Dodgy Dizaei Gets His Comeuppance!

I’ve been neglecting my blog of late, but I was so itching to come back and write something when this story broke!


Britain’s most crooked cop at last gets what he deserves.

Ali Dizaei found GUILTY of perverting the course of justice | Mail Online

A criminal in uniform: Teflon Commander Ali Dizaei used race card to dodge jail for years. Now he’s got four-year term for framing an innocent man

At last! Sadly I didn’t have time then, or now. So I thought that I would just revisit some of my past posts on Ali Dizaei, the Dark Lord of the police force.

I mentioned nearly a year ago now that Ali Dizaei had been charged, but in all honesty, I didn’t think he’d be sent down.

The man had played the race card so many times now, the Met must surely have had a full deck of them. Added to that his non white friends were more than willing to raise a hue and cry for him.

Alfred John, chairman of the Metropolitan Black Police Association, said the decision to charge Dizaei was ‘outrageous’ and the result of ‘personal vendettas’.

More a case of police chasing criminals though really Alfred, right? The funny thing about the National Non-White Black Police Association is that they are all police officers, yet not only did they fail to detect a career criminal in their midst, they defended him to the hilt!


One can only hope that this signals the end of the triumvirate, with Tarique Ghaffur (also a womaniser) now also out of the police force it just leaves Keith ‘Back Hand’ Vaz as the only one of Shahrokh Mireskandari’s associates with any real power. And as I said when the news broke:

Vaz, whose shredder has probably been smoking since news of the charges against Dizaei broke.

Vaz’s wife has also probably found her bank accounts and property portfolio greatly expanded overnight.

Has no doubt spent the past year covering his tracks and keeping his nose clean. Hopefully Vaz will do the smart thing and stand down at the next election, knowing Vaz however he is likely to hang on for his peerage (especially if he loses his seat).

National Non-White Black Police Association

I also hope that this brings to an end the sorry excuse for a police federation, the NBPA, which has just become a militant wing for black police officers and serial litigation specialist.

All of the worthy people in the association left when Dizaei became President, apparently they knew what the others either did not, or did not care about.

In modern Britain, such as organisation has no place, and no excuse to exist, equality laws and the Equality Commission cover everything this organisation is meant to stand for and more.

Dizaei to have easy ride in prison

The irony of course for Dizaei is that after all the Met investigations, the dogged pursing of him that he labelled racist, it was a person of the same ethnic origin as himself that brought him down!

The only downside of Dizaei’s incarceration is that he is likely to get an easy ride, after all the man is an expert at milking the system and being a Muslim to boot means that he’ll be running rings around the Prison Officers.

I’m sure that he will be asking for his own cell, on the grounds that he is a devout Muslim, albeit a drinking, womanising, prostitute using,  drug taking and adulterous devout Muslim.

4 responses to “Dodgy Dizaei Gets His Comeuppance!

  1. I’m no racist but this federation gets right on my nerves. What would the likely hood of The National White Police Association (NWPA) ever getting off the ground? NIL because everyone is shit scared of upsetting the blacks. What we need to do is get back to basics and if your good enough for the job, you should get it. None of this we will have to give it to him/her because they are black/ethnic in case we are portrayed as racists. It goes without saying the NBPA is as racist as it comes giving its track record of its senior members.
    Recently my son was disciplined by his teacher in school and was told to go and face a tree in the school field, then was told to apologize in front of the rest of the class while being screamed at by the teacher. There were a few other things that were said, but I felt he was being humiliated and bullied by his teacher. By the way I’m not one of them parents whose little Jonny wouldn’t do a thing wrong. The point I’m making is this, would the little black kid be treated the same way? Defiantly not because the school know what the consequences would be. You picking on me because I’m black, hurt feeling etc. Next thing it’s speak to my lawyer to sort out my compensation package.
    People are getting sick and tired of this bollocks, this is why this likes of the BNP have become more popular over the last few years. It’s not the BNP we need, it’s our government that needs to stop being so cowardly and stand up to these bullies who use the race card.

    • Thanks for the comment Neil, and I couldn’t agree more.

      Apparently the NBPA does allow white members, however they are only ‘associate members’, i.e. second class.

      The irony is, if the BNP were to do that to their members, the Racial Equality Commission would take them to court, again!

      The treatment of your son seems a bit excessive. Maybe if he had sworn at a teacher, or hit a teacher or another pupil, then maybe it could be justified, maybe. An apology is one thing, but in front of the whole school? And making him face a tree just sounds like a lesson in humiliation, why punish him twice? I feel for your son as there is nothing worse than being humiliated in front of your peers.

  2. Just stumbled upon this blog.

    Just wanted to say that as a serving Met Pol officer, an almighty cheer went up when this scummer was found guilty and of course jailed.

    He’d already gotten away with other ruses that led to him getting compensation AND promotion, especially under Commissioner Blair’s umbrella, but he was finally nailed by his insatiable greed. Sometimes, the wait really is worth it !

    New Commissioner is also nothing to get excited about (at all !!), but our Met leaders continue to make us ‘troops’ stumble blind-folded ever onwards in a stat-collecting, politically correct occupation…

    Oh the things I could say ……. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment.

      I can only imagine how pleased everyone must have been.

      And I hope that lessons are really learnt, and that the police goes back to being a police force, not a political wing.

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