King’s Racist Rant, Caused by Racist Whites

King talks to ‘greasy wop’ England Manager, Capello

Don’t you know who I am? England and Spurs star Ledley King’s jibe as he is arrested | Mail Online

England footballer Ledley King was arrested after an alleged racist attack on a bouncer.

Racism is an ugly word, a word that these days is bandied around all too frequently; however in Ledley Kings case I don’t think it was used enough.

racism is racism

I often hear it said that black people, or any person that is non white, cannot be racist. As if, by virtue of their skin colour, they are immune to such abhorrent thoughts; even though the very implication that only white people can be racist, is, in itself, racist.

Ledley King was kind enough to give us an example of just how racist some non-whites can be and then played the non white racist’s trump card – calling the nearest white person racist! Ledley King claimed afterwards that the reason he got so angry was because the white doorman would not let him enter the club because he was black!

Not content will calling one Asian bouncer a ‘fat paki’, he also called the nearest white bouncer a ‘balding white cunt’. Now let’s put this in perspective, had anyone called King a ‘balding black cunt,’ or ‘fat nigger,’ there’d be hell to pay. Had it been the bouncers, they’d be out of a job, if not facing charges.

King with ‘one eyed Jock’, British PM Gordon Brown

Yet after losing a couple of weeks wages, King will be back playing for Spurs and England, as if nothing happened. Had it been a white footballer, he’d have become a pariah. His career would be effectively ended as no one would want to touch him with a barge pole.

The FA has spent a fortune and enlisted many top stars trying to stamp out racism within football; launching campaigns such as ‘Stand up, Speak Up’ campaign and the Kick It Out campaign as well as the Show Racism the Red Card campaign, of which Ledley King was part of and a patron of, and which was shown in videos in schools. The FA claims to be intolerant of racism in any form.

The hypocrisy of Ledley King taking part in such a campaign is clear, he may well be against racism in any form whilst sober, but after a few drinks and when out with his mates, he is as racist as they come. As yet, I have not heard of the FA taking any action against him.

Racism in education

I found the Show Racism The Red Card videos on racism used by teachers a little unsettling. Ledley King, who apparently featured in the videos, is now conspicuous by his absence but the video still managed to raise my eyebrows.

Gary Lineker helpfully points out that white people have always been racist, what with them keeping slaves, and generally treating black people poorly. Despite the fact that black people themselves were keeping other blacks as slaves long before whites came along. He then points out that racism is part of our history, with the persecution of Jews and gypsies whilst showing images of the holocaust, despite the fact that this was German history and that tarring all whites with the same brush is, well, racist.

There is no mention of the fact that millions of white people from this country, alongside thousands of others of different colours and creeds, fought against such actions. Of course not, the indoctrination and white guilt trip start early these days. White people are racist, have always been racist and should be ashamed of themselves. No wonder non whites kids grow up thinking that only white people can be racist.

It is quite shocking to think that our children are getting this warped view of history, and not helped by the fact the very people that are recounting stories of racism that they were subjected to in the videos, are the same people perpertrating racism in the papers.

8 responses to “King’s Racist Rant, Caused by Racist Whites

  1. It would be of some interest to see how the fans take to his return and how that is reported.

    • As far I know there hasn’t been a reaction or at least not one that has been reported.

      It may be different when he plays for England, although if it is, that probably won’t be reported either.

  2. You’re right of course, Charlie. Black people(who seem these days to include everyone who is not pinkybrown “white” – this is itself a combination of racism and political correctness) are no better or worse than us whiteys. It is just that we have been more successful racists than anyone else. The Arabs enslaved Africans, as did fellow-Africans, but we woz just better, with more guns and so on, to make a huge industry in involuntary transatlantic tourism. As a result, the millions of transplanted blacks in their New World setting eventually were empowered to complain, understandably enough (and would we have got the blues, rock and jazz which many of us adore, and which came from black slave roots, without this ghastly and hyprocritical racism from the supposedly superior and Christian white race?). I suppose I just feel that we should let them air their grievances fully, because of this greater scale of white racism – but I do agree with you in principle, and it does get annoying at times.

    • Thanks Peter.

      I suppose I just feel that we should let them air their grievances fully, because of this greater scale of white racism – but I do agree with you in principle, and it does get annoying at times.

      I know what you mean, but if we were to judge any other race because of the past crimes of a minority, that would in itself be viewed as racist, yet because it is white it is seen as deserved, even though it was 177 years ago.

      I am sick and tired of having it drilled into me that, being white, I am inherently racist. Ignoring the fact that whites were the last ones to the slavery party, and the first to leave. White people just did it better.

      I have researched my family tree, and I can be sure that not only did my family never own any plantations, they didn’t own any slaves either. Indeed, like the workers complaining about Polish migrants today taking their jobs, I am pretty sure my family were complaining back then about slavery and its impact on employment. During the times of slavery the average life expectancy of members of my family was around 30 years old, so I do find it hard to sympathise regarding slavery, I wasn’t alive then, and my family certainly didn’t benefit from it.

      As is usual in this kind of thing, the main perpetrators and beneficiaries were a rich elite, the same elite that have held my ancestors in effective slavery for centuries previously, when this became impossible they were fortunate enough to stumble across a whole continent of nations willing to sell their neighbours into slavery. The same rich elite may well have treated blacks as sub human, and serfs not long before, but it was common for white plantation workers and managers to marry black former slaves, even in this apparently racist and intolerant era.

      I think after all this time it is time to move on, the last thing we need is to give young non whites an excuse to feel victimised, or young whites something to feel ashamed of or inferior about. Young white boys are already the worst performers in school.

  3. Smartest thing you’ve ever said Charlie.

  4. Ledley King’s an ugly c**t, waiting to get jumped that fool.

  5. im a ethnic minority & agree totally with this.. racism is racism regardless (im not black white nor pakistani so no bias here)

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