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Banks lose information on 1m customers

It seems that these stories are starting to crop up with alarming regularity, if it’s not the Government that is losing this information it is someone else, this time it is the banks.

Personal data of 1m bank customers found on eBay | Mail Online

Personal details of more than a million bank customers have been found on a computer sold on eBay.

This isn’t the first time that the banks have been exposed as being lackadaisical with our information. BBC TVs Watchdog programme has show time and again that the banks simply dump credit cards, bank statements, loan applications, and other sensitive information, out with the rubbish for anyone to go through.

This sort of negligence really needs to be a serious offence, so that companies are forced to do something, rather than asked albeit using stern words, to please be careful.

The banks are taking a tougher line with identity theft, shifting the blame onto customers for ‘clicking links in emails‘ or having ‘unsecure computers‘, and trying to make customers prove that they have been a victim. When clearly their own procedures are lax.

Tom Milksop – Chairman RBS

I am a customer of one of these banks, and as one of the two computers (that we know about – they are not obliged to tell us) hasn’t yet been found I could become a victim of fraud. I will now be scrutinising all my bank account and credits cards all the more, just in case. And should I be a victim I am going to have spend time and money proving it and trying to get my money back.

If people were able to sue the banks for this kind of data loss, it would quickly become a thing of the past. Instead we have an Information Commissioner who, on very rare occasions, will fine a company for a serious data breach.

Last year the Financial Services Authority fined Nationwide £980,000 after it lost a laptop containing customer information.

For companies that make upwards of £6 billion a year from British customers, £1 million is a drop in the ocean and hardly likely to make them spend money on decent security procedures and training. But if 1m customers could sue for negligence….

I am sure that would make all the banks buck up their ideas.

‘Reckless’ ministers lose 3,200 laptops and mobile phones from Whitehall | Mail Online

More than 3,200 laptops and mobile phones containing sensitive information have been lost or stolen from Government departments, it was revealed on Monday.

Shame the same thing couldn’t be done to the Government too.

David Kelly’s Body Moved

David Kelly’s body may have been moved as it has emerged that a police helicopter, fitted with thermal imaging equipment, flew over the exact spot where Kelly’s body lay, yet didn’t seem him.

Why did a heat-seeking helicopter fly over the exact spot where David Kelly’s body was found – and detect nothing? | Mail Online

Police failed to find the body of missing Government scientist David Kelly despite using a helicopter with heat-seeking equipment and flying over the exact spot where his corpse was later discovered.

I never really believed that David Kelly had committed suicide, and the more I read about it the more convinced I became that Kelly had been suicided for making Tony Blair look the idiot that he was. There was just too much that didn’t make sense, especially the fact that there wasn’t an inquest just a pointless whitewash of an inquiry led by Hutton. The more I saw of that inquiry the more I thought there was something more to it.

This latest information just reinforces that belief. If a state of the art thermal imaging camera that can read a car number plate at 1000ft didn’t seem him, then there appears to be only one rational explanation, he wasn’t there.

Norman Baker, the MP who wrote a book about the death of David Kelly and claimed to have had evidence that proved Kelly murdered wiped from his hard drive, will probably make a second book of this.

Tragic Murder of 17 year old Brit

Man ‘admits Brazil girl murder’

A man has confessed to the murder of a British teenager whose torso was found in a suitcase in Brazil, police say.

This case shocked me for many reasons. Firstly and most obvious were the callous actions of Mohamed D’Ali Carvalho Santos, murdering his girlfriend and then heading off for a night out before returning to chop her up and scatter her remains.

murder The second thing that surprised me was the tragic British girl’s age, just 17. How could the girl be living in Brazil at just 17? What sort of parents would let their child move to a foreign country, and one so far away, at just seventeen?

She wasn’t going away for a holiday, she was going to live there.

Were it my daughter my response would be ‘Not a chance, anything could happen!’ and to this poor girl it did. But there is more to this story.

Santos was not some upstanding member of the community, who had asked Cara’s mother for her hand in marriage and permission to take her to Brazil to look after her. No, he was an illegal immigrant and a drug dealer and was using Cara Burke in the hope she’d marry him and he’d be given permission to stay in Britain. He was caught out and deported and the naive Miss Burke followed him back to Brazil.

Amazingly her mother seemed to be OK with this, even though she couldn’t afford to fly over there should her daughter need her, nor pay for her daughter to return (she has been unable to fly over to Brazil to bring her daughter home), but if you look at Cara’s life, it isn’t that surprising.

Cara’s sad tale doesn’t begin in Brazil, or even with meeting Santos, she had:

…recently served three months in a young offenders’ institution for breaching an Asbo which banned her from entering shops in Southfields.

Clearly she had been heading toward an unfortunate end for a while. I don’t know the mother and cannot really make judgements on her parenting, but it certainly looks to me as if this may have been a case of the lazy parenting that seems to pervade Britain at present,

“She’s misbehaving, but how am I meant to stop her?”
“She’s stealing, but how am I meant to stop her?”
“She’s dating a drug dealer, but how am I meant to stop her?”
“She’s moving to Brazil, but how am I meant to stop her?”

Tragically, all she is able to do now is bury her daughter or at least the pieces of her that they have recovered.

The Two Faces of Britain’s Demise

It ever there was a tale that summed up the sad state of modern Britain, it is the tale of Abu Qatada and Norman Kember.

qatada Abu Qatada arrived in Britain in 1993, having been forced to flee first Kuwait for supporting the Iraqi invasion, and then Jordan for being a nutter. Despite having used a forged passport, Qatada was given asylum in the UK because his warped views may have gotten him in trouble in Jordan, his home country.

This, gentle soul was tried in his absence for his part in terrorist attacks in 1998 and for plotting attacks during the millennium celebrations in his home nation of Jordan. But still he was allowed to remain in this country.

“In February 2001, Abu Qatada was questioned by anti-terrorism police over alleged connections to a German cell.

Officers found the father-of-five in possession of £170,000 cash, including £805 in an envelope labelled “For the Mujahedin in Chechnya” but no charges were brought. “

Generous to a fault then, nearly 200k in cash on him and he sends just 800 quid to his Muslim brothers!

To say that the man is an extremism preacher would be a bit of an understatement. Tapes of his sermons were found in the flat belonging to Mohammed Atta, the leader of the 11th September attacks and he is considered Al Qaeda’s top man in Europe.

He is currently wanted on terrorism charges in Algeria, the US, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and his native Jordan and was meant to be on his way back to Jordan to serve his sentence.

kember Norman Kember is the polar opposite of Abu Qatada. A Christian peace activist who was held hostage in Iraq by the very people that he was trying to help. A conscientious objector, who believes that nothing is ever solved through military action (he was 14 when WWII ended, so not really sure how he came to that conclusion).

Ironically Kember was captured by extremists in Iraq and held hostage.

During his time as a hostage the aforementioned Abu Qatada offered to negotiate for his release. Although the exact terms of any agreement he tried to make have not been released and he did not take part in any negotiations. Despite Qatada’s request for his release and many others from groups throughout the Middle East, Kember was not released.

In the end Mr Kember was rescued by SAS soldiers, after a large and expensive operation to find him. He displayed his gratitude by continuously failing to thank his rescuers and by flatly refusing to testify against his kidnappers.

Despite almost being beheaded, despite seeing first hand the reasons for military actions and intervention and despite being the beneficiary of it, Kember still clings to his belief that military action is wrong in all circumstances.

Former British Army chief Bob Stewart summed up Kember best saying he was a:

“..foolish, albeit well-intentioned, meddling civilian”

But he is far worse than that. You see Qatada was released today on bail and has won his fight against extradition to Jordan as he may not face a fair trial, and guess who has put up his bail security? Norman Kember.

Despite the fact that Qatada played no part in his release, as he was not released but rescued, Kember has seen fit to provide his bail security. Foolish, albeit well-intentioned, meddling civilian doesn’t even come close.

Abu Qatada must be laughing his head off; praising his amazing good fortune and preaching to his brothers about how Britain is ripe for the taking. After all we allow people with false papers to stay, despite their extreme views and then cannot deport them to face trial for the heinous acts that they have committed, just in case his captors are a bit mean to him.

What’s more he knows first hand that no matter how evil people are, no matter what hate they preach, what crimes they have committed and what crimes they are likely to commit, they are plenty of people like Kember falling over themselves to offer the hand of friendship and peace.

Thanks to idiots like Kember, taxpayers are now paying half a million pounds a year to make sure that Qatada is kept in the lap of luxury.

It is rare that I agree with a politician but in this case I do:

“‘This man’s presence is an offence. He should be deported if possible and failing deportation he should be prosecuted. “

Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve

Quite right, Norman Kember should be deported immediately, along with his new friend Abu Qatada.

Preaching Christianity is a Hate Crime

Now I am not a fan of religion and I believe that all preaching should be banned, along with religion, but I was still quite taken aback by this story:

BBC NEWS | England | West Midlands | Christians ‘told not to preach’

Two Christians claim a police community support officer told them to stop leafleting in an area of east Birmingham where many Muslims live.

Much as I dislike religion, even I have to acknowledge that this is a Christian country, after all some 70% of people in the UK consider themselves to be Christian. So if any religion has the right to preach anywhere on the streets of Britain, it is Christians, and god knows, they usually do.

What makes this interesting is that it appears that they made the mistake of preaching in a Muslim area, otherwise known as a no go area for whites.

It wasn’t the locals that warned off the Christians though, but a Muslim police officer. He told them that they were committing a hate crime and said:

“If you come back here and get beat up, well you have been warned.”

He may have had a point, Asian youths in Muslims areas have targeted priests before. But if he was a community support officer and that was his community, he should have remained with them to ensure no harm came to them, rather than falsely accusing them of a serious crime.

Or perhaps he believes that, as a Muslim community support officer in a Muslim area, he only has to look after Muslims?