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Welsh Want a Big Dragon To Scare the English

Welsh Dragon

Welsh Dragon: The Welsh want to build a 200ft dragon to celebrate their achievements, but they are building it now, just in case they ever have any.

The 200ft dragon set to become the tallest sculpture in Britain | Mail Online

His gaze fixed towards England across the border, this ferocious dragon could be Wales’s answer to the Statue of Liberty or the Angel of the North.

This is the most ridiculous thing that I have heard in my life. What a complete waste of time and money and a totally pathetic symbol of a nation. I don’t think that there could be a more incongruous match between an animal and a people than this.

I mean, a white horse standing in a field? What were they thinking? At least the Welsh dragon has some class, but if the white horse was meant to represent England (or should that be Britain, as anything the English have is British, but anything the Welsh and Scots have is their own), then why a placid white horse? Or is that the point?

England should have a symbol that means something, like a roaring lion, even a statue of Boadicea not some lame horse that isn’t even rearing.

Welsh Dragon

Despite this, I do actually think that the Welsh dragon is a good idea. Something monumental, and something to be proud of, and not some useless junk modern sculpture (like the Angel of the North). We seem to so rarely build meaningful and long lasting monuments these days, other than modern, or abstract ones that won’t last more than a few decades.

But I do believe that they should pay for it themselves, i.e. in Welsh, not British (i.e. English) taxes as it inevitably will be.

However the part that I do not agree with is the ‘gazing menacingly toward England’ as that just takes things into the realms of complete fantasy, to even make such a thing even slightly believable, they are going to need a much bigger dragon, much bigger.

Sadly, I think that this will be little more than a pipe dream for Simon Wingett, which really will be a shame, I’d have loved to have seen it.

Scots prescriptions go down, English go up!

Another example of how great devolution is, for everyone but the English who are paying through the nose for it.

pills Today in Scotland the prescription charges, which ironically is for the NHS (National Health Service), which is anything but ‘national’ anymore, went down by 25%. At the same time, the English have seen theirs rise by 25p. I can only assume that as there are 5 time more people in England than Scotland, this is to pay for the Scottish decrease?

This of course comes after the Welsh have already abolished their prescription charges. After a decade of devolution it has become clear that the only ones benefiting from this system are the ‘devolved states’, moreover it is now abundantly clear this is a one way process, England will never have its own parliament.

Apparently the amount of tax paid by the English, Scots and Northern Irish is roughly the same, even though the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish have two layers of government and the MPs serving in their devolved parliaments can earn more than the Prime Minister of the UK!

English taxpayers are facing more and more hardships, with the rising price of fuel and rising taxation, yet have to continue to stand by and watch concessions being handed out to everyone but them, all whilst paying for them!

All four parliaments are a drain on the English taxpayers, but only one actually answers to and benefits the English tax payer.

This step is just the latest in the Scottish governments long term plan to abolish prescription charges altogether. But as an English taxpayer I can’t help but wonder if the prescriptions charges for me have increased, so that the MSPs can make the decreases that they have promised the Scots.

“Mr Salmond knows he can’t get Scottish independence from the Scots alone. He needs equally short-sighted and disaffected English voters to go along with his plans. Crafty fellow.”
Michael White – Guardian.

If that is his plan, well I can only say from my point of view, that it is working. The sooner the Scots get their independence, the sooner English taxes will go down and the English standard of living will go up. Moreover we’ll be able to start using words like English, England and Englishness again, and be proud to be English, rather than British. Of course that will mean off loading another one of Europe’s poorest states, Wales.

Welsh complaining, again!

BBC NEWS | UK | Welsh dragon call for Union flag

The union jack should be combined with the Welsh flag, according to an MP who wants the change to be made to reflect Wales’ status within the UK.

One minute the Welsh are complaining about independence, the next they want the Welsh Dragon stamped on the Union Flag (that neither the Welsh nor the Scottish fly anyway). Personally I find this insulting and a little late, they have had hundreds of years to complain about this, it is too late now.

The reason that the Welsh have not been represented on the Union flag is that it is the flag of the United Kingdoms of Scotland, England and Ireland. Wales has been a principality for centuries, the Queen is Monarch of England, Scotland and Ireland, not Wales.

Besides if we start this silliness now with the Welsh where will it end? There are more Muslims in the UK than Welsh, does that mean that next we should have passages from the Qu’ran on the flag? Perhaps when Wales starts pulling its weight economically in the Union they will earn the right to complain about things like this, as it is Wales is on an economic par with countries like Angola and Libya. Scotland on the other hand is up there with the likes of Venezuela, the UAE and Portugal. Contrast that with England, who, without Scotland and Wales, would be the sixth richest country in the world.

So to be honest Wales’ status within the Union is fairly reflected, the Union Jack has red on it, and to be fair, the Welsh should be glad of even that. When Wales is up there with the likes of Switzerland, Holland and Belgium economically, then I will also join the call to have the Welsh dragon on the Union flag. In fact should that happen, I would even agree to something like this: