Blame Whitey And Get A New Mosque!

Perhaps a game of blind man’s buff went awry?

Police arrest Muslim community leader |

A Muslim community leader who claimed last week to have been abducted from his own home by racists as part of a British National party hate campaign, has been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

The disturbing image of a man being frogmarched from his home at knife-point, and in broad daylight, and thrown into the boot of a car before being driven to an isolated stretch of woodland shocked many; now that image is in tatters as it turns out the supposed religious leader, made the whole thing up!

It is a sad testament to the state of modern Britain that not only was his story believed without any real thought or investigation, but it was lapped up by the papers and was headline news. Whitey being bad always seems to make the headlines.

Web of lies

The problem now is, just when does the truth stop and the deceit begin? He claimed that he had received a threatening letter a couple of months ago, again from unnamed white racists.

This Wednesday I received a threatening letter saying: ‘We don’t want you to carry on at this. We know which school your kid goes to and which car you drive.’

Did he also manufacture the letter himself, just like his wild story of being kidnapped? What about the supposed arson attack?

“On Thursday they set fire to the front door of my home. They used an accelerant. It’s with the police and they are doing all the checks. I’m ok, but my wife and kid are very disturbed. I’ve had to take my kid out of his school. It’s definitely targeted. They don’t want the Islamic community centre in Loughton, I don’t know why.”

Something tells me that it is not just the wife and kids that are disturbed. Did his wife and child know about his plan, or did he delight in fanning their fears of the nasty white man?

Was he just getting getting bored with the pedestrian intimidation methods used by the local racists and thought that he could do better?

More than just the ravings of a madman

Still, he got his face in the papers and much sympathy

No. I think that Noor Ramjanally is more calculating than that:

“I want to say whatever happens we’re staying here. We just need people to know what we are doing. We have got a lot of support- we get about 30 to 40 people every week. They are not going to stop us.”

Clearly he was using this as propaganda in order to bolster his weekly meetings, and most likely garner support for their own mosque in the area.

Obviously when the letter and the arson attack didn’t get him enough support, he had to go further. Perhaps whilst watching an afternoon film on Sunday he was inspired and fabricated his crazy tale:

“He said he was snatched at around 12.15pm and feared he would be murdered during his ordeal. ‘I was at home and the door bell rang. I opened the door and they grabbed my wrists, pulling me out by force,’ he said. ‘It was two white men. They put a knife upon my stomach, and said do what you’re told or you’ll get hurt.’ He said he was then bundled into the boot of a 4 x 4 vehicle, with one of the men holding a knife to his chest.”

Lunchtime on a Monday. Perhaps he didn’t really think this through, after all the police would be likely to ask neighbours what they had seen and when none of them noticed a large 4×4 pull up and two knife wielding, knuckle dragging Neanderthals emerge and drag Noor Ramjanally away, they may have gotten a tad bit suspicious.

Noor Ramjanally also lived in a flat, so I am guessing that there was CCTV of the incident, or should I say a lack of CCTV of the incident. For a community leader, he is lacking a little in the common sense department and clearly didn’t think his mad cap scheme through thoroughly.

Community relations

It may have been half baked, but his intention was clearly to sow discord among  the community, in a much better way than the BNP ever could. I am sure hundreds of whites in the area were needlessly feeling guilty about what poor Noor had been through, indeed:

And after the alleged arson attack, high-profile community figures, including Loughton Mayor Ken Angold-Stephens, religious leaders, teachers and members of the police attended the hall where he holds prayer sessions in a show of support.  Read more

Now Noor Ramjanally has been exposed as a fraud will the same locals be attending BNP meeting to show their support for the maligned local political party? What about all the guilt donations that he no doubt received? Will people get those back?

The police should throw the book at this lunatic, who knows what lengths he will go to to prove that he is being persecuted by whites; not to mention the damage that this man has done to race relations in the area. Imagine if a white person had concocted a story about being attacked and threatened by Muslims?

Indeed the police should be treating this as a race hate crime, he did after all formulate a plan in order to stir up racial tension against whites in his area and as he himself said:

“I have got the whole UK Muslim community behind me now. I am not just on my own.”  Read more

Yes, the whole UK Muslim community against any opposition in the area to a local mosque and a neat way of tarring anyone who opposed it as a racist. I am also sure that a few more extremists were created following this incident, intent on getting their own back on whitey for such an outrage.

Undoubtedly though, all he’ll get is a slap on the wrist, after all the police wouldn’t want anyone to think that they are racist, would they?  They have people like Noor Ramjanally to sow that particular seed.

3 responses to “Blame Whitey And Get A New Mosque!

    • Thanks for the comment Green Arrow.

      I guess my first question is what was Noor Ramjanally doing with a wax work of Kylie Minogue? It looks as though it is outside or inside his home? And where can I purchase one?

      It is a poor photoshop and just senseless and pointless propaganda. The man has already shot himself in the foot, peddling such false images only helps his claims of persecution.

  1. This mans lies could have had serious repercussions, it could have caused civil unrest at the least maybe even injury or death. If he ever gets his day in court and its a big IF . I hope the judge recognizes this fact and gives a punishment that is fitting to the mayhem he could have caused. Not much chance of that happening, but he proves he isnt the kind of person that should have any influence over anybody in his work

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