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US Propaganda Exposed

It’s interesting that the truth is now coming out about the deaths of a series of US troops and also the rescue of Jessica Lynch. She was the one, if memory serves, that was apparently captured by the enemy and rescued by US Special Forces from the clutches of the enemy in a daring rescue mission.

In reality she was injured in a road accident and taken to the hospital, that was back when Iraq still had them, and if I remember rightly never actually came into contact with the enemy.

We tend to think that it is only the enemy that use propaganda and we ourselves are too intelligent, too free, to fall for such tricks.

How naive we are.

Iraq’s Berlin Wall Continues

It was interesting to see the Prime Minister of Iraq saying that he wants the building of the wall in Baghdad to cease.

The poor deluded fool, clearly he hasn’t grasped that when the US stated Iraq was a sovereign nation, they meant sovereign as in Alaska, Hawaii, Philippines (of old), Puerto Rico, Panama and Afghanistan. Which to the rest of the world means not independent at all.

If he didn’t know this before surely the slap in the face by the military:

“US forces in Iraq have said they would respond to issues surrounding the barrier on Monday.”

Has given him a bit of an inking. This is what happens when you allow another nation to have military bases in your country, they never want to leave and think that they own the place.

US Troops in Iraq

US Troops in Iraq

It’s unfortunate really as it puts a little bit of a damper on the other US plan to stabilise I-raq, which is to put a wall around all of the oil fields and pipelines as well.