Broken Britain

Smacking: Apparently occasional smacking does more emotional harm than taking children into care and fostering them to complete strangers

Two stories have really stood out for me this week, and more than demonstrate the problems with this once great nation.

Mother trailed by policeman and warned by council for telling off son at checkout | Mail Online

A mother who reprimanded her children at a supermarket was secretly followed by an off-duty policeman and interrogated by fellow officers who reported her to social services.

Yes, you read that correct. An off-duty policeman decided to follow a woman home, so that he could report her to social services for verbally admonishing her children in public, yes verbally, she didn’t even hit them. If only policemen were so meticulous in their duties when it comes to violent crime.

A recent survey has found that a third of violent crimes are either classed as not warranting further investigation, or wrongly classified. Add to that the fact that 40% of crimes are not investigated at all and it is clear that the police are now nothing more than vote winners, policing only politically important crimes and meeting targets.

The result of not punishing children is clear:

Victim: Beaten until she lost her left eye

Mother blinded after asking drunken yob to stop swearing in front of her 13-year-old daughter | Mail Online

A mother blinded in a sickening attack after she asked a yob to stop swearing in front of her 13-year-old daughter today accused the law of failing victims.

No-one, from their own mothers, right up to the police or courts has the ability to suitably punish kids anymore, meaning that these spoilt little brats are turning into violent, hateful and emotionally defunct animals.

Children are seen, heard but never punished

I remember when the liberal namby pamby’s decided that it was unfair to physically punish children, and they passed a law preventing adults hitting children under the guise of ensuring the safety of children. They assured the doubters that parents could still hit their children, and only those that seriously assault their children would be punished.

It it now clear that ‘assault’ means leaving so much as a red hand print, on legs or buttocks. In this case even the merest threat of physical punishment was enough to warrant Social Services contacting her and giving her a bad parent warning.

Such a warning is no joke, there has been a 38% rise in children being taken into care this year, compared to last year, a huge rise, with more than 25,000 children now being taken into care each year. It doesn’t take much for Social Services to decide to take children away from their parents, and once proceedings have started in the secret family courts, it usually ends in only one result.

Ironically during the same period, the number of young people cautioned or convicted of violent crimes rose by 37%. There are almost a quarter of million violent crimes committed by under 18s each year, yet just 24% of those ever do any ‘jail time’.

Clearly this mentality of not punishing children also pervades the Criminal Justice System.

The Decline of Britain

The average age of young offenders held in custody is tumbling dramatically, as is the average age of young killers, hitting 13 years old this year.

Still, that is no reason to be concerned is it? I am sure that the liberal policies just need a little more time to filter through. After all it has only been 22 years since corporal punishment was banned in schools, and we began sliding down this slippery slope.

Back in the heady days of 1987 the crime rate was relatively low, just 75 indictable offences per thousand people in the UK. Seven years later (the time it takes a child to through primary and secondary school), the crime rate had jumped to an incredible 109 offences per thousand people! God knows what that figure is today as no figures appear to be available, however 28% of those convicted in 2007 were under 18.

Another indicator is the prison population, that stood at a lofty 45,000 in 1987, a decade later it stood at 65,300, today it stands at a staggering 90,000!

More shocking is that in 1960 the prison population was just over 20,000, having increased by around 5,000 (from 15,000 in 1900) in 60 years. In the last 50 years, it has more than quadrupled and cannot be explained away by a larger population. In 1960 just 40 people of out every 100,000 of the population were incarcerated, in 1987 that had more than almost tripled to 110, today it is a staggering 143 people out of every 100,000.

Successive British Governments have managed to taken a largely decent and hard-working society and turn it into a nation of criminals, thugs and murders in less than half a century.  With the vast majority of crimes going unreported (56% were unreported a decade ago), due to a lack of confidence in the police or criminal justice system, and many being misreported, along with Government’s creative accounting (they still claim that the crime is down!), I dread to think what the true crime figure is in Britain.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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