Another cold summer, so much for global warming

As this is the most viewed post on the blog (and written over a year ago!), I thought I should add a poll to try and gauge what visitors thought of Global Warming. Thanks for voting and for reading. – Charlie.





Summer is almost over and most people in Britain would be forgiven for thinking that it had never really gotten started. All this talk of global warming and yet around the world, things seem to be getting colder and colder. Apparently contradicting the predictions of extreme drought and the claims that action on Global Warming is almost too late.

We’ve all seen the dire computer models, the ‘evidence’ that mankind is causing a global meltdown, even though this seems to defy common sense. CO2 makes up a tiny proportion of our atmosphere, and mankind is responsible for just a tiny proportion of that each year (less than 0.5%), yet it is ostensibly having such a catastrophic impact.

At first I completely bought into this Global Warming business, after all the evidence was irrefutable, everyone agreed that Global Warming was real and furthermore, man made.

Then I learned that the evidence wasn’t so incontrovertible and the more than I read the more convinced I became that the ‘evidence’ may not be all that it is cracked up to be. There are many, many scientists that are disputing the Global Warming phenomena. Over 100 sent a letter to the UN last year saying that cutting CO2 emissions was pointless.

Recent events seem to have backed up my scepticism. Despite certainties that Global Warming was real and that the world is already suffering the affects, it has been getting colder, not warmer.

Take 2007; Global Warming ‘experts’ explained that due to mankind’s inability to cut carbon emissions, 2007 would be the warmest year on record. It turned out to be the coldest year on record in many places, the coldest in living memory in most.

There was snow in Johannesburg for the first time in 25 years, Baghdad for the first time in 80 years, and Buenos Aires saw snow for the first time in 90 years. This seems pretty odd considering that the planet is getting progressively warmer each year, at least according to the Global Warming champions.

The fact is, despite the increase of carbon emissions, despite the claims and apparent obvious evidence of Global Warming, such as floods and hurricanes; the average global temperature hasn’t risen in a decade.

That’s right, Global Warming peaked in 1998, but no one has yet had the courage to tell the Emperor that he isn’t wearing any clothes.

The current hypothesis amongst true climatologists is that the planet is actually entering a period of cooling and that all the information points to this being a natural cycle in the planets climate and having nothing to do with man’s CO2 emissions.

Of course, one swallow does not a summer make, and one cold winter does not mean that Global Warming is all a load of rubbish, but it certainly isn’t following the computer models that have been bandied about for years.

Also this ten year blip in rising temperatures could just be the calm before the storm, and the next decade could see Global Warming continue apace. But people are not stupid, one bad summer and cold winter can be explained away, but two and then three…surely then even the most ardent believers in Global Warming are going to start to see the strings.

34 responses to “Another cold summer, so much for global warming

  1. yes Charlie the warminists are really scrambling to find explanations for the non-existent warming trend that their computer models predicted. personally I think it is a case of shit in = shit out with those computer models

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  3. Powertune (14)

    Sep 18 2007

    Are Climate Change/Global Warming Really Happening?


    I have part of the answer. Keep visiting and you will find out a really easy, painless way to save energy.

    Are Climate Change and Global Warming the same or different? Well now, Climate Change
    is a known fact. Earth’s climate has never stayed the same. The term ‘Global Warming’
    is a media-invented term that just describes what seems to be happening at the moment.

    So, what is really happening? Are Climate Change and Global Warming the same or
    different? Now, Climate Change is a known fact. Earth’s climate has never stayed
    the same. The term ‘Global Warming’ is a media-invented term that just describes what
    seems to be happening at the moment.

    So, what is really happening? From Victorian times onwards we have burned coal and
    later oil to give us their stored energy and power. The attitude was – smoke and
    exhaust gets blown away. As long as it doesn’t affect us directly we haven’t worried
    – well some of us haven’t. Trouble has been that all our pollution headed for the Poles.

    Think of the Earth’s rotation as a spin dryer flinging water (but here pollutants)
    down the plug hole. Unfortunately there aren’t plugs at the North and South Poles,
    so the pollution stays in the atmosphere as smog. I know this I have seen it myself.

    The upper atmosphere shields the Earth from harmful rays from outer space. At this
    great height the oxygen isn’t like the oxygen we breathe, this is two oxygen atoms
    ‘tied’ together. The ozone that protects us in the upper atmosphere is very reactive.

    Ozone reacts with pollutants to form that photochemical smog . All sorts of things
    react with ozone in the atmosphere. Gas from aerosols, exhaust fumes from motor
    vehicles, smoke from coal burning, refrigerant from fridges and freezers.
    Carbon dioxide is a waste product of many life processes and industry. This too tries
    to escape, but gets trapped by the Greenhouse Effect. A well known and even worse problemis the methane produced by those notorious farting cows. Methane is a

    product of their digestion and this methane forms an even better blanket than carbon dioxide around the Earth.

    Add all these facts together and you contribute to Climate Change with the
    temperature of the Earth rising overall at the moment. Why should this matter?

    Surely if our environment was warmer , we could save on heating bills?

    End of Part 1.
    Copyright © 2007 The Energy Lady.

  4. July was the 5th warmest since 1880, that is worldwide. No one gives a crap about what the weather was like on any specific continent, it is a worldwide average.

    Weather is impacted by pollution. Ever heard of cloud seeding. Man directly impacts weather all day long.

    If China cleans their air by seeding, how does that impact the rainfall elsewhere?

    Noone is looking into that question right now, and it may be impossible to predict.

    And who cares. We have been seeding clouds with soot from dirty coal for centuries impacting cloud formation and rainfall.

    7 mass extinctions in the fossil record.
    7 climate upheavals.

    Is it so hard for you to admit you pump poison into the atmosphere all day long?

    I know you feel guilty, and you should be, but do you have to write things that on the surface sound like you really are educated?

  5. Iain Hall said:
    personally I think it is a case of shit in = shit out with those computer models

    Agreed. But judging by the comments here it is going to take a hell of a lot more than mere cold and snow to convince these environ-mentalists that we’re not getting hotter and hotter each year.

  6. Anne Cox,

    Thank you for the comment, although I am not quite sure what you are trying to say.

    I agree that climate change is real, but not that it is produced by mankind. In fact other than computer models and theories, I have yet to see any incontrovertible evidence that this man made and that the warming and cooling cycle isn’t just a natural and regular occurrence that has been happening since long before mankind came along.

  7. Earl E:
    July was the 5th warmest since 1880, that is worldwide. No one gives a crap about what the weather was like on any specific continent, it is a worldwide average.

    Quite right, which is why I said “the average global temperature hasn’t risen in a decade”, global is another word for ‘worldwide.’

    You will also note that I said it hasn’t risen, not that it is not high. 1998 was the warmest year globally and despite the increase in pollution worldwide in the past ten years, it has still to be surpassed.

    If China cleans their air by seeding, how does that impact the rainfall elsewhere?
    Noone is looking into that question right now, and it may be impossible to predict….And who cares.


    Is it so hard for you to admit you pump poison into the atmosphere all day long?

    CO2 isn’t poison, plants need it to live and produce their by product of oxygen. People like you, who are obsessed with carbon footprints, fail to realise that even if mankind stopped producing CO2 completely, 99.51% of the CO2 that gets into the atmosphere each year would be unaffected.

    I know you feel guilty, and you should be…..

    Yes, I feel very guilty about the 0.0000000000008167% of the worlds annual CO2 emissions that I am responsible for.

    but do you have to write things that on the surface sound like you really are educated?

    Most of my facts and figures came from these articles: Dr. Oleg Sorokhtin, Merited Scientist of Russia and fellow of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, and the Danish National Space Centre – The persistent role of the Sun in climate forcing.

  8. Waste of the mind

  9. One thing you got wrong Charlie, people ARE stupid..

    I just listened to your guy Ed Miliband letting the true agenda slip, wealth re-distribution…

    check it out and I’d be interested to hear a Brits take on it…

  10. warming, scmarming – the real danger is that the air is getting so polluted with carcinogents that to breathe is to risk cancer, to drink carcinogenic water is to risk cancer, to eat carcinogenic food is to risk cancer. The reduction of the world’s tree cover, the destruction of wildlife and habitat – whether it’s global warming or other manmade factors, we are heading toward an environmental armageddon – overpopulation, nonsustainable lifestyles. The human species is shi**ing all over its own den, and extinction would be well deserved. We were supposed to be ‘stewards’ of our home planet, not destroyers, but what can you expect from the only species on the planet with a death wish?

  11. Sandra S,

    I have always wondered whether the prevalence of cancer today, compared to say a hundred years ago, is due to toxins ingested throughout one’s life, or the fact that people are living longer. Personally, I think that it is the latter.

  12. you obviously have no idea what you are talking about… shame on you.

  13. yes it is wrong.

    i mean scientista just others just want people to be on thier toes, i mean someday the world might ned, but no anytime soon,

    because the world was “supposed” to end in 2000
    people were almost sure about it, but look where we are

    the same thing happened in 2004, the world was supposed to end, never did

    i mean the world could end if the sun blew out, but in 2 billion years, the sun ha only burned out 2% meaning we still have 98% left

    dont worry about it, in this lifetime, you are definaly fine.

  14. Charlie i agree with you. This is all apart of normal life and the earth increasing tempeture and decressing is all normal it cant all stay the same. The earth is fine and it gets cold and hot different places and they say the world will end 2012, i know it wont. they keep lieing. whats there next idea world ending in 2024? there full of sh*t. they like to skip into every 4 to 8 years there just trying to get attention.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      Quite right, these are the same people that have been complaining about our way of life for decades, this is just the latest thing these idiots have latched onto.

      Britain is in the grips of its coldest winter in a generation, yet still each weather report talks about Global Warming! My money is on a new ice age first!

  15. here’s the deal that so many of us just don’t grasp:

    1st, none of us- not even the scientists- REALLY know what CO2 does in regard to warming the planet. period. so what i’ve heard is that it’s possible that CO2-induced global warming could create a global cooling trend by meting the fresh water ice and consequently cooling the planet’s oceans which would undoubtedly create at least ice age-like conditions for who could tell how long. this could be happening right at this moment for all we know. you see London the last two winters? i live in California and haven’t used my pool for almost 2 years straight.

    2nd, and then there’s the blatantly obvious argument that industrial pollution is sickeningly nasty regardless of it’s toxic effects on the planet. agreed? do you like sulfur-smelling orange water coming out of your tap? do you like that summer lake with shimmering oil puddles here and there? how bout nuclear waste? are you content with that in our backyards?

    so the argument is NOT an argument. you cannot say because CO2 is not causing global warming that industrial pollution is GOOD. industrial pollution and auto pollution and the toxic byproducts of mining and oil and nuclear are all direct symbols of mankind’s failure to come to grips with his own ego. we will take the entire universe down with us if we can. that’s how narcissistic we are.

  16. I guess by now we ALL understand that global climate change is underway. You’d have to paid to think otherwise.

    • I disagree, this article was written 5 years ago and nothing has changed, none of the predictions about rising sea levels, glacial melting, islands lost under the sea forever, whole countries being turned into deserts etc etc, that were predicted a decade ago have come true, not even close. The computer models have been so far off as to be laughable, year after year. Temperatures still haven’t risen since 1998, so that means that we have gone more than 15 years without the average global temperature rising, despite the amount of CO2 pumped out by mankind every year rising substantially year on year.

      Indeed, the average global temperature has now been stable for longer than it rose for; that rise being what kicked off this Global Warming/Climate Change panic in the first place.

      Global Warming, such as it was, is over and it wasn’t caused by man and it certainly wasn’t ended by man.

      • I type this as hurricane-force winds lash the UK and northern Europe. In recent years, even Russia has experienced 100+Fahrenheit temperatures – and Europe – and the UK have been subject to severe floods – out of character with historical experience. I think however you are conflating global warming with global climate change. No matter – I disagree with you 100 percent on the climate record.
        Perhaps, even given recent climate volatility in the UK, your country is generally been more climatically stable than mine. But over here, we are on the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. Having grown up in NYC, I would have never thought it possible that portions of the subway system would be massively flooded ,that is flooded not just at track level, not just as platform level – but all the way up to near street level. Our tornadoes are wilder, larger, and faster than ever – our droughts more severe, our floods more devastating over a wider area. Many of our states are burning up over tens of thousands of acres. (On the other side of the planet, Australia is reeling from forest fires – and water shortages). Our snowstorms are earlier, more frequent – and at deeper snow depth. In short – our country is climatically changing quite rapidly.
        That brings up a point you make about what was predicted a decade ago. Not sure what you were reading but everything I read points conservatively to scenarios unfolding by the end of the century. What is instead happening is that it is all taking place much sooner and more rapidly than predicted – but to be giving it but a decade is a bit dicey on your part. The planet is not free from the laws of physics. If you pour unprecedented amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, there can’t help but be a climatic response. And it’s in its early stages – and but for all intents and purposes – unstoppable.

      • Thanks for commenting Barry. I think that you may have allowed the hyperbole of the press and climatologists to run away with you. Those winds you mention were not hurricane force, but they were the strongest winds in almost 30 years. That to me is not indicative of a massive and unprecedented change in global weather. It is just an unusual storm, one that won’t be repeated for another 2-3 decades or so. As for the floods, the reason that we have them so often in the UK is not weather related (the rainfall is largely the same) it is due to the fact that we’ve built on floodplains, and the supposed flood defences have been cut back on year on year. Massive spending on flood defences in many areas was announced after the 2007 floods, as far as I know, few if any of them were ever built, hence more flooding in 2012. Not to mention poor maintenance of drains and water pipes by the water companies.

        No matter – I disagree with you 100 percent on the climate record.

        But it isn’t my data, but the IPCC’s own figures. Hurricane Sandy, was a particularly bad storm but that proves nothing. If that proved that the apocalypse was near, what does this year prove? You have had the quietest hurricane season in your history. The US has also gone it’s longest period without a Category 3 (Sandy was a 2) hurricane hitting the US mainland, something like eight years. You may have been led to believe that things are getting worse with regards to hurricanes, but the facts say different.

        As for the predictions, we were told that CO2 would cause rising temperatures which in turn would cause the catastrophes you seem to believe are happening now. We were told the sea levels would reach record highs when the ice melted. The sea levels haven’t risen, and Antarctica now has more ice than ever before (despite the constantly shown reels of melting ice in the spring).

        What is instead happening is that it is all taking place much sooner and more rapidly than predicted

        I’ve got to ask, can you give me examples of this? I have seen the computer models and the predictions, and all of them, every last one, is out and most by a country mile. None, not one of the predictions have come about. The same idiots and some entirely new ones, are making the very same predictions made a decade ago about big rises in sea levels, floods, droughts and the disappearance of the icecaps. But we have seen no change whatsoever and that is by the IPCC’s own admission.

        If you pour unprecedented amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere

        I have to point out that despite the ‘unprecedented amounts’ of CO2 mankind is pumping into the atmosphere, we still only account for less than 0.5% of the total released into the atmosphere each year.

        And it’s in its early stages – and but for all intents and purposes – unstoppable.

        And here we are back to my original point, it has stopped. The whole crux of the man-made CO2 Global Warming/Climate Change argument was that it was causing rising global temperatures which would have a knock on effect on everything else. It stopped getting warmer. Five years ago, it was called a pause, just when is something that hasn’t changed for 15 years considered to have actually stopped?

        Let’s also not forget, for those of us old enough to remember, that in the 60s and 70s we were told by the selfsame experts that we were heading for a new ice age! When it became warmer, they had a new explanation and a new cause, in both senses of the word.

        Just to be clear about what others have said in the comments: I am not an anti-environmentalist. I do believe pollution is a problem, we need to save the rainforests and find a better, cheaper and sustainable form of energy. I don’t believe that people should be made to suffer because of a deeply flawed hypothesis on why the weather is changeable.

      • You say near the end, “they had a new explanation.” I think that’s what you are doing and how you rationalize each new event. There’s more flooding because the flood walls aren’t what they used to be, yes the storm winds are beyond what has been seen in 30 years but it WILL be another few decades before it happens again (as if you could know that). Today, in Atlanta, it’s likely to hit 80 degrees Fahrenheit – this on the brink of November.
        Hurricane Sandy was massive and deadly. As climate scientists have stated, there are likely to be fewer hurricanes hitting the US, but they will likely be very large hurricanes. Meanwhile, hurricanes (cyclones/typhoons) have been battering Mexico, Southeast and East Asia – and even Bangladesh. The fires are raging in Australia and US, and we swingly wildly between floods and droughts.
        As for a reference, they are too numerous to list – as virtually every scientist in the relevant disciplines understands that global climate change is here, it’s human-caused, and virtually irreversible under the present economic system. I would suggest reading most anything by Bill McKibben or NASA’s (formerly of) Hansen.
        Regarding the decades past, it has long been understood that we had never really quite emerged from the ice age – and in fact temps were declining in much of the world (not so much in the tropics where it manifests itself in a drying-out phenomenon). But as the decades wore on Hansen’s observations on the effects of anthropogenic climate change became more and more obvioius to scientists everywhere (no global conspiracy by mad scientists) and it came to be understood that the cooling trend was being reversed by constant dumping of CO2 into the atmosphere. In fact, what triggered much of the research was that the cooling effect was not as substantial as they thought it should be – and that’s because of human interference in the process.
        Anyway, we can go back and forth – maybe we should revisit the subject once a year or so.
        Thanks – –

      • I think we should revisit this every year or so but I guess the questions is how many years of no rising temperature will it take for you to believe that it isn’t man made, or even really happening (CO2 is up massively but temperatures are flat according to your link).

        Likewise, what will it take me to admit that global warming is happening, and that it is man-made? I am not really sure. I don’t know whether I mentioned this before, but I was a believer and even something of a campaigner in the early days. Up until the millennium, maybe a bit beyond. When I began to doubt and question things that didn’t seem to make sense, well, the whole thing began to unravel. If something is clearly true, facts shouldn’t need to be exaggerated (glaciers, Russian annual average temperatures) or even hidden or denied (Medieval Warming Period, Climategate). When I questioned things, I didn’t get answers just the same kind of response you’d expect from religion – i.e. people smarter than me had said so, so I should just accept it. It is going to take a whole lot to convince me that my doubts were wrong.

      • But it is curious that you understand without question that pollutants pollute the atmosphere and this must be tended to – but reject the notion that dumping CO2 into the atmosphere has no effect.

      • Because, as I have stated before and many others have too, man made CO2 accounts for just 0.49% of all the CO2 that is pumped into the atmosphere each and every year. That means that the other 99.51% is perfectly natural. Now, I also do not dispute that Climate Change is real, that the plant did get warmer for a few years. What I do dispute is that this perfectly natural cyclic changing of the climate is man made. If the planet were really that fragile, it would have been unable to sustain life, let alone go through so many massive and dramatic changes.

        Even if we completely ended man made CO2 would it make a difference – no. We are not causing any changes to the climate, therefore we can neither prevent nor provoke them.

      • So it seems that even though you have trouble believing that today’s rapid-fire climate cataclysms are of a different nature than selected catastrophes over our long history (in human terms), your basic objection is to labeling the present climate change as anthropogenic.
        I recently came across this interesting article.

        And I would suggest that scientists of various disciplines who accept the position of anthropogenically-induced climate change (probably not far short of 99% of them) have overwhelmingly erred in the wrong direction. Their predictions have been conservative – no one was talking of palm trees in Liverpool any time soon. Now, some scientists are coming around to the conclusion that climate change in its myriad manifestations is coming faster than we think – and certainly faster than past climate change is thought to have occurred.

      • This is what global climate change scientists are talking about – the sheer size of today’s mega-storms.

      • Mega-Storms. I like that. Of course, back in a different age without all the hyperbole they used slightly less bombastic adjectives. The Great Storm of 1703 claimed 10,00+ lives, destroyed swathes of forest and thousands of chimneys in London. Extreme weather has always happened. Just look at what happened to the Mongols 400 years earlier.

        You see once you believe you’re like a prophet seeing God(s) in every action and event. You lose your objectivity and frankly judging from most of hardcore greens, your ability to reason and use logic. If it were anything else other explanations would be sought but it is like the creationist explanation of Creation. Anything that vaguely fits is proof, anything that doesn’t is disregarded as inconvenient.

      • Ah, that explains it then. The oceans are now absorbing the heat. I see. Well, what we really need to do is find out what they were playing at for the first 15 years of Global Warming and why they didn’t absorb it then? As I said, anything that doesn’t fit in with the theory is explained away. But again they talk about rising sea levels and again I must point out that nowhere in the world has it been proven that sea levels have risen. Nowhere. Wasn’t Mauritius meant to be underwater by now?

      • Just saw this:

        And we just had 40 or more tornadoes in the Midwest along with storms strong enough to evacuate entire stadiums of football (American) fans. And this is mid-November.
        Global warming is not only upon us – it’s getting spooky.

      • Let’s be clear, a strong storm doesn’t prove that global warming is real and man made any more than the lack of them disproves that Global Warming is real and man made.

        Even if these storms increase and become a regular occurrence, all it will show is that the climate is changing, something that it does naturally all the time anyway. It won’t prove that the change is caused by man.

      • Interesting article, but I am still waiting for the 2C we were predicted in the 90s. I was meant to be able to have a vineyard by now.

        It is also interesting that it stated that CO2 in the atmosphere is the highest it has been for 800,000 years. Bunkum. There’s been at least 3 events in the past 2000 years that have pushed the concentration of CO2 higher than it is today, so either they have being deliberately misleading, or deliberately vague about what they mean. But then, these are also the people that said in 20 years we wouldn’t have an glaciers. Now they have admitted it is probably more like 500, or maybe a 1000 years.

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