Muslim Firefighters

Now Fatima really can fight fires

Now fire service introduces hijab headscarves for Muslim workers | Mail Online

Pop into the firestation and the chances are there’d be a group of reassuringly burly men in there waiting for the call out, with uniforms and firefighting suits tailored for their use alone.

Well thank god for that, at least the less than 10 or so female Muslim fire-fighters in Britain have something to wear. Now, I am no expert when it comes to fire-fighting, but surely the very nature of the work would preclude such devout women from carrying it out?

The amount of money and effort wasted on this is ridiculous, this is the 21st century, we should be secularising our public services not making every possible allowance for even the most devout individual.

‘The uniform now available shows that cultural beliefs are being recognised, as we seek to increase the representation of ethnic minorities within service.’

Fantastic! Does this mean that I will be able to wear my Jedi robes and carry a light saber at all times? Unlikely as it seems only certain religions are covered in this drive, ironically the same religion that the fire minister, Sadiq Khan, follows.


Not Ninja’s but Iranian police women

No doubt we will soon end up like Iran with battalions of women dressed in full burkha’s that are neither use nor ornament, just as soon as the Justice Minister and Defence Minister are Muslims.

I am sure that the women pictured may look good and serve an excellent propaganda victory for the regime but in reality a short sprint would be beyond them. Not to mention that the fact that they cannot see what is at the side of them, let alone behind them, could well cost them their life.

It would almost be amusing if it were not a sign of things to come.

6 responses to “Muslim Firefighters

  1. I don’t know what your fire fighter wear for pants but they could hardly be considered revealing. I am curios though is the dress and scarf made out of Nomex or similar material ?
    I don’t mind the scarf providing it doesn’t interfere with mask seal, after all many fire fighter wear a fire resistant balaclava kind of thing anyway. the dress is out of line though

  2. You have a picture of a woman wearing a unifom and underneath a picture of hanging women ?
    What for? How can you possibly link the two items. There are only about 8 Muslim women in the Fire Service and all 8 work in admin, they are not firefighters. Only 2 have decided to wear the new uniform. If you were trapped in a fire, would you care what the person rescuing you was wearing ?

    • If I were trapped in a fire David, no one wearing such ridiculous attire would be able to rescue me, more likely I’d be pulling them out of the fire.

      The problem I have with this is, if there are only 8 serving officers that require this uniform, moreover only two that would wear it, why the expense? It probably cost £100,000s just to investigate and then produce this ‘uniform’, what a waste.

      As for the hanging women, I assure you they are highly trained professionals carrying out the duties they are legally prevented from doing. My point was the absurdity of it. Does the fire service provide turbans for Sikhs? Robes for Jedi? No. If the standard uniform of shirts and trousers weren’t adequate then perhaps they should have thought about another career, no? After all they can bring in their own headscarf.

      It is pandering for pandering sake, what next, prayer rooms and East facing fire stations? The fact that the fire minister is a Muslim means that as usual, this is nothing more than perverse corruption.

      Back to your earlier point, when I am being rescued I don’t want to be rescued by Christian fireman, a Muslim fireman, a Sikh fireman or even a Jedi fireman, just a fireman that puts his job and me first. Is that too much to ask?

  3. Charlie let’s put the Sikh, Christian, Muslim, Jedi fireMAN aside for just one minute and how about if we just sent in a fireFIGHTER to rescue you !!

    • But that’s my point, I don’t care what religion they are, they should all be uniform. Religion is for personal time, not for work time.

      I take it that you’re inferring that firemen can also be women? I am fairly certain that no woman could rescue me, not alone anyway. The chances of me being carried out of a burning building by a lady firefighter are remote, especially as only 1% of firemen are women.

      Despite what the feminists seem to think, fireman, chairman, spokesman and policeman do not imply a specific gender, man has always meant someone of unspecified gender.

  4. I don’t see the need for this. Firefighter pants are already extremely baggy, they don’t need a special suit. Why not just ask permission to wear a hijab under the SCBA facepiece (which already has a piece similiar to a hair net)?

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