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If enough folk do, they’ll have to count ‘em…

and before I get going I want to say that this post is open to being posted by anybody anywhere – and if anybody has there own pet peeve – throw it in. I want, from this post, to get to as many folk as possible because if enough of us vote Liberty ‘THEY’ will have to count our votes…

Vote Liberty

to say you don’t want an ID card.

to say you don’t want ever more CCTVs.

to say we don’t need our fingerprints or retina patterns captured on our passports because of a few countries’ paranoia…

to say we want our private calls to be private – there’s a CIA listenning post which picks up ALL mobile phone calls in the UK and if you think that’s a paranoid conspiracy theory why did Blair admit the CIA was permitted to do this for ‘our own good’ or some such words… in no less a place than the House of Commons. [I forget the actual quote.]

Vote Liberty to say you want to be responsible for how you defend your own home.

to say you want to be free from paying endless expenses for sitting MPs, or even the endless expenses of MEPs – with the European finances repeatedly being found to be short of good accountancy practises…

to say you want to be free from ever more laws from Europe. The Metric Laws, the growing list of plants seeds we can no longer buy, the general bearucratic consencus that means we don’t, nor does anybody else, have a real debate over the future of Europe… Just look to see how many countries say ‘NO’ in a referendum only to have to vote again until they get it right…

Vote Liberty for your own reasons…

If enough folk do, they’ll have to count ‘em.

How do we vote Liberty? We simple write it with the pen they give us in the polling booth on the voting slip and pop it in the box and then we wait to see what happens…

Although I don’t always agree with you Free to think, free to believe, and we do have very different viewpoints on a lot of things, the fact that we are thinking along similar lines (along with most of the electorate!) demonstrates just how broken Parliament is. On another website I said something similar:

Charlie Says:
Parliament is broken and I don’t think that electing another bunch of idiots to carry on as we are is any sort of choice. If only there were some obligation to carry a little tick box on the votes forms of ‘Abolish Parliament’ or ‘Referendum on Parliaments Future’, they’d soon start listening.

Sadly there is no little tick box, nor is there likely to be. So we are left with no real choice in who to vote for; we’re only going to get more of the same.

There is no party that is truly representative of our views, so in our
frustration we vote for someone who we don’t really agree with, merely
as a protest vote. Perhaps by voting Liberty we’ll ensure that next time there is a little tick box on the ballot paper, or some other way of voting for a major change.


2 responses to “VOTE “LIBERTY!”

  1. Free to think, free to believe...

    Thanks Charlie – I was recently challenged on the whole ‘Why spoil your vote?’ thing so I’ll be posting a bit about the philosophical reasons and possible reactions to this choice. Probably tomorrow if the weather’s still watery…

    • No problem. I can understand why some people would think it is wasting your vote, but then again so is voting for someone you don’t really support merely as a protest.

      I look forward to reading your post.

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