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Fuck knows – Jamaican Police verdict on Woolmer

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Open verdict in Woolmer inquest

A Jamaican inquest into the death of Bob Woolmer has failed to determine what killed the Pakistan cricket coach.

After overshadowing the cricket world cup with talk of murders and intrigue, the Jamaican authorities admit that they haven’t got a clue what killed Woolmer! Absolutely incredible.

My money was always on the Pakistan team. I remember seeing a news item just after his death where the Pakistan players were crying at the news. Then oddly when the camera panned away, they stopped crying and looked at each other and laughed! As soon as the camera came back they were crying crocodile tears again. This was of course before the police mentioned murder, but even so that should have sent alarm bells ringing somewhere.

I will try and find that clip on YouTube, it is shocking.

21st Century Marketing Campaign

This is what I like to see and I am sure that we are going to see more of it in the future. Very slick marketing.

Apparently a very high quality copy of Sicko – the new Michael Moore film has been leaked. This was uploaded to Bit Torrent sites and even ended up on YouTube.

Call me cynical but apart from the fact it was a high quality DVD copy, comments like:

“Every DVD screener that comes from the Weinstein Co. is watermarked and traceable,” Weinstein Co. general counsel Peter Hurwitz said. “We are actively investigating who illegally uploaded ‘Sicko’ to the Internet, and we will take appropriate action against that person(s).”

Make me a little suspicious of this so called leak, added to that as the article points out:

Moore’s documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” was widely bootlegged and available in a pirated version online around its June 2004 opening but went on to earn $119 million at the domestic box office.

Hmmm. If you were distributing what most critics have described as “Not Moore’s best work” you’d be trying to drum up as much press and attention as possible wouldn’t you? Nothing like the old internet leak, or clips on YouTube, quickly removed clips at that, to whet the appetite.

Especially as the big man himself recently said:

“I think the music industry’s response to Napster was misguided … and for me, it’s about getting people to see the movie and that’s what I want, so they will talk about it,” Moore recently told Brandweek magazine. “I would never want to prosecute anybody who would download (his film).”

It seems that they are starting to release just how powerful the internet is for drumming up attention for things like this.