Welcome to modern Britain, not to be confused with old Britain

Man who attacked a disabled woman on a bus

Hateful Savage: Enjoys beating unconcious innocent women to mask his impotence

Disabled mother beaten unconscious on bus by fellow parent after prams collide | Mail Online

A disabled mother thought she was going to die when she was viciously attacked after her child’s pram collided with another on a crammed bus.

The dire state of modern Britain never ceases to amaze me. 50 years ago, a man beating up a woman on a bus would not have made it off the bus alive, he would have been lynched. In modern Britain, not only does he beat her with impunity, no-one so much as calls the police, let alone tries to help.


People like this scum have spent their life getting their own way by using aggression, verbal abuse and violence. He probably has a long list of convictions, but has most likely never spent more than a year inside Britain modern holiday camps, laughingly called prisons. Butlin’s, Pontins and Haven have nothing on Her Majesty’s Prisons, where the ‘customers’ (I’m sure it won’t be long until they are called customers/clients, like everyone else) have a TV and DVD player in every room, courtesy of the tax payer. Prisons serve as no deterrent whatsoever as the 70%-75% re-offending rate attests to.

I think we can be fairly certain that this miscreant has a bucket load of excuses up his sleeve specially reserved for pathetic judges, such as being from a broken home, being black and ergo often the victim of discrimination, being stupid, he certainly looks it, being unemployed (I think that’s a given) etc. Just to ensure leniency from the naive and do-gooders who seem to think that treating such people nicely, rather than as the animals they clearly are, will help them fit in. Sadly it is never these appeasers getting beaten unconscious on a packed bus in broad daylight.

This was a totally unprovoked and vicious attack, it wasn’t a slap or a few punches. This was a sustained and prolonged attack that not only knocked the woman unconscious but also killed her unborn child as well. The only thing that seems to have triggered this assault is merely the fact that the lady had got on the bus before the craven woman beater, and he thought he was more important and to be fair to the depraved wretch, in the eyes of the law and modern Britain, well he is. Society no longer protects the decent folk from the vile scum, but the vile scum themselves.


One of the worst things about this though is not the actions of the odious savage, nor the fact that such a detestable creature has spawned and forced his foul progeny on the rest of us, but the fact that the others passengers on the bus did nothing to aid the woman, not even to call the police. A packed bus did nothing and allowed the attack to continue on for several minutes unchecked, killing the unborn child and very nearly the mother too. To add further salt into the wounds, no-one has come forward as a witness of the attack, despite almost 80 people being present.

What has happened to this nation? Has the whole nation turned into cowards? Where are those people that stood up to Hitler, that withstood the Blitz and that made this nation great? It seems that our great leaders neglected to mention that immigration and multiculturalism would change the nations mentality, psyche and morals and ethics. Changing the people has changed the nation, as clearly we are not the same nation anymore.

A nation that tolerates such people as this loathsome individual, and such acts to be committed, is doomed.

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