Female infanticide continues in India

Babies bodies found in abandoned well – Times Online

“The remains of dozens of foetuses and newborn babies have been found in an abandoned well in India, apparently aborted or discarded after birth because they were female.”

I am no pro life campaigner but this kind of thing makes me sick. It is one thing for a young girl or a young couple to decide to have an abortion because it isn’t the right time for a baby; a completely different situation to discovering the sex of your child at around 20 weeks (the cut off point for abortions in the UK), and then deciding to terminate because it isn’t the right gender. You’d have to be quite a callous individual to make that kind of decision. Of course callous doesn’t even come close to the description of those that decide to kill the child once it has been born.

Female infanticide along with Sati were the two most repulsive Indian customs to the British during the days of the Empire, and they tried damn hard to stamp the two of them out. Even back then the British found it hard to stomach that it was common practise for Indian parents to dash out the brains of newborn girls to save having the expense of bringing them up and for Indian widows to climb willingly, or be forced to jump, onto the funeral pyre of their husbands and to immolate themselves. Now both practises are considered barbaric beyond belief, well at least in the West.

It seems that since independence at least one of them is returning with a passion. According to the census there has been a serious decline in the number of girls born in India since the 1940s; and with many of these mass graves found recently it is not hard to see why. Although illegal it seems that the practise not only continues but continues to be ignored.

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