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Conservative Dynasty

Roland Spencer - Leader of the Conservative Group and Gedling Borough Council

Roland Spencer: Head of House Spencer and although the opportunity to be an MP came too late for him, he has ensured his son can take it.

Just to prove that I am not biased, at least not entirely, I thought I'd best look at the Conservative candidate for my area, Mark Spencer. Mark Spencer comes from something of a Conservative dynasty, his father Roland stood for election in 1997 and lost against Paddy Tipping, the current incumbent, who has decided to stand down. 

Roland Spencer lives in a large house in a particularly affluent area, close to me in fact, and made his money in construction and property development. He's been a local councillor since the mid-80s, a former mayor and is currently the leader of the local council, and has been since 2006 and is the current Leader of the Conservative Group.  Mark Spencer's political pedigree however doesn't end there. 


Gedling Borough Councillor - Jennifer Jean Spencer

Jennifer Jean Spencer - Matriarch of House Spencer

His mother Jennifer Jane Spencer is also serving on the local council, was also Mayor (15 years after her husband), and current 'Business Champion', whatever that means! With his parents, is it any surprise that he has been selected as the local Conservative Parliamentary Candidate?

Mark Spencer himself is no newbie to politics, elected to local council in 2003, and regional in 2005 (Nottinghamshire County Council), he's been at this for a while and is aiming for a hat-trick of local, regional and national seats. 

I have met Roland Spencer and he's a decent and likeable enough chap, but you don't get out of the property development business during the boom years and into politics unless there's money in it, and you don't set your wife and son onto your career path, unless there's a decent living in it. 

Perhaps it is because I am a staunch Monarchist, but there is something that I find distasteful about powerful families, or at least more than one in any nation, and for one family to hold all the power in one region is a little troubling. Should Mark Spencer be elected, the Spencer's would have the local council and constituency sown up. 


Councillor and prospective MP - Mark Spencer

Mark Spencer: Heir Apparent of House Spencer, with his eyes on a bigger prize

Perhaps this power and money explains why Mark Spencer's leaflet was on A3 paper, whereas all the others (Labour, UKIP, BNP, none from Lib-Dems yet) were on standard A5. The leaflet has the Conservative slogan of Change emblazoned across the top, but like the Conservatives and Cameron in general, it is eye catching and looks the part, but offers precious little in terms of substance.

But at least his leaflet was the right one, the BNP were kind enough to send me a leaflet for an area that I do not live in and for a candidate I cannot vote for. Hardly inspires confidence when everyone else has managed it correctly. 

Like the other leaflets I've received, the Conservative one only further convinced me that politics in Britain is broken, full of corruption and nepotism and only really serving the interests of those elected, not the electorate. 

Who are the fascists?

Weyman Bennett

Weyman Bennett: A thug masquerading as a do-gooder?

Anti-Fascists Charged After Bolton Protest | BBC News

An anti-fascist campaigner has been charged after clashes involving police and thousands of protesters in Bolton.

It seems quite ironic that for some time now in the EDL Vs UAF face offs, it has been the UAF that has been getting increasingly violent, with 55 out of the 65 arrests made at the protest coming from the Unite Against Fascism group.

Odd when you consider the make up of the two groups of antagonists.

I will beat you until you submit to my viewpoint

The EDL (English Defence League) seem to mainly be made up of football fans/thugs and although predominately white, from the pictures seem to include people of all colours.

The also predominately white, UAF, appears to be made up of the young, old and one would think decent, if not misguided members of soceity, rather than the all day pub dwellers of the EDL. Yet with each protests the UAF are becoming increasingly violent, even against the police:

‘Today in Bolton we have seen groups of people, predominantly associated with the UAF, engaging in violent confrontation. It is clear to me that a large number have attended with the sole intention of committing disorder and their actions have been wholly unacceptable. Turning their anger on to police officers, they acted with, at times, extreme violence and their actions led to injuries to police officers, protesters and members of the public.’
Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan, from Greater Manchester Police

Scathing remarks from the police and not what you’d expect from the anti-fascists, but something that seems to be becoming increasingly common amongst the left leaning, ‘I am right no matter what..’ brigade.

First they scream at you, then they attack you for not coming around to their way of thinking.

Racist Police

Bennett, predictably, had a lot to say on his release, he didn’t actually say that the police were a bunch of racists, but that is certainly what he implied:

“I have been to more than 200 demos and never been arrested. There is no evidence against me. This is not a good sign for democracy. Officers came up to me as soon as I arrived and said they would arrest me. They are hostile to anti-racists and there needs to be an investigation. Police neutrality needs to be questioned.”

Yes, his noble stand would have perhaps carried a little more weight had he not added No Retreat, a book about confronting Fascists and their supporters with violence, to his Amazon wish list just a few days ago.

Weyman Bennett arrested

A totally innocent Weyman Bennett is led away by police

Clearly with 55 arrests, some kind of violent action had been planned, and he has been charged with Conspiracy to Organise Violent Behaviour.

I’ve long been suspicious of this organisation, they seem to crop up everywhere, and claim to be protesting on everyone’s behalf and claim to have decent aims. Yet each time they get an outing they appear to be nothing more than a rent-a-mob.

The group removed a wreath that was laid at a War Memorial on Annual Holocaust Memorial Day, because they didn’t agree with the person that had laid it there (a BNP Councillor). They then justified this by stating that they don’t approve of Fascism.

One of the UAF protesters at Bolton was an 89 year old war veteran, clearly unaware of the UAF habit of removing wreaths from war memorials.

If their aims are noble, their means clearly are not and I hope this is the beginning of the end of Weyman Bennett’s misguided mob.

Welsh Want a Big Dragon To Scare the English

Welsh Dragon

Welsh Dragon: The Welsh want to build a 200ft dragon to celebrate their achievements, but they are building it now, just in case they ever have any.

The 200ft dragon set to become the tallest sculpture in Britain | Mail Online

His gaze fixed towards England across the border, this ferocious dragon could be Wales’s answer to the Statue of Liberty or the Angel of the North.

This is the most ridiculous thing that I have heard in my life. What a complete waste of time and money and a totally pathetic symbol of a nation. I don’t think that there could be a more incongruous match between an animal and a people than this.

I mean, a white horse standing in a field? What were they thinking? At least the Welsh dragon has some class, but if the white horse was meant to represent England (or should that be Britain, as anything the English have is British, but anything the Welsh and Scots have is their own), then why a placid white horse? Or is that the point?

England should have a symbol that means something, like a roaring lion, even a statue of Boadicea not some lame horse that isn’t even rearing.

Welsh Dragon

Despite this, I do actually think that the Welsh dragon is a good idea. Something monumental, and something to be proud of, and not some useless junk modern sculpture (like the Angel of the North). We seem to so rarely build meaningful and long lasting monuments these days, other than modern, or abstract ones that won’t last more than a few decades.

But I do believe that they should pay for it themselves, i.e. in Welsh, not British (i.e. English) taxes as it inevitably will be.

However the part that I do not agree with is the ‘gazing menacingly toward England’ as that just takes things into the realms of complete fantasy, to even make such a thing even slightly believable, they are going to need a much bigger dragon, much bigger.

Sadly, I think that this will be little more than a pipe dream for Simon Wingett, which really will be a shame, I’d have loved to have seen it.

The BNP might be racist, but are they the only option?

Nick Griffin: Barmy and not helped by his mad eyed look

BBC NEWS | Politics | Griffin complaint over BBC ‘mob’

BNP leader Nick Griffin is to complain to the BBC over his controversial appearance on Question Time, saying he had faced a “lynch mob”.

I have to admit that this was the strangest question time that I have ever seen, and also the most compelling.

I cannot have been the only one wondering what the crazy one-eyed racist was going to do, and then, when it was clear that Gordon Brown was not going to try and block Question Time, what Griffin would do.

Was it a lynch mob? Of course, but then what did Nick Griffin expect? Whether he believes that he was hard done by and it was biased, these were the questions that the public wanted answering.

The Racist

In the end Griffin came across and a slightly bonkers, babbling buffoon. By the end he seemed to become more and more unhinged and was almost frothing at the mouth. Initially the man came across like the unpopular kid at school, desperately trying to get in with the cool gang by laughing at their jokes, hanging around and behaving in a generally awkward and unsettling manner.

He was shaking at the off and looked terrified, but then, this wasn’t the usual working men’s club full of uneducated underclass, this was the big table. His lies, such as denying he said things, when the video footage was clearly available, and deflecting questions, weren’t going to wash here, and that appeared to be what worried him.

It was a poor performance overall and he managed to demonstrate that his moderate stance was a façade, merely hiding his deep seated hatred. The BBC must have been rubbing their hands in glee when they placed him next to black intellectual, Bonnie Greer, a person who, under Griffin’s true White Supremacist views, cannot exist.

That said, despite his views the monster behaved and treated Greer as an equal. The same cannot be said of Greer who thought it appropriate to turn her back on him throughout the programme, clearly under the impression that being disrespectful to someone because of their views, is different from being disrespectful to someone because of their colour. Prejudice is prejudice and it was clearly an ill thought out move on the part of Greer.

In Britain, at least in my day, we were brought up to respect the views of others, even if we disagreed with them, and treating someone with contempt merely because of their views is wrong. I would never do the same to a Global Warming nut.


Youseff Bashir and people like him hate Britain, its culture and all it stands for

Despite all Griffin’s failings, his ravings, his inexplicable fits of laughter and disturbed appearance, had he changed ‘race’ to culture, I would have agreed with most of what he said. Does that make me a racist? Moreover, do I care – no. If protecting my culture upsets others – tough, their culture is no doubt protected elsewhere, mine is not. There is a creeping realisation in Britain, predominately but not exclusively amongst whites, that their culture is being eroded.

In schools Christmas is no longer celebrated, but Divali and Eid are. Anything Christian or traditionally British is deemed either too white, or worse, racist. Which is of course dressed up in buzz words such as divisive, or not inclusive or diverse enough.

Griffin’s remark:

“They must acknowledge that Britain always has been, and must remain – and it’s right that it must remain – a fundamentally British and Christian country based on Western democratic values and not on the eternal values of the Qu’ran.”

Is something that many, many people agree with. I am not a Christian, but the Christian values that this country is based on, or at least were during my youth, have made me the person that I am today, hard working and law abiding. I haven’t moved to another country, I still live in the same country that my ancestors did, so why should those core values change, or indeed why should I need to change?

The point is that I shouldn’t, but we are being brow beaten into accepting other cultures being superior to our own and those that speak out are branded racist xenophobes. The problem is that there is no middle ground, there is no one else tackling these issues other than the BNP, the other parties are running scared as after 50 years of promoting ‘multicultural diversity’ they have no idea what British is anymore and are terrified of upsetting a minority.

As a black man pointed out on the show (demonstrating once again that this isn’t just a ‘white’ or ‘race’ issue), it is because no one wants to tackle immigration that the BNP are becoming more popular. They are the only ones talking of preserving British culture.


Marek Harcar: Despite having numerous convictions for violence he had no trouble getting into Britain to commit murder. Of course now deporting him would breach his human rights!

I have never heard a convincing argument for a multicultural society. Ironically Bonnie Greer pointed out Rome as a multicultural society that flourished, stating that anyone could become a Roman citizen, regardless of race. Which was true, if they were prepared to serve a decade or more in the army. A test of loyalty and dedication that we should perhaps employ in modern Britain, that way, at least the Gurkha’s who seem to be the only people not allowed to settle here, would be allowed to settle here.

Rome eventually fell due to multiculturalism, the advantages gained by the Marius reforms were slowly diluted as more and more cultures were absorbed into the Empire and the army. By the end the Roman army was a pale shadow of its former self, Rome itself had lost many of its ideals, beliefs (adopting Christianity as the official religion for one), culture and military ethos. In the end relying on other hardy and warlike people to do the fighting for them, who then eventually turned on the weak Romans. After all, why continue to fight to protect the weak Roman culture,  when their own was superior?

There are many obvious parallels to be drawn between Rome and modern Britain but no positives that I can see. Baroness Warsi also tried to explain the positives of multiculturalism/immigration stating that ‘Britain should have the brightest and the best here’, sadly for Warsi and the other proponents of multi-ethnic Britain, it is the polar opposite that is actually happening.

We are getting the criminals, the lazy and the dregs of other societies landing here, people whom, if they were British citizens, would not get in anywhere else but here they are most welcome. People like Marek Harcar and Ali Majlat, who, when arrested,  the police in their home nations were gob smacked that they were ever allowed here. So easy is it to come here that Interpol believes that many of Europe’s most wanted criminals are hiding in plain sight in Britain.

Currently almost 20% of all the criminals locked up in British prisons are foreign nationals, and more than 20% of all British murderers are foreign nationals, this ridiculous situation cannot be allowed to continue.

Baroness Warsi and Jack Straw seemed to like the expression, ‘We cannot just pull up the drawbridge..’, well I’d like to know, if they don’t think they should pull it up now with a quarter of all criminals in Britain immigrants, just when they think it would be a good time to do so? When 50% of prisoners are foreign nationals? 80%? Or when the rest of the world decides to use as a huge Alcatraz and walls us all in?

Deporting those that have no business being here, and stopping immigrants from entering this country would cut the crime and murder rates by 20%, who would not think that was a good idea? People like Jack Straw who have round the clock protection and live in areas not affected by crime. Let’s be honest here, immigrants don’t move to the sort of areas that MPs live in, and they are not eligible for their jobs!

Jack ‘Not in the Face’ Straw

Jack Straw: Teary eyed, like his father was at the thought of having to fight those nasty Nazi’s.

I thought that Jack Straw was quite a decent, opened minded bloke, but I found his talk about Churchill and the Nazi’s sickening. He then later brought up the fact that he was from a family of Jewish immigrants, which made it all the more startling that his father had decided to sit out World War II, and leave the fighting to people like my family.

My grandfather’s brother died protecting Jack Straw’s cowardly father, yet my grandfather is a pensioner struggling on the breadline, whilst Straw, never having had to lift a finger to protect his comforts nor make the ultimate sacrifice like so many others, is now sitting pretty. 

It disgusted me that he thought it OK to lecture someone else about the war, when his family did not make the sacrifices that others did, did not do their duty like others did, but reaped more of the benefits than many of the others. He tried to use his family history to point out positives of immigration but all it did was bury the argument, Straw’s family and father were content to take all the benefits of living in Britain, but not fight to defend those freedoms. Which begs the question of whether modern immigrants would follow the Straw example of loyalty.

Because that loyalty could not be relied upon, during the war in which Straw’s dad excused himself, World War II, they rounded up all the Germans in Britain and kept them in prison camps. The Americans did the same with the Japanese. Today, it would be impossible. With Britain likely to get sucked into a war in Pakistan, and with Pakistan the country of origin for most immigrants in Britain, and also most foreign nationals languishing in prison, it could be a security disaster. Indeed so lax are things here, Al Qaeda or the Taliban could very well run their war from Britain, with less fear of getting caught or even deported if they were.

Much as Straw and the others would have us think that these are simply race issues, they are not. It isn’t just a case of black and white, there are a myriad of issues to do with immigration and not least the erosion of our culture and values but also issues of security, stability and crime. The more that politicians dodge this issue, a fact which was very clear on Question Time once again, the more people will move to the BNP.

Our political leaders have basically said that it is their way or the highway, and I’m not for doing it their way.

King’s Racist Rant, Caused by Racist Whites

King talks to ‘greasy wop’ England Manager, Capello

Don’t you know who I am? England and Spurs star Ledley King’s jibe as he is arrested | Mail Online

England footballer Ledley King was arrested after an alleged racist attack on a bouncer.

Racism is an ugly word, a word that these days is bandied around all too frequently; however in Ledley Kings case I don’t think it was used enough.

racism is racism

I often hear it said that black people, or any person that is non white, cannot be racist. As if, by virtue of their skin colour, they are immune to such abhorrent thoughts; even though the very implication that only white people can be racist, is, in itself, racist.

Ledley King was kind enough to give us an example of just how racist some non-whites can be and then played the non white racist’s trump card – calling the nearest white person racist! Ledley King claimed afterwards that the reason he got so angry was because the white doorman would not let him enter the club because he was black!

Not content will calling one Asian bouncer a ‘fat paki’, he also called the nearest white bouncer a ‘balding white cunt’. Now let’s put this in perspective, had anyone called King a ‘balding black cunt,’ or ‘fat nigger,’ there’d be hell to pay. Had it been the bouncers, they’d be out of a job, if not facing charges.

King with ‘one eyed Jock’, British PM Gordon Brown

Yet after losing a couple of weeks wages, King will be back playing for Spurs and England, as if nothing happened. Had it been a white footballer, he’d have become a pariah. His career would be effectively ended as no one would want to touch him with a barge pole.

The FA has spent a fortune and enlisted many top stars trying to stamp out racism within football; launching campaigns such as ‘Stand up, Speak Up’ campaign and the Kick It Out campaign as well as the Show Racism the Red Card campaign, of which Ledley King was part of and a patron of, and which was shown in videos in schools. The FA claims to be intolerant of racism in any form.

The hypocrisy of Ledley King taking part in such a campaign is clear, he may well be against racism in any form whilst sober, but after a few drinks and when out with his mates, he is as racist as they come. As yet, I have not heard of the FA taking any action against him.

Racism in education

I found the Show Racism The Red Card videos on racism used by teachers a little unsettling. Ledley King, who apparently featured in the videos, is now conspicuous by his absence but the video still managed to raise my eyebrows.

Gary Lineker helpfully points out that white people have always been racist, what with them keeping slaves, and generally treating black people poorly. Despite the fact that black people themselves were keeping other blacks as slaves long before whites came along. He then points out that racism is part of our history, with the persecution of Jews and gypsies whilst showing images of the holocaust, despite the fact that this was German history and that tarring all whites with the same brush is, well, racist.

There is no mention of the fact that millions of white people from this country, alongside thousands of others of different colours and creeds, fought against such actions. Of course not, the indoctrination and white guilt trip start early these days. White people are racist, have always been racist and should be ashamed of themselves. No wonder non whites kids grow up thinking that only white people can be racist.

It is quite shocking to think that our children are getting this warped view of history, and not helped by the fact the very people that are recounting stories of racism that they were subjected to in the videos, are the same people perpertrating racism in the papers.