75% of New Jobs Go To Foreign Workers

Illegal Immigrants

Immigrants in France: One immigrant indicates to the others just where the land of free houses, free benefits and no deportation is.

Number of long term unemployed young people soars by 42% | Mail Online

The largest rise in employment for more than 21 years was mainly down to the influx of foreign workers, campaigners said today.

These kinds of statistics keep coming, and yet there are many people in the UK who still see any form of stemming the immigrant tide as wrong. The fact is that unless we do something soon, a whole generation of young Britons will be terminally unemployed.

But the data from the Office for National Statistics reveals about three-quarters of this increase was due to workers born outside the UK.

We are constantly told that Britain needs the brightest and the best from around the world, and yet our prisons seem to paint a different picture, clearly we are not getting the cream, we are getting the chaff, those willing to work for low wages, ignorant of their rights and ripe to be taken advantage of.

The old excuse that these foreign workers are taking jobs that British people don’t want is false, British workers are either never offered the choice, or being hamstrung by successive Government’s poor education and support.

Meanwhile, the number of young people trapped in long-term unemployment has soared by 41.9 per cent in the last year, it emerged today.

That is a staggering rise in one year, clearly there is a problem of young people leaving school and not being able to get a job, and this cannot be helped by a massive influx of foreign workers willing to work for a lower wage. Once these youngsters leave school and are unable to find work, chances are they will be out of work for years, if not permanently.

The figures fuel fears that tens of thousands of young people have never had a job and risk being caught in an inescapable unemployment trap.

The numbers of people coming to the UK is only increasing; the Government talks of caps but it cannot cap those coming from inside the EU, and the EU just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Not only are we going to end up with a generation of eligible workers who have never worked, but we’ll be paying their benefits too. It really does defy logic that so many people in the UK, including those in Government, think that it is acceptable to allow so many foreign workers to come here to take jobs from British workers, and then pay the British workers to sit on their arses.

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