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Northern Ireland, the augur of Britain to come


Scum standing in for his older brother

Real IRA threatens new attacks on mainland Britain | Mail Online

A spokesman for the dissident terrorist group, which claimed responsibility for killing two British soldiers last month, said it will resume such violence ‘when it becomes opportune’.

Clearly finding work for the thick as pig shit former IRA members has proven difficult, so it seems that many are returning to what they excel at, mindless violence.

Forced Immigration

Northern Ireland is the best example of what happens when immigration is forced on a population. English Protestants moved there, much to the anger and dismay of the Catholic Irish and the problems continue to this day.

The Protestants in the south are second class citizens in Ireland and the Protestants in the north do not want to end up the same way.

The question is, is this something that the English themselves should look forward to? A division of their nation when, in decades or centuries to come, those that live in Britain that follow another religion or culture, decide that they’ll be better served with a state of their own, ruled by their own and that follows their own way of life, and only their own way of life.

For those that, naively, believe that such a thing could never happen, just look at India. After centuries of living together side by side, whether peacefully or not is a different matter, when the opportunity arose the lines were marked in the sand and the two religions and cultures separated. Again it is probably easy to blame the British, but in the first six months of independence more Indians met violent deaths than in the whole 200 years of British rule. Further evidence that despite the common enemy, the religious and ethnic tensions had been simmering away nicely for hundreds of years, just waiting to boil over.

Some would perhaps argue that Ireland and India were manufactured by the British, artificial states, and that is what caused the problems.  This of course begs the question, is Britain not an artificial state created by Britain itself?

Auld enemies

There is certainly no love lost between the Irish, Scots, English and Welsh, despite being a ‘multicultural society’ for centuries. Add the myriad other cultures, ethnic groups and religions into the mix and the ‘melting pot’ becomes a powder keg.

In boom times, such as during the height of the British Empire such disparate groups rub along famously, after all there are opportunities for self-advancement, a better life and plenty of wealth to be shared. In hard times however, such groups soon turn on each other, jealously guarding what little they have.

These multicultural societies retreat back into themselves, believing that their way of life, their culture, is the secret to a better life and that the British way of life is the root cause of their ills. We’ve seen this with Ireland, we are now also seeing it in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, all have their own Parliaments, all have nationalists movements that have been steadily gaining in momentum in recent years.

How long will it be until, like the Protestants in Ireland, and the Muslims in India, the different cultures in Britain start asking for their own mini state, their own independence, devolved Parliaments and eventual withdrawal from the British state? A state that most have little time for, many view with contempt and still others despise with every fibre of their being. 


We are often told that history comes in cycles, repeating itself over and over again. Yet it appears that our political leaders pay little heed.

The Jews in Germany suffered anti-Semitism for years, but what finally made it bubble over was the economic hardship brought about by the end of WWI and the Great Depression.

Europe is littered with similar but less bloody examples, proving that even peoples with similar cultures and religions, don’t always get along. Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, USSR, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and of course the British Empire itself soon broke apart when things got a little tough or the chance for self rule by the various groups arose. 

Five hundred years after the English Protestants began arriving en masse in Ireland, Britain is still fighting the consequences. How long before we can expect to be fighting the same battle on the streets of England?

Mass immigration to change the shape and ethnic make up of a nation rarely brings about anything worthwhile in the short term, and never in the long term, yet in Britain and Europe it seems to be the order of the day. Perhaps the ruling elite here believe that times have changed and that we are all far more enlightened that we were a few centuries or even decades ago? They are fools if they do. 

Even these very isles have seen this kind of thing before. When the Anglo Saxons arrived the Britons were already here, in the end they were just left with Cornwall and Wales. Six hundred years of migration by the Scots saw the Picts wiped out to the last man. The Picts didn’t benefit from the Scots migration, like the ancient Britons, they were simply supplanted. 

It is estimated that within three generations, the historically dominant culture of white Britons will no longer be a majority, history tells us that by that point, if not sooner, the other cultures within Britain will then begin vying for dominance. And as the IRA aptly demonstrate, their are no limits to the hate, nor the atrocities that are committed in the name of nationalism or cultural dominance.

I am a waster! My father before me was a waster!

Scotland on course to being the third most state-dependent country in world | Mail Online

Scots now receive £1,644 (22 per cent) more per head than their southern counterparts, up from £828 in 1999.

This is no surprise to me, the Scots have done very well out of devolution, all paid for by the English.

This is why the Scots have such a great healthcare system, free prescriptions, free parking, lower waiting times etc, it is all paid for by the English, who to pay for these Scottish only perks, have paid for parking, paid for prescriptions and jobs.

Only in Scotland

Only in Scotland is public spending so high that within the next few years it will be higher than all but two nations on earth, Communist Cuba and Iraq! The Scots of course deny this, they refuse to admit that devolution (i.e. independence whilst still attached to English purse strings) cost so much more than they receive from Scottish taxpayers, but the figures do not lie.

The public sector wage bill has risen 61% since devolution, precisely as predicted by English taxpayers. Bureaucracy balloons at an astounding rate, especially when riding on a wave of nationalism. The Scots think devolution is great, and shows what a great independent nation Scotland would be. Sadly no one seems to want to tell them that most of the UK taxes come from the English, and the Scots have almost a quarter more spent on them per person than the English. This of course means that an independent Scotland would not be able to sustain itself, an independent Scotland is just a pipe dream – at least until the English want their independence.

It will be interesting to see just how hard Alex Salmon pushes independence in the next few years, after all it is the last thing that he really wants.

The English

The English themselves are becoming more and more nationalistic, after 10 years of paying for everyone else to live the good life it is no real surprise. Let’s be honest, despite English taxes paying for most of Scotland’s lifestyle, they couldn’t be more ungrateful. The Scots hate the English, the Welsh hate the English and the Irish hate the English. This loathing is becoming more apparent the more ‘independent’ Scotland becomes.

Scars of the girl beaten for being English in Scotland | Mail Online

Lucy Newman, 22, was left with two black eyes and a broken cheekbone after a night out with friends in Aberdeen.

This isn’t the first time that cowardly Scots have attacked defenceless people, merely for being English. In fact in Scotland, such thugs would be considered quite brave, normally they’d only risk attacking a disable man who was sat in his car, like Ian Smith.

For Scots who haven’t quite worked up the courage to attack women, or the disabled, there are children. During the World Cup in 2006 a brave Scot beat up a seven year old boy for wearing an England T-shirt.

The boy said:

“The man whacked me very hard. He was a lot bigger than me. I am still going to wear the top. My mum bought it for me because I’m supporting England.”

Still the lad’s nine now, probably more than a match for the Scottish thugs.


I don’t understand all this hatred, the Scots have a lot to thank the English for, we did after all bring them kicking and screaming out of the Middle Ages into the 17th Century, or at least most of them.

The unbridled hate, the constant threats of independence (if only!) have shown the English what the rest of our British Brothers think of us, and we should dump them as fast as they claim to want to dump us, and leave them to their own devices. This economic downturn is going to hit England hard enough as it is, without having the millstones that are Scotland and Wales around our necks. Let Scotland turn into the new ‘Iceland’ if that is what they want and save English taxes for the English.

Hadrian had the the right idea for the Scots.

Scot’s Scared of British Team

Once again the proposition of a British Football team has been tabled, and once again the Scot’s and the Welsh claim that it wouldn’t be fair to their ‘special status’, when any Englishman knows the real reason.

London is hosting the Olympics in 2012 and Brown, and most of England, want a team to compete at football in the Olympics for the first time since 1960. And why not? We do afterall have a British Lions team for Rugby, why not football?

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Salmond rejects UK football team

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond has rejected the idea of a British Olympic football team, describing the proposal as a “massive own goal”.

President of Scotland – Alex Salmon

Every time this subject has come up there has been the same tired old arguments used against it, the claim that it will mean that FIFA will somehow no longer recognise the Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish FA’s. Rubbish. They can’t do that and even if they did, the threat of all four FA’s pulling out of FIFA would be enough to have them pissing their pants.

No the real reason for the opposition to this lies elsewhere.

“The whole concept’s ridiculous and only could be put forward by somebody who’s seriously out of touch with Scotland,” Alex Salmond said.

Salmond just hates anything English or even British, pure and simple. I am sure that during the Olympics he was cheering on whoever the non Scottish athletes were facing.

British Lions Badge – Rugby

Most people in England would support a British Lions team, just as they do in Rugby, I am sure that in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland it would be popular too, it just seems to be the leaders that are against it, citing the possible loss of the Home Nations special status.

The fact is it all comes down to national pride. I remember talking about this years ago when it was last suggested before an Olympics. Then it was quite a popular idea amongst English football fans, as it would mean the likes of Ryan Giggs, Ian Rush, and Mark Hughes could play with the top English players. Today though I don’t think that there is one non English player that would make it into the British Team and this is what frustrates the Scots, the Irish and the Welsh.

I understand it, after all it can’t do much for their pride when none of their players can make it into a side of English players, moreover players that the Scot’s, Welsh and Northern Irish love to hate. That would be tantamount to admitting that the English are better.

They’d have to demand quotas, such as so many Scots, Welsh and Irish players, which would of course make the whole thing pointless.

Fifa president Sepp Blatter has suggested that it would be better for Britain to field a team entirely made up of English players because “this will then not provoke a long and endless discussion of the four British associations”.

If any suggestion is pointless and ridiculous, it is this one, of course the team would be made up entirely of English players, we’d want to win!

Another suggestion from a Scot is equally ridiculous and pointless:

Acting Scottish Labour leader Cathy Jamieson has set out an alternative to the prime minister’s plan. She has suggested a home nations play-off, with the winner going forward to play as the British team.

Why bother? Why not just send the England team anyway without the hassle and expense, it is after all a forgone conclusion.

The problem is the IOC won’t allow England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland to send their own teams, like what happens in the Commonwealth Games, it has to be a British Team, even if this is in name only.

So Britain send no one, even though it is the country that invented the game, the country to have the very first international match and the country that has one of the world’s top league’s, the English Premier League.

If the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish FA’s are so against the idea of a British Team, we should just count them out and send a British Team made of English players and leave them to wallow in their own self pity.

Scots prescriptions go down, English go up!

Another example of how great devolution is, for everyone but the English who are paying through the nose for it.

pills Today in Scotland the prescription charges, which ironically is for the NHS (National Health Service), which is anything but ‘national’ anymore, went down by 25%. At the same time, the English have seen theirs rise by 25p. I can only assume that as there are 5 time more people in England than Scotland, this is to pay for the Scottish decrease?

This of course comes after the Welsh have already abolished their prescription charges. After a decade of devolution it has become clear that the only ones benefiting from this system are the ‘devolved states’, moreover it is now abundantly clear this is a one way process, England will never have its own parliament.

Apparently the amount of tax paid by the English, Scots and Northern Irish is roughly the same, even though the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish have two layers of government and the MPs serving in their devolved parliaments can earn more than the Prime Minister of the UK!

English taxpayers are facing more and more hardships, with the rising price of fuel and rising taxation, yet have to continue to stand by and watch concessions being handed out to everyone but them, all whilst paying for them!

All four parliaments are a drain on the English taxpayers, but only one actually answers to and benefits the English tax payer.

This step is just the latest in the Scottish governments long term plan to abolish prescription charges altogether. But as an English taxpayer I can’t help but wonder if the prescriptions charges for me have increased, so that the MSPs can make the decreases that they have promised the Scots.

“Mr Salmond knows he can’t get Scottish independence from the Scots alone. He needs equally short-sighted and disaffected English voters to go along with his plans. Crafty fellow.”
Michael White – Guardian.

If that is his plan, well I can only say from my point of view, that it is working. The sooner the Scots get their independence, the sooner English taxes will go down and the English standard of living will go up. Moreover we’ll be able to start using words like English, England and Englishness again, and be proud to be English, rather than British. Of course that will mean off loading another one of Europe’s poorest states, Wales.

The English want the same perks as the Scots

BBC News | TV poll backs Berwick border move

Residents in the Northumberland town of Berwick-upon-Tweed have “voted” in favour of becoming part of Scotland.

This really isn’t all that surprising, after all as one of the campaigners points out, the Scots receive far more tax payers money than the English. Gordon Brown has also now approved a plan to allow the Scottish Parliament to raise its own taxes and other powers.

“The Scots are getting more money than we are. I’m not saying that the Scots should not get what they get, but that we should get the same.”

The Scots get free health care for the elderly, free prescriptions, no student fees, better financed public services and more say in how their taxes are being spent. Ten years of Scottish devolution, and still no sign of anything similar in England, so the only chance these people have of getting the same perks, is to join Scotland.

Perhaps every city in England should petition to join Scotland, that way we’d be one country again, rather than the silly system that we have at present where all of the nations are virtually independent except England.

This is of course made worse by the fact that the English taxpayers subsidise the Scots so that the Scots in turn don’t have to pay as much tax. Perhaps this is one thing that Gordon Brown plans to change, whereby the Scottish Parliament can only spend taxes that it has raised itself. See how popular the Scottish Parliament is then and we’ll also see how long it keeps up things like free prescriptions and better public services.