Bear Grylls a fraud?

TV ‘survival king’ stayed in hotels – Times Online

“But an adviser to Born Survivor has disclosed that at one location where the adventurer claimed to be a “real life Robin-son Crusoe” trapped on “a desert island”, he was actually on an outlying part of the Hawaiian archipelago and spent nights at a motel.”

I was always a bit suspicious of Mr ‘Bear’ Grylls (just why did he call himself Bear?), and wondered whether he really was out there all alone at night, I mean in some cases it was pretty dangerous, especially in ‘Bear Country’. Nevertheless I enjoyed the programme.

Now it turns out that he may actually have stayed in hotels and:

‘…..he actually slept some nights with the crew in a lodge fitted with television and internet access. The Pines Resort at Bass Lake is advertised as “a cosy getaway for families” with blueberry pancakes for breakfast.’

Blueberry pancakes? Hardly the constant battle against hunger that was implied in the programme. To be fair though the filming probably takes place over several days, if not longer so it is inevitable that he will spend some of that eating normally and in some kind of comfort. He can’t spend all that time half starving in the wilderness, but he could at least make more of an effort to rough it, even Ray Mears’ film crew sleeps rougher than that.

Ray Mears must be rubbing his hands in glee now that the pretender to his throne of ‘Survival King’ seems to have been exposed as a bit of a nancy boy. It is mentioned several times that Bear Grylls served in the SAS, but let’s not forget that it was Ray Mears that taught the SAS everything that they know. Well perhaps not everything, but he certainly taught the SAS survival skills during the 1980s and 90s. Bear may well have been one of his students. Ray Mears is clearly the genuine article.

I watched the programme in the Sierra Nevada, where he killed a rabbit or a hare by throwing a large stick at it’s head and smashing the animals skull in. I thought that was excellent and a great shot, now I wondering whether the rabbit was in fact already dead and the event was just cleverly edited with a great sound effect.

As I said I enjoyed the programme but now that doubts have been placed in my mind I am probably going to spend the rest of the next series, assuming that there is one, wondering what is real and what is staged. A shame really.

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  1. Bear was in the “21 SAS”, which is really a reserve unit of the Territorial Army (TA), not normal SAS. It’s called “Artists’ Rifles”; google it.

    As for the rabbit, at what appears to be at least two feet from head to tail with only brown on the back, it’s too large and too white to be a cottontail like he claims. It’s a close match for a number of domestic breeds, though, which tend to be larger and have worse camouflage than wild rabbits.

    • 21 SAS are a reserve unit, you are right. Did you know that 22 SAS were formed from members of 21 SAS. They have to pass the same rigorous selection process as 22 SAS, it just takes the reserves longer to complete (12 months). They are currently out in Afghanistan fighting the SAME WAR as 22 SAS. Members of 21 SAS have the oppurtunity to become members of 22 SAS, just as Chris Ryan did. They are definately not to be sniggered at! Maybe you should give it a go before commenting on the subject?

      • i love to see these nancy boy wankers do selection for 21 sas bunch of twats. ex 3 para and french foriegn legion.

      • I have yet to see and hear other members of the SAS/SBS Go on about themselves in the same way Mr Grills does…
        I have served in the military and found these guys are always very quiet with nothing to prove..!

        A little bit like Ray Mears you might say. Lol.

  2. Thanks for that, I did Google them and saw that fellow members have been David Davies MP and Noel Coward! Seems I may have been closer to the mark than I realised with the nancy boy comment.

    That is even worse than I thought with the rabbit, to use a tame one with little or no idea of self preservation. Hardly sporting.

    • You sound like such a disrespectful wanker right now, how do you know their ‘nancy’ then? You try passing selection, then comment dick head!

      • I might be a little too old for passing selection these days. As for the nancy boy comment, does having past members such as Noel Coward and David Davis alter your perception of 21 SAS at all? Certainly makes me think I would have had more chance of passing selection than I had previously believed.

        As for being a disrespectful wanker – well pot, kettle and black spring to mind.

    • You average commoners make me laugh. These crack units in WW2 were lead by Gentlemen (eg Norsk Hydro etc). The cool looking mouthy gobshite hero is a FICTION for films you dicks because how could the average man relate to the upper class who lead men into battle, in fact the bravest men are typically the quietest and most reserved (or as you football adoring fashion controlled morons would say – the soft guys). Note all great officers, Normans, Ruperts, Rogers, Winstons, Adolfs, not Bradds, Jakes and craigs or fucking Johnnies….Bravest and greatest explorer ever Ernest Shackleton not Brad Pitt and if you X-factor watching knobs dont know who Ernest was, your the poofs.

  3. Even though 21 SAS is a reserve unit, it is a special forces reserve unit, and not one of regular army. According to a 2003 article in the UK Telegraph, “Regular and territorial SAS units are trained in similar military techniques, such as close quarter battle, jungle warfare, demolitions and communications. The territorial’s wartime role is long-range reconnaissance and this has been their primary function in Afghanistan.”

    Bear passed UK Special Forces Selection and served in 21 SAS for 3 years as a sabre soldier. The Sabre Squadrons are actual fighting units of the SAS.

  4. Thanks for the comment Joe. I guess I just saw names like Noel Coward and several conservative MPs and assumed it was a bit airy fairy.

    I hope the second series is more upfront about what he is and isn’t really doing.

  5. Let’s just clarify things regarding the SAS issue:

    NO BRITISH TA SAS GUY WOULD EVER IMPLY THAT HE WAS PRESENT OR EX SAS. EXCEPT THAT IS FOR MR GRYLLS. ONLY GUYS FROM (22) SAS HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY THAT! Mr Grylls thrives on ignorance and confusion especially regarding his time with the SAS. Let’s make it clear he was part of the Territorial Army – (21) SAS TA. He always says ex SAS or (21) SAS at a push but not the correct title of (21) SAS TA. Shame on you Mr Grylls, you so love to be vague with the truth. For readers out there who really believe Grylls hype that (21) SAS TA is equal to (22) SAS, I say this to you the TA SAS are a very important cog within the Part-Time Territorial Army, some good guys who work very hard alongside their regular civilian jobs but don’t compare them to being badged to (22) SAS. For instance, any guy wanting to join (22) from the TA (21) or (23) has to do full 6 mths intense (22) selection just like any other squaddie, no fast track allowance and very few ever make it, a notable exception was Chris Ryan. So does that say equal to you? Well… obviously Mr Grylls thinks so! Give him his due he’s brilliant at spin and PR, obviously learnt that from his late politician Dad “cash for questions anyone?”

    Grylls is not ex SAS he is ex TA!!! Get a grip people he’s a fantasist! In believing his tripe you are not giving the real (22) SAS guys the genuine respect they deserve. Why on earth did Discovery use him? It’s sure coming back to haunt them now, no (22) SAS guy would be that stupid!

    • Stevie…your wanted at chckout, customer enquiry……I love seeing knobs talk the talk when your probably a big useless poof in some dead end job. Dont you see the guy eating everything but his own shit and jumping out of aircraft, climbing mountains…how hard are these SAS fuckers in the TOP tear you speek of, do they crawl up clouds with their fingernails and beat up atomic warheads – YOU MORON he is tough, tougher than you will ever be you mouthy tosser. Stevie your wanted at the cash desk….

    • stevie just let it go,ive ordered you a new couch and pc chair it shouldnt be long in coming.i guess you have never known or spoken to a person who was actually sas ,because with a post like this your the sort of small minded person they wouldnt give the time of day to.speak to.yes i have every respect for 22 sas and also the reserve units as for bear grylls comes across as a likeable guy with lots of acheivments who,s tv programmes i enjoy watching

    • Except SAS reserves do the same training as regular SAS and serve with them so saying they’re not SAS is an insult
      I’m just wondering what regiment you are or were in to comment

    • Hi steve as a matter of fact I have an old photo taken I believe in 1959 when he received his MM he was stood with Sgt from his stint with royal artillery if I can work out how I’ll copy and send on here . I hav to smile when I read of comments of 21 as doing same course as 22 true but they’re times are longer on the marches plus they do the course over many week ends . Whereby 22 I’d continuous no breaks !!

      Be lucky
      Be Lucky


    Rubbish. Do you actually know any SAS guys or have oyu been reading too many pulp paperbacks?

  7. have to agree with the majority that he is a fraud, it is pretty much staged all the way. I do a lot of outdoors activities, I am good at my thing, and confident enough to say I’m better than Grylls, but I would never claim to be an expert.

    I think the end goal is missed here, the show is about entertainment (not that it is very entertaining – I find it boring and stupid, blown out of proportion).

    22 SAS is the only operational unit I have ever heard of, didn’t even know there was a TA version. So I can’t comment on that. What I will say is that it’s very evident the man is fake from his showmanship, and the fact that he tried to use a bowdrill in the dessert to make a fire and failed, miserably – if he was trained that well he wouldn’t fail.

    He seems to have been shown along the way in the show what to do and how to do it, in between shooting like. He’s an entertainer, and people like him. I don’t, but others do.

    I do, however, have a reignited admiration for Mears. The man is quite simply the most genuine bushcraftsman I have ever seen in action.

    Les Shroud ain’t far behind, but Ray is King of The Jungle so to speak.

    But one thing is for sure, most 22 guys don’t go bragging or showboating like Grylls, and if Grylls was operational as a Sabre, why are there no records of it?

    • for the likes of all you people who wanna run your mouths about people like Bear Grylls, who probably never met the man and just do a little pit of research/ snooping around to get “hard” information about troopers and or former troopers in the regiments, how about people like stevie and all other BLOODY s.o.b’s can piss-off and leave people like alone us alone! you obviously have too much time on your hands for researching so how about trying out for the sas and getting a real taste of true endourance see how tough you blokes really are.

  8. steven andrews

    well judging by all the tripe posted on this site many of you think 21/23 sas are second rate sas wannabee’s?…so i gather its easy to get into the uk special forces is it, let me tell you from my own experiances with 23 sas, the selection is both gruelling and demanding….many of you lot have probably got no experiance with the army apart from watching ultimate force on the tv so when you have done the selection come back and tell me its not an achievement…dick heads.

    • yes totally agree we all know how good 22 sas are but unfortunately all the wannabe,s and have beens or more likely have not beens do not have an idea how good or hard the training for these ta sas units is

  9. I have to agree with steven andrews rather forceful comment.

    There is an awful lot of tripe posted here about this issue.

    Regardless of the reality or otherwise of his shows, Grylls is former 21 SAS and that is an achievement indeed.

    21 and 23 SAS are quality units and the people there are SAS through and through.

    As for him not being ‘real’ as ‘real’ ’22 SAS’ guys don’t go showboating or bragging, are you blind?

    Try looking at the shelf in any bookshop.

    • were you in 23 SAS?

    • Edmund Carrington

      Spot on, Derek….only someone who knows absolutely sod-all about the UKSF would sneer at 21SAS –or other TA units, for that matter. I seriously doubt that any of our so-called survial specialists on this forum have served in HM Forces and I am completely certain that not a one would last a day in SAS, Royal Marines, Para, Brigade of Guards, or frankly, any other regiment. I am a proud to have served in the Royal Navy and respect any man or woman who trains and fights for the UK — including Bear Grylls.

  10. Clearly this is a contentious issue, this is the top post on my blog, almost a year after posting it.

    I suppose it doesn’t really matter whether Grylls was in the SAS proper or not, the point is whether the TV programme is any good.

    Sadly, for me at least, the programme has lost its appeal. I have several episodes from the recent series on my PVR and I just can’t bring myself to watch them. The ones that I have watched I have found to be rather dull. The programme is no longer portrayed as dropping Grylls in some desolate spot and him having to survive, and frankly that was all that made it interesting.

    He claimed that he wasn’t responsible for the editing or the way that the programme was later represented, but I don’t believe that.

    As for it being for health and safety reasons, I don’t believe that either. Ray Mears camps out alone at night.

    Regardless of whether he was in the proper SAS or deserves recognition for it, he isn’t the survival expert that he makes himself out to be. And that is what the programme is all about.

  11. I think we can forgive Bear for making as much money as he has. It’s just TV. Many people have profited from those three letters SAS and many more will continue to profit.

    If people are going to comment on blogs, I suggest the check their facts. 21 SAS was formed before 22 SAS. 21 were the original SAS.

    “21 SAS was active during the Malayan Emergency and in many subsequent conflicts. In 1952, members of the Artists’ Rifles who had been involved in special operations in Malaya formed 22 SAS, the modern special forces regiment – the only time a Territorial Army unit has been used to form a unit in the Regular Army and remain a parent of a regular unit.”

    Also, John “Lofty” Wiseman was the original survival instructor for the SAS not Ray Mears. Ray did do time teaching on the selection but he wasn’t there that long.

    I have served with both regular and TA soldiers and they both play a vital role in gaurding this countries interest both at home and abroad.

    We have just lost 4 of our members (23SAS) in Afghanistan and I think we should give the TA thing a rest.
    It’s “one army” and TA soldiers give their lives just as regular soldiers do.
    Think about the loved ones who will never see them again. Ah, but they are just TA…

  12. I think that you’ll find that they are called reserve, not TA. Having several friends in the ‘Regiment’ some of whom will be attending funerals next week, I know for a fact that 21 and 23 go through the exact same selection and training as 22. They have the same equipment and receive the same pay.

    People seem to think that 22 SAS is some huge operation, when the reality is that they are a very small body of men. Consequently since 2001, at least 50% of 21 and 23 have been deployed in theatre as regular special forces.

    Finally, I’d love any of these ar$eholes on here who say ‘only TA’ to come up to A squadron 23 in Hamilton and have a discussion with some of the ‘weekend warriors’.

  13. Stevie – 21 & 23 SAS are not SAS TA they are known as SAS(V) for volunteers. So if you are going to come on to this site spouting get your facts right then your arguement may be considered worthy of consideration.
    I can confirm from personal experence that selecton is to the same high standard as 22 SAS. The main difference is continuation training that follows the selection process differs to reflect the specific roles of the particular regiment (21, 22 or 23) and/or squadron.

    21 and 23 SAS(V) play an important and integral role in the special forces deployment within the British Army. They are certain not second rate or sub standard special forces soldiers. Their professionalism and dedication is outstanding.

    Unfortunately, from time to time, some loud mouth plays the “I’m ex SAS” card to boost their credibility. Remember Lewis Collins (TV – The Professionals actor)? He was another ex 21 SAS(V) blabber mouth.

    These poor few should not be a measure of the majority of excellent soldiers the exist with 21 and 23 SA(V). They deserve far better than that.

    To the family and friend of those brave guys that paid the ultimate price recently I offer my heartfelt and sincere condolences. May they be be remembered for the good work they have done and their bravery.

  14. You fuckers know fuck all !! Not SAS(V) but SAS(R). R for Reserves. Not ‘A’ Sqn but ‘D’ Sqn. They’ve not been ‘A’ Sqn for years.

    You’re all just a bunch of Walters !!

  15. being ex sas myself i know grylls was braught in very frequently for his expertise and training.

    He was never a member of regiment but a trainer.
    the guy taught us how to survive in the extremes.
    he was not officially sas we used him for training we got used to him and we trhaught of him as a very important member of the team.

    give bear his due he is a damn good survivalist knows his stuff and is god damn reliable.

    bear will never let you down he will keep going and going and going till he dies or drops.

    thats what makes him an integral part of the reg.

    see when the shit hits the fan you can appreciate the guy.

    hes the unsung hero.

    I was a member of 3 regiments starting with argyll and sutherland highlanders then parachute rgt and finally sas.

    some people are natural at certain things people are associated to the sas because they are damn good the best in the country not necessarily millitary.

    we recruit from various sources.

    for example

    i had a fitness instructor who never served a day in the millitary as a soldier.

    people have joined sas without serving as a soldier for different reasons i cant go into.

    bear is damn good survivalist his knowledge is second to none all you have to do is watch his progs and you dont need to ask why was bear associated with sas,

    when it comes right down to it in all our millitary records it only says

    attached to train.

    we are all attached to train

    no one is really through and through sas
    wa are all only attached untill returned to unit.

    • Dear Chris,

      just to set the record straight. If you are or were a member of the SAS family, you should be aware the Bear was a serving Sabre soldier with E sqn, 21 SAS from 1993-1996. I served with him then and have some photos to prove it. His latest book has a picture of us in North Africa coming back from a 3 day patrol, and although not featured in the picture, I was just on the outside of its parimetres.

      • Fish,

        Glad there is someone on here who has actually completed 21 selection – any chance you could just confirm something for me.

        Someone at work the other day told me that the regular SAS and the reserve SAS have to complete the ‘hills’ stage of selection at different speeds (4 km/h for regs, and 3km/h for reservists). I told him that I doubted this, but could you just put the record straight for me please.

        Best regards . . .

  16. wullie brown is my dad

    ex para and associated to sas

    was best pals with hatton

    died in falklands taking a battleship

    dad has told stories of clarks heroics since i was born.

    when i think of sas i think of mr hatton

    im just a punk a wannabe

    someone who tried

    clark hatton is the man

    a decorated and true sas soldier

    the image of sas is mr hatton and he will always have my respect he is the man.

    i was a member but never gifted like that.

    thats what it means to be sas.
    thats the man
    sas himself
    he is sas.
    he has that honour

    william clark hatton

    rambo in the flesh

    mention the name

    see the reaction

    i grew up respecting the man last time i seen him must have been 3 years old

    ma dads best pal

  17. rest in peace mr hatton

    your country appreciates you

    as long as i live you will always be remembered

    thank you mr hatton for your services to your country.

    even in death you give inspiration.

    and to his family, the mans name will live forever.

    thank you.

    we will always apprecite when he has done for his country.

  18. and to look at one of the posts above

    artists in london is officer training

  19. As a former member of 21 SAS, late 60s, I would just like to say that as a civilian doing the SAS selection course , and passing it, is no mean achievement. As confirmed by David Davies on Desert Island Discs this morning. In contrast to members of the regular army, who do nothing else but train to keep fit, the TA boys have to do a full-time job all week and then at the week-ends have to go on the arduous training exercises that eventually leads to the final selection course on the bleak hills of Wales.

  20. Ex 21 SAS (1979-1981) ,never speak about it,never tell anyone…even my wife doesnt know….I dont feel the need to brag and I was trained to keep my mouth shut…old “Bear” should do the same…

    • Guyenne le Chiffe

      You are clearly a liar. By your standards anyone can say they are a member of the SAS. Literally anyone.

    • War is changing on a daliy basis. But just no this. Wer all flesh &blood only it takse a man to go nose tip to tip whilst silenly pushing a razor sharp blade in &up deep in a fellow mans chest while the life &blood run down u bolth. While u smell his breath as he drops. Thats the real truth. Just uwer qwicker. Now hes gone never to hold his baby girl or. Smell his sons piss staind nappy. &all because. Uuuuuuu wer told he was orrrrrr eniemy. &its u or him stand forth and toe the line. It take big bolloks to hold ur fellow man as u pig stick him skin on skin &think he was a incent baby long ago. This wolrd is mad main cause bloody religion. Weve yet to have armagedion. Tis on its way. &me. Im x grenadier gaurds. Now 61 &6″5″ yes a big un. All the bigger to spot. With a laser or suwit sight yes i done my bit. It takes a very big guy to be a gentalman. First. My dad. Was 91 wen he passed away last dec 12/12/2013an x ww2 fighter pilot bashing the japs. But he did getclose enoght to see the whites ove the 21!!!!!!!!! Kills. Up in the fluff &he would not talk about his war flying experiences. Favorit saying. Shut the hangar door god bless him. No guy wants to go to war. Ever. It dont make u a man. Bloody hell wer all only here for 70 years if ur very luky. It takes a massive man to shake his ememis. Hand. Forgive no i dont bellive in forgivng. Actions. Are cos ove ur brian. U think befor u do bad bad. All these guys seem to wantlooking up to. Ther just littel men. Who need to losse ther nappys first &grow up. Stand forthe. I no some sas. The kosikvithc. Brothers. I new them polls. Odd boys. This is a christian country. Full ove undsireables. A big banna boat. Is needed. Not many real guys can kill at close qwarter. Oh yes on a gpmg. Gim py. 762 link. Wen u dont c the guts spray. Now we have flasetes. Compond nitting niddeles bang not operable. Like a dumb dumb round. No chance ove. Surgurie. In ur tum out ur head. Ur gone boy. I &bonifide x solders hate glory seckers. U only die once. Be like spock. Live. Long &prosper. The sas rr just another bunch ove nesshersarrary. Killers. I let me come back in 200/300years time. Mankind may have grown up by then. U go out look at the sky &ask god to talk to u. Ull wait a long time.

  21. I’m married to to an ex (22) SAS B Squad – 18 years who is now with L Det.

    If selection for (21) and (23) is equal to (22) why are they not interchangeable? Only guys from (22) can interchange freely. Guys from (21) and (23) must do and pass full (22) SAS selection before entering.

    My nephew made (23) SAS and failed selection for (22) SAS twice. What looks similar selection on paper in reality is very different.

    That said I’m incredibly proud of both but I think people must accept there is a difference. ‘Horses for courses’ and all that. Also I do feel Bear Grylls has hyped his military career from 3 years part-time SAS TA to 3 years full-time SAS to aid his media career.

    So what does Chris Ryan say about him…?

    “SAS hero Chris Ryan has slammed survival expert Bear Grylls, claiming he’s exaggerated stories about his military record.

    The accusations are the second time Old Etonian Grylls has been criticised this year.

    Rival survivalist Ray Mears labelled him a “boy scout” and a “showman”who uses TV trickery on his programme Born Survivor.

    But the new claims will rock Grylls’ reputation even harder because over-stating service history is deemed taboo in military circles.

    Gulf War veteran Ryan even says he doesn’t believe Grylls broke his back on an SAS operation in Africa.

    And the ex-soldier – who served on the notorious Bravo Two Zero mission in the first Gulf war in Iraq – viciously laid into 34-year-old Grylls for taking the plaudits while real servicemen suffered.

    Ryan explained: “I’ve got respect for Ray Mears because he’s very,very knowledgeable in his craft.

    “Bear Grylls goes on and on about an operation in Africa.

    “He tells people he broke his back on an operation but I don’t know where in Africa he would be doing an operation.

    “Nobody has been able to tell me that. I’ve spoken to several guys who were regimental sergeant majors and instructors in the regimental SAS but none of them could remember this operation.

    “And I just think, ‘F**k you, mate, there’s guys dying in Afghanistan and Iraq. You have to earn that beret’.” “

    • Why on earth would snyone place any stock in what Ryan has to say? Remember, in his book, Ryan slammed a member of the Bravo Two Zero patrol who died and pretty much blamed him for the patrol getting comprised in the first place!

      As a side, to all those who use phrases like “but 21 and 23 are only TA” I challenge any of you to have a pop at selection and see how you do. I guarantee you will do the same distance as 22, and you will suffer from the same blisters and bergan burns. Pass it and then you’ll be qualified to pass comment.

  22. I have the utmost respect for ALL branches of the SAS. Be that British 21, 22 and 23 but also Rhodesian (22C), Australian and New Zealand included. Without the extraordinary efforts of the SAS for the last half century the world would be a much less safe place. They are all heros. As for “Bear” he served in the SAS and whether TA or PF does not change that.

  23. honesty is far more admirable trait from a man than any whispers of the sas ok…. show the world what you can do dont tell the world, you big hairy scary ex sas men! laugh, i nearly shit myself with all this bristling up to one another! man up lads. DCM MM

  24. i served three years in 21sas failed selection first time on the fan dance went straight on next course and passed, ex reg paras and marines also failed, believe me selection is tough, 150 recruits started 12 got badged, as for bear he was on the same para course as myself ok he is a twat but the twat is makeing money out of it all he aint saying anything you cant read in books or find on the net hes just being clever enough to use the name of the regt to help line his pockets, if you dont rate the guy do what i do switch the chanel over and fuck him off

  25. Anyone know any sites to tell me more about 23rd Squadron Etc. Looked at some but they say you can’t have a criminal record?? So i’m fine for the T.A. but maybe not the 23rd? If i passed and could do the job that should’nt make a difference?

  26. Bear Grylls is just doing what he loves for a living, and there is an audience out there who enjoy watching it; I don’t care if the show is planned or edited heavily, I just like watching it, seeing what you could do in those kind of situations. It’s all part of the show wen he says about himself being in the ‘special forces’, and of course it’s to bolster his credibility! Just as he talks about his other achievements, I think it’s important for the programme to let the viewer know that he isn’t just some Eton dreamer who learnt what he knows from a book and has never had to actually put into practice what they’ve learned to survive in the wild, right? I agree it sometimes grates on me when he refers to his time in the SAS(R), but to be honest i’m not even sure he realises people will be annoyed at him for mentioning it. He wasn’t trained to be on TV shows remember. Far more interesting to me regarding judgements of his character, is that is it just me, or does he always appear to be stoned!? Hahaha, gotta love it, even if he is a bit of a twat at the end of the day, he’s just a pretty down to earth guy in reality. Also, someone mentioned the SAS is really only a small group of men… hmm, suddenly it seems everyone on here served with them! I smell bullshit..

  27. My late father served with 21 sas malayan scouts from 48` til 53` one of the originals , not bad for TA eh!!

  28. I understand that his credibility is on the table for debate. That being his SAS background together with his camera crew and so called “in the wild accomodation”. However is it not a good show? Does he not deserve some credit?

    Would anyone know if the network or Bear himself perhaps have made statements regarding this issue?

    Would anyone know if the following or current season of the show is roughed up considering the birth of this issue?

  29. Oh and can anyone give me some info on Ray Mears. Good show? Someone point me in the right direction please.

  30. Jesus, lots of people who’ve served with the SAS here!

    I have not served nowhere, still i feel like Bear Grylls is way tougher then both Ray Mears and Chris ryan due to following:

    I’m 100% sure Ray Mears is not alone either
    Bear Grylls are proven to have climbed Everest, something none of the other two gentlemen have not done.
    I’m also pretty certain Chris Ryan exaggerated his stories aswell 😀

  31. who fucking cares good show

  32. You are all full of shit, here is something for you to think about:

    What Bear Grylls has done in his life… go ahead and copy that, i am sure you will ALL fail.

    And as for the various SAS Regiments, they are all hardcore, and none of you will ever be one of them. Talking shit about them, implying that being with anything but the 22 is an easy task, grow up you jealous pieces of shit.

    Sweet dreams.

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  34. I doubt very much that any of the people on here have served with the sass. If you did you would feel comfortable telling me mr mcnabs real name? No? Didnt think so….

  35. Bear Grylls is great be cause he ENCOURAGES people to go out into nature and enjoy the planet. He is a positive ROLL-MODEL for people to look up to and be inspired by. It is wild to me that people attack a person who is just trying spread happiness. Everyone, take deep breath and relax :).

  36. Well, I can honestly say I’m surprised at the number of ”keyboard warriors” on here…

    Ok, so Bear Grylls is a bit of a show-boat. But he’s making an ‘interesting’ survival series. If he didn’t make it look more exciting, more dangerous than it really is, would make for a bit of boring T.V…

    I am in the military, a full-time regular soldier, and with-held my name for obvious reasons. I am training for the 22 SAS selection process currently, so have a good idea what it’s about.

    The 21 and 23 SAS regiments have to undergo the SAME selection process and training, but in smaller chunks. It’s so that they can work their civvy jobs concurrently. But this also means they can revise, recover and rest between phases. Something which the regular 22 selection recruits CANNOT do. Once they start, they have to muscle through the 6 months in one go.

    What I’m trying to say is, whatever way you look at this, BOTH selection processes are INSANELY tough. Only the very, absolute best are allowed to pass. So for all you warriors out there, fat, pie-eating, beer drinking loosers – men like Bear Grylls MADE something of their lives. He served his country, and put his life on the line.

    Something that you folks just don’t get. So lay off the man. Yeah, he exaggerates, and maybe he should keep it on the down-low, but HE DID IT. Most of you didn’t… Nor would, or could you. It takes real guts, determination, training, and such a tough attitude to pass…

    So c’mon, give him a break. Either that, or YOU pass the 22 selection, then successfully complete more than 3 years service. THEN, and only then do you have the right to shoot-down REAL men like Bear.

    Oh, and grow up.

    • yes i totally agree with these words of wisdom there are plenty of people on here putting down bear grylls who arent good enough to polish his boots jumping on the bandwagon saying he,s not this or not that i watch his programmes and find them very interesting yes they make good television you or any other keyboard warriors cant take away what he has done or achieved as stated why dont you try for the sas or maybe you,d be better trying for another sas sunderland ambulance service

  37. So what if he has? He’s proud of it and likes to tell his stories! He’s a smart guy. Let’s see you do the shit he does!

  38. First up, SAS or not his survival techniques are valid. They are better than being naked, cold and hungry.
    I do think that he should clarify his ‘special forces’ qualifications and give credit where it is due. I’ve known a couple of regular Australian and British army soldiers and one genuine SAS soldier. None of them has ever made any sort of big deal of it.
    It is a selling point tho.
    As an alternate view point check out a guy from the Australian Army Reserve.
    Major Les Hiddins ” The Bush Tucker Man”

  39. Selection is tough.
    Typing is easy.

    • Dear Mr Johnny zero, I repectfully might add that you are bloody wrong. Typing is harder as I broke my fingers during selection.

    • Not for me…I was born literally just a torso…no limbs and with a severely undersized head…nevertheless I endeavoured to use my penis to write here today…because I was in the regiment with Bear…we used to sleep out in the boathouse at Hereford…near the drainage covers…and you can tell that to the Marines x

  40. I dont know why everyone is complaining about if he sleeps in the shitty places. Honestly who cares? At the end of the show its all about entertainment. He is simply showing what to do if you are ever stranded. Who cares what he does when the cameras are off. As long as you are entertained and maybe even learned something I think he is doing it right. And unless you have personally gone thru SAS training who are you to call him out?

  41. it doesnt really matter about any of it. The show is unrealistic cos there are cameras and it is a show .if it was real you would be alone and in the shit and maybe if you were in the sas you would make a better job of it . Bear grylls comes off as a douche though must be that public school education.

  42. Did anyone see the channel 4 programme “Alone in the wild” now that was funny, that guy was a complete tosser.

  43. Slightly off the topic, but has anyone ever tried grilling a bear? I understand that they are possibly a protected species, but they are very good with some soy sauce and egg fried noodles.

    Getting back to this Bear chappy, I am very much to be certain that Stephen Seagull would wup his arse in a streetfight. My money’s definitely on the yank!

  44. cant say,disclosure.

    when you look at some of the comments about 21, 22,23. you realise how many no nothing idiots there actually are out there, i blame care in the community for allowing these retards to waffle on about that which they know zip. most of them couldnt even pass the medical.

  45. Was he a Chelsea Chindit? Did he complete the Long Drag? Who’s best 21, 22 or 23? 22 in my opinion. But who am I to say?
    Well done Charlie. Mention Bear Grylls and the Artists and your post just keeps going for years.
    Like putting lady Di on the front of a tabloid.
    In truth war is horrible and all servicemen who are sent to war are brave. TV is just…TV.

    • Thanks for the comment whome.

      Well done Charlie. Mention Bear Grylls and the Artists and your post just keeps going for years.
      Like putting lady Di on the front of a tabloid

      Not really, had it been hits I was after I would have replaced this post with something about Global Warming, one of which has 16,000 hits already this year. This post has just 3,000.

      Instead I have to read the same repetitive comments about a post I wrote 3 years ago about a TV programme that I no longer watch, nor have done since the first series.

      I wrote another post on Bear Grylls about a year later, only 100 people have viewed that this year, and no comments ever!


  46. usinfantryMOS11c- AKA Thunder32

    This is the internet age. For all you know I could be the Queen. I could be an astronaut. I am neither of the above, however the point is clear. I am an American, and during my service I have trained right along side British soldiers. The fact is just having enough guts to get up from your keyboard and up to a recruiters office, should be bragging rights in itself. I bet that if all of the people in here were scrutinized on the validity of their service we would find that more than all of them are full of it. Bear has every right to brag about his being a special operations soldier, it’s no easy task. Every soldier I know brags about their fun times, and often will spend hours re-living the good times along with the bad. Even I, as a normal Indirect Fire Infantryman am very proud of what I did. Hell, even I use it to benefit my situation sometimes. I go for a job interview, and the boss asks have you ever had any exp doing work like this before? So I pull the….. “No, but I’m a veteran.” It works like a charm. If you earned the title, and actually earned it. Why not be proud of it? How many of you have froze in a desert all night while sleeping on the top of an m-113, and without a sleeping bag all because your Plt Leader said we wouldn’t be out that long and you wouldn’t need one. Then you wake up after only 2 hrs of sleep to go and pull security, still freezing cold. Then when you try and go back to sleep you cant seem to get there, only because your freezing and you know you have guard again in 2 hrs. Then the sun rises, and you basically drown in a pool of sweat, while just standing and waiting for something or nothing to happen. So you go on about your day of cleaning the clean vehicle as you return to the motor pool. Changing tracks that don’t need to be changed. Performing pmcs on a vehicle that all ready had checks on it the day before. You still haven’t slept by the way. But your called out again, and the process repeats itself. While the whole time, you know in your head this could be your last time out.
    This is something a civilian will never have to endure. Whether special forces or not, each and every member of all of the allied branches of service deserve the highest respect for what they have done, male or female. And if they want to brag about it. F’in Let them!!! They earned the right! You didn’t!

    PS- Who gives a flying rats behind if Bear’s show is scripted. His actions in life have proven him to be an outstanding member of society and he has contributed more to helping people than one could ever dream of. He holds the highest position available in scouting. He has climbed Everest. He has had a taste of legionairre life. He has donated thousands upon thousands of dollars to charity. He is an excellent role model, for young women and men alike.

    Basically, if you have a problem with him. Why not try and out do him?

  47. if any person leaving negative views on bear could do what he does you would do the same, he’s rich, silly! YOU GO BEAR!

  48. All u retarts out there that Rip on Bear, how u even come close to SAS, and yeh some of u prob trained for it, i did, and yeh i trained hard for it, but, No im not SAS haha prob not close, Bear made it, so unles u hold a title like that Shut up, and he does heaps more crazy stuff then any other survival person, well maybe the ex Sniper in Dual Survivor, hahaha hes good to, just cus Bear has done more in 1 yr in his life that the most of us do in a life lime doesnt mean u Rip on him to make ur own misursble existance feel better,

    GO BEAR!!

  49. I would love to see you haters do half the s**t Bear does. SAS or not. just because he wasnt in the 22nd SAS doesnt mean hes any less of a person. JEESUS!! . you go sleep inside a dead lama or jump out of a chopper into the ocean or climb across some pissy little wire on to a 7 story building with no safety harness (Urban Episode) or eat the tonnes of spiders, snakes and termites he has. It really makes me laugh when i read comments from people like you who think your it, because you know the difference between 21st and 22nd SAS and hating on him while hes out having a brilliant time making a cool documentary on things that he clearly knows about, while you sit on your lazy arse typing furiously about s**t no-one cares about. FAIL

  50. Oh and Dr glenn, this is not 1979. US Air Force UFO’s arn’t even secret any more! lol. and on that note if this world was to go through a major war, and all soldiers and reserves were needed, bear would still be called up. that deserves respect

  51. well guys, the women like him….must be the caveman in him! I am sure someone on here could do a better less scripted show.

    I am a woman, so that means i don’t know a great deal – My understanding was that a real man wouldn’t dare boast about being “SAS” and that’s not just directed at the Eton Bear but all you other guys….Come on, really?

  52. Oh dear, some people clearly are living in dreamland. In Britain, there is a Law known as the Official Secrets Act, and the SAS and SBS are required to sign it. If you break it, you’ll go to Prison. The SAS (21, 22, 23) are the finest and most secretive Special Forces in the World. It is fair to say Grylls may be quoting them for entertainment, (you will never really know) but it is not fair to slag off the SAS.

  53. Bear Grylls is way more better in every way than ray mears! Ray mears has a beer belly, SAS have been around since WW2 so no he didnt teach them every thing they know, Bear Grylls does actually sleep, work, and eat in much more dangerous places then ray mears and lets face it, ray mears is weak!ray mears cannot even compare his survival skills to Bear Grylls. Bear Grylls is way more fit and u dont see ray mearsgetting dirty cuz he’s camp! ray mears couldn’t be or do half the things Bear Grylls does!

  54. let me tell all you smug fuckers something and by the time ive finnished you will sit down alone and feel ashamed to talk when you havent walked in these shoes let me tell you some things………..have you ever sat for 2 days reccying an oil refinery with 40 guys patrolling constantly and a full barracks full of men stationed next to it with only you and two other colleagues whos mission is to take out the fuel depot and fuel lorries and get in and out unseen until the big boom and have it all go wrong and erupt into full scale mayhem three of us against about two hundred men from the barracks plus the patrolling guys and have to fight for nearly two days with no help and after all that successfully complete the mission well that was me………………………………………….on operation flashpoint on playstation 3 fuck me that was hard loooooooooooooooool!!!!!!! on a serious one though i cant fucking stand arseholes that even after seeing what ray mears has done compared to bear grylls which is a no contest 1st round knockout to ray mears still like fucking blind religious zealots still sing the praises of bear he just about scrapes through every episode like a fox in panic whereas ray mears does everything cool calm and methodical as if you would find an old rubber tyre in the wilds of canada which bear does and still usually has to abandon and swim back to shore wet as fuck whereas ray would build a canoe from birch bark and resins and all the other stuff he knowledgably finds and would paddle the fuck out of there in total comfort with maybe a couple of salmon in his boat to eat for later a true bush master you know it and i know it how many other facts do i have to destroy you with he wouldnt even leave home without his fire steel and other bits totally the living breathing survivalist bush king yes i know bear grylls is tough no doubt and has done some great adventurer stuff anyone can see he is an adventurer not a survivalist you fucking blind pricks!!!!!! ive seen other posts where idiots cant see the obvious looooooooooook with your fucking eyes bear grylls absolutely reeeeksss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of adventurer you cant even begin to mug yourself off comparing him to ray mears have you seen the tears in ray mears eyes because of the respect he has for indigenous people and the nature around him!!!! and one last thing just remember and respect what i went through on the playstation……………lol lighten up guys you can see who the proper guys on here are dont worry lads and lady we know who you are!!!!

  55. another thing i wouldnt have even posted but come on dont dare ever compare bear grylls to ray on survival technique ……yeah bear grylls is the adventurer we would all like to be hes done amazing adventures they just did a right angle turn when they gave him that program they mixed in survival technique with the wrong guy an adventurer!!!!

  56. Here’s another recent article in Oz about Mr. Grylls:

    Hilarious – especially about the fake snake and the terrified response to the fact their might have been crocs around. The guy’s obviously pretty talented, but being realistic, it’s hard to get yourself in a really dangerous situation with that much crew and their gear surrounding you. Grylls is a showman, and his company obviously hype up the ‘ex-SAS’ thing, even though for current SAS guys (in Australia, sure it’s the same in the UK), it’s considered tacky self-aggrandizing to keep referring to it. The real SAS guys I know in Oz never talk about their positions – before or after service. I don’t know why Grylls keeps advertising his broken back from the parachute drop: sounds like incompetence more than bravery to me.

  57. @USInfantry:
    “Every soldier I know brags about their fun times, and often will spend hours re-living the good times along with the bad”
    LOL That’s Americans for you. So is your bloated, verbose, me-me-me posting. Brits/Aussies are more reserved in this regard thank God.

  58. i dont care what you wanks think, i ❤ bear and he isnt a fraud like all you losers out there saying things against him are. i luv u too 'fuck off'!! you told ol' charlie exactly what the stupid pussy needed to hear. face it faliures, u know youll never be as good as bear grylls.

  59. Nos_Vadum_Victum!

    Very entertaining threads and comments.
    I agree with the notion that he is an ‘Adventurer’ more like a stuntman in some cases. He does put his life on the line with many of the stunts he performs and this deserves credit as does his athleticism and skill as a presenter. I think the eating from rotting carcasses is more sensationalist a hook for the cameras (Wives & GF’s groan and guys can pretend that its cool to eat Lama eyeballs etc… just to gross them out) but its part of his appeal and it catches the audience like Steve Irwin (RIP) did with regular near death experiences with snakes & Crocs. As for Ray Mears sure he is a lovely bloke and a genius survivalist but his show bores me so for ETV Grylls gets the crown.

    The SAS debate is separate and I concur with those that state that whilst it is an honour and an huge achievement to get selected into the 21 & 23 it is still part time & part of the TA and therefore by its very nature it cant be compared to the full-time SAS 22 Regiment. I also think that if it is the case3 that he was in TA SAS he should make that absolutely clear rather than try to claim extra kudos by full association.

  60. If you want to know what Territorial SAS selection is really like, read my book – Playing for England. I’ve done the course for real. For the scornful out there…Judge from a position of knowledge, not simply from the ignorant comfort of your cosy sitting room and comfy armchair !

  61. Ray Mears did NOT teach the SAS all they know it was a man called John Lofty Wiseman he was or is still the youngest man to ever pass SAS selection at 18years of age in 1959 and served for 26 years and was then appointed the Regoments Survival Instructor and personally taught every member the skills needed to survive he also wrote a SAS survival handbook which the regiment still use today there is a good chance the information Ray Mears knows is what Lofty wiseman has wrote in his handbook

  62. mate go pick some daisies you stupid idiot, Bear and the SAS are not able to disclose alot of info or training areas, its like a brotherhood, he has achieved what a small handfull of men could do if any… go back to your miserable little life in front of your computer. jerk

  63. I recommend ‘The Quiet Soldier’ written by Adam Ballanger. The self righteous, armchair experts on this blog disgust me, you have absolutlely no freedom to speak about such great men until you have acheived similar.

  64. You have to remember Bear isn’t suggesting he is actually doing the things in his programme for real he is just teaching people how to.

  65. i have never heard Bear say that he was SAS on any SHOW all i have heard him say is british special forces. YES he did serve 3 years the 21 SAS but the are pretty much the same expept they dont train as often and the training is the same. lets also not forget that BEAR did not leave the SAS he got seriously injured and had to leave. ALSO WASN HE THE YOUNGEST BRITISH PERSON EVER TO CLIMB MOUNT EVEREST. SO THE FUCK WHAT IF HE SPENDS hIS NIGHTS IN A HOTEL. there has to be Health and safety to consider when your like a 6hr flight from any hospital

  66. I’ve read a lot of comments here, some well placed and others perhaps not.
    Here is some info that may help settle some points and perhaps address the balance of this post “Is Bear Grylls a fraud”…..

    Bear was given the name of Bear by his sister. As mentioned in his book when he climbed Everest. Bear was in 21 SAS and the selection process is very demanding. Please keep in mind the difference in training when posing comments. 21 is usually entered into by either ex-servicemen, sometimes current serving (although they may not be able to commit to the time constraints placed on them). During 21 selection there is very little training. It’s basic weapon handling and navigation skills. Whilst there is a difference between 21 and 22 SAS it is important to understand that normal ccivilians are dedicating their time, and it’s a lot of time, to passing selection. The regular 22 have often admired the determination to pass. Regular serving selection soldiers are often, but not always, given grace time from duty to train physically. Civilians have to fit it in around work and family. Those who partake in TA SAS selection are usually rather determined. Those who pass it, as in Bear case, prove they have what it takes. Passing SAS selection is demanding, and when achieved puts one in a small percentile of individuals who are determined, switched on and lucky. Many good candidates in selection are injured and that’s just tough luck and the way it is. The selection process is unwaivering in standards. 21 have a bit more time to pass selection. Those who enter into selection do not aim to use, nor require, that leeway of extra time. It is only after passing selection and the continuing courses that the skills of a trooper are gained. It is here that 21 and 22 start to differ – considerably.

    Now back to the start: Is Bear a fraud. In my opinion, simply no.
    He was in the SAS TA and he has climbed Everest. I’ve met Bear and sat through his presentation at the Royal Geographic. He is a very natural and talented public speaker.
    Another point that Bear excells in is self advertising. This is done with an almost egotistical passion. But as you talk to him, he doesnt strike you as that. Publicity and self promotion is his career.

    Those in the climbing circle know that Bear wasnt the youngest Briton to climb Everest. He is the youngest surviving. Another climber made it but sadly died. Bear acknowledged that in his book and in his presentation. But this is something Bear does a lot. He will sell you well what you want to see and hear. But he doesnt actually lie, or at least that I am aware of, for any conquests he claims to have done.

    I noticed also his bow drill usage. It’s a shame that he does not perfect these survival skills before demonstrating them, it reflects poorly on those who have. I am sure in the early series Bear did get announced as being ex-sas. This I understand was changed to ex-special forces.

    Any pictures of Bear in Africa etc, show him as training. I don’t think he has ever fired a single bullet in live combat. But as he doesn’t tell you that he will leave it to the viewer to assume he has.

    Bear does use fantastic camera angles to show extreme footage (think climbing bridges etc). The camera shows him looking up at 150 feet of tower, then the camera shows him using a rope to lasoo, in effect, an anchor point. This is entertainment. Nothing more. He is selling a story, even if he did sleep in hotels it’s fine by me. One can’t honestly expect him to have jumped into the back of an aircraft that is taking off and then finds a cameraman in there also. Perhaps he did! But I think the chances are slim. As for Bear being the chief scout, I personally think that is a good thing. Anything that encourages children today into adventure can only be a good thing. To that end I think he is giving back a little, probably for a nice salary. But I am sure the benefit to children outweighs the personal remuneration.

    I do tire of Bear selling himself as an adventurer. There are lots of sung and unsung advenurists here and there. Bear has found a gap in a market and exploits it for personal gain. If that is his career and he is living his dream of having fun in exciting places and apart from eating the odd animal for entertainment then I think I am rather envious of that.
    I sit behind a desk and he is out there, seeing the world, making a fortune and having a few smiles along the way. Fake no. He is doing what most would love to do. Annoying and slightly Walter Mitty’esk type personality – yes but he has done been to some amazing places and done things most of us couldn’t. But to quote the father of climbing “Take care with each step, as it may be your last”. Too much self publicity and leaving the viewer with just enough mystery surrounding the myth of Bear is what propeels him further. It may well be his ultimate undoing also. There are TV SAS Stars currently, the Official Secret act post 1999 sorted those wishing to make money from their past. Fraud no. Man V Wild, it’s entertainment try and understand that. Could he survive in the wild, yes but as could most with a sensible head, determination and a little bit of luck. Bear will reinvent himself now that his path with Discovery has been lost, no pun intended. Watch this space for the next adventrure. Bear is a survivor and a pheonix. He will soon be on our screens again. Mountaineering, sailing, skydiving, inspiring and sounding doggedly determined as he does it. That’s his career, and he does his job well.

  67. hes a twat . 21 sas who the fuck are they . its a t.a unit

  68. noel coward was drafted into the artist rifles 21st regiment at the end of ww1. 21st was a territorial army regiment(reserve) and did not become an sas unit until 1947. It was a simple reserve officer training unit. Coward was NOT affiliated with the sas in any way.. Just an urban myth.

  69. Just for those who pay no attention, Coward was drafted in 1917……………21st became sas in 1947

  70. bear was hero,is hero and he will be hero.

  71. As a true son of Ireland I find anyone who takes pride in attaching his name to the SAS as a sick, oh well, you can guess the rest. The SAS was little more than hired assassins for Queen and Country of innocent Irish men and women. Not clarifying that he was a TA reservist and proud of his affiliation with the SAS at the time he was in there only makes him either ignorant of their lawlessness and abuse of fellow citizens, or in favor of it. Both options are completely unacceptable of a living human being from the United Kingdom knowing what the truth commission exposed last summer.

    • The SAS was little more than hired assassins for Queen and Country of innocent Irish men and women.

      Really RMac? Perhaps you would care to name some these ‘innocent’ men and women that the SAS assassinated? Even if it were true, and I am disputing the truth of it, I can give you ten that were killed by hired assassins and terrorists for the Republic for every one you name. As an American I am sure that you understand the need for a heavy hand when dealing with terrorists. After all the troubles in Ireland, like the 1922 war, are nothing but a civil war, with brother killing brother, in some cases quite literally.

      I doubt you are a true son of Ireland, what are you fifth, sixth generation? Undoubtedly growing up being spoon fed hyperbole and propaganda from your parents and grandparents. Misinformation and exaggeration being peddled by inbred idiots for generations. Take the late Jockey Wilson as an example, a man who famously never brushed his teeth because his nan had carelessly told him when he was a boy not to drink water, as the English poison it. A convenient excuse no doubt, for only drinking whisky! Jockey had no teeth by the time he was out of his teens.

      Both options are completely unacceptable of a living human being from the United Kingdom knowing what the truth commission exposed last summer.

      Which was? The problem with the relationship between the United Kingdom and Ireland is that there are more Irish descendents living in the UK than in Ireland, most of whom have lived here for less than hundred years. Yet the Irish seem to think that they have a monopoly on being Irish and Irish victim-hood. I myself am of Irish ancestry as are many people in the UK, and have relatives in Ireland on both sides of the divide and so can see both sides of the problem quite clearly.

  72. Pingback: Bear Grylls, S.A.S. or F.O.S.? - M14 Forum

  73. Almost all of the stuff you people say is mere speculation, how do you know it was all staged? Were you there? NO!!! And if it is all staged then just don’t bother watching the shows, end of, but have you ever thought, if he really did do all of it for real then how much hard works gone into it, can you match that??? If no then don’t go speculating about others, look at yourself first. Also, even if the show is staged, I’m pretty sure he can’t have staged the Mt. Everest climb and all the rest of the stuff he did.

  74. sas, Sbs reg or reserves is a course that is all if your face fits and you have the motivation and strength of mind most people could do it I speak from experience. Don’t know why through this subject it’s been made a massive issue lol. And who really cares about bear grylls he’s a switched on guy who has exploited a marked fair play.

  75. Chris Ryan was 21 SAS,he did the longest real life escape and evasion in SAS history.Better to be T.A than a member of the 23rd special keyboard guys?

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