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Human Rights = Get Out of Jail Free Card

Wayne Bishop and his brood

One hopes that unlike poor vision; idiocy and criminality do not run in Wayne Bishop's family

BBC News – Jailed burglar Wayne Bishop freed to care for children

A burglar from Nottingham has been freed from jail on appeal so he can care for his five children.

Wayne Bishop, 33, was jailed for eight months for breaking into a rugby club and crashing into a police car.

Well after only serving six weeks inside, this criminal has been let off, so that he can look after his children. Now every criminal in the land is ringing their solicitor to see if they can also use this unbelieveable defence for their criminality.

Once again it begs the question as to just whose rights, the so called Human Rights Laws are protecting? If the state really had any concern for the rights of the children, they’d have taken them into care. 

The bespectacled miscreant has demonstrated to his children that actions don’t really have serious consequences as long as one has a lot of children and no job. 

Murders, Terrorists and Torturers Welcome!

This comes in the same week that a HIV positive former Mugabe torturer is told that he cannot be deported back to Zimbabwe, as that too would breach his human rights! Ironic seeing as he had scant regard for anyone else’s human rights as he pulled their teeth out and otherwise tortured and killed them – for years! 

It is also shocking that he came to the UK on a visitor visa eleven years ago and has been leaving here even since, and only recently has the Government naively tried to deport him. Does anyone ever get deported from Britain? 

It seems that in Britain, you can stay no matter what heinous crimes you have committed, or what danger you pose the ever decreasing innocent members of British society. Is there another country anywhere in the world that behaves in this way? 

Jacqui Smith is no Stalin

Josef Smith- Home Secretary

Jacqui Smith insists: ‘I’m no Stalinist’ following Damian Green arrest – Times Online

The row caused by the arrest of a Tory MP for passing Home Office leaks to the press intensified today after Jacqui Smith denied the government was resorting to “Stalinism” in order to silence dissent.

Of course not, arresting the opposition for exposing New Labour for the liars they are is perfectly acceptable and legal, in fact it probably is!

She’s right thought, it is not Stalinist. Stalin would never have to go on TV to explain himself, so at least we still have some modicum of democracy.

To be honest I am finding it hard to have sympathy for the arrested MP though, after all it was this lot of idiots that voted through these laws in the first place, and the fact that they are just as subject to them as the rest of us shouldn’t really come as a surprise to them, but oddly it does.

Are they now that far removed in their minds from the rest of us that they really don’t believe that these ridiculous and draconian laws, that they allow to pass through Parliament, are applicable to them?

This isn’t the first time this law has been used by NuLabour, it is also not the first time it has been used in an attempt to save the Government’s blushes, or punish someone for exposing a Government cock up.

Sally Murrer, a 50 year old journalist from Milton Keynes was arrested last year in a similar fashion.

A Buckinghamshire human rights abuse | The Observer

The security services planned the arrest of the journalist with painstaking care. They bugged her contacts and assembled an elite squad to take her down. On 8 May 2007, eight detectives swarmed into her home and seized her address book, mobile, laptops and bank statements. In a simultaneous raid, a second team searched her newspaper office – going through everything from filing cabinets to boxes of Cup-a-Soup by the office kettle.

Such actions could perhaps be justified if it were a suspected terrorist, but a 50 year old mother of three whose ‘crime’ was that she was going to highlight the fact that an Islamist that the Government had released early from prison, had bragged about becoming a suicide bomber.

Naturally such questions could not be allowed to be asked by ZaNu Labour, and her apprehension was ordered. I am not sure what role if any comrade Smith played in this, but oddly her case was thrown out of court on Friday.

Her lawyers apparently likened the actions of the police:

“…to the actions of the secret police in an authoritarian state.”

Which is precisely what they were.

As for the Home Secretary, she claimed not to have had any prior knowledge of the raid and arrest on the Tory MP, something that I find hard to believe. She said:

“…that officers had to be allowed to ‘follow the evidence where they need to’,”

Just as they were in the cash for honours investigation?

Mugababe wins landslide victory!

There are some people that you just have to admire, and Morgan Tsvangirai is one of them. Only a fool would run against Robert Mugabe, it is akin to volunteering to run against Stalin. Tsvangirai knows he is in for a tough time, and we are not talking mud slinging, he may very well lose his life in this election.

The phrase hiding to nothing just doesn’t quite cover it, but that is precisely what it is. His arrest recently and him being banned from campaigning is just the start, and he knows it, he has been here before. The intimidation, the beatings and whatever else that Mugabe has in store, Morgan Tsvangirai has decided to go through it all again, even though the votes have already been counted and headlines already been written. Mugabe will not allow Tsvangirai to win, but still he campaigns, you have to admire his pluck.

At 56 he’s no spring chicken, you’d think he’d have given up and made the best of the years he has left and no one would blame him, he’s lucky to be alive. In 1997 three of Mugabe’s pals popped round to see Tsvangirai in his office and engage in a spot of defenestration, fortunately for Morgan, he’s not a small bloke.

Morgan after a beatingMorgan Tsvangirai after a beating

He got a serious beating last year and would probably have been killed had not Edward Chikombo smuggled out some footage of Morgan in a brutalised state. Mugabe thanked Edward Chikombo for bringing it to the worlds attention, by having him abducted and executed.

It’s easy for us in the west to sit back and shake our heads over the situation in Zimbabwe, but there are people like Edward Chikombo and Morgan Tsvangirai that are risking their lives simply by opposing Mugabe. 43 opposition activists have been killed since March. Yet despite the danger they still carry on.

They won’t win, and they know it, but they are vainly hoping that someone, sooner or later will step in and sort this mess out and help Zimbabwe get back to how it was. Unfortunately I think that the Mugabe opposition are a little optimistic. The only help they are going to get is a few stern words about Mugabe’s actions.

Proof is in the recent attack on British diplomats, Miliband responded by saying:

“We have to be concerned obviously about British staff, but we also have to be concerned that intimidation does not become the order of the day in the run-up to 27 June.”

What a toothless Lion we have become. Britain has a responsibility to Zimbabwe, after all as Mugabe said in his speech at the UN food summit in Rome, Britain is the former colonial masters, and we are displeased with the current master, the man that Britain helped put in charge.

Many Zimbabweans were born when Zimbabwe was under British rule, we are not talking colonial times here, but the 1980s. Britain needs to take action, we have far more of an obligation to bring about regime change in Zimbabwe than Iraq, yet Britain does nothing.

It is the fear of being labelled imperialist, colonialists that stays the Government hand I am sure, but I don’t think many Zimbabweans would say that things were worse under the British than they are today. Many are probably asking or praying that Britain invades.

If the British Government was waiting to see if Mugabe could be voted out democratically, then they are deluding themselves, as the recent banning of aid workers and the banning of opposition rallies has proven. Mugabe is not going to release his grip on Zimbabwe. The beatings and the killings have no doubt already begun, and Mugabe has made sure that no one outside of Zimbabwe is able to witness his re-election campaign.

Out with the old, in with the new…

In another affront to freedom of speech and democracy, Putin has silenced the Russian press over allegations that he has divorced his wife to marry a 24 year old gymnast.

The Russian Parliament or Duma  passed the bill to silence the press with an incredible 339-1. The dissenter was no doubt taken outside and shot after the vote count.

Like him remaining President despite being unable to by law, Putin believes that if no one knows the truth, it’s all OK.


Putin has never been as popular as he is now, in a large part because the press hasn’t been this strictly controlled by the Kremlin since the days of Communism. The man can do no wrong, or at least no wrong that the Russian people will hear about.

Print is the sharpest and the strongest weapon of our party.
– Joseph Stalin

kabaeva_7 I am sure that the confidence and respect that Russians have in Putin would be severely dented if they knew that he’d cast aside his wife of 25 years for a woman the same age has his daughters.

That and the other information that the press aren’t allowed to print, such as the fact that Putin is Europe’s richest man,  and it was all made on the backs of the people he was meant to be serving.

Putin has of course denied all the allegations, and the ordinary Russian on the street has no reason to believe otherwise.

This seems to be a common thing amongst despots, Mugabe also traded his wife in for a newer model. Of course Putin wife has died under mysterious circumstances but I am sure that the operatives in Dzerzhinsky Square are working on that.

Old Mugabe

It’s good to see that Robert Mugabe hasn’t changed since the last election, he’s still behaving like a spoilt child. He’s well and truly picked up his ball and gone home.

mugabe Three weeks after the elections, he still hasn’t released the results. He knows he lost, he knows that the world knows that he lost, but he really doesn’t care. I am sure that his minions are frantically working to put those 3 million spare ballot papers to good use.

Did anyone really expect any less from Mugabe?

The most disappointing thing in all this is that South African President Thabo Mbeki has refused to criticise Mugabe. Disappointing but of course not surprising. Mbeki is of the belief that AIDS is actually part of some White Western plot to subjugate the blacks. He also blames all of the ills of black people on colonialism. He also accuses anyone who criticises him of being a white racist and believes that they are opposed to black rule. In case you are becoming confused, yes I am still talking about Mbeki, but the phrase ‘two peas in a pod’ certainly springs to mind.

I think that Mbeki is probably the only person on the African continent that believes Mugabe’s “it’s a Western conspiracy, they are all out to get me, especially the British…” speeches.

One of the best interpretations of Mugabe has to be the video below from ITV’s Headcases. I was a big fan of Spitting Image, so was looking forward to this programme. I wasn’t greatly impressed although I thought Mugabe was brilliant.

Africa is famous for its civil wars and corrupt leaders, a surprising statistic is that many of Africa’s 53 nations are run by millionaires, 12 of them by billionaires! The fact that they seem reluctant to criticise each other only reinforces this elite club. At least Zambia made a stand on the issue.

The longer these leaders are allowed to blame colonialism, oppression and white racists for African being poor, hungry and under developed, the longer ordinary African will suffer as they steal the wealth from their own countrymen.

“How can someone say the independence has not been good? Do you think I could have 20 Mercedes, 500,000 acres of farmland, and a palace under British rule? Mr Blair lives in a crowded little apartment on some little side street. That is not for me.”
– Robert Mugabe