Technorati – Still Relevant?

Anyone reading this blog may have noticed at the bottom of every post there are a collection of tags for Technorati.

I first started doing this years ago when I first started blogging, back on Blogger. Back then it was deemed the best way of getting people to your blog who were searching for the things that you were discussing.

For example placing the tag – Britain at the end of my posts would mean that anyone searching the blog search engine Technorati for the tag Britain, would find that particular post discussing Britain.

Back in the Blogger days this seemed to work really well, as soon as I pinged Technorati and let it know I had new content, the hits came rolling in.

When I moved to WordPress I just carried on doing the same thing, but I have just checked WordPress blog stats and in the two years that I have been on here, no-one has ever found my blog via Technorati!

I know nothing about this kind of thing, so I don’t know whether I am doing something wrong with the tags (but a quick Google search seems to imply otherwise), or whether it is a simple of case of no one using Technorati anymore, at least not to search for blog posts.

Or perhaps WordPress stats just doesn’t pick up Technorati referrals?

Anyway whatever the reason, I have decided to stop using Technorati tags. The amount of time I spend thinking of them, and then getting to appear centred, small and in italics just isn’t worth it.

A shame really as Technorati has been part of my posting ritual for years, but if it is no longer serving its intended purpose, then it is completely pointless.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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