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Lord Ahmed, meet Bubba

Ahmed discovers the real reason why soap is sold on a rope.

Lord Ahmed jailed for sending texts before fatal crash – Times Online

The Labour life peer Lord Ahmed was today sentenced to 12 weeks in jail for dangerous driving after he admitted sending text messages from behind the wheel before a fatal road accident.

My favourite Muslim rabble rouser is at last behind bars! Of course he isn’t really likely to do proper time. I am sure that Lord Ahmed’s (do I still have to called him Lord even though he is now a lag?) time behind bars will make Paris Hilton’s stint seem like serious hard time.



Genial Harry Grout – Porridge

I am sure that Nazir Ahmed will actually have his own cell, away from the rest of the population, no doubt a cell that would make Grouty’s cell in Porridge look like a Victorian dungeon. It wouldn’t surprise me if they had converted a large office for him somewhere, probably the Governor’s office.

Like Paris Hilton I also expect that his actual stay behind bars will be amazingly brief, and in just a few days he will be released with a tag.

Lord Ahmed pleaded guilty to dangerous driving but Mr Justice Wilkie made it clear that the offence had no causal link with the fatal accident.

Does that matter? Causing a death by dangerous driving carries a maximum sentence of 7 years, even though it cannot be proved that Ahmed’s texting caused the other man’s death he could still have gotten 2 years for dangerous driving (the Portuguese truck driver got three). The very fact that he was driving dangerously surely made the difference as to whether Martyn Gombar lived, or died.

One driver saw the Audi at the last minute and managed narrowly to avoid a collision. Another clipped the Audi before Lord Ahmed’s car ran into it.

Precisely, the other two drivers were paying attention, clearly Ahmed was not. He may not have sent a message right at the time of impact, but who is to know whether he was composing another message, or reading one? He had already sent five long messages before the accident.

After all what kind of maniac drives at 60mph on the motorway with his wife and mother in the car, whilst reading and sending text messages?

I think it is a fair assumption that had Ahmed been paying attention, Gombar would probably still be alive. Yet still the firebrand peer only gets three months in prison.

A Prince

hamed There are many parallels with this case and another aristocratic dangerous driver, this one a prince.  Prince Naseem Hamed was sentenced to 15 months for dangerous driving in 2005. Hamed was driving his £325,000 McClaren-Mercedes at 90mph when he lost control and smashed into another car, although badly injured, his victim lived to tell the tale.

Odd then that although Hamed didn’t actually kill anyone, he was given a sentence four times longer. Admittedly he was released in just four months but Ahmed will be out in a few weeks, if not days.

Hamed may not really have been a prince, but he was an MBE. After his conviction for dangerous driving he was stripped of his honour.

This of course begs the question; will we see Ahmed stripped of his peerage? No, of course not!

I am sure that Hamed believed that his losing his MBE was more to do with race than anything else, after all Lord Archer is still a lord despite being convicted of perjury.

Now though, he will see that it isn’t about colour, but your place in society and who you know. 

Ahmed has been expelled from the Labour party, however this is just for appearances sake, and once a free man he will be reinstated.

Nazir Ahmed  – the hypocrite

Lord-Ahmed I am not a fan of Mr Ahmed. Not only is he a trouble maker but he is a hypocrite. Ahmed is the man that hosted a book launch for Israel Shamir, the infamous anti-Semite, in 2005. Shamir claims, amongst other things, that the Jews are responsible for everything from the Beslen school massacre, the Madrid Bombings, through to the genocide in Sudan and that they are all carried out to discredit Muslims.

Ahmed clearly believed that free speech was rightly upheld in this instance as it wasn’t his religion or his people being insulted. Sadly there wasn’t a threat from a Jewish peer to bring down 10,000 angry Jews to stop the launch, unsurprising really, this is after all, a free country. Still such sentiment didn’t stop Ahmed from blocking Geert Wilders coming to Britain and insulting his religion.

Shamir said during the launch:

“Now, there is a large and thriving Muslim community in England . . . they are now on the side of freedom, against the Empire, and they are not afraid of enforcers of Judaic values, Jewish or Gentile. This community is very important in order to turn the tide.”

Yes and it looks as though Ahmed sees himself at the head of this community and it is certainly aiding him to get things done.

Apart from being a hypocrite and a subversive, the man has little or no principles. During the 2005 election in Dewsbury (Dewsbury is where Ahmed was driving from when he had his accident), Ahmed broke party ranks and supported a Conservative, his ‘friend’ Sayeeda Warsi (now Baroness Warsi) rather than the Labour candidate. Putting his friends before his loyalty to his part and his job, if that isn’t corruption I don’t know what is.

Incidentally it was the same Baroness Warsi that went to the Sudan with Ahmed to secure the release of Gillian Gibbons. Warsi, who despite never having been elected as an MP is not only working in the Shadow Cabinet, but is also a peer, all at the tender age of 37! Unsurprisingly she is the youngest peer in the House of Lords. Some may say that she is the product of positive discrimination and of the Tories attempting to reach out to both women and ethnic minorities. But no, her peerage was reward for working as a lawyer for less than a decade and getting soundly beaten in an election.


Despite the fact that it is unlikely that Ahmed is going to get a shower room initiation from some big gorilla named Bubba, it is still good news that the man is behind bars. It is a shame that Geert Wilders didn’t plan his trip better and come over now that Ahmed the agitator is locked up, albeit briefly.


fawkes British Muslims ‘providing Taliban with electronic devices for roadside bombs’ – Telegraph

British Muslims are providing the Taliban with electronic devices to make roadside bombs for use in attacks against British forces serving in southern Afghanistan, The Telegraph can disclose.

It staggers me just how much this country has changed in the last few decades.  The Muslims that I went to school with, the Muslims that I worked with years ago, were nothing like the current generation. Despite the fact that many of those what I worked with and went to school with, were foreign born. 

Fifth Column

Today in Britain we have a fifth column of British born Muslims in our midst. Of course not all Muslims are supplying bomb making equipment to the Taliban, or heading to Pakistan for training, or are even supportive of the actions of the Taliban; and it may be unfair to tar them all with the same brush, but the Muslim community as a whole is doing little to weed out these traitors.

The reason for this may well be because many in the Muslim community do not see them as traitors, for most Muslims they are Muslim first, British second.

The very fact that many of these treasonists believe that a bunch of Afghani’s, with whom they have no connection with other than the fact that they share some of the same religious beliefs, are somehow more important than the state in which they live, their armed forces and the very people that live on their street, displays just how much a distant second being British is.

Of course, being British does have it’s perks. Most of our betrayers were likely born here, like the 7/7 bombers, and that means that they went through our school system, our colleges and universities. Being British wasn’t a bad thing then. Nor was it for our foreign born Judas’, like Qatada and his band of radical Jihadi’s. Qatada lived in a £800,000 house and received about £50,000 a year in state benefits.  These devout Jihadi’s claim asylum in our great country, then any and every benefit they can, all whilst criticising its way of life and plotting its downfall.

It apparently never occurs to those who meet these refugees at the border that their being persecuted in their Islamic homelands for their extremist views means that they probably aren’t going to get on too well in secular Britain either. We may well have freedom of speech in Britain but that freedom does not include being free to plot the overthrow of a Government and replace it with an Islamic State. That is treason.

Do the folks at immigration believe that once in, these extremists will see the benefits first hand of British culture and turn aside from their extreme views?


Unfortunately it is clear that such people don’t change, they do not have their mind and their eyes opened by a free and fair society, on the contrary, they spread their own twisted views in Mosques and now even in schools.

Islamic fundamentalism promoted on websites at some Muslim schools in the UK, think tank finds – Telegraph

Islamic fundamentalism that encourages children to despise British society is being promoted on websites at some Muslim schools in the UK, think tank Civitas has revealed.

Because of the freedoms given to immigrants in Britain, we have found ourselves becoming a breeding ground for extremists, as well as a target. They are using not only mosques but now also schools as a smokescreen for their Jihadi recruitment campaigns.

“A site linked to one primary school said playing Monopoly or chess was forbidden…”

“Another warned children in Britain were being exposed to a culture that was against everything Islam stands for,”

Unsuspecting Muslim Girl enjoying her last days of freedom before marriageTime and again we hear that British culture is incompatible with Islam, usually being spread by some leading cleric such as Qatada, all whilst claiming asylum and of course benefits. Odd then that they should come to a country that is so incompatible with the way that they wish to lead their lives.

  It isn’t all bad news though:

forbidding the playing of cricket or even reading of Harry Potter books.

I can’t stand cricket.

Naturally the Muslims schools were quick to comment:

“misleading, intolerant and divisive”

Quite right, so why did they have it on their school website in the first place? This is the most annoying hypocrisy of all though, these schools have the above text on their website, yet when it is discovered they call those responsible for finding it the intolerant racists. Clearly us non Muslim Brit’s need to be even more tolerant of such abhorrent, and in some cases, illegal views.

The explanation from the college that linked to two Jihad websites says it all:

“It has been brought to our attention that some of the content now on two of those sites could be misinterpreted.”

Misinterpreted? Sure preaching holy war is really all about tolerance. Do they really believe we are that stupid, then again perhaps we are.

A woman’s place

There were worse things though:

The report also found evidence of sites saying a woman who is raped is “jointly responsible” for the crime, that women should remain at home rather than study or that the greatest form of veiling for a woman was to stay indoors and keep herself hidden.

Not only is this view sexist but at no point under UK law is the rape victim held as jointly responsible. This is extremely misleading, and not the sort of thing that primary school kids should be told.

Again this shows the absolute rubbish of the claims that the hijab and burkha are optional and that the ultimate decision for wearing  them lies  with the woman. Clearly these schools intend to strip women of the their rights and the ability to think for themselves from an early age.

Dr Muhammad Mukadam - The cock in charge The Muslim Association of Schools also attempted to play the race and intolerance cards:

“The report contains rhetoric which is not only inaccurate but also breeds distrust and disharmony and adds nothing positive or constructive to the debate on the future of education or social cohesion in our country.”

It is ironic that they use phrases such as social cohesion whilst defending school websites that are themselves breeding distrust, disharmony and attempting to destroy social cohesion between non Muslims and Muslims. It seems that to Dr Muhammad Mukadam, social cohesion means bending wider society to fit around his cultural beliefs.

Naturally, and in spite of the evidence, no action whatsoever will be taken against these peddlers of hate and extremism. No doubt they will create a hue and cry about any investigation, give interviews using words such as racist, intolerant, Islamophobia, multicultural and diversity. At which point Keith Vaz will probably give some high ranking official a call in the hope of ending the whole matter.

Thanks to these schools, we can expect a whole new generation of traitors ready to join the burgeoning fifth column.

eeh by gum

Initially confined to mosques, it is clear that this type of indoctrination in our Muslim schools has been going on for a while. Evidence was obtained last year that it wasn’t, or at least wasn’t just, foreign born British passport holders that were working against British troops in Afghanistan.

“And last year, it was revealed that RAF Nimrod surveillance planes monitoring Taliban radio signals in Afghanistan had heard militants speaking with Yorkshire and Midlands accents.”

It takes years to develop an accent, so these men were probably born in Britain before being converted/brainwashed in Muslim schools and mosques.

“In August, Brigadier Ed Butler, the former commander of UK forces in Afghanistan, told the Telegraph that there are “British passport holders” in the Taliban ranks. Other officers believe their soldiers have killed British Muslims fighting alongside the Taliban.”


treason It was Cardinal Richelieu who said that treason was merely a matter of dates and in some cases this may be true, but it certainly is not in the case of these Muslim turncoats. They are not doing what they are doing for long term good Britain, and they do not even delude themselves into thinking it. They claim it is for Islam, but in reality it is a few men in the Middle East that are pulling their strings.

These men prefer not to get their hands dirty and so recruit an army of the gullible into doing it for them, and sadly we appear to have legions of gullible idiots in Britain. 

A far, far stronger line is needed with such people. The killing of British soldiers, by British nationals, in a foreign country is a betrayal of the highest order. It isn’t terrorism, it is treason. These traitors should be hunted down and when captured they should be tried for treason instead of the lesser offence of terrorism.

In the good old days they would have been hung, drawn and quartered, but today the best we can hope for is life imprisonment, but this may make the life of a Jihadi somewhat less appealing to the mollycoddled Muslim youths.

To make it even clearer that these acts of treason will not be tolerated, their dependents should be deported to their country of origin and if they were born here, anywhere else. There is no reason why the British taxpayers should pay for both the life imprisonment of the traitor as well as keep their families, when they were plotting to take British lives.

I am sure that the thought of their loved ones having to survive in a foreign country, without the aid of British state benefits will make them think twice before boarding the plane to Pakistan.


buffoon Thanks to Buffoon  for pointing the Telegraph story out.

Muslim Girl

Foster mother struck off for letting Muslim girl convert to Christianity | Mail Online

A foster mother has been struck off the register for allowing a Muslim girl in her care to convert to Christianity.

Allowing? What else was the foster mother expected to do? It is not like drinking, taking drugs or getting pregnant but a positive decision about how she wants to live her life.

A Muslim girl

There are no laws against converting from Islam to Christianity, at least not yet, so I fail to see what the poor foster mother did wrong. The girl, who was sixteen at the time, was perfectly able to make her own mind up, at least in the eyes of the law.

Arranged Marriage

Today it appears that there is far more to this story than was initially reported:

“The foster mother struck off for allowing a Muslim girl to convert to Christianity took the child in after she was threatened with an arranged marriage.”
Muslim girl in baptism row was fleeing an arranged marriage

No wonder she was running away from Islam. Arranged marriages are illegal in Britain so all that people such as this girls father do, is take them to Pakistan to visit relatives – for about six months.

Then they return ‘happily’ married, and there is nothing that British authorities can do.

“Her father beat her just for chatting to boys and warned he would haul her off to Pakistan to marry against her will, a friend claimed.”

No wonder she wanted to escape the lifestyle she associated with Islam. She had probably grown up watching her mother take beating after beating and didn’t like the idea of following in her mothers fate; when freed from her parents she most likely took the first opportunity to get as far away from them as possible i.e. she was hardly likely to bump into her crazy father at the local Church.

Family Honour

This is a problem area in modern Britain. There has been an alarming rise in the number of young Muslim school girls who just disappear, there are believed to be around 250 who have gone missing from the school system in North Yorkshire at present. Some may have moved out of the area, others to Pakistan but that still leaves a large number unaccounted for, who may have been married against their will, illegally (i.e. underage) or worse.

The recent case of the nine year old girl granted a divorce in Saudi Arabia once again shows that there still is no lower age limit for girls to be married in Islam.

Qatada to face music – eventually

‘Bin Laden lieutenant’ Abu Qatada can be deported after Lords ruling – Times Online

The radical cleric Abu Qatada can be deported to Jordan to face trial on terror charges, the House of Lords ruled today in a key victory for the government as it attempts to remove terror suspects from the UK.

qatada Welcome news indeed. It has only taken 8 years so far to get this scum out of the country, and it looks as though it will be at least another 2 before he’s deported back to his home country.  Not bad for a man who arrived here on a false passport in 1993, with his wife and four kids in tow.

on the lam

It appears that Qatada may have seen this coming though, as he had planned on going to ground after his release on bail late last year, but fortunately he was re-arrested before he got the chance.

I just hope that Norman Kember, who provided his bail security, lost the lot. He certainly won’t have learnt his lesson though, Kember is probably now planning on selling his wife to finance Qatada’s appeal.

With any luck the Jordanians will have prepared a nice surprise for him when he gets home, the death sentence.

It’s a shame that his mate, Yasser Al-Sirri isn’t being deported too. With any luck, Al-Sirri, who is also facing the death sentence in his home country, will be deported next. 

human rights

The human rights mob made the same round of protestations that they always make:

“Eric Metcalfe, director of human rights policy at Justice, said that the ruling was a step backwards in the international fight against torture. He said the promises not to torture made by countries where Britain was seeking to send terror suspects were worthless.”

shami It seems that Metcalfe’s idea of justice differ from my own. The idea that Qatada should stay here to avoid answering for his crimes in Jordan is not justice, but cowardice. Qatada was involved in a plot that took the life of a 12 year old girl and was planning attacks on several hotels in Jordan.

He is wanted in eight countries around the world on terrorism offences. Just about every major terrorist attack in the West since 9/11 involves this man in some way, Mohammed Atta (leader of the 9/11 attacks ) had tapes of his sermons, Qatada also had links with terror cells in Madrid, and Richard Reid the shoe bomber attended his sermons. After being arrested initially in 2001 and then bailed he went on the run for months to avoid going to prison here.

This isn’t a case of mistaken identity, apart from being convicted here,  he is also wanted in the US, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and of course Jordan on terrorism charges. If Metcalfe and his bunch of freedom warriors seriously believe that any conviction against this man is unsound because there is an outside chance that someone may have been slapped around a bit, then they are deluding themselves.

What do such groups believe they gain by supporting the likes Abu Qatada? Do they really believe that he is innocent of all charges and that he is the victim of some bizarre far reaching conspiracy? They make think that they are standing up for Freedom, Justice and the American Way, but in reality the only ones who benefit from their aid, are evil scum like Qatada.

Metcalfe and his barmy army of liberal bed wetter’s should be more concerned about the human rights of his victims and the taxpayers of this country, who are paying for Qatada to be kept alive.

European Court

Now it seems that the European Court of Human rights has decided that Qatada deserves compensation for his treatment in Britain, either not taking into account, or not caring, about the fact that Abu Qatada is a wanted terrorist in many countries and currently undergoing extradition to Jordan. To them, the only thing that matters is that everyone is treated as if completely innocent and wholly good, regardless of the weight of evidence to the contrary. Ten other terrorist suspects were also given similar amounts of compensation.

It is a shame that the European Court of Human Rights won’t take up the human rights of the countless victims and potential victims of Qatada, and his evil comrades. But of course that would actually involve him facing justice somewhere so that his victims can be identified; something that the European Court of Human Rights seems wholly opposed to.

What makes this even more disturbing is that Qatada’s appeal against extradition  is ultimately headed to the European Court of Human Rights. This bunch of fools make British Judges seem down to earth and blessed with amazing common sense. If they decide that Britain is unable to deport Qatada and the other wanted terrorists to their repective homelands, then we should send them all to Strasbourg and see what they make of them there.

This compensation is another victory for the naive middle class public school kids that make up the likes of Liberty and Justice and those other human rights groups as well as yet another blow for the people of Britain, and it does not bode well for Qatada’s appeal.

Geert Out!

Dutch MP vows to defy Home Office ban and fly to Britain to show anti-Islam film

A right-wing Dutch politician who has been banned from Britain said today he planned to defy the authorities and fly to the UK, stating ‘Let them put me in handcuffs’.

wilders It’s incredible. The Government is apparently unable to deport convicted terrorists, such as Abu Qatada and Yasser Al-Sirri but it can stop a Dutch MP from entering the country because his views may be offensive to 3% of the population.

Illegal Entry

Geert Wilder’s (no he isn’t a barrister, that really is his hair) mistake was trying to get into Britain legally, he should have followed the example of Qatada and Al-Sirri and entered the country on a false passport. Apparently once you have entered Britain in this way it is impossible to be deported or even go to prison for it!

What’s more, as Qatada can attest to, the Government will give you thousands in benefits and a nice plush house in London. Admittedly this wouldn’t be ideal for Geert Wilder’s as he is an MP in Holland, but perhaps he could claim it as a second home?

The most hypocritical thing that I have read in years was this from the Home Office:

But a spokesman said: ‘The Government opposes extremism in all its forms. It will stop those who want to spread extremism, hatred and violent messages in our communities from coming to our country.

Right, that is why it has done such a splendid job with Qatada and all those like him. Perhaps there are different rule for those that are here illegally and that are intending to insult the indigenous population? It certainly appears that way.

Not to mention the protests in support of Hamas (a terrorist group according to the Government), Hezbollah (a terrorist group according to the Government) and many others.  No action was taken there.

Abu Hamza was preaching hate for years before he was eventually arrested.


The film itself is nothing special, simply passages from the Qu’ran interspersed with images from the terrorists attacks on 9/11, 7/7 and the attack in Madrid, but like the cartoons, the Satanic Verses etc, the Muslim community doesn’t have to actually see it, they are simply ‘rent an outrage’, they are told they should find something offensive, so they do.

It would be better surely for the religious leaders to view the film and then point out that perhaps passages were taken out of context, or are incorrect. Instead they go for a blanket ban as if the film is something that they do not want anyone to see, ever.

Lord Ahmed, a British Muslim peer said:

It would be unwise to have him in the UK because this man’s presence would cause hatred

His presence would cause hatred? Or is the hatred already there just waiting for another excuse? This kind of talk and this kind of action spreads a simple and clear message – Threats of violence will work wonders.

Ahmed threatened to gather thousands of Muslims and march on Parliament, despite the fact that such a protest would be illegal, and the Government caved in.

The Muslim community needs only threaten action to get their own way. They don’t like the school head teacher, they are replaced. They don’t want their kids to celebrate Christmas at school, or any of the other kids either, it is done.

The power that this minority group has is incredible. Forcing the segregation of their children, then blaming the non Muslims for their ignorance of the Muslim religion. What other group could separate their children from their peers against the wishes of both the teachers and the Local Authority and claim that it is their right and all done in the name of religious tolerance?

If white supremacists were to insist that their children were separated from the non whites, what would the response be? What about Christians mixing with Heathens?

mother One of the idiot mothers who argued for the segregation of Muslim pupils said that it was beneficial for all of the pupils as they gained a better understanding of Islam rather than the negative media portrayal, all whilst reinforcing the negative media portrayal! What will the other children learn other than the fact that Muslims are different, and believe themselves to require special attention?

As one young Muslim said during a BBC interview, when he went to school (and when I went to school), they all had assembly together, and it didn’t make much difference then. So why the sudden need for more segregation and isolation? And if religion is that important, why not send them to a faith school?

It is worth noting that not all Muslim groups support this separation. 

diverse and multicultural

Keith Vaz said today:

“Britain should be a diverse and multicultural society”

He was talking about foreign workers, but it is becoming increasingly clear that whilst people like Ahmed and Vaz espouse this wonderful Utopia where we all live together and learn and respect the beliefs of one another, people on the ground know that it does not exist.

Despite the massive influx of immigrants, Britain is more divided and segregated than ever before. Multicultural hasn’t come to mean one group sharing many cultures, but many cultures carving out their own societies within Britain, to the detriment of the natives.

Each group wants their own religious freedoms and beliefs taught in all schools, whilst refusing to have their children taught those of others. They want their own laws, whilst ignoring current laws and they want everyone else to learn about their culture and tip toe around it so as not to cause offence, whilst trampling over everyone else’s.

Christmas Cancelled

Christmas Cancelled

Sneinton schoold [sic] cancels nativity for Eid

A SCHOOL cancelled its Christmas performances to make way for Eid.

It had to happen sometime, Muslims make up almost 3% of the population of the UK, so it was always a matter of time before we became an Islamic State, not at the request of Muslims, but because of do-gooders who try and keep everyone happy.

Said do-gooders have struck at a school in Nottingham, where it was decided that the celebrations for Eid should take precedence over Christmas. Nottingham does have a slightly higher number of Muslims than the national average of 3%, at 4.6%, but that still leaves 95.4% of Nottingham residents non Muslim, so why has a school cancelled Christmas, in favour of a Muslim celebration?


I’m not Christian, but I understand that as 57% of people in Nottingham are, most celebrations are aimed at them. Personally I think that any form of religious celebration should be banned, especially at Christmas, which should be a time for fun and laughter, not religious brow beating, but I really don’t understand why schools are giving precedence to minority religions.

I know the Sneinton area, it does have a large non white population,  and is a poverty stricken area, but I am pretty sure it is not 51% Muslim. So I don’t really think that this ‘multi-faith school’ has to give priority to Muslim celebrations, they obviously just wish to be seen as embracing the modern face of Britain.

Either way I know that they are not allowed to have nativity plays anymore, they have to stick to pantomimes, as Muslims and others faiths may find Christian celebrations offensive. They do, however, celebrate Eid, Ramadan, Diwali and just about any other non-Christian religious celebration, regardless as to who finds it offensive, and generally speaking it is about 95% of the people probably do but are unable to speak out for fear of being branded racist, xenophobic, or small minded.

These days it is also  difficult what one can legally say, and what one cannot.

Muslims can get nasty

But as one Muslim parent pointed out:

“If you do not have both it becomes a racist thing and that’s why you have to be careful – if an issue is made out of it it could become nasty.”

Right, I am sure that she is complaining loudly now that one of the two celebrations has been cancelled. Of course not, it isn’t racist to discriminate against the majority, only the minority. She couldn’t care less that one celebration has been cancelled to make way for her own, like all religious folk she cares only about her own version of the good book.

She also probably believes that it should have been cancelled, all in the name of religious tolerance.

I am not religious at all, and people like me get discriminated every which way even though we make up at least 15% of the population, five times more than Muslims or any other belief system except Christian. Although 71% of people in Britain claim to be Christian, I am sceptical, I think the majority of people in Britain probably have no religion.

This of course makes the religious arguments even more intolerable. Britain allows believers to practice their religion in peace, it does not mean that we should all make special concessions for those foolish enough to base their lives on a book.

Britain though is, or at least was, a Christian nation and most of the principles that make this country what it is are based on the Christian religion. I love Christmas, in spite of the religious connotations, and accept the nativity and other Jesus related stuff because it is Christmas, it is tradition, and like it or loathe it, it is what I grew up with. Today, despite Britain being 90% either Christian or no religion, children grow up celebrating a myriad of non Christian religious occasions.


The school issues a statement saying:

“As a multi-faith school, like many schools in Nottingham City, we represent a wide variety of faiths and due respect is given to each one appropriately.”

What is a multi-faith school anyway? Surely a junior should be teaching the fundamentals and leaving religion to RE classes at secondary school? Why are they wasting valuable school time educating the kids on every religious holiday going?

I presume that there is some kind of points system for this, if I were to send my child to that school and put their religion as Jedi, I doubt that they’d let the school celebrate any religious holidays for that, or Scientology.

This is depite the fact that 1.6% of people in Nottingham state their religion as Jedi, that is more than are Sikh and also more than the Jews, Hindu’s and Buddhists put together! As I have mentioned though, this kind of thing has nothing to do with numbers, but who make the most threats and who are the most outspoken.

The Jedi follow a peaceful religion and so are unlikely to say something like, ‘if an issue is made out of it it could become nasty.’ But the threat there is clear, be tolerant to our intolerance, or else.

Not in my graveyard

Muslim graveyard refuses to bury terrorists in Mumbai – Times Online

A Muslim graveyard in the heart of Mumbai has broken with Islamic tradition and refused to bury the bodies of nine terrorists who were killed during the attack on India’s financial capital.

Normally with these kind of atrocities we get the same faces in the West, such as the Muslim Council of Britain, condemning the attacks, but the rest of the Muslim world is usually strangely silent.

It is gratifying to see these people standing up to be counted. The gunmen may claim that they are representing people like Jama Masjid Trust, but the Trust is making it abundantly clear that it is not.

“People who committed this heinous crime cannot be called Muslim. Islam does not permit this sort of barbaric crime.”

It is statements such as this that need to be made more often by influential Muslim leaders. Instead the term martyr is usually bandied around, with high ranking religious leaders keeping silent.

Not Welcome

The Jama Masjid Trust has made it clear that the men are not Muslims, and I don’t think that there can be any clearer condemnation than that. It will be interesting to see how this pans out though, as some other Muslims groups are already complaining about it.

Islamic scholar Maulauna Zubair Ahmed said:
“As per the Sharia, the trust cannot say no. The Sharia says whether a Muslim is a drunkard, rapist, criminal, you must offer him a place for burial.”

But this is where the Trust have a point, they are stating that the men in question are not Muslim, not that they will not bury them there. Whatever religion these men thought that they were practising is surely not Islam.

Hopefully the other graveyards in the city will back them up and the bodies will either be incinerated or dumped in an unmarked grave somewhere.

No-one accountable

The problem with Islam is that there is no one voice or group dedicated to interpreting the Qu’ran. There is no Pope or Arch Bishop of Canterbury, therefore no one to correct the extremists and terrorists. The Qu’ran itself is wide open to interpretation, and with no one to correct them, these extremists are quite literally able to say and do as they wish, and still claim they are following the Qu’ran.

It almost seems a competition amongst some scholars as to who can follow the most literal interpretation of Islam. I think that Turkey has the right idea, they have set up a council of scholars to re-interpret the  hadith for the modern age and remove many that no longer apply.

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Turkey in radical revision of Islamic texts

The argument is that Islamic tradition has been gradually hijacked by various – often conservative – cultures, seeking to use the religion for various forms of social control.

It is a shame that other Muslim countries do not follow the Turkish example and bring Islam into the modern age.