot even protect their own police cars, or even police stations. These young criminals may be ruffians and vandals, but they aren’t completely stupid, they are finally starting to realise that the softly softly approach actually means that there is nothing to stop them, at all.

Like a teacher cannot remove them from the classroom for being disruptive, only ask them to leave; the police cannot remove them from the streets, only ask them to leave. They can do what they want, and no one can stop them, as these girls are happy to say.

Spreading Like Wildfire

Because of this inaction the violence and disorder has now spread not only across London, but to other cities in Britain too. And the police reaction to this? A promise to release CCTV footage of the rioters to catch them later, maybe, and a request that parents call in their children.

Water Cannon used in Northern Ireland

This water cannon was used less than a month ago in Northern Ireland. It appears however that water cannon, plastic bullets and tear gas are only used against the Irish, or perhaps only against white people.

A heavy hand is needed to discourage further rioting and pillaging. Briton’s up and down the country and crying out on social networks, the internet and local news for the army, for tough measures and for swift and decisive action.

But that is not the liberal mentality, which advocates first and foremost an understanding of the brute, then placation and finally all out surrender. May and the Government have literally surrendered the streets of Britain to the thugs and are hoping that they get bored, or stay home to play on their stolen gadgets.

The Government and police force have shown themselves up to be ineffective and limp wristed. They have spent decades trying to understand criminals and make them see the error of their ways, believing them all, at their core, to have the same moral integrity as the Oxbridge political elite. And this situation is a result of that.

The Riot Act

In the old days, back when Britain used a heavy hand to deal with criminals, and unsurprisingly the crime and murder rates were very low compared to today, they used the Riot Act to clear the streets.

The rioters were read the Riot Act:

“Our Sovereign Lord the King chargeth and commandeth all persons, being assembled, immediately to disperse themselves, and peaceably to depart to their habitations, or to their lawful business, upon the pains contained in the act made in the first year of King George, for preventing tumults and riotous assemblies. God Save the King!”

Once the Act was read, the rioters had one hour to disperse, or would be forcibly removed, either by the police or local people. The last point is an important one, the Act ensured that anyone aiding in the removal of rioters were not liable for any injuries or loss of life.

Fortunately the people of Britain, at least in some areas, retain a back bone. And there are already reports of communities heading into the streets and confronting the rioters and driving them away from their neighbourhoods.

However, as the riot act was repealed in 1973, they are literally playing Russian Roulette with their lives. Apart from possible harm they may face at the hands of the rioters, should they injure a rioter, or even kill one, defending themselves or their property, they will go to prison.

It is an inexcusable situation that the people of Britain now find themselves in, and all thanks to successive feckless Governments. The streets have been taken over by violent thugs, burning and pillaging, yet the Government and Police are incapable or unwilling to take any action.

Even now it is too late. London has a population of 8 million, yet just 30,000 police officers. If the these people want to riot throughout Britain, there is becoming less and less chance that the 150,000 police officers in the whole of the UK will be enough to contain them. The army has just 110,000 men, and many of those are abroad.

The Government should have nipped this in the bud, instead they have sat back, and wished it away.

Instead it will ultimately be left to the citizens to protect their homes, their places or work and themselves from the hooligans and people will die, but in doing so, they will inevitably be punished by the very Government that has failed them.

Human Rights = Get Out of Jail Free Card

Wayne Bishop and his brood

One hopes that unlike poor vision; idiocy and criminality do not run in Wayne Bishop's family

BBC News – Jailed burglar Wayne Bishop freed to care for children

A burglar from Nottingham has been freed from jail on appeal so he can care for his five children.

Wayne Bishop, 33, was jailed for eight months for breaking into a rugby club and crashing into a police car.

Well after only serving six weeks inside, this criminal has been let off, so that he can look after his children. Now every criminal in the land is ringing their solicitor to see if they can also use this unbelieveable defence for their criminality.

Once again it begs the question as to just whose rights, the so called Human Rights Laws are protecting? If the state really had any concern for the rights of the children, they’d have taken them into care. 

The bespectacled miscreant has demonstrated to his children that actions don’t really have serious consequences as long as one has a lot of children and no job. 

Murders, Terrorists and Torturers Welcome!

This comes in the same week that a HIV positive former Mugabe torturer is told that he cannot be deported back to Zimbabwe, as that too would breach his human rights! Ironic seeing as he had scant regard for anyone else’s human rights as he pulled their teeth out and otherwise tortured and killed them – for years! 

It is also shocking that he came to the UK on a visitor visa eleven years ago and has been leaving here even since, and only recently has the Government naively tried to deport him. Does anyone ever get deported from Britain? 

It seems that in Britain, you can stay no matter what heinous crimes you have committed, or what danger you pose the ever decreasing innocent members of British society. Is there another country anywhere in the world that behaves in this way? 

Britain is Easy Meat

Jack Straw talking sense for once

Jack Straw: One of the few times he has ever spoken sense, albeit a little late.

Jack Straw sparks row with Pakistan ‘easy meat’ remark – Telegraph

Jack Straw, the former home secretary, has sparked a fierce row over his claim that some British Pakistani men regard white girls as “easy meat” for sexual abuse.

While it is gratifying at last that an MP has broken cover and spoken out about these despicable acts, and the perpetrators; the fact that the man was Home Secretary and knew full well about this problem and did nothing, takes something away from his stand. How many young girls could have been saved had he spoken out earlier, or better yet done something about this problem when he was Home Secretary?

We can criticise you, but don’t criticise us

There have been a series of these cases, and in each case the girls were predominately white and aged between 11 and 16, and the men were predominately Pakistani Muslims and it is right that Jack Straw, and many others are highlighting this problem.

Straw said:

“We need to get the Pakistani community to think much more clearly about why this is going on and to be more open about the problems that are leading to a number of Pakistani heritage men thinking it is OK to target white girls in this way.”

Khalid Mahmood MP for Perry Bar

Khalid Mahmood: Speaks up for Muslim related issues, but little else.

As is typical however, as soon as a white man mentions Muslims or Pakistani’s or any other ethnic minority in a negative way, the usual suspects come out of the woodwork to defend the indefensible. First it was the Muslim MPs, who stand by fellow Muslims regardless of what they have done (see the endless posts on Dodgy Dizaei), trying desperately to deflect the blame. Khalid Mahmood, MP for the predominately Muslim area in which I used to live, came out first stating:

“There are Asian men who will do the same thing to Muslim and Pakistani girls. They are indiscriminate and will take the chance wherever they can.”

Yet, as far as I know, there has not been one single Muslim or Pakistani girl victim from any one of the 3+ gangs prosecuted this year. Or is he implying in some veiled way that Muslim and Pakistani girls don’t give the men that chance? He then went on to add:

“Rather than just whinging about it, he should have sorted it out by educating his community over the last 30 years while he’s been MP.”

Bizarrely mad dog Mahmood seems to be blaming Jack Straw and the community of Blackburn for the whole thing! Talk about generalisations and making sweeping statements!

Keith 'Backhand' Vaz

Keith Vaz: For many years most Britons thought that impropriety was Vaz's middle name, but in fact it is Anthony.

Next up was Parliaments most corrupt MP, although there are some recent contenders for that title, Keith ‘backhand’ Vaz. The man who tried to stop a Judge from investigating his friend/sponsor and who told the Solicitors Regulatory Authority that they should not investigate any lawyers that were brown. Vaz said:

“I don’t think this is a cultural problem … I don’t think you can stereotype an entire community.”

Before promptly trying to sweep the whole issue under the carpet that now doubles as his loft insulation.

It is this kind of nonchalant attitude that gives the green light to the sick deviants that commit these crimes. If their own community refuses to deal with the issue and the white community dare not, what’s to stop them?

When the pot can’t call the kettle black

Mohammed Shafiq Head of the Ramadhan Foundation

Mohammed Shafiq: Whilst he is one of the few Muslim leaders that do stand up and be counted, he clearly does not take criticism from outsiders, i.e. whites, well.

Another of the usual suspects that gets wheeled out for anything Muslim is one Mohammed Shafiq, head of the Ramadhan Foundation who said:

“And for Jack Straw, a former home secretary, to suggest that this somehow is ingrained within young Pakistani men, I think is quite dangerous.”

Yet this is the man who when wheeled out for a soundbite earlier in the week said:

“There is a perception that some of these young men do not see white girls as equal, as valuable, of high moral standing as they see their own daughters, and their own sisters, and I think that’s wrong. It’s a form of racism that’s abhorrent in a civilised society.”

He may not use the phrase ‘easy meat’ but he basically said the same thing as Jack Straw, so why is he now criticising him for reiterating his own views? Is it because like Mahmood and Vaz, he cannot tolerate criticism of his community from anyone white?

It is clear that their communities are rife with problems, terrorism may have gotten the headlines but these gangs of child abusers have been carrying out these acts for more than a decade, ignored because of certain liberal do-gooders turning a blind eye for fear of stirring up racist feeling, despite the obvious irony.

Unfortunately the Muslim community does not turn on its own, not for terrorism, as the police and Government have found despite massive campaigns and very large donations, and not for this. They may not openly condone it, but they will take no actions to eradicate it.

Nick Griffin and the BNP

Nick Griffin: The BNP have been warning of this problem for years, and it has been falling on deaf ears all that time.

Let’s be honest, to pass around these girls, pimp them out and transport them around the country requires a lot of organisation and a lot of people to help out. This means that many people were, and still are,  turning a blind eye to this at best, at worst getting away with it. The fact is that the Muslim community isn’t too concerned, as those affected are not Muslim.

The irony of course is that the political party that first drew attention to this back in 2004, was the BNP. They were then criticised for scaremongering, racism and accused of attempting to politicise a one-off tragic case.

Grooming and our ignoble tradition of racialising crime | The Guardian

In 2004 the Channel 4 documentary Edge of the City, which explored claims that Asian men in Bradford were grooming white girls as young as 11, sexually abusing them and passing them on to their friends, was initially withdrawn from the schedules after the BNP described it as “a party political broadcast”, and the chief constable of West Yorkshire police warned that it could spark disorder.

Yet is seems that the BNP were right all along, this wasn’t a one-off but a systemic problem, either caused by, or exacerbated by, Muslim Pakistani culture. And as for race not being an issue, were a white only gang targeting only Pakistani Muslim girls, you can be sure that there would be a huge uproar, spearheaded by the likes of Khalid Mahmood, Keith Vaz and of course the Guardian, and it would most certainly be considered racially motivated.

When is a Paedophile not a Paedophile? When he’s brown


Paedophile: The sick aberrant got 11 years, the same amout of time his youngest victim had been alive.

Another shocking aspect of this case is not only the fact that prowling the streets on the look out for white only victims apparently does not make it a racially motivated crime, but that these men are apparently not considered paedophiles. Even Jack Straw goes on some bizarre defence of them targeting girls as young as 11:

“These young men are in a western society, in any event, they act like any other young men, they’re fizzing and popping with testosterone, they want some outlet for that,”

Bizarrely backtracking and implying that it isn’t their fault, but our own culture that has corrupted these poor men. Other young men don’t seek out 11 year old girls to abuse, despite testosterone fizzing and popping around their system too; apparently most young men outside of the Pakistani Muslim community are brought up better.

Amazingly these men were not viewed as paedophiles, despite grooming these girls by following them home from school, offering them presents and lifts and generally behaving like every other white paedophile gang ever convicted. Not one of the girls was over 16, yet for some reason they were not considered paedophiles, fuelling further this misguided belief that only white people can be paedophiles; for those of other ethnicities it seems that grooming and raping children is all just fun and games.

Jack Straw did this himself when he said:

“…overwhelmingly the sex offenders’ wings of prisons are full of white sex offenders…”

In a country that is 80-90% white Jack, that really shouldn’t be a surprise, what is surprising is just how high the disparity is between Asian sex offenders and white sex offenders, and that this truth has been staring police forces, MPs and Governments in the face for some time.


Mohammed Romaan Liaqat: Walleye meant that the only sex this sick pervert could get was from little girls that he'd drugged.

In Derbyshire alone, where these crimes took place just 0.5% of the population is considered to be Asian, 98.5% white, yet the sex offenders convicted in 2007/8 were 87.7% white and 5.7% Asian, so despite only 1 in every 200 people in Derbyshire being Asian, 1 in 20 sex offenders are Asian. Meaning that in Derbyshire at least, Asians are committing ten times more sex crimes than they should be responsible for, for their percentage of the population.

Even more interesting is that more than half of those (2.9%) considered themselves Pakistani, just 1% were Indian.

A troubling statistic indeed and one that doesn’t include the 13 or so men involved in this case. South Yorkshire also has a similar problem, just 2.6% of the population is Asian, yet 7.2% of sex offenders were Asian in 2007/8, compared to 95% and 82% respectively for whites. And once again almost half considered themselves to be Pakistani (3.2%) again compared to just one percent being Indian.

Nationally 6% of the population are classed as Asian, 87% white, yet nationally 8.5% of sex offenders are Asian, just 77.9% are white.

Clearly Jack Straw’s attempt at implying that whites were somehow much more likely to be sex offenders isn’t true at all indeed whites commit far fewer sexual offences than they should be for such a high proportion of the population, moreover Pakistanis are committing far more sexual offences than they should, and far more than their Indian counterparts.

We have to assume that this is some cultural problem, regardless of what the likes of Mahmood, Shafiq and Vaz would have us believe. Rather than pointing the finger at people like Jack Straw, as community leaders, they should be looking in the mirror for answers, not relying on others to resolve the problem for them. Besides, let’s be honest, Muslim communities are hardly a shining bastion of integration, on the contrary they baulk at any attempt to incorporate other cultures into their communities and scream about intolerance.

We can also assume that such people would be extremely vocal had a similar problem manifested itself within the Jewish, Polish or Sikh communities.

Culture, what culture?

Another alarming aspect of this case is that these men were not first generation immigrants who viewed white people as some alien sub-human race. These men who born here, brought up here and lived their whole lives here.

They view Western/white culture as morally bankrupt and devoid of any substance not because that is what some Imman in some backwater village in some far off nation has told them, but because of how they have been brought up and what they have seen.

I remember during my days in Perry Bar, Khalid Mahmood’s constituency, having a conversation with a Pakistani Muslim gentlemen about culture and heritage, where he pointed out to me that ‘white people have no culture’. Obviously I pointed out to him that he was being ridiculous and that he was surrounded by white culture, to which he replied:

“Really? Because when I look around I see Muslim shops and businesses, I am surrounded by Muslims wearing Muslims dress and speaking languages other than English and on the corner of this very street is a Mosque named after the leader of a Muslim nation. Even your own youths imitate others cultures, especially black culture. Where is your culture?”

At the time I didn’t really understand the significance of what he’d pointed out to me, I merely told him that he was being short sighted before we moved onto something else,  but now I realise that he was right.

When the first generation of immigrants arrived here they wanted to be part of British culture, but unfortunately they still resented British people. This resentment has been passed down through the generations and rather than arriving here and finding a wonderful culture and having it imposed on them, they found that British culture shrank away from them.

Appeasements were made in order to make them feel more welcome, at home, literally. They were told that they didn’t have to adapt, that they were the guests and that we would adapt to suit them. Moreover, the liberals and Empire apologists who were sadly in power, used this time and these immigrants as a stick to beat white Britons with.

As George Orwell stated in 1941:

“England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality. In left-wing circles it is always felt that there is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman and that it is a duty to snigger at every English institution, from horse racing to suet puddings. It is a strange fact, but it is unquestionably true that almost any English intellectual would feel more ashamed of standing to attention during ‘God save the King’ than of stealing from a poor box.”

British culture was seen as shameful, associated with too many wrongs and so carefully and deliberately supplanted.

Is it any wonder then, that when these immigrants arrived and found nothing incredible about the nation that had conquered a quarter of the globe, found them limp wristed and ashamed and devoid of any solid culture, or at least any culture that they weren’t prepared to remove or substitute to accommodate their new friends, that the immigrants then allowed their own culture to rush in and fill the void.

Their children then grew to see white people as morally bankrupt, weak and lacking in any identity and culture and as inferior.

Now we can clearly see why the likes of Mohammed Shafiq, Khalid Mahmood and Keith Vaz will not countenance any criticism of their culture or any damage to the illusion of superiority, particularly in regards to morals.

Such things may slacken the pace of the rapid rise of white converts to Islamic religion and culture.

Enoch Powell

Enoch Powell: As time goes on, it seems that many of Powell's predictions are becoming reality.

As Enoch Powell said in his Rivers of Blood speech in 1968:

“Now we are seeing the growth of positive forces acting against integration, of vested interests in the preservation and sharpening of racial and religious differences, with a view to the exercise of actual domination, first over fellow-immigrants and then over the rest of the population.”

More than 40 years on, and despite successive generations apparently being exposed to the wonders of British culture, the divisions and differences have never been larger.

If the Muslim Pakistani community and other immigrant communities see white people and white culture as weak, inferior and merit-less, who should we blame, them, or ourselves?

Islam the illusion of respectability

Further evidence of this perception of their religion/culture being superior and commanding more respect and influence than Western culture and how ingrained it is on the minds of young Pakistani Muslims was demonstrated by the men themselves.

When they were arrested they had short hair, no beards, dressed in Western clothes and behaved like Westerners, at least outwardly. Since their arrest the men have grown beards and began dressing in Muslim clothes and giving an outward appearance of being pious and devout.

As if this, and the fact that they are married men, would somehow convey to the Judge and the jury, they were either good men corrupted by an immoral Western society, or that as devout Muslims, they could not possibly have carried out such acts. Such is the power of their culture in their own minds.

Welcome to modern Britain, not to be confused with old Britain

Man who attacked a disabled woman on a bus

Hateful Savage: Enjoys beating unconcious innocent women to mask his impotence

Disabled mother beaten unconscious on bus by fellow parent after prams collide | Mail Online

A disabled mother thought she was going to die when she was viciously attacked after her child’s pram collided with another on a crammed bus.

The dire state of modern Britain never ceases to amaze me. 50 years ago, a man beating up a woman on a bus would not have made it off the bus alive, he would have been lynched. In modern Britain, not only does he beat her with impunity, no-one so much as calls the police, let alone tries to help.


People like this scum have spent their life getting their own way by using aggression, verbal abuse and violence. He probably has a long list of convictions, but has most likely never spent more than a year inside Britain modern holiday camps, laughingly called prisons. Butlin’s, Pontins and Haven have nothing on Her Majesty’s Prisons, where the ‘customers’ (I’m sure it won’t be long until they are called customers/clients, like everyone else) have a TV and DVD player in every room, courtesy of the tax payer. Prisons serve as no deterrent whatsoever as the 70%-75% re-offending rate attests to.

I think we can be fairly certain that this miscreant has a bucket load of excuses up his sleeve specially reserved for pathetic judges, such as being from a broken home, being black and ergo often the victim of discrimination, being stupid, he certainly looks it, being unemployed (I think that’s a given) etc. Just to ensure leniency from the naive and do-gooders who seem to think that treating such people nicely, rather than as the animals they clearly are, will help them fit in. Sadly it is never these appeasers getting beaten unconscious on a packed bus in broad daylight.

This was a totally unprovoked and vicious attack, it wasn’t a slap or a few punches. This was a sustained and prolonged attack that not only knocked the woman unconscious but also killed her unborn child as well. The only thing that seems to have triggered this assault is merely the fact that the lady had got on the bus before the craven woman beater, and he thought he was more important and to be fair to the depraved wretch, in the eyes of the law and modern Britain, well he is. Society no longer protects the decent folk from the vile scum, but the vile scum themselves.


One of the worst things about this though is not the actions of the odious savage, nor the fact that such a detestable creature has spawned and forced his foul progeny on the rest of us, but the fact that the others passengers on the bus did nothing to aid the woman, not even to call the police. A packed bus did nothing and allowed the attack to continue on for several minutes unchecked, killing the unborn child and very nearly the mother too. To add further salt into the wounds, no-one has come forward as a witness of the attack, despite almost 80 people being present.

What has happened to this nation? Has the whole nation turned into cowards? Where are those people that stood up to Hitler, that withstood the Blitz and that made this nation great? It seems that our great leaders neglected to mention that immigration and multiculturalism would change the nations mentality, psyche and morals and ethics. Changing the people has changed the nation, as clearly we are not the same nation anymore.

A nation that tolerates such people as this loathsome individual, and such acts to be committed, is doomed.