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Dodgy Dizaei Cries Racism Again

Dodgy Dizaei cries racism again!

Ali Dizaei: The man for whom racism is a very personal term

Jailed police chief Ali Dizaei attacked inmate ‘after family picture was defaced’ | Mail Online

Corrupt police chief Ali Dizaei is being probed over claims he attacked a fellow prisoner, it has been revealed today.

Interesting to see that, despite being in prison and otherwise out of sight, Ali Dizaei can still play the race card with the best of them.

This of course is the man that screams ‘racist!’ and files a police report for a ‘racist attack’ every time he cuts himself whilst shaving.

To say that his suggestion of there being an element of racist intent in the altercation should be taken with a pinch of salt, is a massive understatement.

You’re all a bunch of racists!

Surely even Dizaei must realise by now that his claims of racism aren’t quite carrying the same kind of weight and concern that they once were. He’s not alone however, it seems that Dizaei’s classic ‘get out of jail free’ card (or even promotion card) is being played quite often, even abroad.

Omar Thornton decided that the best way to fight racism was to shoot as many white people as possible.

Omar Thornton: Gunman who killed eight told emergency operator ‘I wish I could have got more’ | Mail Online

A delivery driver who went on a shooting rampage at a beer distributor told an emergency operator he was the victim of racism and that he wished he had killed more people.

Disturbed US gunman Omar Thornton cried racism in his 911 rant call, claiming that the reason for his shooting down and killing eight men in cold blood was because he’d been victimised. Failing to mention that he’d just been caught stealing and reselling his company’s stock and was presumably given the ultimatum of resigning, or facing the police. He chose to resign, before promptly heading off to find a gun and returning to kill as many people as he could, and then ironically, facing the police anyway. Before urinating into his pants when he realised that they had guns too and blowing his own brains out.

His (ironically – white) girlfriend claims that he has been complaining of racism for some time, presumably the ‘racism’ was what he was using to justify his pilfering, either to her, or himself. It is just a shame that people like Omar Thornton and Ali Dizaei don’t realise that people catching them in criminal acts are not racist, but decent, and it is they themselves that are the scum.

Common Sense Prevails!

Tyler Juett - Thief

Killed: Tyler Juett was killed after breaking into a house, armed with a knife. I'm guessing this isn't a recent picture

Murder charge against man who killed burglar to be dropped

Omari Roberts, 23, was due to stand trial for the murder of 17-year-old Tyler Juett who was stabbed to death during a struggle at his mother’s housein Nottingham last year.

I’ve been following this case closely, and I have to admit, I was starting to worry that the justice system had take all leave of its senses! The way that this case was handled has made me wonder whether someone else, from on high had something to do with bringing this case to court.

Ooh, now that I think about it!

It was seven months after the event that the CPS, quite out of the blue, decided that Omari Roberts should be prosecuted. The only explanation that I can think of for such a long period of ‘thinking about it’ is because that is how long it took before the very vocal complaining of Juett’s mother reached someone high up within Labour.

Tyler Juett, not quite as complimentary as the official images

Typical young hoodie chav or innocent child?

Someone who no doubt thought that self defence was already illegal, and therefore wanted something done. Who is this soon to be Labour peer? None other than Keir Starmer, Human Rights evangelist and head of the CPS.

Having left any impartiality behind long, long ago, Keir decided that this case needed rectifying. A very strong opponent of the death penalty, having being instrumental in getting it abolished in the Caribbean, and is working hard to ensure its abolition throughout Africa. Keir Starmer obviously didn’t like the idea of any criminal getting his just desserts, he certainly has a dislike of such karma, having argued successfully in the House of Lords that evidence obtained by torture should be inadmissable in court and also had control orders for two suspected terrorists reversed when he represented them in the House of Lords.  A criminal being killed whilst committing a crime certainly wouldn’t have gone down well with Keir Starmer. And clearly it didn’t.

Not on my watch

More recent photo of burglar Tyler Juett

Tyler: A more recent photo that more accurately portrays the burglar

Ian Cunningham, the CPS lawyer, who officially brought this case to court said:

“I have looked very carefully at the public interest in this case, and I am satisfied that it requires a prosecution. I also discussed the case with the CPS principal legal adviser [Keir Starmer] and have decided there is sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction. The law also makes clear that people could be prosecuted if they act with excessive and gratuitous force.”

The irony is of course that the only ones who acted with excessive and gratuitous force were the two burglars that forced their way into the home, and then attacked the homeowner’s son with a knife! There is little mention of the 14 year old burglar that survived, no doubt the CPS dropped charges against this little angel, before turning their attention to the real victim.

This case was never in the public interest. Omari Roberts has no convictions, is not violent and if he is only ever going to kill burglars that enter his home, then the public at large is quite safe from the man. The only interests that were served in bringing about the prosecution was those of Keir Starmer, whose principles could not stomach a criminal being killed by an honest citizen on his watch.

I yield!

Keir Starmer

The slightly effeminate Keir Starmer, may well have been on the receiving end of one too many wet towel flicks.

Cunningham also said:

“I have decided that when Omari Roberts disturbed two burglars and caused injuries to them – in one case fatally – his actions were not reasonable.”

A silly and illogical conclusion. I don’t think that any son would be ‘reasonable’ upon finding two armed young male burglars in his mothers home. Frankly I think it should be perfectly legal to kill someone who breaks into your home, with or without excessive or gratuitous force. Had it been Robert’s mother, she would more than likely have been injured, if not killed herself.

There certainly needs to be clarification on the law in this area, Labour MPs keep stating that the law is clear, yet cases like this keep coming to court, or are coming close to court thanks to Labour lackeys. Perhaps they all believe that any fight is like the wet towel flicking shower room play fights that they engaged in at public school and that it merely had to go on until one party shouts ‘Submit!’

Tyler Juett - Criminal killed in the line of duty

Tyler Juett: Faced with this knife wielding maniac in my mothers home, I think I'd kill him too.

With the way things stand, should an unfortunate burglar encounter me in my home, I wouldn’t hesitate to ensure my family were safe, even if that meant killing the burglar. The question is, would I call the police, or even an ambulance afterward? With my legal protection removed, or the CPS acting as though it is, I could save myself a whole lot of hassle by just wrapping the corpse of the slain thief in bin bags and driving out to some woods with a spade. It’s not as if burglars tell people where they’re going, or leave an itinerary is it?

Omari Roberts lawyer had the best line:

“This is a young man [Roberts] with no history of violence whatsoever, coming back to his mother’s house for lunch and finding two people who rushed at him. One of them has ended up dead but he was damned if he did, and dead if he didn’t.”

Precisely. The will to live is not something that can be legislated out of us.

Update 19/04/2010:
BBC News – Burglar murder charge against Nottingham man dropped

A man accused of murder after stabbing a teenage burglar to death during a break-in at his mother’s home has had all charges against him dropped.

Charges were indeed dropped today as expected. Questions now of course need to be asked about why Keir Starmer became personally involved in this case and whether he should face action for his conduct. This whole episode has been disgusting and tarnished the reputation and impartiality of the CPS, this charge was never in the public interest and should never have been brought.

No Longer A Place Where Justice is Administered

Callous Killer Soon To Be Loosed

Learco Chindamo: Has shown no remorse for his crime

Thug who stabbed to death headteacher Philip Lawrence ‘to be released from prison within weeks’

Learco Chindamo, now 29, has served 14 years of a life sentence for stabbing the 48-year-old father of four outside St George’s Roman Catholic School in Maida Vale in 1995.

I think that just about everyone of a certain age remembers this case. Nowadays it would just be another stabbing, and probably wouldn’t raise so much as an eyebrow. Back then however, it was a huge story.

This was probably aided by the fact that Dunblane followed just three months later, and then the nursery machete attack. I am sure that things like this, that caused such outrage, were part of the reason that Labour were elected with such a landslide victory.

When Life Only Means Life For the Victim

Philip Lawrence: Died protecting a pupil

Philip Lawrence: Died protecting a pupil

Learco Chindamo has only served 14 years for the callous murder of Philip Lawrence, a fact that must be quite galling for Lawrence’s widow. It’s about the same amount of time as a criminal would get for a violent rape, or an armed robbery, yet Learco Chindamo received it for murder.

Learco Chindamo took a knife to tackle a pupil at the school, Lawrence did the honourable thing when he saw one of his pupils being attacked by a gang, he went to his aid. He really needn’t have bothered, the ‘victim’ is now also serving at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, for gun offences. Perhaps if he’d picked up that habit a little earlier, Learco Chindamo would be dead, Lawrence alive and the ‘victim’ precisely where he is now.

Not only did Learco Chindamo take the knife, he pulled it out with the full intention of stabbing someone, and when Philip Lawrence got in his way, he stabbed him straight in the heart. I find it very hard to believe that this thug has spent 14 years in prison and has come out a well rounded and fully rehabilitated individual.

Johnny Foreigner

Like 1 in 5 murders currently wasting millions of the taxpayers hard earned money, Learco Chindamo is a foreign national. The Home Office had tried to ensure that he was deported upon his release, but the scum fought it, and amazingly won.

Where was his country of origin, and what was so bad about it that he could not be deported? Italy. Yes, Italy, not Syria, Jordan or Iran, not somewhere where they may torture him, or persecute him, Italy, where many of us go on holiday.

The courts, if they can still really be called that (they are surely no longer the place where justice is administered), decided that his right to a ‘family life’ trumped the rights of the 60+ million Britons who pay for the court. This maniac and inevitable double murderer is to be let loose on society so that he can have a ‘family life’, apparently this isn’t possible in Italy.

They also decided that his rights also trumped those of Lawrence’s widow, who now has to live in fear of ever meeting him in the street, and live with the knowledge that Learco Chindamo will get to live out a full life, a right which he denied her husband.

A Killer by Another Name, Is Still A Killer

Despite the Home Office stating that he posed a genuine and present risk to the public, it is now claimed that he is:

‘reformed character’ with a ‘low likelihood of re-offending’.

Right, so someone who has no qualifications, left school very early and had spent the best part of his youth behind bars, is going to leave prison and become a valuable member of society and pose no risk to the public?

The man has zero chance of getting a real job, at least one that he will be satisfied with and so is highly likely to turn to crime, or are we to believe that he is in the 30% of ex cons that do not re-offend?

No doubt he will also be given a new identity, something that was unheard of just a few decades before, but is now becoming a regular occurrence for released high profile killers, and thus be able to get on with his life surrounded by people blissfully unaware of who he really is, or what he is capable of, until it is too late.

It is hard to believe that just a generation ago, people like Learco Chindamo were hung for their crimes, never again to trouble society, and never again to re-offend. Now the rights of the killers outweigh those of the victims and their families, indeed, I am sure it is just a matter of time before victims of crime are prosecuted for getting in the way of the troubled, poor and evil members of society.

Dodgy Dizaei Gets His Comeuppance!

I’ve been neglecting my blog of late, but I was so itching to come back and write something when this story broke!


Britain’s most crooked cop at last gets what he deserves.

Ali Dizaei found GUILTY of perverting the course of justice | Mail Online

A criminal in uniform: Teflon Commander Ali Dizaei used race card to dodge jail for years. Now he’s got four-year term for framing an innocent man

At last! Sadly I didn’t have time then, or now. So I thought that I would just revisit some of my past posts on Ali Dizaei, the Dark Lord of the police force.

I mentioned nearly a year ago now that Ali Dizaei had been charged, but in all honesty, I didn’t think he’d be sent down.

The man had played the race card so many times now, the Met must surely have had a full deck of them. Added to that his non white friends were more than willing to raise a hue and cry for him.

Alfred John, chairman of the Metropolitan Black Police Association, said the decision to charge Dizaei was ‘outrageous’ and the result of ‘personal vendettas’.

More a case of police chasing criminals though really Alfred, right? The funny thing about the National Non-White Black Police Association is that they are all police officers, yet not only did they fail to detect a career criminal in their midst, they defended him to the hilt!


One can only hope that this signals the end of the triumvirate, with Tarique Ghaffur (also a womaniser) now also out of the police force it just leaves Keith ‘Back Hand’ Vaz as the only one of Shahrokh Mireskandari’s associates with any real power. And as I said when the news broke:

Vaz, whose shredder has probably been smoking since news of the charges against Dizaei broke.

Vaz’s wife has also probably found her bank accounts and property portfolio greatly expanded overnight.

Has no doubt spent the past year covering his tracks and keeping his nose clean. Hopefully Vaz will do the smart thing and stand down at the next election, knowing Vaz however he is likely to hang on for his peerage (especially if he loses his seat).

National Non-White Black Police Association

I also hope that this brings to an end the sorry excuse for a police federation, the NBPA, which has just become a militant wing for black police officers and serial litigation specialist.

All of the worthy people in the association left when Dizaei became President, apparently they knew what the others either did not, or did not care about.

In modern Britain, such as organisation has no place, and no excuse to exist, equality laws and the Equality Commission cover everything this organisation is meant to stand for and more.

Dizaei to have easy ride in prison

The irony of course for Dizaei is that after all the Met investigations, the dogged pursing of him that he labelled racist, it was a person of the same ethnic origin as himself that brought him down!

The only downside of Dizaei’s incarceration is that he is likely to get an easy ride, after all the man is an expert at milking the system and being a Muslim to boot means that he’ll be running rings around the Prison Officers.

I’m sure that he will be asking for his own cell, on the grounds that he is a devout Muslim, albeit a drinking, womanising, prostitute using,  drug taking and adulterous devout Muslim.

Murdered by Sydney Silverman

Robert Cusworth - Killer

Robert Cusworth - Sick and Callous killer

Chef stabbed to death teaching assistant ‘because he was in a bad mood’ | Mail Online


A chef today admitted murdering an innocent teaching assistant because he was ‘in a bad mood.’

A poor innocent woman, who’d just nipped out to walk her dog, something that millions of Britons do each day, brutally murdered for no reason whatsoever.

One can only imagine the sheer horror that the unfortunate Mrs Sally Garwood must have experienced when a complete stranger grabbed her and decided to end her life.

Robert Cusworth has offered no real explanation for doing what he did, other than that he was in a bad mood. One can only hope that upon reaching prison, he runs into lots of nasty people in similar bad moods.

Justice of sorts

Cusworth, the cowardly scum that he is, at least did one thing right, he admitted what he had done. Saving the witnesses, one of whom was just nine years old, the trauma of having to give evidence in court. Although he is likely to get a ‘life’ sentence, it is unlikely to give Mr Garwood, nor the family of his wife, the justice that they deserve. No matter how many years he gets, he’ll only serve half of them, and as I have mentioned previously, not necessarily in what most of us would term ‘a prison’.

Sally Garwood had planned on starting a family with her husband Simon, but a simple walk with the dog through her local park ended any such hopes for Sally. She’ll never now have children or do anything else again. She’d probably left her home that morning, like any one of us, planning her day, her future perhaps. Instead she spent her final moments in agonising terror because the sick and callous Robert Cusworth had felt a little down that day.

Cusworth, who’s 25 years old, will most likely be out of prison and getting on with his life before he reaches 40. Indeed he’ll most likely be out before he reaches 34, the same age that Sally Garwood reached before she was brutally slain by him.

Instead of picking his child up from primary school, Mr Garwood will most likely still be trying to come to terms with the loss of his wife by the time that Cusworth is released, most likely early, further adding to his continuing pain. For those that lose someone in such tragic and senseless circumstances, the pain doesn’t end until they too die.

I’ve said it before, and I will continue saying it. We have the abolitionists to thank for people like Robert Cusworth.

Capital punishment cuts re-offending rates

The very fact that a man would consider going out and harming someone, especially with a knife, is because we have no effective means of punishment in Britain. There are no decisions that can have drastic or life limiting consquences for people like Robert Cusworth. What matter was it to him if he hurt or killed someone? He’d be OK. At worst he’d served a decade or so in prison, most likely with Satellite television in his room, access to the latest games consoles and games, day releases for study or even shopping trips. Not to mention on site medical and dental care.

Yes, that’s the worst that he could face. At best he’d be declared mentally ill, and then be let out to do it again in just a few years.

For those that state that hanging is no deterrent – rubbish! The man clearly thinks often of his own well being, deciding against tackling a lone male jogger as he wasn’t an easy enough target. The nine year old school boy most likely has Sally Garwood to thank for being in front of him, otherwise he’d have most likely being the target of Cusworth’s ire.

Had Cusworth really been that down hearted and depressed, he’d have killed himself, but no, because he valued his own life so highly, and because society values the lives of innocent, law abiding citizens so cheaply, he had far less to lose by killing someone else.

The murder rate in Britain has tripled since 1965 when Sydney Silverman MP, a pacifist and conscientious objector finally got his wish and the death penalty was effectively abolished. Thank god there were not more like him during World War II.

Why Britain needs to bring back hanging

Prior to this the murder rate has been decreasing virtually year on year for nearly a century. The murder rate stood at 6.2 murders per million people in Britain in 1960 and began to rise when it became clear that the death penalty was to be abolished, since then it has barely looked back, topping 20.3 murders per million by 2002.

Robert Cusworth and people like him need to be hung, anyone callous enough to kill a total stranger for no other reason than they were in a bad mood deserves to lose the only thing that people like this truly value, their own life. Once, taking someone’s liberty would have been considered a serious punishment, but in modern Britain it has become laughable. The only real punishment is the same one that these kind of people dish out willy nilly, one that is irreversible and final. Death.

Judging by the trend in murder rates for the 100 years prior to the abolition, Sydney Silverman and his like minded liberal colleagues have been responsible for the needless deaths of more than 3000 innocent people, all to save the lives of a few hundred murderers.
What happens when three puerile homosexuals stumble across modern technology