The Americas Kick Britain in the Teeth

Idiots on Parade

What do the uncool kids do when they don't get to be leader? Create their own gang!

BBC News – Summit backs Argentine claim to Falkland Islands

Latin American and Caribbean leaders at a summit in Mexico have unanimously backed Argentina in its new row with the UK over the Falkland Islands.

Once again Britain receives a kick in the teeth from the those that frequently seem to have their hand out demanding our aid. The annoying word here is unanimously. We have friends in that region, apparently.


Belize for example always cries out for British aid and has a British garrison permanently based there to protect the country should it’s neighbour Guatemala invade. Like Argentina with the Falklands, Guatemala has always claimed Belize as part of its own terrority and the only thing that has prevented it exercising it’s claim is the ever present British garrison.

If Belize does not support our sovereignty over the Falklands, maybe we should stop supporting their independence from Guatemala. Their independence is enforced by the British Tax payer and British soldiers, and their gratitude is overwhelming.

Then of course there are the Caribbean nations like Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Bahamas and Barbados, all of whom receive generous aid from Britain each year.

They have all stuck up a collective two fingers at Britain and its claim on the Falklands, to appease the Argentines.

History of the Falklands

Nelson's Navy

When Britannia Ruled the Waves: With 100 more ships than Argentina, Britain still does as far as they are concerned.

Despite the claims of the Argentinians and the Spanish, the Falklands were always British. Although sighted by many European sailors prior to this the Islands were first explored by John Davis in 1592. The French claimed and settled on East Island in 1764, the British claimed the other Islands and settled them in 1765. France handed over her settlement to the Spanish who then attacked the British settlement and drove out the British. A peace deal was reached in 1771 although neither relinquished their claims on their effective halves of the Islands.

The British abandoned the settlement in 1774, but made it clear that once again they were not relinquishing their claim on the Island. Spain abandoned her settlement in 1811, but did not hand over sovereignty of their half of the Islands. The Argentinians took control of the Islands in 1828, their settlement was destroyed by the US before the British returned in 1833 to re-assert their claim.

Argentinian President Shopping

Argentinian President looking for the perfect accessory - the Falklands

At no point did the British ever relinquish their claim to the Islands. The Argentinians also claim the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, both of which were discovered by James Cook in 1775, and neither of which have ever officially been occupied by the Argentinians.

Argentina has claimed the Falklands more or less since its independence in 1816, but the South Georgia and South Sandwich Island since the mid 20th century, and the whole of Africa and Antarctica since 2011. The Argentinians never drove the British from the Islands, and never got the British to relinquish their claim on the Islands.

Apart from the fact that none of Argentina’s claims have merit, the British allowed the Argentinian settlement to remain in 1833, and those descendent’s and subsequent settlers have made it categorically clear that they wish to remain part of Britain. A point which Argentina wishes to ignore.


However the real reason why Argentina wants the Islands is greed, pure and simple. There is oil, 60 billion barrels of the stuff and they want it and the reason for this is twofold. The first is obviously that they want the oil for themselves, there is thirty times more oil in the Falklands than in the whole of Argentina (and Britain), and Argentinian, and the whole South American dependence on oil is rising.

The second reason is that Argentina currently supplies the Falklands with all each energy needs and the Islands having their own energy is going to affect that.


Argentina know that militarily it has no chance against Britain, a lesson the Argentinians learnt the hard way last time. They are desperate, trying the UN repeatedly, despite having no case, begging Britain for talks on the Falklands, even though the British refuse, after all what is there to talk about? The Islanders want to remain British, they are British, there is nothing to discuss.

Veterans still fighting

After facing a British bayonet charge, the Argentinian Falklands Veterans now have to face this at home trying to secure their pension rights. No way to treat veterans.

So in the end the Argies, and others with an axe to grind have created a little gang to back each others claims. This summit hasn’t just been a kick in the teeth to Britain, but the US and Canada too, the American nations have decided to set up another organisation, specifically omitting Canada and the US, so that they can pursue their anti-Anglo Saxon agenda.

I am sure that next they’ll back Argentina’s attempts to block shipping to the Falklands, probably by all blocking Falkland bound shipping.

It is sad and pathetic really, as I am sure that they’ll all be around the ankles of Britain, USA and Canada come donations time. They are also alienating three of their biggest export markets. If all three nations were to decide to cut any and all economic aid, or introduce their own trade embargo, the whole region will slide into recession.

There will only one set of winners in such an affair, and none of them will be the 32 nations at the Cancun summit.

8 responses to “The Americas Kick Britain in the Teeth

  1. hi Charlie – I think I am with you on this. I am not especially patriotic, but this issue has nothing necessarily to do with patriotism, given that the Falklands are in fact a long way from Argentina and the inhabitants wish to remain British.While not a fan of Margaret T, I had to admit I was glad the 1982 war not only served the cause of self-determination but kicked out a fascistic junta in Argentina. It is a shame that the more democratic governments since then still have to go through the motions of claiming sovereignty.

    • Thanks Peter.

      It would have been so easy for Thatcher to have given over the Falklands in 82 and left the Islanders to their fate, few in Britain knew where, or what they were. I’m glad that she didn’t and it was one of her finest moments.

      It seems that internationally the Falklands are seen as some last remnant of Empire that we are holding against the will of its occupants or its rightful owners, but that isn’t the case at all. The 3000 Falkland Islanders are just as British as anyone on the mainland, are self governing, want to remain British and more importantly have lived there for almost 200 years.

      It seems bizarre that internationally there is even a debate about it, if they wish to remain British they should be able to. Besides the British has a settlement on the Islands 50 years before the Argentinians settled there.

      Thank god Gordon Brown has at last displayed some backbone.

  2. Hey, Charlie. After some thought, The Colonies, will send Obama AND his team, plus, oh say 10 Democrat Senators and umm, 47 Democrat members of the House…

    OH, today is your lucky day…Free Shipping.

    Send us Blair and hell we will pay shipping as well. Now you can’t beat that, my friend. 🙂

    • At least it would give us a chance to ask Obama what us Brits did to upset him!

      Isn’t he, and America, pissed that North, Central and South America all got together without the US and Canada, and set up a new club specifically to go against the interest of the US and Canada?

  3. He isn’t worth asking anything Charlie. Just cover him with enough wax to keep him still in Madame Tussauds.

    When tourists visit and say…’He looks so life like’, Tussauds will have achieved the epitome of waxhood.

    OH and make sure to tell the staff at Madame Tussauds, no snickering.

    Obama is a boor, lacking of sensitivity to the feelings or values of others, arising from ignorance. The only trait that I see that he excels in, is arrogance.

    He will, or already has snatched the crown of worst president ever away, from Jimmy Carter. Those that still are completely enamored of him, are looking for a handout, not a hand up, be they big business, or the ones that are tagged, “jobs that Americans won’t do”.

    He isn’t pissed about a majority of the America’s, because he shares their values, well, for the peons of course, not for me, because I’m THEE.

    There had better be millions, upon millions of people in this nation, that feel this man-child is a one termer.

    If not, what could occur will make our Civil War seem like tiddley-winks.

  4. Charlie the latin American Whiners Club is a sight to behold.
    I am actually open to the fact that the US hasn’t always been the best neighbor and that the bananas have a right to their own clubs. I just think it is pretty dishonest to play the game with one hand and keep an outstretched hand for tips and aid while you’re at it.
    If there is any good news here it is that the LA nations have an ever increasing electorate that looks into things. Nationalistic garbage like this will falter.
    Great post btw.

    • Thanks Alfie, I hope you’re right. Hugo Chavez for one seems completely off his trolley, his claim that the US was testing weapons which caused the Haiti earthquake is like something from a low budget action movie! I can’t believe the nutjob is still in power.

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