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Horrific Murder – Horror Film Blamed, Again!

Tied to a tree and set alight – from the film Severance

Petrol death of student Simon Everitt was so horrific that killers’ own families turned them in – Times Online

Two men and a woman face life in jail for tying a teenager to a tree, pouring petrol down his throat and setting him alight in a gruesome re-creation of a scene from a horror film.

Yet another sick murder and yet another poor prosecutor who tries to blame a horror movie as the cause of the sick crime.

Love triangle

I’m still not sure I understand fully what happened here, but it appears that the victim – Simon Everitt began seeing the girlfriend, or former girlfriend, of Jonathan Clarke. Rather than blaming his girlfriend for her infidelity, or himself for being inadequate Clarke decided that Everitt was to blame and set about planning his murder.

Again I blame that lack of discipline and accountability that children grow up with in modern Britain, there are no boundaries for them, so is it really surprising that they believe that they can do whatever they want, to whomever they wish?

Society has many problems, most of which are caused by years of mollycoddling children throughout their childhood, as if they were really little adults and not the same immature and misbehaving lot we were when we were children. From what I remember from my childhood, I’d do anything that I thought I could get away with and frequently push the boundaries to see just how far I could go, frequently resulting in good hidings.

the cane

Assuming children are the same as they were when I was at school, surely common sense shows that letting them decide for themselves what is wrong, never disciplining or punishing them other than laboriously explaining how they may have behaved inappropriately, is going end up with them running havoc?

Sure, hard discipline doesn’t work in all cases. There were boys (and it was always boys back then – yet today 25% of violent assaults are committed by women!) who either just didn’t seem to learn, or just didn’t care. Many times I remember flinching at their outbursts or actions, shaking my head thinking about the results and the forthcoming pain they’ll receive,  and asking myself, ‘why are they so stupid?’

Perhaps violence or harsh discipline doesn’t work with these kinds, but it sure works with 95% of people, especially girls. I am trying to rack my brains and think of a time where a girl blatantly misbehaved. They did still misbehave back then of course, but rarely, if ever, within earshot or sight of teachers or any adult.

Today you’re just as likely to get verbally or physically abused by a young girl as a young boy at a bus stop or in town, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them, and they know it. These young kids turn into violent, aggressive and spoilt young adults, who still believe no one can touch them and with frequently fatal results.

video nasties

Horror films have been getting the blame for violent acts for as long as I can remember, and not just horror films, also martial arts movies and more recently, video games. Most people in Britain have heard the term Video Nasties, used for the huge amount of films banned or severely cut by the BBFC in the 1980s, but blaming movies for violent acts of criminals began long before that.

For example the 1971 film, A Clockwork Orange was blamed in 1972 for the manslaughter of a schoolboy by his classmate; a lawyer in the case stating:

“the link between this crime and sensational literature, particularly A Clockwork Orange, is established beyond reasonable doubt”

Clearly getting confused about the term, reasonable doubt; the defendant never actually saw the film, something which is not unusual in these blame cases, he only heard about it from friends. But the blame was attributed and the damage done.

The film was also blamed for a rape and so A Clockwork Orange, was withdrawn or banned, depending on how you wish to view it. But the film, like many of the other video nasties that were once banned, such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist, The Toolbox Murders, I Spit on Your Grave, The Burning etc, are considered by modern audiences to be quite tame and often over rated. Although being banned has turned out to be quite a good selling point for awful films.

This shocking scene inspired a man to attempt to kill his wife and young son at an out of season hotel built on Indian land

In 1991, the film Child’s Play 3 was all over the press and blamed for having inspired the horrific murder of Jamie Bulger. Some papers claiming that the boys had viewed the film only days prior to their sick attack.

Other papers even went so far as to compare events in the film to the torture of Jamie Bulger and drawing conclusions as to which bits inspired which particular acts of sadistic torture. In reality neither of the two boys who murdered Jamie had seen the film, which displays the particularly depraved minds of some reporters, and despite Inspector Ray Simpson stating:

“[we] looked at all the videos in their houses and checked their lists of rentals from the shop. We did not find Child’s Play 3, nor did we find anything in the list that could have encouraged them to do what they did. If you are going to link this murder to a film, you might as well link it to The Railway Children”.

The film is still linked to the Jamie Bulger murder to this day, with many people ‘certain’ it was the cause. In reality the two depraved young boys were the only cause, two boys who are now walking around as free young men, with new identities and being carefully looked after by the taxpayer.


In this murder the movie Severance was blamed, a nothing special comedy horror, whose DVD sales will no doubt rocket after this case has ended. I have seen the film but I had to really think to remember the tied-to-a-tree scene, it was nothing special and something seen many times before in films.

Although gory, the film was not particularly sick or shocking; and it certainly didn’t make me want to re-enact any of the scenes shown, well maybe just the one.

One memorable scene from the movie Severance.

Although I am not sure that those uniforms are strictly NHS issue.

Frankly, these days, I am sure that most kids witness far more real-life violence, threats and aggression in schools and on the streets than they ever do in films or video games.

Yet people like this prosecutor will continue to blame violent films for violent acts rather than realise that it is society’s inability to deal with everyday violence that is causing such crimes.

enough is enough

There was however a small ray of hope in this case. So shocked were the families of those involved that they actually testified against their own family members. Indeed they would never have been caught had not the mother of one of them turned him in.

Stewart’s mother contacted officers when he confessed to her and they learnt the location of the burial site when Clarke’s brother and sister came forward.

Such actions make a refreshing change to the sniggering relatives that jeer the families of the deceased. It is one thing to not support a relative accused of such crimes, entirely another to turn them in and testify against them.

It shows that the values such as honour and integrity; values that Britain was once famous for; are is still there, just below the surface.

Susan Lewis, 46, of Great Yarmouth, told of her devastation at having to turn in her own son to the police.
Mrs Lewis said: “I was devastated that I had to call but there was no way that I wasn’t going to. He told me exactly what happened and it had to be reported.”

She did the right thing but I don’t believe for one minute that it was an easy thing, nor could it have been easy for the others testifying against their own brother.

I only hope that they go away for a long, long time.

ONS are a bunch of racists

If you’re with me, you’re inclusive; against me, then you’re racist

Immigration minister attacks Office of National Statistics for publishing ‘sinister’ race numbers | Mail Online

The independent statistics body for Britain has a ‘sinister’ attitude to immigration, a minister has claimed.

It is clear what he is implying here, that the Office of National Statistics are racists, pushing a racist agenda by publishing the truth, rather than hiding it in a wave of multiculturalism and diversity.

Ministry of information

This minister, who is actually the minister for immigration, doesn’t like people exposing his lies, half truths or manipulated data:

The immigration minister revealed that he had tried to prevent the organisation publishing the data and accused it of ‘playing politics’.

Very worrying indeed that an immigration minister should attempt to prevent the publication of data on immigration, especially when that data is from an independent body, set up purely to collect and disseminate such information.

As for ‘playing politics,’ it seems to be me that the ONS is doing precisely what it is meant to do, publish accurate information on issues the public are concerned or inquiring about.

It revealed that the number of foreign workers increased by 175,000 to 2.4million last year while the number of British fell by 234,000 to 27million.

You can understand why the immigration minister would be annoyed. There he is telling anyone who’ll listen that immigration is good for Britain, that foreign workers benefit the economy and the people of Britain, when the statistics paint an entirely different picture.

Rather than trying to get the ONS to stop publishing statistics that contradict him, he should stop lying.

He can’t keep claiming one thing whilst the evidence clearly says that the opposite is true. To wilfully do so is to lie. His opinion doesn’t make something correct, no matter how strongly he believes it, nor how much his superiors tell him that it is the case; facts and evidence show the actual state of play. Facts and evidence which it seems he, and the Government, are quite content to ignore.

entirely new information

The strangest thing that Woolas said:

Mr Woolas insisted the fact that one in nine people who are in Britain were born overseas was ‘neither new nor informative’.

Yet to the majority of people in Britain, it was both. Also if it was neither, why on earth did Woolas fight tooth and nail to avoid the publication of the statistics? Clearly it was not new or informative to him, it was just not what he wanted anyone else to hear.

Tory MP Chris Grayling hit the nail on the head:

‘When they can, they manipulate the figures for their own political purposes and when they can’t they launch hysterical rants at the independent statistics office.’

Sadly this isn’t unique to this particular Government.


Apart from the obvious irony of a minister from a Government that is doing anything and everything it can to gather as much information and create as many statistics as possible from the population, complaining about someone else releasing such statistics; there is hidden amongst his statement the tired old claim that anyone who talks, or reveals accurate and factual statistics, about immigration that places immigration in a bad light, is racist.

I, for one, am getting sick and tired of such an attitude from supposed intellectuals. Doing something for the good of a minority, that either the majority does not want, or that has a detrimental effect on the majority is wrong, pure and simple. No amount of threats, accusations of racism and claims that it is all for the good of the country are going to change the facts.

Worse trying to block or even ban the publication of these facts is a serious affront to democracy and should not be tolerated. A Government that blocks any release of information that does not agree with their rhetoric is a very dangerous Government indeed.

Giving the internet a bad name

One of the caveats of using the internet has always been, ‘Don’t believe everything you read as any idiot can set up a website’, but that hasn’t always been strictly true. They would at least have needed some knowledge of website design or had the means to pay for someone to do it for them.

Today however, with things such as blogs that caveat really does ring true. Take this site for instance. A site so bizarre you have to believe it was intended as a joke, after all people cannot really be this stupid can they?

The site is full of hatred, myths, propaganda and myriad errors, yet when anyone points them out they have their comments edited and filled with puerile remarks about their sexuality, the length of their penis and curiously, their mothers private parts. Their email address publicly displayed on the website, as is their apparent location, and they are banned from commenting on the site. In the short space of time that I was visiting the site I saw this happen to three commenters, one of them was me.

A quote from the website:

“I don’t know if you’ve been reading TMQ2 lately. If you have, you’ve probably noticed people with seemingly English and American names like Charlie and Jimmy and Drew are doing what Arabs are paid to do to here.”

Not just stupid, but paranoid too. It went on…

“They leave messages (that we could edit out, but why bother?) that are supposed to win people over to their side.”

Why indeed, but you did. Just look at the comments by Charlie, Drew and Jimmy, for some reason they all now say the same thing.

As for sides, I am sure any one who has read some of my posts here will see, I am completely objective and impartial, I treat both sides with equal contempt. Let’s face it, anyone who believes in cosmic beings creating life is going to have someone else come along who worships a completely different, although equally silly, idol and disagree with them.

It always reminds me of the red and blue hats in Red Dwarf.

This little gem proves the complete idiocy of the bloggers there:

“Arabs gladly waste their time doing that kind of work for money. They gladly slit throats for money. They blow up cars, weddings and pizza parlors. They gladly get their mothers killed and fuck their sisters for money…….and they want you to think we at TMQ2 are full of hate.”

As I said, it has to be a spoof site.

“Nobody has to read a word of what we’re saying.”

Nobody should read a word of what you are saying, and if they do they certainly should not believe a word of it. The author of that particular post actually puts PhD after his name in a vain attempt to lend weight to his ramblings.

One of the other contributors to that site has commented here, Lance, but he seemed a little wary of me finding out his location and used an anonymous proxy to make the post. Perhaps he was a little worried that I may look him up on my next trip to the US and beat him to within an inch of his life for his insolence.

He needn’t have bothered, I already know that he lives in New York.

Out with the old, in with the new…

In another affront to freedom of speech and democracy, Putin has silenced the Russian press over allegations that he has divorced his wife to marry a 24 year old gymnast.

The Russian Parliament or Duma  passed the bill to silence the press with an incredible 339-1. The dissenter was no doubt taken outside and shot after the vote count.

Like him remaining President despite being unable to by law, Putin believes that if no one knows the truth, it’s all OK.


Putin has never been as popular as he is now, in a large part because the press hasn’t been this strictly controlled by the Kremlin since the days of Communism. The man can do no wrong, or at least no wrong that the Russian people will hear about.

Print is the sharpest and the strongest weapon of our party.
– Joseph Stalin

kabaeva_7 I am sure that the confidence and respect that Russians have in Putin would be severely dented if they knew that he’d cast aside his wife of 25 years for a woman the same age has his daughters.

That and the other information that the press aren’t allowed to print, such as the fact that Putin is Europe’s richest man,  and it was all made on the backs of the people he was meant to be serving.

Putin has of course denied all the allegations, and the ordinary Russian on the street has no reason to believe otherwise.

This seems to be a common thing amongst despots, Mugabe also traded his wife in for a newer model. Of course Putin wife has died under mysterious circumstances but I am sure that the operatives in Dzerzhinsky Square are working on that.

White hero causes uproar

Another huge overreaction to a video game, but what is different about this one is not that it is parents and censors who are doing to complaining, but the black community and liberal do-gooders.

Black Information Link – Voodoo video nasty

“VIDEOGAME FANS expressed shock at the new game which features a white man killing zombies in Africa.”

The odd thing is, no-one has complained in the past, when the other four games had white people killing white people. Now it seems that a line has been crossed. You see you just can’t have a white hero and black bad guys, it just isn’t PC.

The game is set in Africa, the hero is from the other games so obviously it makes perfect sense. Generally speaking and I may just be sticking to stereotypes here but in most rural African areas, the people that live there are black. So obviously the Zombies in the game are going to be black. There was never any complaints about white guys killing zombies that were predominately white.

As is typical with these PC storms in a tea cup, there are those completely insane people who come out with the most ridiculous comments like:

‘The game has been described as “problematic on so many levels” which could cause white youths to begin “fearing, hating, and destroying Black people.”‘

Quite right, after playing Hitman: Codename 47 years ago, I now regularly go out and garrotte people.

The worst comments I read came from a nutjob blogger who clearly likes to talk bollocks:

“it’s not just that these zombies are black, but that the uninfected black villagers are zombie-like too. See all those spooky shots of the villagers before they get infected? It’s as if race itself were a disease. The white protagonist has to fight back or be infected.”

What? If she’s seeing that kind of thing from watching the trailer then perhaps she should not go to anymore clan meetings. Or maybe she’s just unfamiliar with the plot or basic science, being black isn’t catching but the zombies, by their very nature are carrying a disease.

‘Get bitten by a zombie, or just drop a tiny bit of undead blood in an open wound, and you’re a goner. Soon you too will carry the disease of the living dead. Sounds familiar yet? Yup, we could be talking about the HIV/AIDS crisis, which has killed 15 million Africans, and infected 25 million others on the continent. Especially since one of the few sentences spoken in the Resident Evil 5 trailer is, “Casualties continue to mount over the long years I have struggled.”‘

I really don’t think so, after all the zombie myth was around long before AIDS. More to the point, getting bit by a Zombie does mean you’re a goner. Yet getting a drop of infected blood does not give you AIDS. In fact even if you had sex with someone with AIDS, you will only have around a 25% chance of catching it. Not to mention the little known fact that 1 in every 100 people is actually immune to AIDS and can’t contract it no matter what. Talk about seeing connections where they are none and jumping to conclusions. Malaria kills more Africans than AIDS, why didn’t she see that connection? Afterall that gets passed on by bites.

Let’s back track here though, way back to say, 1968 when this film came out:- Night of the Living Dead

This is of course the film where a black hero kills ONLY white zombies. Yet there was no sudden outbreak of black youths “fearing, hating, and destroying white people,” after the film was released. I don’t think that there were complaints from the liberal nut jobs back then, in fact it was probably seen as a good thing to have a black hero. Forty years later when the roles are reversed it is seen as being racist? This is almost too bizarre for words.

The oddest sentence of the first article came at the end:

“Resident Evil is not the first computer game to spark a ‘race row.’ Black Hawk Down was set in Somalia.”

Does that mean that there was a similar uproar about this game? The number of whites in Somalia is less than 1%, and few if any are in the employ of the warlords, so clearly the bad guys were going to be black. I think that game makers would be better off only having white characters when it comes to computer games, lest they portray black people in a negative way.