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Tyler Juett - Thief

Killed: Tyler Juett was killed after breaking into a house, armed with a knife. I'm guessing this isn't a recent picture

Murder charge against man who killed burglar to be dropped

Omari Roberts, 23, was due to stand trial for the murder of 17-year-old Tyler Juett who was stabbed to death during a struggle at his mother’s housein Nottingham last year.

I’ve been following this case closely, and I have to admit, I was starting to worry that the justice system had take all leave of its senses! The way that this case was handled has made me wonder whether someone else, from on high had something to do with bringing this case to court.

Ooh, now that I think about it!

It was seven months after the event that the CPS, quite out of the blue, decided that Omari Roberts should be prosecuted. The only explanation that I can think of for such a long period of ‘thinking about it’ is because that is how long it took before the very vocal complaining of Juett’s mother reached someone high up within Labour.

Tyler Juett, not quite as complimentary as the official images

Typical young hoodie chav or innocent child?

Someone who no doubt thought that self defence was already illegal, and therefore wanted something done. Who is this soon to be Labour peer? None other than Keir Starmer, Human Rights evangelist and head of the CPS.

Having left any impartiality behind long, long ago, Keir decided that this case needed rectifying. A very strong opponent of the death penalty, having being instrumental in getting it abolished in the Caribbean, and is working hard to ensure its abolition throughout Africa. Keir Starmer obviously didn’t like the idea of any criminal getting his just desserts, he certainly has a dislike of such karma, having argued successfully in the House of Lords that evidence obtained by torture should be inadmissable in court and also had control orders for two suspected terrorists reversed when he represented them in the House of Lords.  A criminal being killed whilst committing a crime certainly wouldn’t have gone down well with Keir Starmer. And clearly it didn’t.

Not on my watch

More recent photo of burglar Tyler Juett

Tyler: A more recent photo that more accurately portrays the burglar

Ian Cunningham, the CPS lawyer, who officially brought this case to court said:

“I have looked very carefully at the public interest in this case, and I am satisfied that it requires a prosecution. I also discussed the case with the CPS principal legal adviser [Keir Starmer] and have decided there is sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction. The law also makes clear that people could be prosecuted if they act with excessive and gratuitous force.”

The irony is of course that the only ones who acted with excessive and gratuitous force were the two burglars that forced their way into the home, and then attacked the homeowner’s son with a knife! There is little mention of the 14 year old burglar that survived, no doubt the CPS dropped charges against this little angel, before turning their attention to the real victim.

This case was never in the public interest. Omari Roberts has no convictions, is not violent and if he is only ever going to kill burglars that enter his home, then the public at large is quite safe from the man. The only interests that were served in bringing about the prosecution was those of Keir Starmer, whose principles could not stomach a criminal being killed by an honest citizen on his watch.

I yield!

Keir Starmer

The slightly effeminate Keir Starmer, may well have been on the receiving end of one too many wet towel flicks.

Cunningham also said:

“I have decided that when Omari Roberts disturbed two burglars and caused injuries to them – in one case fatally – his actions were not reasonable.”

A silly and illogical conclusion. I don’t think that any son would be ‘reasonable’ upon finding two armed young male burglars in his mothers home. Frankly I think it should be perfectly legal to kill someone who breaks into your home, with or without excessive or gratuitous force. Had it been Robert’s mother, she would more than likely have been injured, if not killed herself.

There certainly needs to be clarification on the law in this area, Labour MPs keep stating that the law is clear, yet cases like this keep coming to court, or are coming close to court thanks to Labour lackeys. Perhaps they all believe that any fight is like the wet towel flicking shower room play fights that they engaged in at public school and that it merely had to go on until one party shouts ‘Submit!’

Tyler Juett - Criminal killed in the line of duty

Tyler Juett: Faced with this knife wielding maniac in my mothers home, I think I'd kill him too.

With the way things stand, should an unfortunate burglar encounter me in my home, I wouldn’t hesitate to ensure my family were safe, even if that meant killing the burglar. The question is, would I call the police, or even an ambulance afterward? With my legal protection removed, or the CPS acting as though it is, I could save myself a whole lot of hassle by just wrapping the corpse of the slain thief in bin bags and driving out to some woods with a spade. It’s not as if burglars tell people where they’re going, or leave an itinerary is it?

Omari Roberts lawyer had the best line:

“This is a young man [Roberts] with no history of violence whatsoever, coming back to his mother’s house for lunch and finding two people who rushed at him. One of them has ended up dead but he was damned if he did, and dead if he didn’t.”

Precisely. The will to live is not something that can be legislated out of us.

Update 19/04/2010:
BBC News – Burglar murder charge against Nottingham man dropped

A man accused of murder after stabbing a teenage burglar to death during a break-in at his mother’s home has had all charges against him dropped.

Charges were indeed dropped today as expected. Questions now of course need to be asked about why Keir Starmer became personally involved in this case and whether he should face action for his conduct. This whole episode has been disgusting and tarnished the reputation and impartiality of the CPS, this charge was never in the public interest and should never have been brought.

6 responses to “Common Sense Prevails!

  1. Hey. Sorry for the off-topic comment.

    I was just reading your posts on the crazy fraud ‘Stefania Harris’

    Did you find out any more about her? Everything you said was spot on about her complete dishonesty. Only complete planks who agree with everything she says are allowed to comment. I got banned myself for disagreeing, no surprise.

    Just wondering if you found out anything else. I think ‘Steph’, ‘Amy’, and ‘Rob’ are all the one person anyway!

    • Hello Red Avenger. 

      I didn't really find out anything else about her, she instilled enough self doubt into me to make me stop looking.  The only interesting things that I discovered were that 'she' lives in the West Midlands, and not East London as claimed, and that there's an almost identical persona on another blog:-

      The author of that blog is also called Steph, is about the same age, is a lawyer, an anarchist, of Italian descent but her brother is named 'Bob'. Very strange. As for a lawyer, I checked with the Law Society and the Bar Council, and no Stefania Harris is registered to practice law in the UK (where she claims to live and have been brought up). 

      I think ‘Steph’, ‘Amy’, and ‘Rob’ are all the one person anyway!

      I agree, it is very odd that they all have different 'accents' to their writing when they post, almost as if 'she' is trying to distinguish between them. I also don't believe that she is a 'she', more likely male.

  2. Thanks for your excellent piece on Omari Roberts. For far too long we have been subjected to these weak Lilly livered labour/lib do gooders who clearly have a misguided agenda.. I along with millions of others out here, are Sick to death of this namby pamby government and it’s easy line on criminals..

    Each and every day we see these little toerags not getting the sentences they truly deserve.. Time and time again they are released on probation for very serious offences, only to go out and commit them again…

    There will come a time when we the law abiding citizens will declare; “Enough is Enough”; and meet out our own form of justice!

    Thanks for allowing me to vent!!!!

    • No problem nev w, I understand and share your anger.

      I only hope that with the forthcoming election things will change, although I am not holding my breath.

  3. Thanks for the reply, Charlie.

    An anarchist who supports the Iranian theocracy! You couldn’t make it up.

    I think you’re right about her being male. I don’t know any girls who talk about sex the way ‘she’ does. It doesn’t add up.

    • I think you’re right about her being male. I don’t know any girls who talk about sex the way ’she’ does. It doesn’t add up.

      Exactly, I found her comments about sex equally disturbing, almost as if that is how a man believed a liberal minded European girl (even though ‘she’ was brought up in Britain) may talk.

      A lot of other stuff just didn’t add up either, a lawyer that didn’t realise that ‘she’ had to be registered to practice law in the UK, and she became a ‘kidnap consultant’ during the Madeleine McCann kidnapping (the reason for our original disagreement, and my ban). I guess once you start creating a fantasy persona, it just snowballs and the lies become ridiculous.

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