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Giving the internet a bad name

One of the caveats of using the internet has always been, ‘Don’t believe everything you read as any idiot can set up a website’, but that hasn’t always been strictly true. They would at least have needed some knowledge of website design or had the means to pay for someone to do it for them.

Today however, with things such as blogs that caveat really does ring true. Take this site for instance. A site so bizarre you have to believe it was intended as a joke, after all people cannot really be this stupid can they?

The site is full of hatred, myths, propaganda and myriad errors, yet when anyone points them out they have their comments edited and filled with puerile remarks about their sexuality, the length of their penis and curiously, their mothers private parts. Their email address publicly displayed on the website, as is their apparent location, and they are banned from commenting on the site. In the short space of time that I was visiting the site I saw this happen to three commenters, one of them was me.

A quote from the website:

“I don’t know if you’ve been reading TMQ2 lately. If you have, you’ve probably noticed people with seemingly English and American names like Charlie and Jimmy and Drew are doing what Arabs are paid to do to here.”

Not just stupid, but paranoid too. It went on…

“They leave messages (that we could edit out, but why bother?) that are supposed to win people over to their side.”

Why indeed, but you did. Just look at the comments by Charlie, Drew and Jimmy, for some reason they all now say the same thing.

As for sides, I am sure any one who has read some of my posts here will see, I am completely objective and impartial, I treat both sides with equal contempt. Let’s face it, anyone who believes in cosmic beings creating life is going to have someone else come along who worships a completely different, although equally silly, idol and disagree with them.

It always reminds me of the red and blue hats in Red Dwarf.

This little gem proves the complete idiocy of the bloggers there:

“Arabs gladly waste their time doing that kind of work for money. They gladly slit throats for money. They blow up cars, weddings and pizza parlors. They gladly get their mothers killed and fuck their sisters for money…….and they want you to think we at TMQ2 are full of hate.”

As I said, it has to be a spoof site.

“Nobody has to read a word of what we’re saying.”

Nobody should read a word of what you are saying, and if they do they certainly should not believe a word of it. The author of that particular post actually puts PhD after his name in a vain attempt to lend weight to his ramblings.

One of the other contributors to that site has commented here, Lance, but he seemed a little wary of me finding out his location and used an anonymous proxy to make the post. Perhaps he was a little worried that I may look him up on my next trip to the US and beat him to within an inch of his life for his insolence.

He needn’t have bothered, I already know that he lives in New York.