Mad Martin Goes Beserk

Michael Martin – Greedy and incompetent

Out of order! Speaker faces confidence vote after finger-wagging tirade at MPs who criticised expenses fiasco | Mail Online

Commons Speaker Michael Martin faces an unprecedented challenge to his authority after launching a fingerjabbing tirade over MPs’ expenses.

This man is a complete joke. His snout is so far in the trough it is amazing that he even has time to attend parliament what with all his outrageous spending.


Incredibly, this idiot is still managing to bring even more shame to a disgraced House of Commons.

He breached the historic Parliamentary convention that the Speaker should never mount personal attacks on MPs.

Michael Martin is perhaps the most inept Speaker ever, but that isn’t really an accident. He’s probably also the greediest ever too, and his lack of action over the expenses is probably just as much about protecting his own lavish lifestyle as his inability to perform even the most basic functions of his job.

He was also behind last year’s controversial decision to squander more than £100,000 of taxpayers’ money on a failed legal battle to block publication of two million expenses claims.

At every turn Michael Martin has tried to thwart any attempt to have an open Parliament and prevent the expenses of MPs being published so that those that actually pay for them, those that the MPs are accountable to, may actually get to see where their money is going.


The halfwit has even called in the police to investigate the leak of the expenses that he was legally obliged to release in just a few weeks anyway, wasting even more tax payers money. This man has turned squandering tax payers money into a personal crusade.

It has been revealed that Mr Martin claimed more than £1,400 on chauffeurs to ferry him around his Glasgow constituency. He also charged the taxpayer £1,834 for new ‘Aristocrat’ carpets at his constituency home, as well as £1,490 for the cost of redecorating a room.

The former sheet metal worker probably can’t believe his luck, he is living the life of Riley with no effort whatsoever. Another Scot living off the hard work of English taxpayers.

He apparently stated when asked about perks recently:

‘I did not come into politics not to take what is owed to me.’

With any luck Mr Martin, you will get everything that is owed to you, and more.


3 responses to “Mad Martin Goes Beserk

  1. Nice to see you back Charlie, Hopefully all these reports about expences will turn the undecided voters to look at the BNP as a legitimate way of showing their disgust at the LIB/LAB/CON. Those that have been shown to have made profits out of the way they have handled what is our money should be charged with theft and all money to be paid back. Never again to stand for public service or should I say personal enrichment on the backs of others

    • Thanks for the comment Charlie.

      I certainly think that MPs from all parties are in for a shock in the forthcoming elections. People have had enough and are looking for alternatives, including me.

      I hope this has opened the eyes of people to the fact that politicians are not in it to serve the community, but to make a fortune.

  2. [ FX: “APPLAUSE!!!” ]


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