Have a Go Hero

Augustinas Karevalis behind the wheel of his car - probably not sober

Augustinas Karevalis behind the wheel of his car - probably not sober

Kickboxer rammed by drink driver chased after suspect and pinned him to car until police arrive | Mail Online

Have-a-go hero Darren Summers, 39, chased down fellow driver Augustinas Karvelis after he was rammed in his Renault Clio three times while driving back from the cinema in Ipswich.

Nice to see one of these drink driving idiots get his comeuppance. Or should I say that it would be nice to see one of these idiots get his comeuppance – he didn’t. Despite being twice the drink drive limit; driving without insurance; as well as driving whilst banned – he received just a 24 week prison sentence, of which he will serve just half.

The Lithuanian, who only moved to Ipswich five days before the incident, certainly won’t see the error of his ways from such a lenient sentence.  He’s already been banned from driving for drink driving once already, and I am sure that it won’t be long before we see Augustinas Karevalis’ name in the papers again, but this time on a death by dangerous driving charge.

As the man who caught him said:

“When I was 17 I got banned for speeding. Being young I decided to drive my car to go to work and I got six months for driving while disqualified and I hadn’t been drinking.

He was already a drink driver before this. He was well over the limit and he rammed my car three times to get away. Not only did he put me in danger and my wife in danger, if I had not rammed him, you don’t know if any members of the public would have been killed and I wasn’t prepared for that to happen.

I would like to see harsher penalties for people who drink drive once they start hitting double the drink-drive limit.”

So would we all. Not to mention instant deportation for those who continue to break the law.

Augustinas Karevalis - Drinking, again.

Augustinas Karevalis - There are few mien's that scream 'Eastern Europe' as readily as Augustinas Karevalis'

Unfortunately the likes of Augustinas Karevalis are free to come to this country, flout the law, and yet are still not being removed for everyone else’s safety. Indeed, in modern Britain it is almost impossible to be actually be deported.

It is also quite surprising that the man performing the citizen’s arrest wasn’t arrested himself on some jumped up assault charge. This seems to be what happens these days, as is evident from the fact that the number of citizen’s  arrests have dropped ten-fold over the past decade. People don’t usually want to get involved as it simply is not worth the risk.

Perhaps if the police weren’t so heavy handed, more people like Darren Summers would make a stand. But then, what would be the point when they receive such inconsequential sentences? I am sure that Darren Summers is now wondering why he bothered.

4 responses to “Have a Go Hero

  1. Lot of things wrong with the story. Sucks that the guy that helped to make sure the drunk didn’t kill someone that night is having to pay to fix his car. Sucks that the laws are so pro criminal that no matter how long an offenders record grows they get to stay and commit more crime.
    How is the legal system over there? When you are brought up on things like assault or drunk driving in the US it is a state issue. Hows it play out over there. I ask because in our system the state/fed divide is pro and con on the illegal immigrant felon thing.

    • Most petty offences are handled by the Magistrate’s Court. We have Magistrates Courts and Crown Courts here; Crown Courts have Judges, juries and all the wigs etc, magistrate courts are more informal. Basically everything starts off in a magistrates court, regardless of offence and if serious enough is referred to crown court or if the offender pleads not guilty and has to go to trial, but most things are usually handled by the magistrates court. Assault and drink driving would normally be handled by a magistrate, depending on the seriousness. Magistrates don’t have any legal training and can only hand out lesser sentences and fines. In other words if you end up in court is usually in your own interest to have it resolved at Magistrate Court level.

      It looks as though in this case he only went through the magistrates court and therefore he got a lesser sentence. I am not sure why the magistrate didn’t refer him to the Crown Court, he was a serial drink driver; driving without insurance and was driving whilst banned. You’d expect a hefty sentence for that. I don’t think that Magistrates have the power to order someone’s deportation unfortunately, unlike a Judge, or offer a reward like a Judge. Usually in such cases the member of the public is rewarded a few hundreds pounds for helping out; the least the court could have done is given him money to get his car fixed.

      Our entire judicial system is biased towards illegal immigrants. Take Abu Qatada – a convicted terrorist who arrived here illegally on a false passport, yet we cannot deport him. The same problem with Abu Hamza who we are trying to extradite to the US! Ironically, British citizens don’t seem to have the same rights.

      The driver’s only option to get his car fixed (as Augustinas Karvelis wasn’t insured) would be to sue him. But that is more than likely be a hiding to nothing, as he’ll ignore any summons, like he ignored the laws on insurance and likely disappear.

  2. Hi i am Darren Summers and there is a lot of thing worng with our law and 24 weeks is not long to go to jail for for what it cost me . But if id had let him go we may be looking at a death on our roads and him doing a runner back were he come from . But are road where safe for abit and you cant put a time on that
    Many thanks

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