William The Conqueror

The Argentinians want the English to move out of the Falklands.

English Out Of the Falklands: Very unimaginative and inaccurate graffiti.

Tensions increase as Duke arrives in Falklands – Telegraph

The Duke of Cambridge has arrived in the Falkland Islands as diplomatic relations between Britain and Argentina reached their lowest point since they went to war in 1982.

It never ceases to amaze me how easily idiots can be whipped up into a frenzy. These uneducated fools appear to believe that the British are somehow occupying the Islands against the will of the native population! I wonder how shocked the Argentinian soldiers were in 1982 when, having been fed a lifetime of propaganda and misinformation on the Islands, they arrived and discovered everyone on the Islands was British and not waiting to be liberated!

Ethnic Cleansing

I have outlined the history of the Falkland Islands before here; but it isn’t about history, it is about what the population of the Islands want now, and they clearly want to remain British. Quite why the Argentinians and the rest of South America seem intent to ignore this is beyond me. Perhaps the population are not deemed to be important as the Argentinians intend to move them on. Ethnic cleansing may be a war crime in the rest of the world, but evidently not in South America.

The whole thing is quite ironic really. Argentina itself is the product of settlers arriving in a land that they didn’t own; however in this case they supplanted the original population, dispossessed them, took all of their land and damn near wiped them out. 90% of the Argentinian population is made up of the descendants of European settlers. Just 3% of the population is of indigenous peoples.

Argentina’s claims of British imperialism and colonialism over the Falklands are more than a little hypocritical from a nation made up of the beneficiaries of both imperialism and colonialism. Clearly they just see the Falkland Islands as more land that they can grab at the expense of the indigenous people there.

HMS Dauntless

As well as sending the future King to the Falklands in a provocative move, at least according to the Argentinians; Britain is also sending HMS Dauntless. She’s only a destroyer, but she is the most advanced ship the Royal Navy has.

Type 45 destroyer HMS Dauntless

HMS Dauntless: One of the most advanced ships in the Royal Navy heading to the Falklands. It seems that against Argentina, we need only send one ship.

Again it is hypocritical of Argentina stating that sending British personnel and British ships into British waters to guard British territory is provocative, whilst at the same time getting most of South America to agree to banning all ships flying the Falklands Islands flag from docking anywhere in South America. Not to mention attempting to ban supply flights from Argentinian airspace. Both such moves would be seen as provocative anywhere outside of the Middle East.

Fortunately I think dauntless is warning in many ways; evincing to the Argentinians that the British and the Falkland Islanders are not intimidated by their puerile tactics and rent-a-mob demonstration by uneducated, misinformed and propaganda fed youth.

7 responses to “William The Conqueror

  1. What hypocricy – the British ethnically cleansed the Malvinas islands in the 1830s and you know it. Talk of oil greed is similarly hypocritical ask the S cottish in and around Aberdeen. Many of us here in Britian are frankly appauled at the kind of jingoistic rubbish which your notions tipify!!! Give them to Argentina a referendum is hollow!!!

    • You have no idea what you are talking about. There was no ethnic cleansing, the only incident that comes anywhere near that was the attack on the Islands by a US warship that supposedly wiped out the settlement. This had nothing to do with Britain, and the settlement survived.

      The only people that the British asked to leave during the 1830s were the Argentinian Garrison, which left without a shot being fired. There was no butchery, no war, and no hostility. Those living on the Islands today are the direct descendants of the original inhabitants, which is more than can by said by the Argentinians living in Argentina.

      Do you really think that if the Argentinians were to get the Islands they wouldn’t move off the settlers, who can probably trace their ancestry in the region back farther than the Argentinians displacing them, off the Islands and deport them to Britain? Shifting a whole population that has lived in an area for more than 200 years, against their will, purely based on their nationality, is ethnic cleansing. Moving an occupying garrison out is not.

      As for Jingoism, you’ve clearly never been to Argentina and broached this issue. Nothing generates as much flag waving and nationalistic sentimentality as the subject of the Falklands Islands, which is why it is being used by the Argentinian Government to hide their dire straits. Argentina also claim the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands too even though they have never had a settlement on either (and didn’t start claiming those until the 1950s) and more recently have started claiming large parts of Antarctica! That is jingoism for you, where reason and logic fear to tread.

      Referendum hollow? So you’re saying that people who’ve lived on previously uninhabited Islands for 200 years should have no say in their own future? Instead it should be decided by a colonial power? 90% of Argentina’s population are descendants of European settlers, who have no legitimate claim to any land, and you’re saying that they should be allowed to steal more? By what measurement do their rights outweigh those of other European settlers? Is it because they are British and because you’ve been taught by limp wristed bed wetting apologists and left wing films and television that British equals bad? You really should educate yourself about a subject before espousing something as serious and irreversible as ethnic cleansing.

      Self determination is a basic human right, I’d support that no matter the nationality but especially when the victims are British and fighting a much larger colonial power – who have already enacted sanctions on the tiny Islands.

  2. Charlie is a muslim appeaser and personal butt-boy for the jihad. What he needs to do is get an education. Kindergarten grads are hardly equipped to run a blog. How many readers do you have now, Chucky? Two?


    • Lance, to you anyone who doesn’t agree with your zealous view of dealing with Islam, is a sympathiser and usually involved in some kind of imaginary (or should that be fantasied) homosexual practice. I daresay my education makes yours look like the hand-jobs you give out to men in your local park, limp, messy and not worth the money spent on it.

      • I’m so far ahead of your nearly nonexistent cranium capacity that you couldn’t catch up with me in a million years, dick breath. I was Ivy league with multiple degrees. You think graduating from Kindergarten makes you educated. My blog has over 5-million hits while your blog demographic is the lowest of the low and contains about three peeps at most: you, me, and your boyfriend. LOL Eat shit you limey turd. ha ha ha ha ha ha…

      • Ivy League and multiple degrees? Yet you still have this puerile fascination with all things penis and bottom related. You’re right about readers though, just 220,000 hits, but I haven’t posted anything for nearly two years and hate always did attract more interest than fact.

  3. Chucky is nothing more than a nitwit Brit who writes like shit!


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