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Those Crazy Iranians

Iran's First Vice-President Rahimi

Iran's First Vice-President Rahimi: Fortunately a job that involves very little other than making Ahmadinejad look slightly less like a slavering loon.

British are bunch of thick people ruled by a mafia, says Iran’s vice president | Mail Online

In a blistering diatribe against Britain, Mohammad-Reza Rahimi said: ‘They have plundered the world in the last 500 years and the young lad in charge now is even more stupid than his predecessor. It’s as if God has made this nation servants of America and Zionists.’

The only astonishing thing about this attack is Mohammad-Rezi Rahimi’s woeful ignorance and hypocrisy.


A man from Persia, a nation that rampaged across and plundered most of the known world for hundreds of years, and one of the world largest ever Empires, criticising the world’s largest ever Empire, well some would view that a tad bit hypocritical, especially as Iran still celebrates its imperial past. Before Britain landed in India, it had just been attacked and plundered by the Persians.

Although I do concede he may have a point about David Cameron and the fact that most of Britain’s foreign policy decisions are based on what the US would like us to do.

Iran’s First Vice President added: ‘England has nothing. Its inhabitants are not human, its officials are not responsible, and it doesn’t even have any natural resources. (They are) a bunch of thick people ruled by a mafia.’

OK, now back to the ignorance. England is just a province in Britain (or the UK) and hasn’t been an independent nation since about the last time that Iran did anything of any import on the world stage. As for not human, well if one of the leaders of one country, sees the entire inhabitants of another country as sub-human and inferior, then I am pretty sure that I do not want them to have nuclear weapons. Such a racist viewpoint wouldn’t ordinarily matter in such a weak and backward nation as Iran, but a nuclear weapon is a great leveller, literally.

As for not having any natural resources, again, nescient of even a basic knowledge of Britain. Britain has lots of natural resources, apart from the North Sea we have just discovered an even bigger oil field in the Falklands. Add to that our abundance of tin, coal, copper, steel and many other ‘natural resources’ and we don’t do too badly, it is just that it is cheaper to pay some backward illiterate in some far of nation like Iran to dig out their natural resources and ship them here.

As for being thick, well, we are not the nation that is based on there being some magical, mystical being who has handed down his teachings in a magical mystical book and who can only spread his word through a few, carefully and divinely chosen followers, who the rest of the population have to blindly follow in their medieval ways and beliefs. No, that is Iran.

He may have a point about the mafia though.

Britain’s Retaliatory Broadside

British Blockade

When Britain Had Balls: Sadly the days of Britain standing up for herself with anything other than slightly aggrieved words are gone.

Britain of course responded to this racist diatribe in customary fashion, no, not by blockaded the ports of Iran, or bombing its Palaces or oil fields, or by our own leaders lambasting Iran for its record on human rights, its treatment of women, its lack of religious (or any other kind of) freedoms. No. The British Ambassador posted a retributory Twitter post.

‘To state that the British are not human and to call them thick shows a lack of respect for human dignity and is an illogical and worthless remark,’ he wrote.

Quite right, that surely has the Iranians reeling.

Mr Gass wrote: ‘The contribution made by Britain in shaping the modern world, from invention to cultural achievements, values and respect for individual rights, has been clearly and rightly recorded in history and is respected throughout the world.’

Well put Mr Ambassador, the last worthwhile contribution that Iran made to the world was when the Parthians poured molten gold down the throat of Crassus, back in 53 BC. Coincidentally that is also around the time on which their current values and culture are based, such as stoning women, hanging women for ‘allowing’ themselves to be raped, and not allowing women to divorce their husbands, regardless of their levels of infidelity or abuse. I know in which nation I’d rather live, and it seems that I am not alone, I doubt many Pakistani, Afghan or Iraqi immigrants head there over Britain.

At least we weren’t the only ones to feel the ignorance and bitterness of this man, he also said:

He called the Australians a ‘bunch of cow herders’ and suggested that the South Koreans should be ‘smacked in the face until they become human’.

Clearly the man has issues with quite a nations. Personally I think that the Iranians should be beaten until they rejoin the human race and drag themselves into the 21st Century, but I am not going to hold my breath.

Dodgy Dizaei Gets His Comeuppance!

I’ve been neglecting my blog of late, but I was so itching to come back and write something when this story broke!


Britain’s most crooked cop at last gets what he deserves.

Ali Dizaei found GUILTY of perverting the course of justice | Mail Online

A criminal in uniform: Teflon Commander Ali Dizaei used race card to dodge jail for years. Now he’s got four-year term for framing an innocent man

At last! Sadly I didn’t have time then, or now. So I thought that I would just revisit some of my past posts on Ali Dizaei, the Dark Lord of the police force.

I mentioned nearly a year ago now that Ali Dizaei had been charged, but in all honesty, I didn’t think he’d be sent down.

The man had played the race card so many times now, the Met must surely have had a full deck of them. Added to that his non white friends were more than willing to raise a hue and cry for him.

Alfred John, chairman of the Metropolitan Black Police Association, said the decision to charge Dizaei was ‘outrageous’ and the result of ‘personal vendettas’.

More a case of police chasing criminals though really Alfred, right? The funny thing about the National Non-White Black Police Association is that they are all police officers, yet not only did they fail to detect a career criminal in their midst, they defended him to the hilt!


One can only hope that this signals the end of the triumvirate, with Tarique Ghaffur (also a womaniser) now also out of the police force it just leaves Keith ‘Back Hand’ Vaz as the only one of Shahrokh Mireskandari’s associates with any real power. And as I said when the news broke:

Vaz, whose shredder has probably been smoking since news of the charges against Dizaei broke.

Vaz’s wife has also probably found her bank accounts and property portfolio greatly expanded overnight.

Has no doubt spent the past year covering his tracks and keeping his nose clean. Hopefully Vaz will do the smart thing and stand down at the next election, knowing Vaz however he is likely to hang on for his peerage (especially if he loses his seat).

National Non-White Black Police Association

I also hope that this brings to an end the sorry excuse for a police federation, the NBPA, which has just become a militant wing for black police officers and serial litigation specialist.

All of the worthy people in the association left when Dizaei became President, apparently they knew what the others either did not, or did not care about.

In modern Britain, such as organisation has no place, and no excuse to exist, equality laws and the Equality Commission cover everything this organisation is meant to stand for and more.

Dizaei to have easy ride in prison

The irony of course for Dizaei is that after all the Met investigations, the dogged pursing of him that he labelled racist, it was a person of the same ethnic origin as himself that brought him down!

The only downside of Dizaei’s incarceration is that he is likely to get an easy ride, after all the man is an expert at milking the system and being a Muslim to boot means that he’ll be running rings around the Prison Officers.

I’m sure that he will be asking for his own cell, on the grounds that he is a devout Muslim, albeit a drinking, womanising, prostitute using,  drug taking and adulterous devout Muslim.

Dodgy Dizaei Charged

Ali Dizaei: Met Commander for hire and all round dodgy man

Police chief Ali Dizaei charged with perverting course of justice over restaurant arrest | Mail Online

Police chief Ali Dizaei was today charged with misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice.

Sadly only with misconduct, rather than the raft of offences this corrupt officer is responsible for.


Naturally the National Non-White Police Association have been quite put out by this:

Alfred John, chairman of the Metropolitan Black Police Association, said the decision to charge Dizaei was ‘outrageous’ and the result of ‘personal vendettas’.

In other words – racist. But that is no surprise from this lot, they are all as corrupt as each other, all the decent ones having quit when Dizaei was swept to power,  and it appears that these days their only purpose is to help launch legal action against the police.

The charges, which carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, were announced by the Crown Prosecution Service six years after the £90,000-a-year officer was cleared of similar offences at the Old Bailey.

Dizaei has a history of being corrupt. He wasn’t exactly cleared, it was more of a case of the star witness for the prosecution turned out to actually be a star witness for the defence. This star witness was non other than Tarique Ghaffur, also a member of the NBPA and who also sued for racism when he didn’t get the promotion that he’d always wanted.

Despite being ‘cleared’ the police still wanted him out for his questionable character and behaviour but the National Non-White Police Association (NBPA) threatened to stop recruiting non white police officers unless he was re-instated, promoted and compensated. Guess who backed down?


Tarique Ghaffur, with his sponsors

Dizaei is part of a powerful triumvirate of corrupt public servants that have basically carved up policing and justice between them.

Three-times-married Dizaei, 47, who as president of the National Black Police Association has been an outspoken critic of alleged racism at Scotland Yard, was suspended on full pay last September when three separate inquiries were launched into his conduct.

And it is accusations of racism that form the primary weapon of this corrupt circle. One such investigation was into his relationship with a certain Mr. Shahrokh Mireskandari. Dizaei, despite being a Metropolitan Police commander, worked for Mireskandari to help undermine a Met investigation into one of Mireskandari’s clients.

Shahrokh Mireskandari also represented Tarique Ghaffur in his claim of racial discrimination against the Met, apparently masterminding the whole affair.

The final member of this triumvirate is my old friend, Keith ‘Back Hand’ Vaz. Keith Vaz has a long, long history of corruption and inappropriate behaviour; him still being an MP is testament to the fact that the knows just when to play the race card and can also expertly make his constituents believe that he is acting their best interests.

But Vaz ties in very nicely with Mireskandari. Vaz, now a Home Office Minister, helped his ‘friend’ Mireskandari when the convicted fraudster (sadly not in this country – yet) was being investigated. He wrote to the Judge asking him, and then threatening him, to stop the case.

…extraordinary letter which Vaz wrote to the High Court this year. In it he asked that a case involving Mireskandari be adjourned, pending investigations into the lawyer’s complaints [of racism] against two judges previously involved in the case.

Ah, racism. I am starting to see a pattern here. Vaz also threw a hissy fit at a meeting with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, demanding that it only investigate white solicitors!

At the bad-tempered meeting Vaz attacked the SRA leadership and demanded that the body stop investigating ethnic-minority lawyers.

No doubt the intention here it to set up a National Non White Solicitors Regulation Authority, at the head of which they can install their own man and then do as they please. Or at least stop the SRA from investigating his friends and paymasters.

Shahrokh Mireskandari – master or apprentice?

Bogus solicitor: Shahrokh Mireskandari. The good thing about this idiot, is that he is representing all the others.

I am not sure where Shahrokh Mireskandari fits in with the other three, is he their master or merely a lackey?

Whatever he is, these three public servants are making a mockery of Britain and British Justice, with barely even an attempt to hide their associations with fraudster’s, clearly thinking that the timely use of their trump card will get them out of any situation.

It didn’t work for Ghaffur, it doesn’t look like it will work for Ali Dizaei; that just leaves Keith Vaz, whose shredder has probably been smoking since news of the charges against Dizaei broke.

Vaz’s wife has also probably found her bank accounts and property portfolio greatly expanded overnight.

Muslim Firefighters

Now Fatima really can fight fires

Now fire service introduces hijab headscarves for Muslim workers | Mail Online

Pop into the firestation and the chances are there’d be a group of reassuringly burly men in there waiting for the call out, with uniforms and firefighting suits tailored for their use alone.

Well thank god for that, at least the less than 10 or so female Muslim fire-fighters in Britain have something to wear. Now, I am no expert when it comes to fire-fighting, but surely the very nature of the work would preclude such devout women from carrying it out?

The amount of money and effort wasted on this is ridiculous, this is the 21st century, we should be secularising our public services not making every possible allowance for even the most devout individual.

‘The uniform now available shows that cultural beliefs are being recognised, as we seek to increase the representation of ethnic minorities within service.’

Fantastic! Does this mean that I will be able to wear my Jedi robes and carry a light saber at all times? Unlikely as it seems only certain religions are covered in this drive, ironically the same religion that the fire minister, Sadiq Khan, follows.


Not Ninja’s but Iranian police women

No doubt we will soon end up like Iran with battalions of women dressed in full burkha’s that are neither use nor ornament, just as soon as the Justice Minister and Defence Minister are Muslims.

I am sure that the women pictured may look good and serve an excellent propaganda victory for the regime but in reality a short sprint would be beyond them. Not to mention that the fact that they cannot see what is at the side of them, let alone behind them, could well cost them their life.

It would almost be amusing if it were not a sign of things to come.

Adolf Hitler alive and in Britain

Adolf Hitler has been discovered alive and well and living in Barnet. The spry 119 year old WWII veteran still wears his uniform with pride although he claims to be a reformed character. Adolf’s lawyer said he wouldn’t comment on claims that he was responsible for the deaths of more than six million people.

Both Israel and Germany have put in extradition requests to try the former German dictator for war crimes but the Home Secretary today confirmed that these requests would be denied. He said:

“To extradite Mr. Hitler would be a breach of his human rights, and therefore we must refuse.”

Of course I totally made all of the above up; but apart from Hitler still being alive at 119, it’s not all that unbelievable. In Britain we don’t extradite anyone, ever, for any reason whatsoever, except of course British citizens, like the Natwest Three, or hacker Gary McKinnon.

If you’re a foreign born terrorist though, you’re quite safe, no matter what you’ve done or how you came to be here. Dictators, such as Pinochet, will also find Britain to be a safe haven.
Surviving Iranian Embassy siege gunman freed to enjoy life of sight-seeing on benefits | Mail Online

On a trip out in London just days after being freed from jail, this is the only terrorist to survive the Iranian Embassy siege – enjoying his new life on benefits.

Yes amazingly, one of the men responsible for perhaps the most infamous terrorist siege of the 1980s, is being allowed to remain here, on benefits, for life! This isn’t a one off though. Six Afghans who hijacked a plane to Stansted Airport were placed in prison, briefly, before being allowed to remain here, on benefits.

Abu Qatada is another example, as is Yasser Al-Sirri, both of whom are on benefits, and of course the infamous Abu Hamza, well at least until the Americans wanted him. Which is another point, why is that whomever the Americans request, they get, but no one else is ever handed over to another country? And if this is the only avenue open why the hell don’t we make use of it and hand the likes of Abu Qatada, Yasser Al-Sirri and all the others over to America? They have Guantanomo bay after all.

As for Fowzi Nejad:

“He was completely understanding that what he did was wrong. He has apologised to those people who were involved. He is completely reformed.”

Who gives a shit? What about the two people that he killed? They didn’t get the chance to reform their characters or do anything else with their lives, they are dead and unfortunately, sorry just doesn’t cut it for dead people.

He’s an Iranian, he does not belong here, he has no reason to be here, he’s a criminal and after all there is no place like home.

The Home Office said it could not comment but a Whitehall insider said Nejad was eligible for a full range of benefits including free housing, council tax benefits and jobseeker’s allowance, which could total more than £1,000 a month.

Well Iran’s OK I’m sure, but I bet that it doesn’t pay quite as well as Britain. £1,000 a month for doing nothing. We may has well hang a sign up.

The ironic thing is Nejad was almost killed too, he made it outside by posing as a hostage and when exposed was almost dragged back inside to be despatched by the SAS. Sadly the reaction of the hostages and the possible media reaction stayed their hand. Bet they wish they’d kept their mouths shut now and let the SAS do their job. 

As one hostage later said,

“To me it doesn’t matter whether they were armed or unarmed. They were terrorists.”

Precisely, they showed no such compunction when shooting the unarmed hostages, why give them the same respect? Now we are all paying for this terrorist to live the life of Riley. Still, I shouldn’t complain, what’s one more convicted terrorists living on benefits these days?

Keith ‘Back Hand’ Vaz at it again!

Some things never surprise me, and Keith Vaz under investigation for corruption, abusing his position or taking back handers does not surprise me in the slightest. What does surprise me is that he seems to be part of this bizarre conspiracy involving the Met.

vaz Labour MP Keith Vaz faces sleaze inquiry over his outrageous bid to sway judge on behalf of crooked lawyer friend | Mail Online

A senior Labour MP is facing demands for a sleaze inquiry after intervening in a court case on behalf of a party donor.

Vaz has had something of a checkered past. He has been investigated before for taking back handers from another solicitor. The Filkin inquiry eventually cleared him after he had done his utmost to stall the investigation, transfer property into his mothers name and be generally as uncooperative as he possibly could be.

After such a close call you’d think that Vaz would keep his nose clean, but no, Keith seems to view himself as untouchable. Before the Filkin inquiry had finished he was in trouble again for helping the Hinduja brothers, and many other Asians, attain a British passport and was also found to have colluded with his wife to hide payments from the Hinduja brothers.

Vaz also tried to get a member of the public arrested for complaining about him, by incredibly lying about a telephone call to the police. This was clearly designed to intimidate the member of the public and make them appear to be some sort of nutter with a bizarre grudge against him.

Fortunately said member of the public was former deputy head of Special Branch, Eileen Eggington and Vaz’s lies were exposed. A Commons Committee concluded:

“Mr Vaz recklessly made a damaging allegation against Miss Eggington, which was not true and which could have intimidated Miss Eggington and undermined her credibility.”

Yet all the ego maniac received was a one month suspension. It doesn’t end there.

Next there was the Nadhmi Auchi scandal, where Vaz once again did favours for a rich businessman. Vaz was a director of one of Auchi’s companies and tried to help him avoid extradition to France, he failed and Auchi was convicted of fraud.

It was becoming clear that Keith Vaz was for sale and that he only had two stipulations, those he helped had to be rich, and brown.

Despite all this Keith Vaz is still an MP and has even been promoted since his lying and corruption were exposed.

dizaei This latest incident involves another rich Asian businessman, convicted fraudster and suspect solicitor Shahrokh Mireskandari. Mireskandari has also represented the Hindujas as well as Auchi. He is currently the ‘brains’ behind Tarique Ghaffur’s claim of racial discrimination against Commissioner Sir Ian Blair. As well as being a close friend of Ali Dizaei, a commander in the Met and president of the National Non-White Black Police Association.

Vaz has apparently written to the Judge asking him to stop a case that was looking like it was going against his sponsor. When questioned about this, his response was:

“…he does not have a close relationship with Mireskandari and that his dealings with him were solely motivated by concerns for ethnic-minority lawyers.”

So that’s OK then, Vaz chooses his causes based purely on race (and of course money), surely that is racist? Which may explain why Vaz played the race card when his friend (that he doesn’t acknowledge) and his law firm were being investigated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority after a series of complaints by former clients.

“Vaz wrote to the SRA, the professional watchdog which was looking at a number of complaints by Mireskandari’s clients. A ‘concerned’ Vaz demanded an urgent answer from the SRA to the alleged ‘prejudicial and discriminatory conduct’ against Dean and Dean.”

Ironically two out of three of Dean and Dean’s partners are white, the third is of course Mireskandari, Vaz’s friend that is not a friend. Racism? Or are the SRA just doing their job, after all Mireskandari is a convicted fraudster, just like another of Vaz’s friends.

It seems to be a recurring theme with this cadre of public servants, when all else fails – scream racism! It is becoming a tired excuse for people like Dizaei, Ghaffur, Vaz and Mireskandari to explain why they can’t achieve what they believe they are entitled to.  Sadly this is making genuine victims of racism look like the boy who cried wolf.

Dizaei, who has blamed racism for every single one of his investigations, and probably anything else that goes wrong in his life, now has three investigations into his conduct, and may finally get the punishment he deserved five years ago.

“…Mireskandari had secretly employed Dizaei as a defence consultant to undermine a Met investigation into one of Dean and Dean’s clients, an Eastern European woman charged with death by dangerous driving and attempting to pervert the course of justice.”

This triumvirate seem to think that they have Britain all sown up and can do as they please, but the Judge in the Mireskandari’s case clearly didn’t agree.

“…extraordinary letter which Vaz wrote to the High Court this year. In it he asked that a case involving Mireskandari be adjourned, pending investigations into the lawyer’s complaints [of racism] against two judges previously involved in the case.”

Extraordinary doesn’t quite cover it; like Ghaffur, Vaz thinks that all he need do is mention the word racism to get what he wants (or what he has been paid for).

“At the bad-tempered meeting Vaz attacked the SRA leadership and demanded that the body stop investigating ethnic-minority lawyers.”

Such is Vaz’s ego, he thinks that he has it in his power to make all non whites untouchable. Having the nerve to demand that the regulatory body for solicitors should stop investigation non white solicitors and basically only investigate white solicitors!

Perhaps realising (although I doubt it) that it may be a bit much to ask he went on to suggest:

“…that the National Black Police Association  –  headed by Mireskandari’s friend Dizaei  –  should work alongside the lawyers’ watchdog”

How can this man get away with suggesting that an organisation for non whites only, should be allowed to work alongside the solicitors regulators, which is meant to be an impartial organisation. Vaz would have been the first to complain had someone made the equally absurd suggestion that the BNP work alongside the SRA.

Now this bizarre network of racist non whites has finally been exposed, most of whom are public servants, they should be at the very least sacked, better yet prosecuted.

Dizaei has shown the National Black Police Association up for what it is, a way for non whites to get ahead through any means necessary; and clearly displayed that it is dominated by corrupt officers who are only interested in power and lining their own pockets.

This and Ghaffur’s lawyer have shown that his case against the Met is based on greed and ego rather than substance, and that his ‘gardening leave’ should be changed to ‘detained at her Majesty’s Pleasure’. 

As for Vaz; time and again he has shown complete contempt for the tax payer forcing a costly investigation to see whether the SRA is racist merely to save his friend; and is clearly only in office to reap the financial rewards that his influence can bring. I am amazed that the man is still elected, but I suppose this is because he pays lip service to ‘Asian or Black Issues’ in an area where almost 40% of the population are non white, all whilst lining his own pockets.

Hopefully this will be the end of Keith Vaz and his coterie of racist self serving ‘community’ servants as Vince Cable stated:

“I am not aware of any other precedent in modern times of politicians seeking to influence a member of the judiciary in this way. It raises serious questions about conduct.”

A man who behaves like this has no place in the House of Parliament, and that really is saying something.

Iranians Kill British Troops

Iran paid unemployed Iraqi’s to attack British troops in Iraq, according to a leaked Government document.

“The document states that the Jaish al-Mahdi (JAM) – also known as the Mahdi Army – one of the most violent insurgent groups operating in Basra, used money from Iran to recruit and pay young unemployed men up to $300 (£150) a month to carry out attacks against the British. The findings have been passed to the highest levels in the military.”

Well this isn’t really a surprise, although Iran has denied it many times it has always been pretty clear that the Iranians were sponsoring the insurgents in Iraq. Iran has been fighting a propaganda war both inside Iraq and also within Iran itself ever since the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

After all it simply doesn’t do much for the Iranian view of Islamic superiority when its neighbour, against whom Iran itself fought a decade long war with but failed to make any sort of impression against, is humbled by Western armies.

Afraid to take any kind of direct action, the Iranians have resorted to propaganda tricks and paying others to do their fighting for them.

A shame that the British Government hasn’t taken any direct action against Iran either, even after the incident with the sailors and Iran’s failure to hand over the boat and equipment that they stole, and then paraded it around Tehran dressed as British soldiers!

Now that this information has been made public, pressure will mount on the Government to do something, and something worthwhile that shows that Britain still has teeth. Paying insurgents to kill serving members of an army of a sovereign nation, by another sovereign nation could be construed as an act of war.

After recent disastrous election results, Labour is in the worst state it has been in for years, not to mention the fact that nobody likes Gordon Brown, so this could be a perfect opportunity for them to restore pride in Britain and the Labour party again. Targeted air strikes against Iran’s revolutionary guards will show Iran that Britain still has some balls. Gordon Brown could also demonstrate that there are plus points to his dour nature.

Of course the reality is more likely to be David Milliband getting his notepad and pencil out of his satchel and writing a stern letter to the Iranians.