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Naomi Campbell Causes a Storm

Naomi Campbell, famous clothes horse and violent diva.

Suggestions that any of the clothing in this Marc Jacobs ensemble are chocolate coloured are racist and will not be entertained

Naomi Campbell in race row over Cadbury chocolate | Independent

Cadbury is facing the prospect of a black consumer boycott after it compared Naomi Campbell to a chocolate bar in a new advertising campaign. 

Well, it has been a while since the fashion industry’s favourite diva threw a wobbly and accused someone of racism – at least publicly, but the wait is over.

The last time she started screaming that everyone was racist, was back in 2008 when, having lost her bags at Heathrow, she demanded that the pilot get out and find them!

Campbell brings out the big guns

This time though, things are infinitely more serious, she has even wheeled out her mother to stand up for her, who helpfully pointed out:

“This is the 21st century, not the 1950s.”

The question is, where was she when her daugther was handing out beatings to her staff, police officers and appearing in court? She could have used her helpful observation then to point out to her daughter that we don’t treat staff like that in the 21st Century, this isn’t the 1950s! Indeed where was her mum throughout her childhood when she should have been teaching her respect for other people?

Her mother also said:

“Do these people think they can insult black people and we just take it?”

By these people she clearly means white people, who obviously didn’t taken into account her daughter’s delicate sensibilities. Ironically, on Kraft’s homepage they have a black man drinking a hot beverage, probably coffee, perhaps even hot chocolate

Rent an outrage

My two favourite rabble rousers are also mentioned here. Apparently the head of Operation Black Vote, an exceedingly optimistic Simon Woolly has written to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to ask them to ‘mobilise’ the USA’s black population, something many in that country have been trying to do for years, not least Sharpton & Jackson Master Demagogues (no outrage too big, too small, or too silly). 

Cadbury's offending advert.

Suggestions that the white baubbles are meant to represent some of the blood diamonds Naomi Campbell received from Charles Taylor are likewise spurious

I can’t wait to hear Messrs Sharpton & Jackson vent their spleen on this one. 

Woolley also went on to claim:

“Racism in the playground starts with black children being called ‘chocolate bar’.”

Really Mr Woolley? You have research to back up this assertion? In my experience racism tends to start with far worse than that, and in my day, the only kid that was called a chocolate bar, was one with blond hair and glasses. 

He then bizarrely went on to add:

“The Eurocentric joke is not funny to black people.”

 Do I detect a hint of racism in that remark? The irony of someone like Woolley complaining about racism on the one hand, and then making remarks like that, all whilst running (or at least being part of) an organisation dedicated to advancing the cause of people with a particular colour skin (and only people of that colour), against those who are not of that skin colour, seems lost on him, if not on me. 

Lee Jasper, a father of nine and head of many black organisations also got in on the act, stating:

“This issue is not just about the insult to Naomi Campbell. It’s about how these companies treat black people in general. Part of the problem is that they don’t see it as offensive.”

Clearly we get to the crux of the matter, calling Naomi Campbell a diva. You see people like Jasper, can never countenance a negative portrayal of a black person. Ironic considering that Lee Jasper is infamous for not only sending lecherous and suggestive emails to a work colleague, and then resigning because of it, but was also investigated after half a million pounds went missing and as to why millions of pounds of tax payers money was spent on projects linked to Jasper’s friends (all of whom were black) whilst he was London Mayor’s head of equalities. 

These hypocrites are the kind of people that get angry at chess, because white moves first. 

Money makes Campbell’s world go round

I think what has really annoyed the ageing model Naomi Campbell, in the winter of her modelling career, when she knows that there is only so much that botox and collagen can achieve against the ravages of time, a well known company and brand has basically used her name and reputation, without suitable remuneration. I am sure that on seeing the advert her first thought was to call her lawyer to find out if she could sue and on discovering she could not, she decided to once again play the race card to get an apology and the advert pulled. 

A short call to a black activist group would have been all it would have taken to set this band wagon in motion.  

One day Naomi Campbell may be a real victim of racial discrimination, but like the boy who cried wolf, who’d believe her?

And so it begins…

BBC News | Low solar activity link to cold UK winters

The UK and continental Europe could be gripped by more frequent cold winters in the future as a result of low solar activity, say researchers.

Now begin the claims that whilst we are heading toward cold weather, it is man made and the result of 'Global Warming'. This is the reason why the term Global Warming has been replaced with 'Climate Change'. I predicted the forthcoming cold weather in the June of last year (2009), based on my very complex computer model. 

Computer Model

I don't expect anyone to really understand that complex issues, variables, and parameters that underpin this highly complex model, the important thing is that the blue line goes down and means that we are entering a 'Little Ice Age'. 

Expect 2010 to be just as cold as 2009, if not colder. 

It is getting warmer, honest. 

As usual the 'Climate Experts' claim that this is all a sign of the continuing Global Warming. 

"But they added that the phenomenon only affected a limited region and would not alter the overall global warming trend."

Of course not, I am sure some places, like the Sahara Desert will remain remarkably hot and whilst the rest of the world freezes the climate fanatics will point out that the Sahara is now 0.03C hotter than it was 30 years ago! 

Also if these 'limited regions' do experience cold weather, as oppose to warm weather, can they still call it Global Warming? As surely the warming is no longer global. 

Prison Service – There’s No Place Like Home


Another thug for whom serving time is not to dissimilar from being at home

Outrage as violent thug who attacked policeman with crowbar is allowed out on day release after just two years | Mail Online

An armed robber who speared a policeman with a 2ft-long crowbar has been let out of prison on day release after serving just two years in jail, it been revealed.

Well it seems that you don’t have to be a mentalist to benefit from Britain’s lax Justice System. Fortunately that particular criminal was quickly apprehended after absconding and will no doubt have her day release privileges sternly re-assessed, before being re-instated in about a fortnight.

As for this ruffian, he was initially sentenced to eight years in prison, and as the Judge said when he tried to get his driving license back!

The judge told the court: ‘I don’t know what is going on with the Prison Service. A man gets eight years in 2007, and here he is on day release in 2009.

Welcome to the Criminal Justice system in 21st century Britain Judge, where have you been?


Prison is a joke, the prison’s website states:

The prison operates a ‘resettlement regime’ aimed at preparing prisoners for release by addressing ‘accommodation, employment, vocational training and offending behaviour needs’,

In other words the prisoners are let out and about almost as soon as the prison gate closes behind them. This man for instance, has been enjoying full weeks at home, enrolled on college courses and can apparently apply to courts to have his driving license re-instated.

This callous thug was given eight years for his part in a robbery and for stabbing a police officer with a crow bar, an act that perforated his bowel and left him fighting for his life. The police man is now stuck with a colostomy bag for the rest of his life, his assailant has to put up with the minor inconvenience of having to report back to prison every now and again.

It is good to see that the prison service thinks that it is OK to have him roaming the streets again, after having served less than a quarter of his sentence. Why bother with prison at all, we could save a fortune by removing this pretense at punishment and having all criminals serve there sentences at home.

No wonder the re-offending rate is at 60%, this man has been taught nothing, except that he can do as he pleases, and people will fall over themselves to try and help him.

Crazed Killer Takes Break From Shopping Trip

Crazed Killer on the Loose

Another escaped mentalist

BBC NEWS | England | London | Female killer flees on shop visit

A woman convicted of murder has gone on the run during an escorted visit to the shops in south London

I find this quite bizarre, but maybe I am just out of touch with the criminal justice system. One would think that someone convicted of murder would not be allowed out of prison just a couple of years later, not even for funerals of loved ones.

Day Trip

These days it seems that murders don’t even have to wait for the deaths of relatives to have days out, now simply a request for a shopping trip can get them out and about. And why not? Why should they be punished? It isn’t as if they are dangerous criminals or as if they have killed anyone, is it?

Det Supt Gary Gornell said: “This individual is dangerous and we need to apprehend her as soon as possible. If anyone sees her, please don’t approach her, but call police immediately.”

Yes, this woman is so dangerous that someone, somewhere thought it a good idea to take her out as a treat on a shopping trip! What did they expect she’d do two years into an indefinite sentence and being a convicted mentalist?

I’ve mentioned this sort of thing before, and it nearly always ends in tears, usually some poor innocent’s who was merely going about their daily business, secure in the knowledge that all the mad axe murderers were locked up. The poor innocent fools rarely take into account the do-gooders and their attempts to reason and understand the voice heeders, at least until they are getting stabbed to death.

So now we just await the inevitable death, that will be labelled entirely preventable by the coroner; for the inevitable investigation that will follow said death, and then for the usual round of ‘lessons will be learned,’ etc from those in charge. All this of course will be followed by the exact same thing happening again, and by me writing yet another post about it. Then again to be fair, it would be impossible for the paranoid schizophrenics to keep up their quota of 1 in 10 of all murders in Britain if the Government didn’t keep letting them out.

The Great Escape

Still, every cloud has a silver lining, Paul Caesar, the focus of another post about this kind of thing, having been tipped off by another inmate that his best chance of making a safe getaway was to catch a train, made his way to the train station. Unfortunately he couldn’t quite grasp the concept of catching a train, and he jumped down onto the tracks and held his arms open and ended up splattered all over the front of one.

We can only hope that Patricia Gillette is armed with the same information, and dazzling intellect.

Crazed killer could have been stopped

Revealed: Police blunders that left knife thug free to murder Harry Potter actor | Mail Online

A serial knife attacker was found guilty yesterday of murdering teenage Harry Potter actor Robert Knox.

Once again we have a situation where an innocent has been killed by a maniac thug, and once again it is apparent that his tragic murder could have been avoided, if only the British justice system had some teeth.


Karl Bishop is an evil sadistic ruffian.

The killer left court swaggering and grinning as he was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison yesterday.

Unbeknownst to him, he’ll be swaggering for a different reason soon. Unlike for his previous offences, Karl Bishop will now be in a big boys prison and fortunately it is likely to be full of particularly nasty lifers, with a penchant for butt fucking the new boys. It will probably be the only way of bringing tears to his eyes for what he has done.

This loon was a murder waiting to happen. It wasn’t the first time that he had been caught using a knife, in fact it was the fifth. For six years this knife wielding lunatic has been at large and causing mayhem, yet he has only served two years inside before getting his life sentence, and even then it was a young offenders centre.

This is despite:

By the age of 16 – having been expelled from school for his angry outbursts – he was being investigated for threatening a man with a knife. On that occasion the charges did not stick and the case against him was dropped.

But in December 2004 he slashed the same man and his friend with a knife as they waited at a taxi rank in Bromley.

The following March he was named as a suspect in one knifepoint robbery but there was thought to be insufficient evidence.

Two days later he was said to have threatened a man with a knife in a row over drugs. Police were informed but they failed to act.

A classic case of a sick individual who was only going to keep attacking people until he eventually killed someone, yet he was still allowed to walk the streets.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission confirmed that two Metropolitan Police officers had been disciplined over the handling of that complaint.

Why? They were only doing their job, and what all other police officers are doing, simply investigating the easy crimes in order to meet targets. With only four in ten crime being actively investigated by the police, it is no surprise that they didn’t bother with this one. After all, no one died. Well at least until later when he killed Robert Knox.


Robert Knox was stabbed five times by a callous Karl Bishop.


I cannot understand why someone within the judicial system did not realise that this man was a serious danger to the public; he had warned the week before ‘I’m going to come back next week and someone is going to die.

The fact that not only did he go back the next week, but he was carrying two 12 inch knives prove beyond any doubt that the mentalist meant what he said. Unfortunately for everyone, it wasn’t him that died.

The Judge said:

There is plainly a very significant risk to the public of serious harm caused by your committing further specified offences of violence.

Yet he won’t stay behind bars indefinitely. When he gets out of prison he will be even more of a headcase than when he went in, as unlikely as that sounds. Even if he never commits another crime the rest of his life; he is never likely to be a productive member of society.

The state should treat him with the same contempt as he has shown to his victims, including the six people he stabbed on the night of the murder, and hang him. I am sure that as he is being led to the gallows he’ll start to feel sorry for what he has done, and he certainly won’t believe then that his actions were ‘sweet’.