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White Supremacists In Terror Plot

White Supremacists: Most likely only a danger to themselves.

Man and teenage son held after ricin found – Times Online

A teenage boy and his father are being held under the Terrorism Act over a suspected Ricin poison plot by white supremacists.

Question is, how on earth did the police know that it was ricin in the jam jar without opening it? Personally if I am unsure what is in a jar, I open it and sniff.


Whilst I understand the seriousness of this case, I do think that the police may be building up their part just a tad.

Senior police say they believe the two could be part of worldwide terror plot targeting ethnic minorities.

Something tell me that the term World Wide may be a little bit of an exaggeration, what with whites themselves being ethnic minorities everywhere outside of Europe and North America.

International perhaps, but World Wide? I don’t think so.

That isn’t the end of the justification round however:

Durham’s assistant chief constable Mike Barton said: “This shows that the terrorist threat in the UK is real and present.’

Well, that makes all these years of anti-terror laws, after anti-terror laws, the evaporation of our civil liberties, the further encroachment of the police and state into our daily lives, the extensive databases of DNA and personal information, all worth it.

None of them were used in this investigation, the ricin was discovered by accident and the ‘real and present’ threat that it posed had been languishing in a kitchen cupboard for two years.

stroke of luck

The fact is the police tripped over this ‘terror plot’ and couldn’t believe their luck. A pair of idiots had created ricin (no easy feat), perhaps plotting the rise of the white race over a pint or two, or in an armchair but just never figured out how to deliver, or, more likely, that they wanted to.

The pair of idiots are probably even now kicking themselves for not having gotten rid of it. Idiots they may be, but the best quote of this investigation again come from Mike Barton:

“White supremacists seem to hate an awful lot of people.”

Ethnic minorities, as the name suggests, are a minority of people, so it would be fair to say that the supremacists hate a lot less people than say, radical Muslims or the likes of Harriet Harman, Jacky Smith and Caroline Flint, who hate all men.

He added: “This will spawn an awful lot of intelligence which will then kick start other criminal counter terrorism inquiries elsewhere.”

Again demonstrating that the Police cannot believe their luck with having this fall into their lap!

As for the ricin itself, it is 6,000 times more powerful than cynaide, just an amount the size of a grain of salt is enough to kill an adult. A most potent and lethal substance.

“It was in a sealed jam jar that has been kept in a kitchen cupboard – apparently for up to two years.”

How are they still alive? What a bunch of half-wits!

Jacqui Smith is no Stalin

Josef Smith- Home Secretary

Jacqui Smith insists: ‘I’m no Stalinist’ following Damian Green arrest – Times Online

The row caused by the arrest of a Tory MP for passing Home Office leaks to the press intensified today after Jacqui Smith denied the government was resorting to “Stalinism” in order to silence dissent.

Of course not, arresting the opposition for exposing New Labour for the liars they are is perfectly acceptable and legal, in fact it probably is!

She’s right thought, it is not Stalinist. Stalin would never have to go on TV to explain himself, so at least we still have some modicum of democracy.

To be honest I am finding it hard to have sympathy for the arrested MP though, after all it was this lot of idiots that voted through these laws in the first place, and the fact that they are just as subject to them as the rest of us shouldn’t really come as a surprise to them, but oddly it does.

Are they now that far removed in their minds from the rest of us that they really don’t believe that these ridiculous and draconian laws, that they allow to pass through Parliament, are applicable to them?

This isn’t the first time this law has been used by NuLabour, it is also not the first time it has been used in an attempt to save the Government’s blushes, or punish someone for exposing a Government cock up.

Sally Murrer, a 50 year old journalist from Milton Keynes was arrested last year in a similar fashion.

A Buckinghamshire human rights abuse | The Observer

The security services planned the arrest of the journalist with painstaking care. They bugged her contacts and assembled an elite squad to take her down. On 8 May 2007, eight detectives swarmed into her home and seized her address book, mobile, laptops and bank statements. In a simultaneous raid, a second team searched her newspaper office – going through everything from filing cabinets to boxes of Cup-a-Soup by the office kettle.

Such actions could perhaps be justified if it were a suspected terrorist, but a 50 year old mother of three whose ‘crime’ was that she was going to highlight the fact that an Islamist that the Government had released early from prison, had bragged about becoming a suicide bomber.

Naturally such questions could not be allowed to be asked by ZaNu Labour, and her apprehension was ordered. I am not sure what role if any comrade Smith played in this, but oddly her case was thrown out of court on Friday.

Her lawyers apparently likened the actions of the police:

“…to the actions of the secret police in an authoritarian state.”

Which is precisely what they were.

As for the Home Secretary, she claimed not to have had any prior knowledge of the raid and arrest on the Tory MP, something that I find hard to believe. She said:

“…that officers had to be allowed to ‘follow the evidence where they need to’,”

Just as they were in the cash for honours investigation?

Harman’s Crime Ridden Constituency

Harriet Harman said that she wore the now infamous stab vest simply to fit in with the other officers, but it appears that she’s not the only public servant scared to walk the streets of her constituency.

Council staff too scared to walk streets get free bus rides home | Mail Online

Council workers are getting free rides on a private, taxpayer-funded bus service because they are too frightened to walk the streets of their own borough to get home.

The oft used phrase, ‘You couldn’t make it up!’ seems to apply quite well here. I shouldn’t really be shocked or angered by this kind of thing anymore, but I am.

“A total of six journeys are made each day, at a cost of £3,900 a week, to ensure the workers do not have to cross the notorious Aylesbury Estate and risk being mugged.”

Nearly four thousand pounds a week to take council workers home, that’s enough per year to pay for ten police officers to patrol those estates and make them safe for everyone, instead the money is spent making sure just a lucky few get home safely.

Even more annoying is the existence of a regular bus service to and from the area, that everyone else has to catch, yet the Council still decides to pay for a private bus.

A Southwark Council spokesman said: ‘We implemented the service in December 2005 after a series of violent attacks on staff. Three were mugged on their way home within a four-week period and the council decided to provide a secure, safe bus service.’

Three in four weeks? I wonder how many plebs have been mugged since the Council decided that the problem was solved. No wonder Harman wore a stab vest and needed several police officers to protect her; for her it must have quite literally been a walk through the bad lands.

The thing that makes me angry, is why are we knee deep in this crime, violence and poverty when the people that are meant to be sorting out these problems wouldn’t touch us with a barge pole? Harman is paid a small fortune by the taxpayer and yet clearly she couldn’t give a toss about the people that pay her, and that she is meant to represent.

Perhaps if it were law that an MP must reside in a constituency whilst representing it in Parliament she’d actually care, although I doubt it. She probably just get big fences and guards.