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American’s Bail Out Brits

The Man Who Would be King: Charles will take the salute

BBC NEWS | World | Charles invited to D-Day events

Prince Charles is to attend D-Day commemorations in Normandy at the weekend, Clarence House has confirmed.

Well, at least the Americans remember that we were there on those beaches, saving France.

US Intervention

Apparently the Americans were not too impressed that British and Canadian official representation would not be there either.

The White House had stepped into the row about why the Queen was not attending after Buckingham Palace insisted she had not been invited.

In all honesty this whole situation has started to make re-evaluate the mess, was it really the French refusing to allow the British there, or Brown not wanting anyone but him there.

Initially Brown insisted that no official British representative was going to go to the 65th anniversary event, then, coincidently after Obama said he was going to attend, Brown decided that he was going to go too, but not the Queen, only him.

Since then Brown seems to have been going out of his way to make sure that him, and only him, represents the UK. Our Head of State was not allowed. And despite the public outcry, he stuck to it.

Another Fine Mess

Borrowed Time: The people hate him, the Monarch hates him, his own cabinet hate him; yet he still clings on.

The French, who to be fair, may well have been caught in the middle of all this, have stated numerous times that they invited the British; and who the British decide to send is up to the British.

When Charles went over Brown’s head,  so to speak, direct to Sarkozy the French probably took what they saw as a quick way out of this mess and invited Charles directly.

Brown could have course have still have blocked it, but with the US President also asking questions and applying pressure,  it looks as though Brown was forced to relent. Good news all-round.

I would have preferred it if the Queen were there rather than Charles, who wasn’t born then and isn’t seen as ‘one of them’ by the veterans like the Queen is, but he’ll have to do.

The madness of King Gordon

brownApologise for the recession? Brown’s credit crunch tantrum at 30,000ft | Mail Online

The full depth of Gordon Brown’s anger over suggestions that he should apologise for the recession was laid bare in extraordinary scenes on the Prime Minister’s plane last week, 30,000 feet over the Atlantic.

People complain about Gordon Brown, calling him our ‘unelected’ Prime Minister as if they didn’t vote for him, but they did. We don’t have Presidents in Britain, we don’t vote for one man to change the country, we vote for a party to run the country; a lot of Britons seem to forget that.

Voters weren’t electing Tony Blair at the last election, they were voting in Labour, and that included Gordon Brown. It was up to Labour to decide who they’d have as their leader, and they chose Gordon as the best man for the job. Which should hopefully tells us everything we need to know about Labour at the next election.

Raving Mad

Domineering, a control freak, mirthless, and unstable were just a few of the words used to describe Gordon Brown by his peers, yet Labour chose him anyway. I think now, slowly, they are realising their mistake. Frankly, I think in a leadership contest Tony Benn has more chance of winning, and he’s no longer an MP.

The Prime Minister stormed: ‘You want me to go on television and apologise, but I am not going to do it.

‘I have nothing to apologise for. It is not my fault. Get in the real world.’

Not his fault? The Iron Chancellor? The man who controlled the British economy since 1997 and who had Tony Blair by the short and curlies throughout most of the past decade, claims that it isn’t his fault? The man is raving mad, it can only be his fault, he’s never let anyone else near the economy.

Brown always seems to be on the verge of losing it at the best of times, but sadly he never does for the cameras.

Mr Brown had a tantrum after he asked him to say sorry. ‘Off camera, the mike was ripped off and we exchanged a few tart remarks,’ said Mr Bradby. ‘He has a bad temper.’

People like Brown always do, being a one eyed Scottish idiot doesn’t help either.

Night of long knives

Tony Blair must be laughing his head off over all this. Since emerging from Tony Blair’s shadow Brown has lurched from one disaster to the next and every week there are more whisperings of a leadership challenge.


Way out of his depth

His speech to the US Congress was apparently a success, despite the fact that he has been blaming America for the economic crisis since the start. 

His inability to acknowledge that he may be even partly to blame for the economic crisis is not only making him look foolish, but it is making his peers increasingly frustrated with his leadership, and giving many the opinion that they could do a better job.

Surely the reign of Mad King Gordon is nearing its end?

Monkey Business

Outrage over newspaper cartoon that compares President Obama to crazed chimpanzee shot dead by police | Mail Online

A newspaper cartoon comparing Barack Obama to a violent chimpanzee which was gunned down by police has sparked a race row in the U.S. Civil rights leaders condemned the drawing, which appeared the right-wing New York Post, for pandering to racial stereotypes.

It seems that rarely a day goes by these days where the black community are not up in arms over some perceived racism, and you have to wonder whether the anger is at the supposed portrayal of Obama as a monkey, or the fact that white people have dared to criticise their President.


Going Ape Shit

The monkey = racism thing just doesn’t work. We’ve had eight years of Bush being portrayed as a monkey, not to mention Gordon Brown frequently being caricatured as some ape or another. Do we have a situation here where it is perfectly acceptable to portray white people as apes, but for blacks it is a no go area? Just like it is acceptable for black people to say the word nigger, but for whites it is a taboo word. We’ve also already seen in Britain that any reference, remark or even sale of a Golliwog toy by a white person is racist.

Is this is what equality and equal rights mean? That for the next 1000 years white people are having to watch everything that they say and do because black people are likely to jump on any perceived indication of racism and forever brand them as the most evil of evils – a racist? All because of events that most white people alive today had no part in? How long can they carry on milking this white guilt at every opportunity before it runs dry?

This isn’t really about racism, the image in no way infers that Obama is the monkey, just that an ape could have written the stimulus bill. That doesn’t matter to some people though, who twist things such as this and use them to once again proclaim that white people are inherently racist.

blackAl Sharpton and Jesse Jackson no doubt have plenty to say, none of it original, most of it exaggerated and all of it pointless. These rabble rousers know their trade well, and the sheep follow in good order.  Already the idiots that are too dumb to think for themselves have been given their orders, boycotts are in place, and the threats have been made.


Had the exact same cartoon been shown a year ago, no one would have batted an eyelid. The President then (Bush), was white, ergo anything goes. Like treason, it seems that for this cartoonist racism was just a matter of dates. There was no racist intent in this image, just the misguided belief that what was acceptable before Obama, is still acceptable afterwards.

It seems that having a black President isn’t the same as having a white President, although you’d be forgiven for thinking so.  Cartoonists everywhere are now formulating a list of what they can, and more importantly what they cannot include in their caricatures. Monkeys in any form are out, and so presumably are bananas, and I am sure that their are many frantic calls from newspapers and magazines to black groups to clarify said list. I am also fairly sure that black cartoonists will be like gold dust right now, as it is the only way to be sure, blacks after all  cannot be racist (unless it is against whites, which isn’t real racism).

The white cartoonists will be walking on egg shells from now on, and I am sure that cartoons will be checked, double checked and then sent off to be sure the black community won’t be offended, before being published.

racial insensitivity

This over-sensitivity to anything and everything that could possibly be twisted to become another example of racial insensitivity is like the boy who cried wolf, people are going to get sick of hearing it. Whilst that may force Al Sharpton to get a real job, it means that genuine victims of racism are not given the benefit of the doubt.

Black trainee doctor sues college for £300,000 for ‘racist bullying’ by fellow students | Mail Online

A black medical student is suing her college for £300,000 after claiming it was ‘institutionally racist’ in failing to stop alleged bullying by fellow medics.

The above story is a classic example. My first thought was, ‘Here we go again!’, assuming that it was another instance of perceived racism, when in fact she may actually be a genuine victim.

In legal papers submitted to Central London County Court, she said: ‘Mr Pinder asked me if black men were less intelligent than other people.

Of course we only have her side of the story and she could of course be exaggerating or making the whole thing up, but if only half of what she is saying is true, then this group are despicable.

She alleged: ‘The group refused to share the shower room with me and discussed rotas for the only other shower.

To be fair in my University days we had a foreigner as a flatmate and two shower rooms. The foreigner had some very repulsive habits, which he persisted with despite being told on numerous occasions that his ‘habits’ was not only impolite but inappropriate. So four of us used one shower room, he had the other to himself.  This may be construed as racist, but I think it was more a clash of cultures.  I believed that this may also be the case here, until I read that Miss Jibowu was from South London!


Emily stated, ‘We should introduce a virus into Africa to wipe out the continent and kill off all the black Africans so that we can move in’.’

This isn’t racial insensitivity, but downright racist. Ironic then that Pinder looks a bit ‘ethnic’ himself. I doubt he’d be able to join the BNP. He certainly wouldn’t be classed as part of the Master Race in Emily Bowen’s final solution. It is one thing to think such abhorrent thoughts, but to actually give voice to them, in public, and believe that it is acceptable! It beggars belief.

But this is the ruling elite for you. I am sure that they talk about working class people in much the same way.

Thanks to people like Sharpton and his over sensitive racism detection brigade, the cynical side of me wonders how true all of this is. It looks as though it will be her word against theirs anyway, and people like the Bowen’s and Pinder’s are experts at extracting themselves from such messes. Regardless, at the very least Jibowu has been treated shoddily by the College. 

With any luck another member of the group will do the right thing and support her claims, unlikely though.


It would have been nice if Obama had spoken out about this cartoon, stating something along the lines of a mountain out of a molehill, but the disciple of Rev. Wright seems to be letting the black clergy get as much mileage out of it as possible. So much for him promoting racial harmony.

Obama rode a tide of white guilt into office by promoting his colour – ‘Yes We(I) Can,’ ‘Time for Change’ etc, euphemisms meant to feed off the white guilt. Accepting his nomination on the exact date that Martin Luther King made his I have a Dream speech and after becoming President having his first photo op on the steps of the Lincoln memorial, where King delivered his speech, all cleverly orchestrated but clearly everyone seemed to have skipped the part of King’s speech where colour was unimportant.

I think that this will be the first of many racism outrages during Obama’s Presidency and it looks as though Sharpton and Jackson are ready to play the racism card at each and every opportunity, i.e. whenever Obama is criticised.

The first race storm since taking office, ironically involving him, but the half white, half black President is keeping stum.

The Might of the EU

As the war in Georgia has recently shown, a resurgent Russia is one of the most powerful nations on earth, in terms of both military power and influence. Completely dependent on Russian fuel, Europe is at the mercy of Putin.

The EU is often described as toothless, weak and spineless, so I thought it would be interesting just to see what the military might of the EU is. Although it has no formal army the EU is made up of some of the world’s foremost powers and could be forced to act if say Russia took the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline in Georgia, or cut off supplies to Europe.

The EU as a single entity would be the richest nation on earth but even individually the nations that make up the EU are well off. France has the largest defence budget in the EU and the second largest in the world, some £39 billion; Russia has a budget of just £24 billion. In fact all of the EU’s big three nations, France, Britain (£36 billion) and Germany (£24.2 billion) spend more on defence each year than Russia. Even China spends more on defence each year than its former comrade with £31 billion.

The combined EU defence budget is £165 billion, the second largest in the world, after of course the US, which spends an incredible £308 billion a year on defence and accounts for almost half of the world’s combined defence budget.

The EU big four would make up the bulk of any EU force. In terms of manpower France once again leads the way with a total of 750,000 men, including reserves; Germany, 700,000; Italy, 600,000; Britain, 440,000. A combined EU force would number 7.2 million men, including reserves but without reserves that number would be just 2.2 million active service personnel.

Russia has 1.2 million active service personnel, the US 1.6 million. China is the only country able to field more men that the EU, at 2.3 million.

As Sun Tzu said:

“In war, numbers alone confer no advantage.”

There has never been more true than in modern warfare. Russia has a staggering amount of equipment, and would certainly be high on anyone’s ‘nations not to fuck with’ list. Russia has a whopping 25,000 tanks, 2000 fighter aircraft and still has a formidable navy, 2 aircraft carriers, over 100 warships and about 85 submarines.

In comparison France has about 1000 tanks, 300 fighter aircraft, 1 aircraft carrier, 30 warships and 10 subs. Altogether though, the EU has over 8000 tanks, 2500 fighter aircraft, 8 aircraft carriers, about 200 warships and about 80 subs.

The USA has 8000 tanks, 2500 fighter aircraft, an incredible 12 aircraft carriers (which is more than Russia, the EU and China combined), over 150 warships and about 80 subs.

Far from being a toothless tiger, the EU certainly has the military might for a direct confrontation with Russia, or anyone else for that matter, but there is one area where the EU dominates all other nations.


The number of bureaucrats in the EU, including the EU and domestic ones, must run into the millions and this is the Achilles heel of the EU.

Were Russia to take control of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline in Georgia and cut off the fuel supplies to Europe, the citizens of the EU would have frozen to death or died of starvation long before the bureaucrats had reached any consensus on a plan of action.

The conflict in Georgia has shown who really holds all the cards on this side of the Atlantic. Sarkozy may believe that he negociated a ceasefire, but in reality Russia had made its point. A quarter of Georgia is now in the hands of the Russian army, it is unlikely they will ever be returned.

I am sure that in the next few weeks and months, Georgia and the Ukraine will renounce any plans to join either the EU or NATO.

Blackwater to save British Army

Forces may have to rent helicopters – Home News, UK – The Independent

British forces are so short of helicopters in Afghanistan and Iraq that they are considering renting them from other countries, or even from the controversial US security contractor Blackwater.

How embarrassing is this? The UK not only desperately short of helicopters but having to hire them from a private company. Why not get the French and Germans to stump up the helicopters? Our so called NATO allies aren’t really doing anything else in Afghanistan.

The question is, why is one of the world’s foremost military powers (at least historically) struggling so much with helicopters? I think the answer lies in the fact that this is the ‘New British Army’ where everything is done on a shoestring.

“Analysts point out that in South Armagh in the early 1980s the prevalence of IRA roadside bombs caused all movements by the British military to be undertaken by helicopter – 70 aircraft were supplied. Helmand, which is six times bigger than Northern Ireland, has just 16 passenger helicopters.”

A real sign of the times. Despite the commitments we had around the world back then, the army asked for helicopters and they received 70 of them. Today, although we only have an airport security force remaining in Iraq, and despite the fact that it was a major operation being conducted within Helmand, the army asked for helicopters and were given 16.

By my reckoning British Forces have over 200 decent transport helicopters available, so where are they all?

This may go some way to explaining it.

“Meanwhile, eight Chinook helicopters ordered from Boeing and destined for special forces lie idle in hangars in south-east England after the RAF found that they were airworthy only above 500ft and in clear conditions. It has taken Boeing and the MoD five years to come up with a solution. The Chinooks will enter service in 2011 at an additional cost of £250m.”

Five years and millions of pounds of taxpayers money, to not even get what we paid for. The MoD procurement division is run by a bunch of complete buffoons, either they are completely incapable of doing their job, or they are making a healthy profit on the side of these procurements.

Chinook’s carry 40 men and cost about £5 million each, by my maths for £250 million we should have 50, instead we have eight, even though the £250 million is additional costs, I am sure that in reality the MoD paid £billions for them. That £250 million could buy 25 Apache helicopters, 3.5 F-22 Raptors or about 250 Sea King MK4’s which can carry 27 men (what the Chinook was meant to be replacing).

I am sure that the MoD idiots believe that they got a great deal. All that money for an aircraft that can only flight above 500ft and in clear conditions, yet according to their own website:

“The Sea King HC Mk4 is an all weather, day and night amphibious medium support helicopter…The Sea King HC Mk 4 has clearance to fly in certain icing conditions and is fully Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible.”


They already had a perfectly acceptable helicopter in service. A replacement aircraft, the Merlin can carry 24 men and is already in service and according to the RAF:

The Merlin is the first of a new generation of
advanced, medium support helicopters for the RAF. It is an all weather,
day and night, multi-role helicopter used in both tactical and
strategic operational roles.”

This again begs the question, why spend a further £250 million on aircraft that don’t work, when that could replace all eight Chinooks for the same price, with Merlin helicopters that do work?

DreadnoughtThis is what happens when we have no decent defence contractors of our own and have to buy everything in from the Americans, at knocked up prices. Even if we were to purchase equipment from our one remaining contractor, BAE Systems, they can literally charge whatever they want, as there is only them in the market, not to mention the corruption that goes hand in hand with BAE

If one were to think back over the great names of the British military hardware, such as HMS Dreadnought, she was built at the Portsmouth Naval base, now British ships are designed in France, but at least they are still largely built in Britain. The Sopwith Camel was one of the most famous WWI fighters, Sopwith went bankrupt in 1920. The Fairey Swordfish was a biplane that famously destroyed the Italian Navy single handedly in WWII and crippled the mighty battleship, the Bismarck. Fairey no longer make aircraft.

The Supermarine Spitfire is probably the most well known British aircraft ever, Supermarine was owned by Vickers Armstrong which was forced to merge with others to form the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) which became BAe, which became BAE Systems.

The Hawker Hurricane runs the Spitfire a close second, along with the Hawker Harrier. Hawker was set up by Thomas Sopwith (after Sopwith went bust) and Harry Hawker and also became part of BAe in the late 70s.

Great names, all consigned to the dustbin. Today Britain has the Eurofighter (Typhoon) and the Lockheed Lightning II, both mainly designed and manufactured abroad.

Incidentally the US still has classic names such as Lockheed, Northrop Gruman, Boeing and General Dynamics, even the Germans still has, at least until recently Dornier, and Messerschmitt.

Whilst Britain continues to depend on foreign contractors, or a home grown monopoly the quality of equipment for British forces will decrease, whilst the costs will continue to escalate until it is no longer economically viable to have a standing army.

Then, like bin collections, it will be sub contracted out, to someone like Blackwater.