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Global Warming Scam

Global warming isn’t man-made – Climate science is ‘ancient astrology’

Japanese scientists have made a dramatic break with the UN and Western-backed hypothesis of climate change in a new report from its Energy Commission.

It is always good to see this cult taken down a peg or two. Most of these enviro-mentalists would have you believe that theirs is the only theory, except that they don’t call it a theory. For these zealots it is clear cut, there is no debate nor any discussion, and the media has largely towed the line.

Climate Sceptic

Those that do not follow the gospel are sceptics or worse heretics, so it is refreshing to hear the other side to this one sided debate.

Global mean temperature rose continuously from 1800-1850

We are constantly told that the current rise in temperature is unprecedented, that it displays clearly to even those who are not climatologists, that the world is doomed. Yet, there is a precedent. This level of warming has happened before, many times, and all long before mankind was pumping out billions of tonnes of CO2.

However, since 2001, this increase [in global mean temperature] halted. Despite this, CO2 emissions are still increasing.

Another point that the enviro-mentalists don’t wish for you to hear about. Despite the increase in Co2 emission, the mean global temperature hasn’t increased since 2001. Yet still, day in day out we hear of the forthcoming Armageddon, just recently Chris Field warned that global warming was actually far worse than had been predicted.

Prof Field said the 2007 report, which predicted temperature rises between 1.1C and 6.4C over the next century, seriously underestimated the scale of the problem.

It seems that Field may be making this up as he goes along. Despite the apparent massive increase in CO2 emission the global temperatures have remained the same. I am no climatologist, nor even a Professor, but surely if the two are correlated, when one rises, shouldn’t the other? Perhaps I just don’t have enough faith?

Global Warming has ceased

It strikes me as very odd that even though there is no further evidence for global warming getting worse, the enviro-mentalists have ramped up the rhetoric considerably. We are quite literally talking end of days for some, others aren’t so optimistic.

For that reason, in 2000 Global Warming stopped, after that, the negative cycle will probably continue.

I can’t help but wonder whether this is the reason. They are in denial. Despite the predictions of increasing temperatures, whole swathes of the world turning into desert, the oceans reclaiming parts of continents etc, all we have seen is a levelling out of the temperature for almost a decade.

Global warming has ceased, worse than that though, it is apparently now reversing. A scenario that the countless computer models could never predict, because it is a possibility that was never allowed to enter the minds of those controlling the data, ever. Such a thought would be sacrilege, blasphemy even. Such people could not countenance a future where they were unable to save mankind from themselves, dictate to the masses how they should be living and point out the ills of their lifestyles.

So they came up with even more evidence, more proof, using their computer models to justify their half baked theories. Professor Field is an example, claiming that “warming is likely to accelerate at a much faster pace and cause more environmental damage than had been predicted,” despite the fact that the planet is no longer ‘warming.’

The best though has to be this quote:

While skeptics are already using it as evidence of some kind of cooling trend, it actually illustrates how fast the world is warming.

This from a an Associated Press article by Seth Borenstein. Yes, the world is getting so hot, so fast, that it is actually cooling! Such hysterical propaganda would have made even the Nazi’s hesitant, no so for modern media; factual inaccuracies and hyperbole be damned, they just print it anyway.

This kind of scaremongering propaganda is all that is keeping the global warming movement going, evidence has long since ceased to matter to them and why should it when they have computer models that justify and bear out their theories, and when they have reporters more than happy to print their theories as fact.

Fortunately the average person on the street is not as stupid as the global warming brigade believe them to be, so we can expect more and more panicked end of the world predictions over the next few years. Unfortunately I think that it is going to be many, many years before Greenpeace finally realise that they are not wearing any clothes.

Another cold summer, so much for global warming

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Summer is almost over and most people in Britain would be forgiven for thinking that it had never really gotten started. All this talk of global warming and yet around the world, things seem to be getting colder and colder. Apparently contradicting the predictions of extreme drought and the claims that action on Global Warming is almost too late.

We’ve all seen the dire computer models, the ‘evidence’ that mankind is causing a global meltdown, even though this seems to defy common sense. CO2 makes up a tiny proportion of our atmosphere, and mankind is responsible for just a tiny proportion of that each year (less than 0.5%), yet it is ostensibly having such a catastrophic impact.

At first I completely bought into this Global Warming business, after all the evidence was irrefutable, everyone agreed that Global Warming was real and furthermore, man made.

Then I learned that the evidence wasn’t so incontrovertible and the more than I read the more convinced I became that the ‘evidence’ may not be all that it is cracked up to be. There are many, many scientists that are disputing the Global Warming phenomena. Over 100 sent a letter to the UN last year saying that cutting CO2 emissions was pointless.

Recent events seem to have backed up my scepticism. Despite certainties that Global Warming was real and that the world is already suffering the affects, it has been getting colder, not warmer.

Take 2007; Global Warming ‘experts’ explained that due to mankind’s inability to cut carbon emissions, 2007 would be the warmest year on record. It turned out to be the coldest year on record in many places, the coldest in living memory in most.

There was snow in Johannesburg for the first time in 25 years, Baghdad for the first time in 80 years, and Buenos Aires saw snow for the first time in 90 years. This seems pretty odd considering that the planet is getting progressively warmer each year, at least according to the Global Warming champions.

The fact is, despite the increase of carbon emissions, despite the claims and apparent obvious evidence of Global Warming, such as floods and hurricanes; the average global temperature hasn’t risen in a decade.

That’s right, Global Warming peaked in 1998, but no one has yet had the courage to tell the Emperor that he isn’t wearing any clothes.

The current hypothesis amongst true climatologists is that the planet is actually entering a period of cooling and that all the information points to this being a natural cycle in the planets climate and having nothing to do with man’s CO2 emissions.

Of course, one swallow does not a summer make, and one cold winter does not mean that Global Warming is all a load of rubbish, but it certainly isn’t following the computer models that have been bandied about for years.

Also this ten year blip in rising temperatures could just be the calm before the storm, and the next decade could see Global Warming continue apace. But people are not stupid, one bad summer and cold winter can be explained away, but two and then three…surely then even the most ardent believers in Global Warming are going to start to see the strings.

Water bills to rise to pay for ineptitude

Former flood chief: I would give up bonus –

“The former chief executive of the Environment Agency warned the Government that flooding was getting more and more extreme during the five-year period he held the post, he revealed today.”

Again more evidence that the ‘unexpected’ and ‘unprecedented’ weather conditions that ‘no-one could have foretold’ were predicted almost a decade ago.

According to their annual report they were aware of what could happen as recently as September:

“The report also disclosed that only last September, the agency’s board members expressed fears that they would be ill-prepared in the event of serious flooding.”

The former chief executive also points out that he would have expected his bonus to either be repaid or reduced had he been in charge, but wouldn’t we all had it been made blatantly obvious that they were undeserved.

Baroness Young also stated that we should expect water bills to go up to pay for the flood defences, but should we? Personally I’d suggest a pay cut for the senior staff that seem incapable of managing a more than adequate budget from the Government or perhaps dissolve the Environment Agency completely and make local residents responsible for their own flood defences. Not only will they have a vested interest in maintaining the defences they are also likely to be far more capable.

Flood defences performed admirably

Today my boss came into the office and told me that I was terribly behind in my work, that I had neglected some critical areas of my job and that I had let down many people that rely on me completing my work good and timely manner. He then said that I had tried extremely hard and so deserved a 15% bonus on top of my already ludicrous salary.

Yes today I am imagining that I work for the Environment Agency.

Flood protection chief defends staff bonuses – Times Online

“The Environment Agency chairman today defended the five-figure bonuses paid to some of his senior staff, after an outcry from residents affected by the floods who complained that defences were inadequate.”

Well it never rains but it pours for the Environment Agency, no sooner had it emerged that they were woefully unprepared to the floods, despite repeated warnings, and that they had neglected flood defences for years but they have also been caught handing out huge bonuses to senior staff for their good work and preparation, right before the biggest disaster in the Agency’s history.

“Well, no, I don’t really. I know absolutely that staff, not just my staff in the Environment Agency, at all levels have responded wonderfully well.”

Sir John Harman – Chairman, Environment Agency

Well they have had to haven’t they, it was a disaster and the staff at the Environment Agency have had to cover up the fact they their bosses were completely unprepared for such an incident, despite just receiving bonuses for preparing adequate defences for just such an eventuality. In my book that means they don’t deserve their bonuses, but Sir John isn’t having any of it.

“I think actually, from my very close experience of how they have performed, it is really unfortunate this story is running.”

I bet it is John, there’s nothing more embarrassing than being caught getting paid so well by the taxpayer to do a job than you are incapable of doing, except perhaps getting caught taking bonuses for a job that you are incapable of doing.

Had the flood defences worked and no areas had been flooded despite excessive rainfall, then the fat cats at the Environment Agency would have earned their bonuses. The pointless claim that ‘the flood defences would have worked, if only it hadn’t rained’ just doesn’t hold water. As the name implies the flood defences are there to protect people in times of flood, not just after a day’s rain, or a small period of wet weather but during long periods of intense heavy rain, that cause flooding.

The Environment Agency has bandied about words such as ‘extreme’ and ‘unprecedented’ and some have even gone so far as to blame ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ despite the fact that we had a period of flooding back in the 1950s that was just as bad. Of course back then it was blamed on the approaching ice age.

The fact is that if the flood defences aren’t protecting us against floods, then the Environment Agency isn’t doing their job, ergo they don’t deserve bonuses. Besides which, it is a little crass of them to not hand back the bonuses after what has happened, after all they are supposed to be public servants, yet seem reluctant to display any loyalty or solidarity to the people that they failed to protect.

Putin needs a dictionary

Comments like this really get my goat:

“It’s their brains, not our Constitution, which need to be changed. What they are offering to us is a clear remnant of colonial thinking. They must have clearly forgotten that Britain is no longer a colonial power, there are no colonies left and, thank God, Russia has never been a British colony.”

Vladimir Putin – Russian Dictator President

Not just the fact that yet another country is having a pop at the greatest Empire this world has ever seen, which at the moment it seems fashionable to do, nor the fact that Russia was never actually under the control anyone else’s empire and so wouldn’t know so called ‘colonial thinking’ if they started printing it on vodka bottles, but the fact that Russia was itself one of the worst colonial powers! Talk about pot and kettle!

Admittedly Russia didn’t have any overseas colonies per se, but it certainly had colonies, afterall the definition of colony is:


• noun (pl. colonies) 1 a country or area under the control of another country and occupied by settlers from that country.

Oxford English Dictionary

In fact after Britain they were the worst (or most successful depending on how you look at it) colonial power, acquiring a huge amount of land and taking over countless other nations and peoples from 1613-1917, admittedly they were all on the borders of Russia, at least they were after Russia had conquered all the other nations in between, but colonisation is colonisation. Most importantly none of the territories were handed their freedom after the glorious Revolution that ended the Russian Empire either.

Russia, a massive colonial power right up until 1991, that is still fighting a war against freedom fighters in one colony (Chechnya) and I believe is the worlds only colonial power in the 21st Century, accusing another nation of backward colonial thinking. Do the Russians even have a word for irony?

This is all because Putin thinks that he is able to assassinate people in Britain with impunity and to be fair he may well have gotten away with it, but to poison someone with a radioactive material, exposing hundreds if not thousands of innocent people to at best an early death due to cancer at worst a slow and painful death is going too far. If anything that kind of complete disregard for innocent civilians is something not from colonial times, but from the days of Stalin.