Dodgy Dizaei Cries Racism Again

Dodgy Dizaei cries racism again!

Ali Dizaei: The man for whom racism is a very personal term

Jailed police chief Ali Dizaei attacked inmate ‘after family picture was defaced’ | Mail Online

Corrupt police chief Ali Dizaei is being probed over claims he attacked a fellow prisoner, it has been revealed today.

Interesting to see that, despite being in prison and otherwise out of sight, Ali Dizaei can still play the race card with the best of them.

This of course is the man that screams ‘racist!’ and files a police report for a ‘racist attack’ every time he cuts himself whilst shaving.

To say that his suggestion of there being an element of racist intent in the altercation should be taken with a pinch of salt, is a massive understatement.

You’re all a bunch of racists!

Surely even Dizaei must realise by now that his claims of racism aren’t quite carrying the same kind of weight and concern that they once were. He’s not alone however, it seems that Dizaei’s classic ‘get out of jail free’ card (or even promotion card) is being played quite often, even abroad.

Omar Thornton decided that the best way to fight racism was to shoot as many white people as possible.

Omar Thornton: Gunman who killed eight told emergency operator ‘I wish I could have got more’ | Mail Online

A delivery driver who went on a shooting rampage at a beer distributor told an emergency operator he was the victim of racism and that he wished he had killed more people.

Disturbed US gunman Omar Thornton cried racism in his 911 rant call, claiming that the reason for his shooting down and killing eight men in cold blood was because he’d been victimised. Failing to mention that he’d just been caught stealing and reselling his company’s stock and was presumably given the ultimatum of resigning, or facing the police. He chose to resign, before promptly heading off to find a gun and returning to kill as many people as he could, and then ironically, facing the police anyway. Before urinating into his pants when he realised that they had guns too and blowing his own brains out.

His (ironically – white) girlfriend claims that he has been complaining of racism for some time, presumably the ‘racism’ was what he was using to justify his pilfering, either to her, or himself. It is just a shame that people like Omar Thornton and Ali Dizaei don’t realise that people catching them in criminal acts are not racist, but decent, and it is they themselves that are the scum.

2 responses to “Dodgy Dizaei Cries Racism Again

  1. You must be eating shit now that Ali Dizaei has been reinstated as a commander in the Met. You must of choked on your greasy bacon and pork pie when the news broke. Well life is like this my friend

    • I don’t eat greasy bacon and pork pies at the same time, one is a cold food, the other best enjoyed hot. But yes, I did almost choke on hearing the news that he had had his conviction quashed and then again when it was announced he was re-instated into the Met Police.

      Let’s be clear, Dodgy Dizaei is not out of the woods yet, he has a re-trial still to face, not to mention two ongoing Met inquiries into his misconduct. The man is slippery as an eel and as crooked as they come; he cannot get away with it forever. This isn’t Iran.

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