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Thugs 4 Life

Michael Alleyne: Ringleader of gang and as dumb as he looks.

Kinsella killers ‘marked men’ after life sentences – Crime, UK – The Independent

The killers of 16-year-old Ben Kinsella were jailed for life yesterday. Juress Kika, 19, Jade Braithwaite, 18, and Michael Alleyne, 20, from London, were told they would serve minimum terms of 19 years each after being convicted of murder.

Does 19 years living in hotel style accommodation, having health and dental care better than the average Briton (on site doctor and nurse as well as dentist), and all at the taxpayers expense, seem like a suitable punishment?

Is this fair on the family of murdered Ben Kinsella? Is it fair on the taxpayer? Is it fair on society that one day these good for nothing scumbags will be out and rubbing shoulders with the rest of us? Especially considering that they are sadistic criminals now at such a young age, and that in their 40s they are likely to be just the same, if not worse?

I don’t think so, they should have been executed, but maybe they still will be.

Marked For Death

Juress Kika: Now mainly performs fellatio on fellow inmates.

These wannabe gangsters lived in a bizarre world of TV and movie violence and lifestyles, now they may very well get to live a gangster style life first hand; living in fear and always having to look over their shoulders.

The judge at the Old Bailey, the Common Serjeant of London, Brian Barker, heard that the three had received letters from the prison service which are usually sent to inmates who are in fear of retaliation attacks. Often such prisoners stay in solitary confinement. Braithwaite’s lawyer told the court he understood he was a “marked man”.

The retaliation is expected to come from none other than the Adams family, no, nothing to do with the TV show, but a North London crime family on whose manor Ben Kinsella was killed. The Adams family have reportedly placed a big money contract on the heads of all three of Ben’s killers, apparently they were none too pleased about his senseless killing.

Where these three are going there are likely to be plenty of people wanting to curry favour with the Adams family, or just simply earn some easy money.

The irony is that it will take violent criminals to give the family of Ben Kinsella justice; as the British state is no longer capable of it.

Capital Punishment

Jade Braithwaite: Despite being 6′ 6″ tall, he still had to get two of his mates to help him stab a schoolboy

When the death penalty was abolished in Britain in 1965 the murder rate per million was 6.8. Today it stands at an incredible 20.3 murders per million people, an astonishing threefold increase in the murder rate since the abolition of the death penalty.

There are those that claim that the death penalty has no influence on murder rates, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, instead claiming that socio-economic factors have more to do with murder rates.

In the 1930s the world entered the Great Depression, a recession so bad it makes the current one look like a boom period. I know people that lived through it, and their stories make me realise what true deprivation and poverty are.

Few alive today have any inkling of what people in the 1930s went through, there were no benefits, no NHS and if you didn’t earn enough to feed yourself you either had to beg for food,  steal it or simply starve.

Despite all this hardship, the murder rate actually decreased during the Great Depression, from 8.3 in 1920 to 7.5 during the depression. So I think that it is safe to rule out poverty and hardship as reasons for our current epidemic of murders and violent behaviour.

In fact from 1900, when the murder rate stood at a lofty 9.6 per million, up until 1965, when the death penalty was abolished, the murder rate steadily declined over 60 years. Within a decade of murder no longer being punishable by death, 60 years of decline had been reversed and the murder was the highest of the century, so far. Within 20 years it had almost doubled.

Today our murder rate is higher than that of Israel and on a par with Libya. France’s murder rate is 15.9 per million, Germany’s 9.8.


Tony Blair: The man who took a bad Criminal Justice system, and turned it into a god awful one

Successive British Governments have ensured that criminals in modern Britain face no real justice. Jade Braithwaite had already been convicted of mugging a schoolboy, but was virtually let off, for some bizarre reason, which presumably gave him the impression that British Justice was a misnomer. Despite being 20 years old, he had no job, and no inclination to find one and lived with his mother; who was presumably a soft touch.

Michael ‘Mickey’ Alleyene was also a convicted robber, car thief and had likewise seen British justice for what it was – a joke. Despite committing all these offences from the age of 15, he only served a nine month sentence for drug dealing. It was meant to be 18 months, but in modern Britain, criminals only serve half their sentence, and Alleyene had only just got out and was under the ‘supervision’ of a youth offending team at the time of the murder.

Juress Kika started his criminal career aged just eleven. Convictions for ABH and shoplifting didn’t deter him, and why should they have, I doubt he got so much as a slap on the wrist. Just to demonstrate how tough the justice system is, he was arrested twice in the same year for the same offence, possession of cannabis, yet served no time for it. Kika was also convicted of robbery aged 17, again serving no time. Kika was wanted by police at the time of the murder for another stabbing, just ten days earlier.

I guess Ben Kinsella was the answer to the question; just who do these three have to kill to serve jail time in this country?

Once again it is possible to see a clear progression of these thugs from petty criminals to evil scum. The British Justice system failed Ben Kinsella time and time again by not punishing these three, nor even offering any form of deterrent to them. If the criminal justice system is not punishing criminals nor protecting the innocent, what is it doing?

Bobbies on the Beat

21st Century Police Officer: At least ED-209 had guns

It is often said that we just don’t have as many police officers as we used to, and that is why crime rates are so high, well it is true in part. We actually have more than double the number of police officers we had in the 1950s, when the murder rate was just 6.3 per million. Back then about 75,000 officers managed to keep the streets of Britain safe by acting as a visible deterrent to would be villains.

Despite there being more than 150,000 bobbies (not including Blunkett’s bobbies) in Britain today, your chances of actually seeing one are few and far between, unless you are speeding. Foot patrols and beat bobbies are old hat in Britain. Modern police officers sit in cushy air conditioned offices drinking coffee waiting for crimes to occur, whereupon they examine the CCTV evidence, release the suspect’s picture and await a tip off. Those 40% of crimes that are not covered by CCTV are simply filed away as ‘unsolvable’.

We should be thankful that these thugs were caught on CCTV and have been taken off the street, and pray that they do not appeal and get a more lenient sentence. With any luck they will get the sentence that they truly deserve, death, when someone from the Adams family catches up with them.

In the mean time we just have to worry about the thousands of other teenage thugs on the streets, and the police and courts inability or disinclination to deal with them.

White Supremacists In Terror Plot

White Supremacists: Most likely only a danger to themselves.

Man and teenage son held after ricin found – Times Online

A teenage boy and his father are being held under the Terrorism Act over a suspected Ricin poison plot by white supremacists.

Question is, how on earth did the police know that it was ricin in the jam jar without opening it? Personally if I am unsure what is in a jar, I open it and sniff.


Whilst I understand the seriousness of this case, I do think that the police may be building up their part just a tad.

Senior police say they believe the two could be part of worldwide terror plot targeting ethnic minorities.

Something tell me that the term World Wide may be a little bit of an exaggeration, what with whites themselves being ethnic minorities everywhere outside of Europe and North America.

International perhaps, but World Wide? I don’t think so.

That isn’t the end of the justification round however:

Durham’s assistant chief constable Mike Barton said: “This shows that the terrorist threat in the UK is real and present.’

Well, that makes all these years of anti-terror laws, after anti-terror laws, the evaporation of our civil liberties, the further encroachment of the police and state into our daily lives, the extensive databases of DNA and personal information, all worth it.

None of them were used in this investigation, the ricin was discovered by accident and the ‘real and present’ threat that it posed had been languishing in a kitchen cupboard for two years.

stroke of luck

The fact is the police tripped over this ‘terror plot’ and couldn’t believe their luck. A pair of idiots had created ricin (no easy feat), perhaps plotting the rise of the white race over a pint or two, or in an armchair but just never figured out how to deliver, or, more likely, that they wanted to.

The pair of idiots are probably even now kicking themselves for not having gotten rid of it. Idiots they may be, but the best quote of this investigation again come from Mike Barton:

“White supremacists seem to hate an awful lot of people.”

Ethnic minorities, as the name suggests, are a minority of people, so it would be fair to say that the supremacists hate a lot less people than say, radical Muslims or the likes of Harriet Harman, Jacky Smith and Caroline Flint, who hate all men.

He added: “This will spawn an awful lot of intelligence which will then kick start other criminal counter terrorism inquiries elsewhere.”

Again demonstrating that the Police cannot believe their luck with having this fall into their lap!

As for the ricin itself, it is 6,000 times more powerful than cynaide, just an amount the size of a grain of salt is enough to kill an adult. A most potent and lethal substance.

“It was in a sealed jam jar that has been kept in a kitchen cupboard – apparently for up to two years.”

How are they still alive? What a bunch of half-wits!

American’s Bail Out Brits

The Man Who Would be King: Charles will take the salute

BBC NEWS | World | Charles invited to D-Day events

Prince Charles is to attend D-Day commemorations in Normandy at the weekend, Clarence House has confirmed.

Well, at least the Americans remember that we were there on those beaches, saving France.

US Intervention

Apparently the Americans were not too impressed that British and Canadian official representation would not be there either.

The White House had stepped into the row about why the Queen was not attending after Buckingham Palace insisted she had not been invited.

In all honesty this whole situation has started to make re-evaluate the mess, was it really the French refusing to allow the British there, or Brown not wanting anyone but him there.

Initially Brown insisted that no official British representative was going to go to the 65th anniversary event, then, coincidently after Obama said he was going to attend, Brown decided that he was going to go too, but not the Queen, only him.

Since then Brown seems to have been going out of his way to make sure that him, and only him, represents the UK. Our Head of State was not allowed. And despite the public outcry, he stuck to it.

Another Fine Mess

Borrowed Time: The people hate him, the Monarch hates him, his own cabinet hate him; yet he still clings on.

The French, who to be fair, may well have been caught in the middle of all this, have stated numerous times that they invited the British; and who the British decide to send is up to the British.

When Charles went over Brown’s head,  so to speak, direct to Sarkozy the French probably took what they saw as a quick way out of this mess and invited Charles directly.

Brown could have course have still have blocked it, but with the US President also asking questions and applying pressure,  it looks as though Brown was forced to relent. Good news all-round.

I would have preferred it if the Queen were there rather than Charles, who wasn’t born then and isn’t seen as ‘one of them’ by the veterans like the Queen is, but he’ll have to do.

Kirkbride’s whole family on the make

Julie Kirkbride and her family enjoy the rewards of public office

I was starting to think that these revelations had run out of steam, but then more come along from this despicable woman.

‘Public execution’ for MP Julie Kirkbride after it’s revealed she paid her sister £12,000 as ‘secretary’ | Mail Online

Julie Kirkbride faces a ‘public execution’ after she was told to meet voters to explain claims that her brother and sister exploited her expenses.

Not content with giving her brother a home rent free, and then claiming back refurbishment costs from the taxpayer, she also employed her sister!

Plenty to go around

No one can claim that Julie Kirkbride is not generous, shame it isn’t her money.

The Tory MP paid her sister Karen Leadley £12,000 a year from public funds to be an ‘executive secretary’. Mrs Leadley works from her own home in Dorset – 141 miles from her sister’s Bromsgrove constituency and 107 miles from Westminster.

In this case it appears that ‘executive’ is a euphemism for not involving any actual work. To me, this looks like fraud, Kirkbride is claiming money for her sister under false pretences. Whether or not her sister received the money is irrelevant, she clearly was not entitled to claim it.

Her explanation leaves a lot to be desired:

My sister does work for me on a part-time salary of around £12,000. She lives in Wimborne, Dorset, but she has a computer which is networked to my constituency office and London office.

What on earth does she mean ‘networked’? She cannot seriously be saying that her sister’s computer is somehow linked into her constituency computer? And if she is, is that legal? Would not that give her ‘part-time’ sister  access to privileged information?

Or does the dozy mare actually mean by network – the internet? And that her sister can check her email from where she is? Either way this just seems to be another MP employing another family member in a very well paid but frivolous position.

Keeping it in the family

She doesn’t just pay her immediate family though, she also sets them up in business.

Yesterday her leaked office expenses revealed that her brother bought a digital camera, five memory cards, four internet routers, three external hard drives, a printer, map software and a battery with £1,000.52 of public money.

Once again her explanation for this is, quite frankly, bizarre.

‘I record my work as an MP in pictures. I often ask my brother to source IT equipment for me. These items were bought by my brother, on my instructions.’

A pig with its snout in the trough

Now, I am no photography expert but routers? How do they fit into photography? And four? Surely just the one is enough? Not to mention five memory cards and three hard drives, that is one hell of a lot of storage space for a few pictures of her carrying out her duties as MP.

Which raises another point, if this equipment was to record her work in pictures, where are the pictures? There is a curious lack of them on her official website, despite the massive amount of storage space she could have saved them in. And if the pictures were not to be a publicly viewable record, why were we paying for them?

Besides does she really need some weird photographic record in order to do her job? I think not. If she wants to take happy snaps, she should do so on her own camera, on her own time and at her own expense. But I think it is clear that this equipment was for her brothers IT business, and not to record her work as an MP for posterity.


She has lied, cheated and milked the system and although it would seem an appropriate place for such a person, she has no place in the House of Parliament. She should face a fraud investigation, saying that she is going to stand down at the next election is not enough. That means that she gets another year of her £64,000 salary, not to mention the nice pension she gets and a ‘re-settlement’ allowance of about £30,000.

More infuriating of course, is the fact that she can still claim expenses that we are unlikely to know anything about, for the next year!

This woman and her husband should be in court, explaining to a Judge and a Jury why they made the claims that they did, not enjoying their ‘retirement’ at our considerable expense.  

British and Canadians Airbrushed out of History.

President Sarkozy: ‘We squished the Germans like ziss

The French have been saying since before the end of World War II that they liberated themselves, now, 65 years on they have almost convinced themselves of the fact.

D-Day snub to Queen: Palace fury as Sarkozy refuses to invite royals to 65th Anniversary – and Brown won’t act | Mail Online

Buckingham Palace voiced anger last night after the French snubbed the Queen over next week’s D-Day commemorations.

Astonishing that the Head of State of Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will not be present at the 65th Anniversary of D-Day. Especially considering that these nations made up the largest contingent of fighting men on the day.

Charles de Gaulle

It seems that France only recognises one other nation as having been there on D-Day, the USA.

It says: ‘Surrounded by French and American veterans, the presidents Obama and Sarkozy will pay homage to the thousands of Americans who lost their lives on the Normandy beaches in their fight for liberty.’

Some 6,000 Americans were killed, 4,000 British and Canadians. The French, despite it being a liberation of their nation, barely took part in the Normandy Landings. Of the 150,000 troops that landed on the beaches; about 60,000 were British, 70,000 Americans, 20,000 Canadians. 

That of course is not the picture that they like to paint of the end of World War II. De Gaulle himself said after the liberation of Paris:

“We are back home in Paris which is on its feet to liberate itself and which has been able to achieve it singlehanded.”

And so it began; apparently the French liberated Paris, and probably the rest of France single handed. Churchill should have pulled us out when he heard the speech and left the great general de Gaulle to finish off the Germans.

Impregnable: The French relied almost entirely on their system of fortresses, German paratroopers took them in one night (pictured); if only the French had rolled two sixes, D-Day wouldn’t have been necessary.

This latest snub just shows the contempt the French have for everyone that aided them during WWII and I shouldn’t really be surprised at their ungratefulness. I should be pleased that at least they are acknowledging the American presence that day.

Only in the movies

Having said that the Americans are just as bad when remembering the rest of the Allies. Most war movies and dramatisations of WWII rarely, if ever, mention, let alone feature any non-Americans.

One of the most famous war films of recent times, Saving Private Ryan, made no mention of any other Allied forces, and even cut the British ships that the protagonists from the 2nd Rangers departed from, out of the film entirely, replacing them with US ships.

Not to mention U-571, which depicted US sailors capturing a German submarine and cracking the enigma code; when in reality the capture had been done by British sailors in 1941 and the cracking of the code by British code breakers at Bletchley, before the Americans had entered the war.

The screenwriter did later admit:

“It was a distortion…a mercenary decision…to create this parallel history in order to drive the movie for an American audience. Both my grandparents were officers in World War II, and I would be personally offended if somebody distorted their achievements.”

This isn’t helped by the fact that us British rarely seem to protest about such things, as if our Government is ashamed of our history and would rather it all was re-written.

I am sure that many American, British and Canadian kids grow up thinking that WWII was a war between the US and Germany. Indeed, I have lost count of the times that I have heard Americans say things like ‘We’ve saved Europe’s ass…twice!’ But us Brits have got used to it.

This is probably compounded by the dire British education system that rarely, if ever, likes to teach about British victories.


But their is more to this that than the American movies or French ungratefulness. The French hate the British, pure and simple, and there is no love lost the other way either. In their hatred the French have lumped the Canadians in with the British, and probably would the Americans too, if Sarkozy didn’t need the Americans.

It also seems that the French hatred of Monarchy and it’s connotations doesn’t stop them being sycophantic.

France’s equivalent of BBC1 plans blanket coverage in a day-long programme called Barack Obama On The Invasion Beaches.

A whole day about President Obama, surely the day should be about those that gave their lives? And that is what really saddens me, it is the men that fought there, and the families of the heroes that died there that really feel this slap in the face.

A French government source said: ‘There were never any plans to invite members of the British Royal Family, although an invitation has been extended to Gordon Brown after he said he wanted to come.

Few men left to sing – ‘Hang out your washing on the Siegfried Line!’

There was never any plans to invite the British and Canadian Head of State to commemorate when British, Canadian and US troops saved France from the Germans whilst the French sat idly by?

These men fought for King and Country; their country has all but forgotten about them, and now their Queen cannot be there to honour them.

‘The veterans have immense respect for her and feel a very special bond. The fact that she took the salute at Arromanches at the 60th anniversary was very special to them.’

But it is clear what they think of Brown.

‘[it] wouldn’t make a scrap of difference’ to most veterans whether the Prime Minister turned up or not.

Which sounds about right, no-one likes Brown. I only hope the Queen or a high ranking Royals does attend, as it is the least that these men deserve.

As for Brown:

A spokesman said: ‘This is an event organised by the French government. It is for them to issue invitations. The Prime Minister is pleased to have been invited and hopes to attend.’

Hopes to attend? So he may not even bother! Then again would it matter if he did?

Something tells me he won’t bother, after all he likes to be at the centre of things to massage his ego and apparently:

‘He will, of course, be concentrating on the British commemorations, away from the American beaches, as is appropriate. This is very much a Franco-American occasion.’

So Brown isn’t really invited to the main party, just the sideshow. From the looks of things there will be no official British representation and few British veterans as they were initially told not to go.

We  should remember this, and next time leave the ungrateful French to their invincible Maginot Lines and great generals. As the Americans say, we saved their asses twice, the question is, why?