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Human Rights = Get Out of Jail Free Card

Wayne Bishop and his brood

One hopes that unlike poor vision; idiocy and criminality do not run in Wayne Bishop's family

BBC News – Jailed burglar Wayne Bishop freed to care for children

A burglar from Nottingham has been freed from jail on appeal so he can care for his five children.

Wayne Bishop, 33, was jailed for eight months for breaking into a rugby club and crashing into a police car.

Well after only serving six weeks inside, this criminal has been let off, so that he can look after his children. Now every criminal in the land is ringing their solicitor to see if they can also use this unbelieveable defence for their criminality.

Once again it begs the question as to just whose rights, the so called Human Rights Laws are protecting? If the state really had any concern for the rights of the children, they’d have taken them into care. 

The bespectacled miscreant has demonstrated to his children that actions don’t really have serious consequences as long as one has a lot of children and no job. 

Murders, Terrorists and Torturers Welcome!

This comes in the same week that a HIV positive former Mugabe torturer is told that he cannot be deported back to Zimbabwe, as that too would breach his human rights! Ironic seeing as he had scant regard for anyone else’s human rights as he pulled their teeth out and otherwise tortured and killed them – for years! 

It is also shocking that he came to the UK on a visitor visa eleven years ago and has been leaving here even since, and only recently has the Government naively tried to deport him. Does anyone ever get deported from Britain? 

It seems that in Britain, you can stay no matter what heinous crimes you have committed, or what danger you pose the ever decreasing innocent members of British society. Is there another country anywhere in the world that behaves in this way?