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Israel is Nuculear.

Jimmy Carter has confirmed what has long been speculated, that Israel has over 100 nuclear weapons in its arsenal, something that Israel has always refused to either confirm or deny. There are no weapons inspectors in Israel and Israel has never been a signatory of the NPT.

Jimmy CarterI am not sure what is more worrying, that there are so many nuclear weapons in such a volatile region, that a nation of the Middle East was able to produce them without weapons inspections or without having to sign up to the NPT or the fact that Israel promises not to use them first.

Israel is not my favourite nation. Any nation built on terrorism, any nation whose first Prime Minister ordered a terrorist bombing on a Hotel on his way to power, and any nation built at the expense of another people is going to be problematic. And Israel is all that and more.

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to correct past mistakes, and the creation of the state of Israel was a mistake, but the fact that after 60 years we are still in the same position is incredible and the fault of only one nation, Israel.

Britain always seems to get the blame for the situation in the Middle East, but Britain, although they initially supported a Jewish home within Palestine, were always opposed to a Jewish state and it is this opposition that caused the Jews to turn on Britain, that and the fact that the British Government tried to limit the number of Jewish immigrants arriving in Palestine each year as it was having a detrimental effect on the Palestinians themselves.

The Jews launched many terrorists attacks on the British, the most famous is the King David Hotel Bombing – the deadliest terrorist attack up until the 1980s. If any blame can be laid at the feet of the British it is at this point, for instead of fighting these Jewish terrorists, the British quit. After World War II the British understandably had no stomach for further fighting, especially against the ‘victims’ of WWII, the Jews.

Israel of course went on to blame Britain for the King David Hotel Bombing:

“And if it is true, as the British liars have announced, that the explosion occurred at 12:37, they still had 22 minutes at their disposal in order to evacuate the building of its residents and workers.
Therefore responsibility for loss of life among civilians rests solely with them.”

This of course demonstrating the sick mentality that pervades the nation of Israel. The bombing was recently commemorated and they even erected a plaque blaming the British in an attempt to shift blame.

I am sure that if I were to suggest that Hitler, having made no secret of his anti-Semitic views and having been quite mean to the Jews for several years, gave ample warning and therefore should be wholly exonerated for the holocaust because, for reasons known only to themselves, the Jews did not evacuate in advance of the Master Plan, meaning that the responsibility for the loss of life rests solely with the Jews – I would be thought of as insane, callous or at the very least anti-Semitic. Yet many had considerably longer than 22 minutes…..

In the aftermath a suggestion was made to round up 100 Jewish men and shoot them, then blame them for not moving out of the way of the bullets quick enough, this was rejected by senior officials on the ground, sadly.

Incidentally there was no warning call to the Hotel, at least none that mentioned a bomb or an imminent explosion. But even if there had been, and it wasn’t something along the lines of “Get out now or you’re all going to die!” it doesn’t excuse the act itself, the very fact that even now, the Israelis celebrate the incident and blame the British for the loss of life, doesn’t instil me with confidence regarding the Israeli claim of ‘not being the first to introduce nuclear weapons to the region.’

Calling the Syrians and telling them a nuclear missile is on the way is not the same as the Syrians using nuclear weapons first.

If any nation were to blame for the current rise in extremism, the problems of the Middle East and modern day terrorism, it is Israel, after all they started it. By putting their religion before all else the Jewish Zionist’s began this current trend of religious fanaticism. The early Zionists were prepared to sacrifice their own people to make the point, 15 Jews died in the King David Hotel Massacre.

The Israeli’s also displayed, quite clearly, to all of their neighbours that terrorism gets results, if the terrorists are prepared to stoop low enough. The Israeli’s thought it acceptable to use whatever means necessary to get what they wanted, now they complain when their enemies do the same.

The Deir Yassin massacre in which Israeli militants attacked a Palestinian village and killed over a hundred civilians in cold blood, displayed the kind of callousness that would make the Nazi’s proud.

The Israeli’s also captured two British sergeants, in a similar manner to which Hezbollah captures Jewish soldiers today, and hanged them, their crime:

1. Illegal entry into the Hebrew homeland.
2. Membership of a British criminal terrorist organisation known as the Army of Occupation which was responsible for the torture, murder, deportation, and denying the Hebrew people the right to live.
3. Illegal possession of arms.
4. Anti-Jewish spying in civilian clothes.
5. Premeditated hostile designs against the underground.

Those charges were written 60 years ago, yet you could replace Hebrew and Jew with Muslim and it could fit any terrorist group in the Middle East today.

After this incident the commanders could not contain their troops and British soldiers attacked Jews, opening fire on a bus killing five innocent people. I do not condone the murders of innocent people, however the Jews must have known what would happen that night, and shouldn’t have gone out, the responsibility for the deaths rests solely with the Jews themselves.

The Israeli’s have already shown that anything is acceptable to gain the Jewish homeland and once gained, anything is acceptable to keep it. Would the Israeli’s use nuclear weapons even if it meant despoiling their lands and killing their own people? I believe that history answers that question.

Bodies pile up in Gaza

More problems in the Middle East and no I am not referring to the worrying lovey dovey relationship that seems to be blossoming between Ahmadinejad and Talabani, but the stepping up of attacks on Gaza by Israel.

Talabani and Ahmadinejad hold hands

After taking out five top Hama militants Israel must have expected some form of retaliation, and Hamas once again took the cowards way and needlessly targeted civilians and fired over 140 rockets at Israeli cities. These indiscriminate rocket attacks are inexcusable and play right into the hands of the Israelis.

“In Ramallah, on the West Bank, about 300 Palestinians from the main political factions marched through the streets, carrying pictures of children killed by the Israeli attacks.”

This of course would be quite an emotive scene, were it not for the fact that Hamas have been firing rockets at civilian locations and would no doubt be ecstatic had they hit a school or killed some children. There can be little sympathy for the Palestinians when they are just as indiscriminate and cold blooded in their killings as the Israelis.

What did they expect the Israelis to do? Wait for dead bodies to start to pile up?

Abbas has asked for international protection for the Palestinian people and said:

“It is unthinkable that Israel’s reaction to Palestinian rocket attacks, which we condemn, can be so terrible and frightening.”

I am sure that the Israelis consider the rocket attacks to be quite frightening too, after all they aren’t bombarding the Israelis with toffee apples. Abbas and Hamas have made their own beds, they denounce the rocket attacks, yet will not or cannot stop them.

Now they have 2000 trigger happy IDF soldiers in Gaza eager for payback and at the end of the day the Israelis have far more firepower and far better media control than the likes of Hamas.

No one can blame Israel for responding the way they have, in fact you’d be forgiven for viewing it as tolerant, and that is the sad part. The Palestinians do have a genuine grievance. They have been displaced, dispossessed and are treated as less than second class citizens within their own lands. Yet the actions of Hamas recently, and the Hamas/Fatah violence of a year ago, show that perhaps the Israelis have it right in the way that they treat the Palestinians.

Same shit, different day.

Al Jazeera English – News – Middle East Pact ‘By Next Year’

Opening the Middle East conference in Annapolis, George Bush has announced a joint agreement among Israeli and Palestinian leaders to reach a peace pact by the end of 2008.

Looks like I may have been wrong about Bush, he has achieved the impossible, he has made sure that there will be peace in the Middle East at last. Hat’s off to him, it is a unique achievement and a great testament to the man.

Nothing like this has ever been achieved before.

Apart from in 1993 that is:

But still, it is still quite a unique achievement getting these men together. Except that Bill Clinton managed it again in 1996.

And again in 1998, with a very ill looking King Hussein, who died a year later.

And one final time in 2000.

Even Bush has managed this before, back in 2003.

Perhaps not as unique as the Bush PR machine is making out, but a great photo op, and lets face it with the majority of Americans having memories like goldfish, probably what they will all remember Bush for.