Self Defence Illegal – even after death


Murdered outside his own home

Family of father stabbed to death by three thugs is denied compensation… because he tried to fight back | Mail Online

The family of a man who was stabbed to death by teenage thugs after he asked them to keep the noise down have been denied compensation – because he tried to fight off his killers.

It has been clear for years now that fighting back against an attacker is a sure fire way to end up in court, or even prison. But the family of poor Mr. Johnson have discovered that even being killed by your attackers is not enough, we are apparently meant to simply lay down and die.

Self-Defence is no defence

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority believe that by trying to prevent the scum outside his home from plunging the knife into him repeatedly, he contributed to his own death! Perhaps in CICA’s mad world, doing nothing would have meant that they’d  have given up earlier as it was no longer sporting?

Perhaps those on the CICA board were just plain dumbfounded as to why Mr Johnson went outside in the first place, they probably assumed that Johnson’s men on the gate would have dealt with it, or failing that, that he’d simply retreat to the South Wing of the house away from the noise of the street.

Clearly these people do not live in the real world.

“If this evidence shows that a victim’s behaviour contributed significantly to the incident they were involved in then we have to take that into account.”

Maybe they have a point, if Mr Johnson had not gone out that night then he’d still be alive today, probably.  Being as it was his house, and that he lived there, and that it was his property and family at risk, sooner or later he would have been forced to confront these louts. Protecting what little we have is what us ordinary people are forced to do, clearly a situation that those at CICA are unfamiliar with.

Police Service

As for calling the police, I really don’t think people bother with them anymore do they? There is little chance of the them turning up, and if they do it’s a fair chance the caller ends up in trouble. The new modern British Police service is proof positive that the Zimbardo study was not a one off.

We are, quite literally on our own in Britain, the police are next to useless, the judiciary is tipped in the criminals favour and the Government could care less, after all they are above the law.

The amount of compensation that the family of Mr Johnson are entitled to, but will not receive due to a broken and corrupt system is a mere £11,000. Had Mr Johnson still been alive, took up heroin, committed a heinous crime and been locked up for it where the prison service forced him to go cold turkey; chances are he’d have gotten more money.

As for contributing to his own death, yes, Mr Johnson clearly did, by not getting out of this rapidly declining country years ago.

2 responses to “Self Defence Illegal – even after death

  1. This is crazy. Is he somehow responsible for the fact the scumbags went down the street and stabbed someone else ?

    • It is crazy, had he lived it would not have surprised me if he’d have been held partly responsible for the other man getting stabbed too, by having provoked them in the first place.

      Other madness was the police today describing a man being stabbed to death for helping a lady eject two thugs from her pub as a ‘minor matter that got out of hand.’

      This is the bizarre attitude of the police and judiciary to life in Britain.

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