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Who’s been sitting in my chair?

Anglians return home to find the Taliban waiting for them

Muslim extremists shout abuse at British soldiers during home-coming march – Telegraph

A group of around 20 men in traditional Islamic dress held up banners and placards that read: “Anglian Soldiers Butchers of Basra”, “Anglian Soldiers Criminals, Murderers Terrorists” and “Baby killers”.

It must have been surreal for the Anglians; after coming home from fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, they find the Taliban appreciation society hurling abuse at them. Another bizarre point is the appearance of the terrorist sympathisers, both the men and woman dress more devoutly than those that have been under the Taliban yoke on and off for more than a decade.

Police protection

Despite the fact that such a protest was bound to incite racial hatred and anger, they were not only allowed to proceed with their protest, they were protected by the police from any backlash. And of course there was a backlash.

In Afghanistan Muslim women are forced to cover themselves up.

Perhaps I am a little misguided, but I always thought that incitement of hatred laws were there to prevent such things, after all such a protest was going to make those that had lost loved ones in Afghanistan very angry and upset. Perhaps in my naivity I assumed that the laws applied equally to whites, and non white immigrants; I should know better.

In Britain Muslim women are more liberated and can wear what they like.

Had the situation been reversed, and the protesters were carrying anti-Muslim slogans, well it would have been riot shields and truncheons all round.


Had we a Government with any modicum of national pride, or respect for Britain; these people would have been rounded up, their spouses were conveniently at hand, and put on the first plane to Afghanistan.

It doesn’t matter whether Afghanistan is their country of origin, nor that of their parents, surely if Afghanistan were ruled by such a wise and tolerant group, such as the Taliban, there would be no complaints of them being relocated there, would there? I see no downside for them. They get to live in a Utopian society were Islam is quite literally, the law. They don’t have to worry about people insulting their religion, nor forward thinking concepts such as democracy or women’s rights. Their wives are probably a little over dressed but still.

Of course they’d hate it there, not because of the Taliban, but because they’d be expected to work to survive. I daresay most of the men, and all of the women, are on benefits. Naturally most of the men will have more than one wife, despite polygamy being illegal in Britain they can claim more benefits for more wives, despite this being against Islam (A man may only have as many wives as he can support, not the state).

If we cannot deport them to their favourite state outside of the UK, then we should try them for treason. After all treason is supporting enemies of the state, and if by their actions they are not being:

adherent to the King’s enemies in his realm

Then I am quite frankly amazed. Free speech is one thing, but when this crosses over into hate speech or treason, then something should be done.


If people were losing their jobs for being members or even supporters of the BNP, then at the very least this lot should too, after all their group is far more insidious.

Care assistant Abu Omar, 30, said:’ If Hitler had committed those crimes noone would be cheering, and they shouldn’t just because they are British. They are 21st century Nazis.’

I cannot think of anything more annoying that a foreigner who has refused to integrate into this country comparing the grandchildren of those that fought a long and bloody war against Nazi tyranny, to Nazis.

The Nazis took control of most of Europe, executed gays, Jews and everyone else that weren’t part of their masterplan, which today would include the millions of Muslims in Europe; the British army is fighting extremists that use civilians, usually women and children, to kill themselves in their name. I think that his analogy is back to front.

Teacher Sayful Islam, self-styled leader of the Luton branch of al-Muhajiroun – the now banned radical Muslim organisation led by Sheikh Omar Bakri – was prominent amongst the demonstrators.

This man is teaching children?

He said:’ The anger has been rising up. The parade was the final insult. They have killed, maimed and raped thousands of innocent people. They can’t come here and parade where there is such a Muslim community. What do they have to be proud of?’

Another story from a few years ago has him claiming benefits, which I find far more likely. These people never work.

Sayful meets me at his semi-detached rented home in Bury Park, Luton’s Muslim neighbourhood. He no longer works, even though he is able-bodied, he admits, preferring instead to claim housing benefit and jobseeker’s allowance. He smiles sheepishly and says the irony is not lost on him that the British state is supporting him financially, even as he plots to “overthrow it”.

Sickening, and if this man is employed anywhere in this country now, he should be sacked and denied any benefits. The man is evil scum and once again I am forced to point out that plotting to overthrow the state is treason!


There will of course be those that read about such a man and claim that we have brought such opinions upon ourselves for being such an imperial race, albeit a century ago, and for our lack of tolerance of Islam and its followers. But as The Sword of Islam himself says,

“Although I had never experienced racism in the UK, it opened the eyes of a lot of Muslims, including mine.”

Despite never being a victim of racism in Britain, he hates us all the same. These people hate Britain and all it stands for, all whilst milking the system for their own ends. They do not care that their parents left their home country for a better life, they want this country to be like their home country, a nation that they have usually rarely, if ever visited, yet see through rose tinted glasses.

Such people are enemies of the state in even the loosest definitions of the term, they should be arrested and tried for treason or better yet deported. They should not be allowed to hide behind the fact that they are British citizens, traitors forfeit that right the moment they begin plotting treason.

Mentalist on the loose


Escaped Lunatic

Convicted murderer on run after fleeing mental hospital – Telegraph

Convicted murderer Paul Caesar is on the run after fleeing a secure mental hospital with a record of high-profile escapes, police have warned.

Fantastic news. Not only is the Government failing to lock up mentalists who may be a danger to the public, they are also allowing those already convicted of murder and supposedly safely locked away, to roam free.

missed breakfast

The press release doesn’t give any details of his crime, so we can assume that it was particularly brutal. I am also going to assume that he is no criminal mastermind who has spent the best of the past 13 years planning this escape.

“A spokesman for Springfield Hospital said Caesar failed to return after spending time unescorted in the hospital grounds on Tuesday morning.”

And the above seems to confirm that. The people in charge of that hospital really are idiots, ‘failed to return after spending time unescorted in the hospital grounds on Tuesday morning,’ – I am sure they were very put out, and probably went looking for him to let him know that his breakfast was getting cold.

It is meant to be a secure hospital, not a hotel, what an earth are they doing letting mentalists walk the grounds unescorted in the first place? What kind of a prison allows the inmates to walk around unguarded? Well ones with 100ft high walls topped with barbed wire, not hospitals with only a wire fence to keep the nutter’s in. At least your common or garden prisoner, upon escaping,  isn’t likely to head to the nearest DIY store and purchase an array of knifes before looking for someone to sheath them in.

After 13 years of mid morning constitutionals, I am sure that he had dug a pretty good tunnel. He probably went all the way to France. 

I suppose we just wait now for the inevitable headline of some poor innocent brutally murdered by Paul Caesar, followed by the rounds of inquiries and much talk of lessons being learnt.

déjà vu

The same thing happened four years ago when John Barrett brutally stabbed to death Denis Finnegan. At the time a report into the murder stated:

Barrett had been granted an hour’s “ground leave” from the Shaftesbury Clinic, a secure unit within the hospital, but failed to return. The decision to give him that freedom by consultant psychiatrist Dr Gill Mezey was described by the inquiry as “seriously flawed”.


Denis Finnegan

Yet five years on, the staff at the same hospital, under the same trust are making the very same mistakes, all over again.

As Marjorie Wallace, Chief Executive of SANE a mental health charity said at the time:


“This is not just a question of changes to the law or of inadequate resources, it is a question of changing a culture which puts patient’s rights ahead of those of their families and the community.”

The problem is that the people in charge of caring for these people think that they know better, as Mr Finnegan’s sister said: “They think they are untouchable – but we’ll make sure they won’t be.”

You can understand her anger, especially as Nigel Fisher, the idiot in charge when Barrett escaped, didn’t even bother to turn up for the report into his cock up; apparently he was busy that day – in his new job.

Yes, amazingly in Britain if you let a homicidal maniac loose, you get moved higher up the healthcare ladder. Nigel Fisher moved onto a position within the Department of Health as an NHS advisor on foundation trust implementation. Quite why anyone would value this moron’s opinion is beyond me, but clearly the present idiot in charge has decided to follow the same career path.

Despite the Finnegan family’s best efforts to bring it someone to task over what happened, nothing has changed, Just like Barrett, Caesar was probably allowed to roam the grounds because staff thought that underneath he was really a nice person and just needed to be shown a little goodwill and trust. Sadly it won’t be one of the staff that gets brutally murdered, but some poor, unsuspecting member of the public who has never heard of Paul Caesar and is simply going about their daily routine. 

I am a waster! My father before me was a waster!

Scotland on course to being the third most state-dependent country in world | Mail Online

Scots now receive £1,644 (22 per cent) more per head than their southern counterparts, up from £828 in 1999.

This is no surprise to me, the Scots have done very well out of devolution, all paid for by the English.

This is why the Scots have such a great healthcare system, free prescriptions, free parking, lower waiting times etc, it is all paid for by the English, who to pay for these Scottish only perks, have paid for parking, paid for prescriptions and jobs.

Only in Scotland

Only in Scotland is public spending so high that within the next few years it will be higher than all but two nations on earth, Communist Cuba and Iraq! The Scots of course deny this, they refuse to admit that devolution (i.e. independence whilst still attached to English purse strings) cost so much more than they receive from Scottish taxpayers, but the figures do not lie.

The public sector wage bill has risen 61% since devolution, precisely as predicted by English taxpayers. Bureaucracy balloons at an astounding rate, especially when riding on a wave of nationalism. The Scots think devolution is great, and shows what a great independent nation Scotland would be. Sadly no one seems to want to tell them that most of the UK taxes come from the English, and the Scots have almost a quarter more spent on them per person than the English. This of course means that an independent Scotland would not be able to sustain itself, an independent Scotland is just a pipe dream – at least until the English want their independence.

It will be interesting to see just how hard Alex Salmon pushes independence in the next few years, after all it is the last thing that he really wants.

The English

The English themselves are becoming more and more nationalistic, after 10 years of paying for everyone else to live the good life it is no real surprise. Let’s be honest, despite English taxes paying for most of Scotland’s lifestyle, they couldn’t be more ungrateful. The Scots hate the English, the Welsh hate the English and the Irish hate the English. This loathing is becoming more apparent the more ‘independent’ Scotland becomes.

Scars of the girl beaten for being English in Scotland | Mail Online

Lucy Newman, 22, was left with two black eyes and a broken cheekbone after a night out with friends in Aberdeen.

This isn’t the first time that cowardly Scots have attacked defenceless people, merely for being English. In fact in Scotland, such thugs would be considered quite brave, normally they’d only risk attacking a disable man who was sat in his car, like Ian Smith.

For Scots who haven’t quite worked up the courage to attack women, or the disabled, there are children. During the World Cup in 2006 a brave Scot beat up a seven year old boy for wearing an England T-shirt.

The boy said:

“The man whacked me very hard. He was a lot bigger than me. I am still going to wear the top. My mum bought it for me because I’m supporting England.”

Still the lad’s nine now, probably more than a match for the Scottish thugs.


I don’t understand all this hatred, the Scots have a lot to thank the English for, we did after all bring them kicking and screaming out of the Middle Ages into the 17th Century, or at least most of them.

The unbridled hate, the constant threats of independence (if only!) have shown the English what the rest of our British Brothers think of us, and we should dump them as fast as they claim to want to dump us, and leave them to their own devices. This economic downturn is going to hit England hard enough as it is, without having the millstones that are Scotland and Wales around our necks. Let Scotland turn into the new ‘Iceland’ if that is what they want and save English taxes for the English.

Hadrian had the the right idea for the Scots.

Not the only gay in Westminster village

Democracy is a simple premise, people vote for the decision they most agree with. Everybody votes, and everybody has one vote. Simple. Apparently though, this is too simple for modern Britain, where it seems that we are destined to have proportional representation.

Speaker fights Harman plan for big increase in gay MPs | Mail Online

Controversial Government backed plans for a massive increase in the number of gay MPs are being opposed by Commons Speaker Michael Martin, it was revealed last night.

Yes, for people like Harriet Harman, voting people in based on there ability is simply too democratic and us Briton’s should have as little choice as possible in who we vote for. 


Democracy quite literally means ‘rule by the people’  and the Athenians were the first civilisation to use a democratic system in its truest form. All male Athenian citizens were able to speak, and vote in the Assembly and the government and court positions were open to all citizens and were decided by a lottery. Therefore it is fair to say that the Athenians were able to completely govern themselves.

Since then the populous around the world has been hoodwinked throughout history into various forms of democracy so that, as far as I know, there is no true democracy anywhere in the world today.

Today we are told that we need to elect representatives to argue for ‘us’ in parliament. Our chosen champions are supposed to fight our corner for us, and represent our wishes, although it seems they really only suit themselves.


Democracy does have its flaws, getting everyone together to discuss and vote on issues just isn’t possible with 65 million people, so some other form of representation is needed. Also, there is no real way of knowing whether the ‘democratically elected’ MP is really representing the views of his constituency, without trying to get them all together. An MP can always claim to be voting for the majority of his constituents, safe in the knowledge that this can never be disproved.

Even in the face of overwhelming opposition from his constituency, MPs can always fall back on the tried and tested ‘voting for the right choice, rather than the popular one’ as they are better placed than Joe Public to make such decisions.

The only real option for the voters is to vote out someone who they don’t like and vote someone else in, but the Government seems hell bent on removing even this last vestige of democracy.

The Gays

Apparently Government estimates place the gay population of Britain at around 6%, Stonewall placed it at around 3-7%, reality TV has it at about 40-60%.  Personally I think that this is very high but even so this apparently equates to around 39 MPs in parliament.  Harriet Harman claims that in order for Britain to be more democratic, we in fact need to be less democratic by having gay only elections to ensure to requisite 39 MPs are elected.  Currently there are only 11, which by my estimate is about right.

Those who may not want to vote for a gay MP, either due to personal or religious beliefs are left with no option, presumably because the government believes that they are discriminating, are wrong and should be punished. Those who wish to vote for a gay MP simply because they are gay, are apparently not discriminating at all.

the inevitable conclusion

Presumably this idiocy isn’t going to just be restricted to homosexuals but rolled out across the board. We can expect that 50% of seats will also be reserved for women, 2% for black MPs and 3% for Muslim MPs, and 0.007% of seats for Jedi. God only knows what will happen if a black, female Muslim is elected, would they get three seats?

But why stop there, what about the smokers vote? How many MPs need to be smokers to be representative? Whether smoking is right or wrong is irrelevant, it is surely about representation? What about tall people, short people, fat people, thin people,  men with beards, men without beards, blonde haired folk, gingers, blue eyes and green eyes, pagans, enviro-mentalists….the list is quite literally endless and I feel for those that have to divvy up the seats.

The Grey area

Perhaps the most ridiculous part of all of this is just how each person is placed into a pigeon hole. Is a person who is half white and half black, black or white? Or are they perhaps part of a mixed race section? What about the gay MPs, what if a gay MP turns out to be bisexual? What if all the gay seats are taken, can a bisexual MP still run for a non-gay seat as they play for both teams?

What about men who have had a sex change? Religious converts, Michael Jackson?

It would of course be an absolute joke were it not about to become law. Thankfully it seems the electorate are likely to be spared the ins and outs of it, surely this is the first step toward a mayoral like parliament, where MPs just select themselves for seats. After all, following these sorts of strict guidelines will mean that ability is not really a consideration, merely how many boxes the candidate can tick.

The cabinet

Surely the same rules should also apply to the cabinet and Prime Minister? The Cabinet has 23 members, currently five are women, one (Mandy) is gay, that I know of and none are black, or any colour other than white.  At least 11 should be women, one should be black, one Muslim, one and a half should be gay, and one should have slight leanings towards the force. Also surely 1 in every 10 Prime Ministers should be non white and every other one a woman?

The most shocking lack of representation in the Cabinet is age. 5 members of the Cabinet should be under 16, another five should be over 65.


I am old enough to remember when Viv Anderson became the first black player to play for England, and also when John Barnes scored that goal against Brazil! But I digress. From Viv Anderson up to the late 90s I could probably name every black player to have played for England, today though it is almost impossible to keep track.  The England vs Germany game contained many black and mixed race players, because fortunately in football ability is what is paramount, not which specific pigeon hole the players fits into.

The England team also demonstrates that the best players will float to the top, regardless of colour. Surely this should be the same with MPs or is that what they fear the most? Ensuring that the England team was truly representative of England would mean that only one non white player would be able to play for England at any one time. And that Fabio Cappello would also have to find a gay professional footballer to come on as a sub.  This may not be the best team, but to people like Harriet Harman, it seems that ability is not important, not even when the welfare of 65 million people is at stake.


The issue here is not really about ensuring that gays are fairly represented, but ensuring that all minorities have more than their equal say. Some would argue that minorities are already over represented, most have their own exclusive, taxpayer funded clubs and federations that fight for the rights of their members, while the majorities are forced to rely on their own cognizance or finances. Minority lobby groups also get the financing to be far more vocal and drown out the majority, just look at the Global Warming Scam. Britain really is fast becoming the land of the silent majority, who are only able to use their vote as their voice. A right which Harriet Harman seems intent on removing.

As Aristotle said:

…the popular principle of justice is to have equality according to number, not worth, and if this is the principle of justice prevailing, the multitude must of necessity be sovereign and the decision of the majority must be final and must constitute justice, for they say that each of the citizens ought to have an equal share…

The removal of choice in choosing an MP is just the first step toward removing all choice.

White Boys Don’t Count

An 118 year old boys club is under threat because the local council claim it does not tick enough politically correct boxes. The club, which caters to boys of any colour, and also girls as much as possible, may have its funding cut because it doesn’t score enough ethnic points.

Bristol’s Broad Plain Boys’ Club is renowned for its work with children, but this isn’t enough for the local council who want it to change its name or they will cut the measly funding (just £11,000) that they provide, claiming that having Boys in the name is divisive.

Boys’ club threatened with funding axe unless it accepts girls and changes name | Mail Online

A historic boys’ club is facing closure after council bosses threatened to withdraw funding – unless it changes its name and allows more girls in.

Ironically, or should that really be unsurprisingly, although the Boys club would cater to at least 50% of the young people in the area, that is not good enough. Apparently it is not how many you help that is important in council funding, but who they are.

Diversity Quotas

Helen Holland – The Glorious Leader of Bristol City Council – Email Her

The council is quite happy to support other organisations that are even more specific in who they help. The Bristol Pakistani Welfare Community, which is aimed at only women, gets almost the same as the Boys club, even though it only helps 0.6% of the population of Bristol. The Bristol and Avon Chinese Women’s Group gets almost three times more a year, even though it is aimed at helping less than 0.3% of the women in Bristol.

The Bristol Muslim Cultural Society gets slightly more (£32k+) even though less than 2% of the population of Bristol is Muslim. Clearly this isn’t about getting the most money to those that need it and support the most people, there is something else at work here.

The Figures

If you break down the figures for the Boys Club, the council spends £1 for every youngster that uses the facilities. There’s no figures for the other groups but let’s assume by some miracle that they serve all of their target group. This means that the Bristol Pakistani Welfare Community get £4 from the council for every woman that the group could possibly help! So that probably means realistically anything from £16-£40+ per person (or should that be per Pakistani Woman?) The Bristol Muslim Cultural Society gets a similar amount.

Unsurprisingly, it gets worse. The Bristol and Avon Chinese Women’s Group gets £26 for even Chinese woman that it could possibly help in Bristol, which means that the council pays anything from £96-£240+ per Chinese woman.

Quite shocking, but just the tip of the iceberg. This page makes me wonder just how valuable a Congolese woman would be to the council, or a Vietnamese woman? What about a Mauritian? Perhaps it is like scrabble and something such as the Guyanese Lesbian Women’s group could be a triple word score and get big money funding for ticking three boxes. That’s not there, but clearly someone has missed a trick.

The table below shows the bizarre priorities of Bristol City Council.

Table: Bristol City Council’s funding table of worth
Value Per Person
White or not specified
Pakistani Woman
Chinese Woman


Clearly the council has to prioritise spending, but in a city where 90% of taxpayers are white, why is it giving so much money to non-white organisations and so little to organisations that offer support to everyone? Something tells me that Bristol is not an isolated case.

The questions is, where is the Labour run Bristol City Council, and countless others around the country, getting these kind of diversity values from? It has to be Whitehall and it makes me shudder to think of all the pointless and exclusive organisations my taxes are going on in my area. Organisations that I will gain no benefit from, my children will gain no benefit from and 90% of the people that live in my area will get no benefit from.

It’s all well and good saying that these types of organisations are needed, and perhaps some are, but no council can be justified in taking away funding from inclusive organisations such as Bristols Broad Plain Boys Club, yet handing it out willy nilly to divisive and restricted organisations that benefit a tiny, tiny minority.

All in a name

It is probably a little misleading then to say that Broad Plain Boys’ Club needs to take ‘Boys’ out of their name in order to receive funding. I am sure if they added a word so it became:- Broad Plain Black Boys’ Club, there would be no problem, or for even more cash Broad Plain Chinese Boys’ Club.

Fortunately for the young people of Bristol, those that run the club are not in it for the money.

It is also quite ironic that on the councils homepage is a huge banner stating “Young People Have Your Say!“, when despite all of the kids at the club saying that they didn’t want to change the name, the council still wishes to press ahead with it.

No bacon for Police

One would think that anyone training to be a chef in the UK would be aware that at some point, they are going to have to cook pork or alienate 97% of their customers, but apparently not so for Hasanali Khoja.

Muslim chef sues Met police after being asked to cook sausages and bacon for ‘999 breakfasts’ | Mail Online

Hasanali Khoja accuses Scotland Yard of refusing to guarantee that he would not have to handle pork, which is forbidden in Islam.

This man isn’t running his own restaurant, he’s cooking for other people who have no option of eating elsewhere, which means that he will have to cook what he is asked to and at breakfast time that is likely to be an English Breakfast. Perhaps he should of thought about another career?

But why should he? In modern Britain it is a crime to discriminate against someone because of their religion, even if it means said religion prevents them from doing their job. Had the Met not given Khoja the job because he may have to handle pork, he more than likely would have sued then too.

For me it is the same as a vegetarian taking a job as a chef, then complaining that cooking meat is against their principles. They should chose a career that isn’t likely to comprise their principles or beliefs.

There seems to have been a lot of this lately in Britain where it is becoming increasingly common for ‘strict’ Muslims to only become strict when it suits them.

Take the female Muslim police cadet who refused to shake the hand of her potential boss, Sir Ian Blair, stating that it was against her religion to touch men that were not close relatives.

Odd then, that she was training to be a police officer, a job that involves handling, restraining and in some cases resuscitating strange men. Or did she just become a strict Muslim for that day? Are we now, after paying for her training, to expect her to also launch a case against the Met for forcing her to touch strange men, which is contrary to her religious beliefs? Or is she saving that one for when she fails to be promoted?

There was also the primary school teacher who refused to remove her veil when teaching children, claiming that it was against her religion. Aishah Azmi, apparently at the prompting of some local crusading cleric, suddenly decided that she had to wear the full face veil, otherwise know as the niqab (or ninja suit). Despite the fact that this is only required when coming into contact with strange men, not children. She refused to remove the veil, was dismissed and duly sued, unsuccessfully.

More recently there was the Tesco worker who claimed that he didn’t know his job involved handling alcohol, which he claims is against his religion. There is nothing in the Qu’ran that specifically prohibits handling alcohol, merely intoxication. By his warped logic he should never have set foot in a Tesco warehouse, as technically he was coming into contact with alcohol. Better yet, maybe he should never have left Saudi Arabia.

Again and again we are seeing these, almost made up on the spot, religious excuses for things, such as being unable to use handwash, or that dogs are offensive in any form. Recently a northern police force was made to pull a recruitment advert that featured a puppy, as Muslims would find it offensive. Remarkable then that they have dogs in the Middle East, but they do. It seems that things are only offensive when pertaining to a non Muslim.

Another interesting point from this article was the line:

Mr Khoja is being supported by the Association of Muslim Police.

So there is a Muslim Association of Police too, this of course goes hand in hand with the Black Police Association and no doubt many others, although I doubt that there is a White Police Association or Atheist Police Association. Then again perhaps a white atheist should attempt to join the Muslim Association and then sue for discrimination, but then that would not be very British.

Khoja’s lawyer stated:

“He has genuine and strong religious beliefs and expects that they will be accommodated,”

Why of course, this is Britain, where we bend over backwards to please everyone, even to our own detriment. This of course is the problem in multicultural Britain, immigrants arrive expecting Britain to change to suit their needs and make no effort to fit into British society and by and large make no contribution to British society.

If they believe that British culture or the British way of life may impede their magical journey to the one true mystic being, they should stop at the door and turn around. Britain has spent decades if not centuries disentangling itself from the last lot of religious nut jobs that came here and is now largely a godless land. The last thing we need is a new wave of nutters with magic books and mystical messiahs. Yet that seems to be all we attract.

A Can of Whoop Ass

For me, when you break the law you cross an important line, the line between useful members of society, and scum. A 56 year old, drug addict, burglar would to me, be the very definition of the word scum.

Brazilian student faces GBH charge for ‘defending home from serial burglar’ | Mail Online

A student appeared in court yesterday accused of attacking an alleged burglar.

At 56 I am guessing that the man is not new to the drug addict game, nor is he likely to be a novice burglar, what with him starting off his criminal career back when England last won the World Cup, so he has almost certainly pissed away, or injected, all of his second chances, Government schemes and rehabilitation.

The ‘early retirement’ of the man, Nicholas Edwards, should surely be encouraged by the justice system, which in 42 years has not only failed to cure or rehabilitate him; but also to protect decent, hard-working and law abiding members of society from him.

Self Defence

Instead we have a man who protected himself from the nefarious Edwards and has ended up in court for it. You have to feel for the accused, Andre Mergulhao, who:

“…has been in England for four months to learn English to help him run one of his family’s lace shops in Sao Paulo Airport”

His English course has now turned into a crash course in legalese. I am sure that he doesn’t really understand what is happening to him, nor even what he has done wrong, you see I believe that in Brazil self defence is still legal. In Britain one must allow oneself to be murdered brutalised or, best case scenario, only robbed to stay on the right side of the law.

As Mergulhao has learnt to his cost, self defence in Britain is a serious offence, much more so than say, burglary or theft.

What is even more surprising in this case is that Mergulhao is being prosecuted, even though the malefactor was armed with a knife. In those circumstances, at least according to Government statements on the matter of self defence, reasonable force is justified.

not very sporting

The only thing that I can think of is that Mergulhao made the grievous mistake of not just beating Edwards until he ran away like a whipped cur, he selfishly thought only about the harm a knife wielding drug addict could do to him and so he took no chances by beating Edwards unconscious. Clearly this was unfair of the unarmed Brazillian and not very sporting at all.

You’d think with the current epidemic of knife crime and the Government’s pitiful attempts to quell it, the police would be pleased that a member of the public tackled a knife wieding maniac and came off unhurt. Sadly not.

The trick is clearly to disarm the maniac, reason with him and let him beat a hasty retreat, then perhaps recount the incident amongst friends whilst drinking port.

In September last year Justice Secretary Jack Straw announced a review on what ‘reasonable force’ was permissible when a citizen confronts a suspected criminal. He also said that on four occasions he had intervened to deal with muggers and burglars.

Seems that Jack Straw has the gist of it.