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Kirkbride’s whole family on the make

Julie Kirkbride and her family enjoy the rewards of public office

I was starting to think that these revelations had run out of steam, but then more come along from this despicable woman.

‘Public execution’ for MP Julie Kirkbride after it’s revealed she paid her sister £12,000 as ‘secretary’ | Mail Online

Julie Kirkbride faces a ‘public execution’ after she was told to meet voters to explain claims that her brother and sister exploited her expenses.

Not content with giving her brother a home rent free, and then claiming back refurbishment costs from the taxpayer, she also employed her sister!

Plenty to go around

No one can claim that Julie Kirkbride is not generous, shame it isn’t her money.

The Tory MP paid her sister Karen Leadley £12,000 a year from public funds to be an ‘executive secretary’. Mrs Leadley works from her own home in Dorset – 141 miles from her sister’s Bromsgrove constituency and 107 miles from Westminster.

In this case it appears that ‘executive’ is a euphemism for not involving any actual work. To me, this looks like fraud, Kirkbride is claiming money for her sister under false pretences. Whether or not her sister received the money is irrelevant, she clearly was not entitled to claim it.

Her explanation leaves a lot to be desired:

My sister does work for me on a part-time salary of around £12,000. She lives in Wimborne, Dorset, but she has a computer which is networked to my constituency office and London office.

What on earth does she mean ‘networked’? She cannot seriously be saying that her sister’s computer is somehow linked into her constituency computer? And if she is, is that legal? Would not that give her ‘part-time’ sister  access to privileged information?

Or does the dozy mare actually mean by network – the internet? And that her sister can check her email from where she is? Either way this just seems to be another MP employing another family member in a very well paid but frivolous position.

Keeping it in the family

She doesn’t just pay her immediate family though, she also sets them up in business.

Yesterday her leaked office expenses revealed that her brother bought a digital camera, five memory cards, four internet routers, three external hard drives, a printer, map software and a battery with £1,000.52 of public money.

Once again her explanation for this is, quite frankly, bizarre.

‘I record my work as an MP in pictures. I often ask my brother to source IT equipment for me. These items were bought by my brother, on my instructions.’

A pig with its snout in the trough

Now, I am no photography expert but routers? How do they fit into photography? And four? Surely just the one is enough? Not to mention five memory cards and three hard drives, that is one hell of a lot of storage space for a few pictures of her carrying out her duties as MP.

Which raises another point, if this equipment was to record her work in pictures, where are the pictures? There is a curious lack of them on her official website, despite the massive amount of storage space she could have saved them in. And if the pictures were not to be a publicly viewable record, why were we paying for them?

Besides does she really need some weird photographic record in order to do her job? I think not. If she wants to take happy snaps, she should do so on her own camera, on her own time and at her own expense. But I think it is clear that this equipment was for her brothers IT business, and not to record her work as an MP for posterity.


She has lied, cheated and milked the system and although it would seem an appropriate place for such a person, she has no place in the House of Parliament. She should face a fraud investigation, saying that she is going to stand down at the next election is not enough. That means that she gets another year of her £64,000 salary, not to mention the nice pension she gets and a ‘re-settlement’ allowance of about £30,000.

More infuriating of course, is the fact that she can still claim expenses that we are unlikely to know anything about, for the next year!

This woman and her husband should be in court, explaining to a Judge and a Jury why they made the claims that they did, not enjoying their ‘retirement’ at our considerable expense.  

Criticise Me Will You?

Brian Jenkins: Not the sharpest tool in the box

‘Bully’ MP threatens to sue student who criticised him over Gurkhas in note hand-delivered to home | Mail Online

A Labour MP was accused of ‘bullying’ yesterday for threatening to sue a 21-year-old student who criticised him for not backing the Gurkhas.

It is often said that MPs appear to live on a different planet but this one seems to live on a planet where it is illegal for his constituents to criticise him!


The idiot did vote against better rights for Gurkha’s, so I am not sure what he is basing his threat to sue on, whether or not he received a letter? According to he only responds 60% of the time anyway, so there is a good chance that he did get it but just didn’t bother to reply.

Besides, if he didn’t receive the letter, how did he have the students address to hand deliver the letter to him? I think that the answer is clear, he did get the letter, didn’t bother to reply and then took umbrage at the fact that one of the people who pay his wages had the cheek to criticise him for not doing his job.

Just out of interest, has anyone ever, ever, met anyone who didn’t want the Gurkha’s to have the right to settle in this country? Anyone in Tamworth? Anyone at all? I really cannot think of anyone, outside of Government that didn’t want them to settle here, no group, no movement and no individuals.

Even the BNP supported the Gurkha’s, yet this, and many other MPs, voted against giving them the right to settle here. What did he base his voting on? It was nothing to do with what his constituents wanted and it certainly wasn’t anything to do with democracy.

Taking the piss

This once again displays how out of touch MPs are; they really do believe that they are beyond reproach, a law unto themselves and uncaring of the views of the people that they are meant to serve.

Still he doesn’t go quite as far as Anthony Steen MP:

Just in case you can’t play it, he comes out with gems such as:

“I think I have behaved impeccably.”

He’s claimed £87,000 in four years for his house.

I’ve done nothing criminal, that’s the most awful thing, and do you know what it’s about? Jealousy.

I’ve got a very, very large house. Some people say it looks like Balmoral.

He has a house that looks like Balmoral, the residence of the Queen? Yet claims money from the taxpayer to maintain it? Not even the Queen does that.

He went on:

“I don’t know what the fuss is about”

Few MPs seem to realise what they have done wrong.

“This Government have mucked up the system…by bringing in the Freedom of Information Act…and caught me on the wrong foot…”

Home of Anthony Steel MP, which apparently looks like Balmoral.

The best part of all and that really shows the mentality of these free loaders is this part:

Interviewer: You don’t think that any of this information should have been released?

Anthony Steen: No, what right does the public have to interfere with my private life? None. This whole episodes reminds me of an episode from Coronation Street [The Soap Opera].

Quite right, what right have the taxpayers to know what MPs spend taxpayers money on? What the idiot doesn’t seem to understand is that when we pay his wages, we are his boss, and that means that we have every right to know what he is claiming.

His remark about Balmoral is telling, the Queen reveals all her expenses, everything that she claims in tedious detail. She doesn’t quibble about the fact that the taxpayer may want to know what their taxes are being spent on at the Palace, yet this odious man believes his claims should be private!

I have been saying it for years but now it is very clear, Parliament is corrupt and broken. The very institution that was designed to protect us from the aristocracy has simply replaced it. Now we have 646 families that get to live like Kings at the taxpayers expense.

Dodgy Dizaei Charged

Ali Dizaei: Met Commander for hire and all round dodgy man

Police chief Ali Dizaei charged with perverting course of justice over restaurant arrest | Mail Online

Police chief Ali Dizaei was today charged with misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice.

Sadly only with misconduct, rather than the raft of offences this corrupt officer is responsible for.


Naturally the National Non-White Police Association have been quite put out by this:

Alfred John, chairman of the Metropolitan Black Police Association, said the decision to charge Dizaei was ‘outrageous’ and the result of ‘personal vendettas’.

In other words – racist. But that is no surprise from this lot, they are all as corrupt as each other, all the decent ones having quit when Dizaei was swept to power,  and it appears that these days their only purpose is to help launch legal action against the police.

The charges, which carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, were announced by the Crown Prosecution Service six years after the £90,000-a-year officer was cleared of similar offences at the Old Bailey.

Dizaei has a history of being corrupt. He wasn’t exactly cleared, it was more of a case of the star witness for the prosecution turned out to actually be a star witness for the defence. This star witness was non other than Tarique Ghaffur, also a member of the NBPA and who also sued for racism when he didn’t get the promotion that he’d always wanted.

Despite being ‘cleared’ the police still wanted him out for his questionable character and behaviour but the National Non-White Police Association (NBPA) threatened to stop recruiting non white police officers unless he was re-instated, promoted and compensated. Guess who backed down?


Tarique Ghaffur, with his sponsors

Dizaei is part of a powerful triumvirate of corrupt public servants that have basically carved up policing and justice between them.

Three-times-married Dizaei, 47, who as president of the National Black Police Association has been an outspoken critic of alleged racism at Scotland Yard, was suspended on full pay last September when three separate inquiries were launched into his conduct.

And it is accusations of racism that form the primary weapon of this corrupt circle. One such investigation was into his relationship with a certain Mr. Shahrokh Mireskandari. Dizaei, despite being a Metropolitan Police commander, worked for Mireskandari to help undermine a Met investigation into one of Mireskandari’s clients.

Shahrokh Mireskandari also represented Tarique Ghaffur in his claim of racial discrimination against the Met, apparently masterminding the whole affair.

The final member of this triumvirate is my old friend, Keith ‘Back Hand’ Vaz. Keith Vaz has a long, long history of corruption and inappropriate behaviour; him still being an MP is testament to the fact that the knows just when to play the race card and can also expertly make his constituents believe that he is acting their best interests.

But Vaz ties in very nicely with Mireskandari. Vaz, now a Home Office Minister, helped his ‘friend’ Mireskandari when the convicted fraudster (sadly not in this country – yet) was being investigated. He wrote to the Judge asking him, and then threatening him, to stop the case.

…extraordinary letter which Vaz wrote to the High Court this year. In it he asked that a case involving Mireskandari be adjourned, pending investigations into the lawyer’s complaints [of racism] against two judges previously involved in the case.

Ah, racism. I am starting to see a pattern here. Vaz also threw a hissy fit at a meeting with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, demanding that it only investigate white solicitors!

At the bad-tempered meeting Vaz attacked the SRA leadership and demanded that the body stop investigating ethnic-minority lawyers.

No doubt the intention here it to set up a National Non White Solicitors Regulation Authority, at the head of which they can install their own man and then do as they please. Or at least stop the SRA from investigating his friends and paymasters.

Shahrokh Mireskandari – master or apprentice?

Bogus solicitor: Shahrokh Mireskandari. The good thing about this idiot, is that he is representing all the others.

I am not sure where Shahrokh Mireskandari fits in with the other three, is he their master or merely a lackey?

Whatever he is, these three public servants are making a mockery of Britain and British Justice, with barely even an attempt to hide their associations with fraudster’s, clearly thinking that the timely use of their trump card will get them out of any situation.

It didn’t work for Ghaffur, it doesn’t look like it will work for Ali Dizaei; that just leaves Keith Vaz, whose shredder has probably been smoking since news of the charges against Dizaei broke.

Vaz’s wife has also probably found her bank accounts and property portfolio greatly expanded overnight.


Originally posted on The Third Province  where Free to think, free to believe wrote:

If enough folk do, they’ll have to count ‘em…

and before I get going I want to say that this post is open to being posted by anybody anywhere – and if anybody has there own pet peeve – throw it in. I want, from this post, to get to as many folk as possible because if enough of us vote Liberty ‘THEY’ will have to count our votes…

Vote Liberty

to say you don’t want an ID card.

to say you don’t want ever more CCTVs.

to say we don’t need our fingerprints or retina patterns captured on our passports because of a few countries’ paranoia…

to say we want our private calls to be private – there’s a CIA listenning post which picks up ALL mobile phone calls in the UK and if you think that’s a paranoid conspiracy theory why did Blair admit the CIA was permitted to do this for ‘our own good’ or some such words… in no less a place than the House of Commons. [I forget the actual quote.]

Vote Liberty to say you want to be responsible for how you defend your own home.

to say you want to be free from paying endless expenses for sitting MPs, or even the endless expenses of MEPs – with the European finances repeatedly being found to be short of good accountancy practises…

to say you want to be free from ever more laws from Europe. The Metric Laws, the growing list of plants seeds we can no longer buy, the general bearucratic consencus that means we don’t, nor does anybody else, have a real debate over the future of Europe… Just look to see how many countries say ‘NO’ in a referendum only to have to vote again until they get it right…

Vote Liberty for your own reasons…

If enough folk do, they’ll have to count ‘em.

How do we vote Liberty? We simple write it with the pen they give us in the polling booth on the voting slip and pop it in the box and then we wait to see what happens…

Although I don’t always agree with you Free to think, free to believe, and we do have very different viewpoints on a lot of things, the fact that we are thinking along similar lines (along with most of the electorate!) demonstrates just how broken Parliament is. On another website I said something similar:

Charlie Says:
Parliament is broken and I don’t think that electing another bunch of idiots to carry on as we are is any sort of choice. If only there were some obligation to carry a little tick box on the votes forms of ‘Abolish Parliament’ or ‘Referendum on Parliaments Future’, they’d soon start listening.

Sadly there is no little tick box, nor is there likely to be. So we are left with no real choice in who to vote for; we’re only going to get more of the same.

There is no party that is truly representative of our views, so in our
frustration we vote for someone who we don’t really agree with, merely
as a protest vote. Perhaps by voting Liberty we’ll ensure that next time there is a little tick box on the ballot paper, or some other way of voting for a major change.

Britain’s first Muslim Minister, turns out to be quite expensive

There for the taking: Malik hasn’t let things like honesty, integrity or morality get in the way of his greed.

Shahid Malik stands down as Justice Minister after PM orders inquiry into his expenses – Times Online

Shahid Malik, the Justice Minister exposed as the biggest expenses claimant of all MPs, was forced to step down today to await the outcome of an inquiry into his living costs.

Shahid Malik is not short on ambition. Not content with being the first Muslim Minister, he decided to go on to become the worst swindler out of 646 self-serving, corrupt, deceivers; which is no mean feat.

Only sorry to be caught

Malik refused to even apologise for his extravagant ways, instead promising to give the money taxpayers unknowingly gave him for his new entertainment system to a local charity. No doubt this charity would be run by a certain Mr. Tahir Zaman, who just happens to be Malik’s landlord, neighbour and friend.

It appears that like Malik, Zaman is also living the life of Riley at the taxpayers expense, all thanks to Shahid Malik’s generosity with our money. Malik seems to be under the impression that once elected, he need never pay for anything again; little wonder then that he is Britain’s most expensive MP.

The man even had the cheek to claim back a £65 fine for non-payment of council tax on his expenses, and was granted it! A £730 massage chair, because apparently he is unable to do his job without it, and a £2000+ television were just a couple of the other expenses we know about.

Shahid Malik has been costing the taxpayers almost half a million pounds a year since he was elected.

What’s all this then?

Policeman: Many years ago they used to be used to combat crime; today they are Government enforcers

At last the ‘Plod’, as Boris Johnson calls them, are going to investigate this whole mess.

a panel of senior Scotland Yard officers and prosecutors will meet next week to decide what action to take over claims MPs misused expenses. Officials will assess whether criminal inquiries are necessary in the aftermath of the scandal.

I am surprised that they have to meet to discuss it, surely this is a sure-fire way of hitting those performance targets; there must be at least 600 odd fraudsters within that House.

It will be interesting to see Shahid Malik in court trying this defence with a Judge:

“I have absolutely nothing to apologise for. I have done nothing wrong,” he told the BBC. “I have not been at the periphery of the rules. I haven’t abused the rules, I have been absolutely at the core of the rules.”

Lord Ahmed and Shahid Malik: Malik may follow his rotund friend into prison, if there is any Justice for the Justice Minister

He may change his story when he has to produce all of his receipts, and not just the ones we know about.

We’ll see what the police and potentially a judge make of his claims, for starters they should investigate his relationship with Tahir Zaman.

Fraud covers a lot of things; failing to disclose information, abuse of position, and false representation; the fact that he’s an MP pretty much guarantees that he is guilty of all three.

Milking the system

Malik though, has an excuse for everything.

I rang the Fees Office and asked if there was a limit to what I could spend before I bought a TV and they said. ‘No’.

Normal people tend to call their limit – what they can afford. Someone who earns £100,000+ a year can more than afford to purchase his own TV.

I did think at the time that was madness.

But he still went out and bought the most expensive TV he could find anyway?

I’m not in it to make money, I’m here to make a difference.

It’s funny how all MPs seem to say the same, yet then they have us furnish their homes, pay for their luxuries and constantly demand inflation busting pay rises to compensate for their hardwork. So much for serving the community and community spirit.

Surely Shahid Malik can understand why people think he may be out to make a fortune from being an MP? After all, normal people aren’t able to pay off their mortgage in three years, like Malik apparently did. Malik’s father was also a politician, so more than likely Malik is quite used to spending public money and corruption.

With the police and CPS firmly in the pockets of the Government, and more than a little scared of MPs, I am not going to hold my breath for a prosecution.